23 Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys:All You Must Know

Therapeutic boarding schools for boys are unique institutions created to support problematic kids, most often teenagers, who have a range of emotional and other issues.

Typically, parents should think about enrolling their child in a therapeutic school if they have a child who is having emotional, behavioral, substance addiction, or academic problems, as well as any other challenges that the neighborhood public school is unable to successfully address. The top therapeutic boarding schools for boys are listed below:

The List of Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

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1. Canyon State Academy

Students who enroll in Canyon State Academy join a tight-knit, encouraging group of peers and knowledgeable faculty.

Every student at Canyon State Academy feels like they belong and have a chance to achieve since the school welcomes a diverse range of children with specific needs.

They provide a typical high school setting where students can easily move between classes and observe high school customs.

They take great pride in their letterman jackets, wear their school uniforms, and don their jerseys during games. Students are encouraged to develop their skills, interests, and passions by a variety of student organizations and campus events.

Students at Canyon State Academy take pride in their campus and school, and they get an understanding of the value of community through their distinctive campus design.

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2. Agape Boarding School

Agapé is an Effective and Low-Cost Program for Adolescent Boys with Behavioral, Motivational, or Academic Issues. Agapé provides numerous options for youngsters to get back on track for a great future.

Many of these features can be found in other programs, but you won’t find the range of chances at Agapé. Along with 24-hour supervision and delicious cuisine, they offer approved academics, vocational training, mentoring, athletics, and a variety of other activities for guys.

They are among the most affordable troubled teen boarding institutions. Agapé provides the same (if not better) quality and outcomes than therapeutic boarding schools for a fraction of the price.

Agapé is the Greek term for God’s unfailing love for humanity. That is the essence of Agapé Boarding School! They are a non-profit boarding school dedicated to demonstrating God’s love to adolescent males who are battling behavior disorders that risk their future.

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3. Future Men

Future Men is a multi-award-winning specialized charity that helps boys and men become dynamic future men by confronting masculine stereotypes and engaging in a broader discourse about what it means to be a man.

What and how boys and men learn about manhood influences how they manage their lives and relationships. It also has an impact on how they perceive themselves. Many boys and men are still taught that being domineering and violent are vital components of being a male, and it is difficult to resist strong peer pressure to engage in risky behavior.

These pressures during adolescence and other life transitions can have negative implications for both males and society as a whole.

They assist boys and men from childhood to the age of 25 in becoming energetic and healthy future men. They encourage boys and men to explore, appreciate, and develop on the seven characteristics that they think contribute to strong masculinity through their practice-led programs.

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4. Stetson School

The Stetson School is a residential and education treatment program for male youth and young adults, ages 9 to 22, who exhibit sexually problematic behaviors, complex developmental challenges, chronic mental illness, and autism spectrum disorders as a result of serious trauma. It is fully accredited, licensed, and approved under Chapter 766.

With a family-focused, personalized “culture of recovery,” Stetson School, a recognized national leader in the treatment of sexually disturbed behavior, provides a spectrum of support and services to the high-risk population.

The highly trained educators and clinicians on staff at Stetson School offer assistance that addresses a person’s complete developmental and mental health requirements. They want to provide people with resources they can utilize for the rest of their lives.

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5. Timber Ridge School

In order to help significantly emotionally troubled adolescent males, Mr. Al Leary founded the Leary School in Falls Church, Virginia, in the late 1960s. In order to administer boarding and day schools and help underachieving students realize their potential, the Leary Educational Foundation was established in 1969.

Mr. Leary founded the Leary Educational Center in Northern Frederick County in 1971 after realizing that some kids required a more rigorous and all-encompassing approach. When this residential school had only a few pupils, it changed its name to Timber Ridge School in 1977.

Since that time, Timber Ridge School has constantly served as a residential treatment facility for adolescent males who have emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders.

Their campus grew along with its population as seven new dorms, two new school buildings, a dining hall, an office building, a pavilion, and a gymnasium were added.

Tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and football and baseball grounds are all on their lovely campus. To equip the students with the necessary skills for the future, the CTE Trade Academy at TRS will open in 2023.

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6. Whetstone Academy

A therapeutic boarding school with CARF and AdvancED accreditation, Whetstone Academy was established in 2011. Their 57-acre site, which is located close to the Chattooga River in South Carolina’s foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, features a lake for enjoyment as well as an active farm with numerous animals and birds.

They are pleased to admit pupils in grades five through nine. As a therapeutic boarding school, its goal is to offer a secure and vibrant environment where students can acquire the skills and methods they need to succeed in life by concentrating on the following four areas: Behavioral, academic, social, and emotional skills.

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7. Paul Anderson High School

Since 1961, young men have been given a second chance at life at the Christ-centered, fully accredited Paul Anderson Youth Home in Vidalia, Georgia.

The Home’s main goal Is to change the lives of problematic young men and their families from all over the nation by meeting them where they are and offering a Christian home atmosphere where they can heal, restore, and redeem their shattered lives.

The Home helps young men between the ages of 16 and 21 and has a welcoming Southern aesthetic. Despite the fact that the majority face some sort of incarceration, they are learning to serve the Home as a whole and one another rather than serving time.

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8. Timothy Hill Academy

For males ages, 13 to 17, including adopted boys, who are troublesome or difficult to manage, Timothy Hill Academy (THA) offers a one-year residential program.

They are much more than just a therapeutic boarding school; on their two lovely campuses in Tennessee and New York, they also provide character-building activities, spiritual and biblical mentoring, and practical training through their renowned Work Sharp program.

Their expert personnel, small size, and remote locations create an unmatched tranquil, therapeutic environment! At Timothy Hill Academy, teachers, counselors, and other highly qualified professionals provide each student with personal care and attention around-the-clock.

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9. Treasure Coast Boys Academy

A residential therapeutic boarding school for boys at risk is Treasure Coast Academy. It is an approved, private school created to assist students who are having academic difficulties. The ranch is situated on a 30-acre plot of land 10 miles west of Vero Beach, Florida, in an area known for its cattle and orange groves.

The home has all the amenities a boy could desire. They have fishing ponds, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a soccer field, a kickball field, and a well-equipped gym with weights. Six horses are on the site, and they also have an equine program.

They take pleasure in developing close bonds with each boy in their care, and a lot of the life-altering events occur while participating in these outdoor activities.

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10. Pine Mountain Boys Academy

Boys who struggle with life-impacting behaviors, addictions, or attitudes can find life transformation at Pine Mountain Boys Academy. They want to see each boy realize the potential that God has given him.

The main objective of their program—which consists of a variety of components—is to see boys prepared to return to a regular and healthy lifestyle, whether that be in college, the ministry, or the workforce.

They think that kids who are battling life-controlling issues will benefit greatly by developing healthy interests, caring for animals, and putting an emphasis on education. The boys participate in a variety of outdoor and indoor sports, take care of pets, garden, and enjoy nature while attending Pine Mountain Boys Academy. They also work on their attitudes and education.

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Other Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

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Gateway AcademyWebsite
Safe Harbor AcademyWebsite
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Devereux Day School – BrandywineWebsite
Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys

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Signs You Need To Send Your Child To A Therapeutic School

A therapeutic boarding school should be taken into consideration if you are unable to deal with your adolescent’s behavioral or emotional problems and their safety or future are in danger.

Here are some telltale signs that indicate teenagers have lost their balance and could be about to fall.

  • Explosive: Your teen disobeys your orders and commands, and as a result, his or her actions or explosive nature put you, him or her, or your family in great danger or risk, causing constant worry or stress in the home. When your teen is home, it feels as like you are living on edge.
  • Changed Behavior: Your teen is exhibiting behaviors that are noticeably different from what has previously been typical for the child, such as excessive lack of motivation, aggression, sadness, anxiety, severe mood swings, falling grades, missing school, hating what they used to love, or loving what they used to hate, or spending the majority of their time alone.
  • Uncaring: Your teen has become openly rebellious or even hostile toward you. He or she no longer hides his or her emotions or worries about the future or the repercussions of his or her behavior.
  • Defiant: There is blatant ignorance of or extreme disrespect for the boundaries, worldview, or house rules. This may manifest as blatant defiance that is excessively aggressive in nature for your teen or as passive aggression.
  • Self-destructive: The teen is self-mutilating or cutting, taking excessive risks, abusing dangerous drugs, or engaging in overt sexual promiscuity. These behaviors may be overt or covert threats of suicide or fleeing. The teen appears to have lost their moral compass, conscience, or concern.
  • Disrespectful: Your teen treats people, animals, or his or her possessions in a disrespectful, threatening, or out-of-control manner. Money or valuable possessions are damaged or gone mysteriously from the house.
  • Entitled: Your adolescent feels entitled to your time, your attention, and your service. He or she blatantly disregards other people’s feelings, their time, or their possessions by demanding all of your attention and that of the other family members.
  • Additional Strategies Have Failed: Months of therapy, medicine, or counseling have had little to no effect on your teen’s conduct.
  • Hatred For Family: Your adolescent refuses to participate in family activities and expresses a growing contempt for the family and anything you say or do. He or she declines to go on family vacations or to important occasions.
  • Bad Influencers: You can’t keep your teen away from new friends who are getting into trouble themselves and obviously living a lifestyle that goes against your values. Your teen is copying their appearance, their speech, and their negative attitudes and behaviors.

If your kid displays five or more of these symptoms, it’s likely that they need to go to a therapeutic boarding school where they can get the help they need while also becoming ready for adulthood. Get aid for your teen while you can since once they turn 18, you will no longer have any control over them.

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What Does A Therapeutic School Do?

An alternative school that focuses on educating and supporting troublesome teenagers and young adults is known as a therapeutic school. These issues can include difficulties with behavior, emotions, and learning that cannot be adequately handled in a conventional school setting.

In addition to providing instruction, these institutions frequently offer psychiatric therapy and engage with the students on a very personal level to assist in their rehabilitation and the restoration of their mental, physical, and emotional health.

There are therapeutic day schools, where kids attend school only during the school day, as well as therapeutic boarding schools, which offer intense residential programs.

Students that require help with psychological problems, such as substance misuse or emotional and behavioral difficulties, frequently enroll in therapeutic schools. Sometimes residential programs or therapeutic boarding schools are required of students in order to provide a completely drug-free environment away from harmful influences at home.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder, depression or other mood disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD or ADD, or learning impairments are among the psychiatric diagnoses of other students who attend therapeutic schools.

Other pupils at therapeutic schools are seeking to comprehend challenging life circumstances and require more rigid settings and healthier coping mechanisms. The majority of adolescents who attend therapeutic schools have struggled academically in traditional classrooms and require success tactics.

Some kids in therapeutic programs, especially those that are residential or boarding programs, need to be temporarily separated from the chaotic and/or violent situations of their homes. However, some schools also accept slightly younger children or young adults. High school students make up the majority of the students who attend therapeutic schools.


Where can I send my troubled child for free in PA?

  • Heartland Boys Academy.
  • Vision Boys Academy.
  • Master’s Ranch.
  • Pine Mountain Academy.

What is the best age to go to boarding school?

It all depends on your child’s readiness, but in the United States, the most typical entry points for boarding school are 9th and 10th grades, putting pupils between the ages of 14 and 16. Many schools provide a post-graduate year for students aged 18 or 19.

What is the most exclusive boarding school in the world?

According to reports, Le Rosey is the world’s only boarding school that switches locations seasonally.

Classes are held at the Château du Rosey campus in Rolle, Vaud, between Geneva and Lausanne in southwestern Switzerland, in the spring and autumn.

How many boarding schools are in Pennsylvania?

For the 2022-23 academic year, there are 15 college-prep and junior boarding schools serving 6,664 students across Pennsylvania.

You can also browse our entire boarding school database or enter more specific search parameters.

Where can I send my troubled child in Florida?

The Florida Network of Youth and Family Programs is a statewide organization that can provide crisis counseling, parenting education, respite services, and referrals to other organizations that support homeless, runaway, and troubled youth ages 10 and older.

Why you should send your kid to boarding school?

To gain access to specialized programs and stimulating academics.

  • To Address Learning Difficulties
  • To provide stability and assistance.
  • To encourage positive family dynamics.
  • To provide a social experience that is both supportive and inclusive.
  • To get ready for secondary school.

Can my child go to boarding school for free?

State boarding schools give free education but demand boarding fees. The majority of state boarding schools are academies, although others are free institutions run by local governments.

State boarding schools prioritize students who have a special need to board and will analyze children’s suitability for boarding.

What is the cheapest boarding school in the world?

One of the most affordable boarding schools in the world, Red Christian School was established in 1921 by the Evangelical church.

It is a private, coeducational Christian residential school in Kentucky. The academic program is created to get kids ready for college.

How do you pay for boarding school?

There are various ways to pay for boarding school. Most schools require payment of fees in advance.

Your acceptance letter will come with an invoice. The summer, usually in early July or early August, is when the tuition and other payments for half the year are due.

Is boarding school damaging?

Early boarding has a secret trauma that lingers. A young child who is sent away from home to live with strangers loses both their home and their attachment figures.

They experience protracted separation. They might go through loss and bullying.

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