The 2 Best Boarding Schools in Sweden:The Best Guide

One of the best education systems in the world is found in Sweden. Boarding schools in Sweden are among the best in the world.

Many people think of Sweden as having an exceptional educational system because of its emphasis on individual learning and freedom to enroll children in a variety of schools. 

However, Sweden continues to lag behind other Nordic nations like Finland and Norway in terms of international education rankings coming in at the tenth position, globally.

Education In Sweden

Sweden has four levels of education in its education system.


Children from 1 to 5 years old are welcome to attend preschool (förskola). 

Eight out of ten kids this age go there for a portion of the week. The Swedish preschool tradition places a strong focus on the value of play in a child’s growth and education. 

The preschool curriculum places a strong emphasis on the needs and interests of the students. 

In Swedish preschools, gender-aware instruction is becoming more prevalent. 

The goal is for all kids, regardless of gender, to have equal opportunities throughout life.


From the fall of the year, they turn six until they begin obligatory schooling, and all children are given a spot in kindergarten (förskoleklass). 

The purpose of kindergarten is to encourage each child’s growth and learning while laying the groundwork for their subsequent academic careers.

Elementary, Middle and Junior High School

This includes years 1-3 of elementary school (lgstadiet), years 4-6 of middle school (mellanstadiet), and years 7-9 of junior high school (högstadiet). 

These schools are either privately owned boarding schools known as “private schools,” or they are municipally administered or publicly supported institutions known as “free schools.”

All primary school pupils are required to take the same small number of topic groupings, indicating a concentrated effort to streamline teaching. 

Critics assert that it has dramatically decreased scores for talented kids without increasing them for other groups. 

A community that hosts a private school must provide it with the same funds, or vouchers, per pupil as it does for public schools. 

The funding amount per student is the same and any school receiving vouchers is not allowed to charge any other additional fee.

Senior High School

Gym class in senior high school is free and voluntary. Programs in senior high school last three years. 

Almost all pupils who complete the previous level of education begin senior high. 

Students must get passing marks in Swedish or Swedish as a second language, English, and math to be accepted into a national program. 

Students must earn passing grades in a total of twelve classes to graduate from senior high school. 

Students must complete eight topics with passing grades to enroll in a vocational program. 

All forms of education are publicly sponsored, giving every student a wide range of options. 

This avoids limiting options for individuals from less privileged backgrounds, as is the case in the UK.

The List of Boarding Schools In Sweden

There are only two boarding schools in Sweden:

1. Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket

Sigtunaskolan Humanistiska Läroverket has its history in the 1920s. Two boarding schools merged in 1980 to become one.

The Sigtuna foundation’s humanistic teaching foundation, founded by Bishop Manfred Björkquist, and the Sigtuna school, founded by theologian Harry Cullberg.

Education Programs:

As a student in SSHL, you will have to decide to choose any of the three programs.

The Social Science Program: This is recommended for those who desire to be a lawyer, political scientist, journalist, sociologist, and psychologist.

The Natural Sciences Program: This is for those who have eyes on becoming a doctor, civil engineer, pharmacist, or any of the science professions.

The Economics Program: This is for economists or those desiring a career in the finance world.

Tuition Fees:

At the SSHL, full-time boarding costs 455,000 Swedish krona for foreign students, and 363,000 Swedish krona for Swedish students.

Visit their tuition page here

Life As A Boarder:

Currently, there are eight boarding houses at the boarding school, each housing 25–30 students as well as house parents and tutors who are on duty every hour of the day.

Some students share a double room with a friend, while others live alone.

The room’s usual furnishings include a desk, chair, clothing storage, bookshelf, and bed.

Additionally, there are kitchens and laundry rooms in every dorm.

There is a wireless network with complete coverage throughout the entire campus and all dorms for students.

The school’s team is always on hand to support students as they navigate the difficulties of attending a boarding school. 

They are devoted to assisting each student in reaching their best potential.

Day students participate in all campus activities and events despite not living on campus. They are just as much a part of campus life as those boarding. 

They are part of a student house, and they are welcome to take part in all the activities offered by the school and hang out with their friends in the boarding homes.

Leisure Activities:

Additionally, SSHL provides a wide choice of recreational activities, including both artistic and athletic pursuits. 

In theory, day students have the same access to the same variety of extracurricular activities as boarding school students. 

Students with a passion for sports have the chance to compete in international sporting events through NECIS, the Northwest European Council of International Schools. 

Every year, SSHL participates in many branches, which fosters community and is typically well-liked. 

The Swedish Boarding and Private Schools Sports Organization, which organizes athletic events between various Swedish schools, includes SSHL in its membership.

Weekends frequently see the organization of group activities like a school dance, movie night, or more conventional events like a competition to create gingerbread houses.

On the school grounds, there is a shop named Utis, where students can buy merchandise with the school’s logo on it.

Location: Manfred Björkquists allé 8, 193 31 Sigtuna, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 592 571 00

2. Lundsbergs Boarding School

Lundsbergs Boarding School is an independent boarding school founded in 1896.

It was modeled after the English school system. It enrolls over 200 students today and accepts children aged 14 to 19.

The school’s annual tuition is about 300,000 Swedish krona. The government gives the students the tuition fees to pay plus the fees supported by the student’s parents.

Lundsbergs Boarding School has eight boarding houses today, with six being in use.

Each house competes against the others in a variety of activities for trophies to boost the reputation of the house. 

Each house has its facilities, traditions, and customs. Currently, there are over 200 students registered at the school, with students in the boarding house making up the vast majority.

The school has a newspaper which is the oldest newspaper in Sweden founded in 1910 and it is called Lundsbergaren. 

It is edited by the school’s editorial staff, which is made up of current students, and published four times a year. 

The publication features articles from FGL – the school’s alumni as well as from the school, sports results, and staff interviews.

Men’s Sana in corpore sano, which translates to “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” is the school’s motto. 

Sport and health have been the primary concentration and tradition at the institution for more than a century.

Several sporting facilities are located on the Lundsbergs campus. Individual sports training and competition between students or between student houses at the school are ongoing throughout the year.  

The inaugural Gant Rowing Race, a rowing competition between the rival schools Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverket and Lundsberg Boarding School, took place in 2010.

The school also has a strong interest in music. The school has two sets of choirs made up of students and staff.

Location: Lundsbergs boarding school, 688 91 Stortford, Sweden

Phone: +46 550 74 05 00

How Many Boarding Schools Are in Sweden?

Boarding schools in Sweden are not a strong part of their education culture unlike in many countries, hence there are only two boarding schools at the time of this writing – 2022.

Is Boarding School Free in Sweden?

In 2013, following a scandal, the government stripped Swedish boarding schools of the ability to charge tuition fees. 

The government took over that responsibility by paying for the student’s school fees. 

The boarding schools, however, are allowed to charge boarding fees.

Why Are Swedish Schools good?

In Sweden, education is made a top priority. There are six government agencies dedicated to the ministry of education. 

Plus the fact that education is almost entirely free in the country. Even private schools are free.

Swedish schools do well due to an incredible amount of attention, priority, and work given to them by the government.

How Long is a Swedish School Day?

Attending the first two grades is about six hours per day. Grades above that are eight hours per day.


These boarding schools have been argued to be some of the top schools for the Swedish elite.

It shows how equipped and good the schools are. Sweden is a wonderful place for schooling.

And you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that await any student there.

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