The Essential Equipment You Need to Create a Stand-Out Salon

As with many industries, the Covid-19 pandemic brought professional beauty treatments to a standstill. However, at the same time, it also intensified people’s interest in skincare and the demand for beauty treatments continues to rise in the post-lockdown landscape. Many salons are continuing to find themselves fully booked for treatments far in advance in spite of routines returning to normal. In this article, we will take a look at the salon equipment that will take your establishment to the next level and will allow you to keep up with your client’s demands for the latest beauty treatments.

LED Lights

Globally, one hydrafacial treatment is performed every 15 seconds! This staggering statistic makes it one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide, a trend that seems set to continue in 2022. This three-part regime involves cleansing and exfoliating the skin before infusing it with intensive serums. A hydrafacial has instant results, satisfying the modern need for immediate gratification. The facial has had its own facelift this year with the addition of light treatment which enhances results, making LED lights a must-have piece of equipment for your beauty salon this year and beyond.

Pedicure Chairs

After a long winter, your clients will be wanting to get their feet flip-flop ready for the summer. When it comes to choosing the perfect pedicure chairs for your salon, comfort is key as you want your clients to be able to kick back and relax as you get to work on their feet. Choose a pedicure chair with no plumbing for a simple yet effective salon makeover. You should also carefully consider the color of your pedicure chairs to make sure that they are in keeping with your salon’s décor and the overall look and feel. 

Facial Tools

Salon facial machines and tools are vital to any beauty business. Alongside the standard facial steamers or vaporizers your clients will expect, there are other tools that will help you to deliver the best results and will keep customers coming time and time again.

An ice roller can be used to treat acne and skin redness, as well as to relax the skin, relieve pain, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it a must-have for any beautician.

An ultrasonic skin scrubber allows you to perform more extensive facials with its deep-cleaning ability. It can also help to maximize the absorbency of moisturizers and serums used afterward.

To help your clients find the best treatments for them, use a skin scanner when you are conducting your initial consultations. Skin scanners will help you to determine their skin type and uncover any conditions like obstructed pores, sun damage, or dehydration, for example. This information enables you to tailor your treatments to their specific skin type for the best possible results.

Heated Tools

Heated tools can enhance the experience you are able to offer your clients and are always considered a luxurious touch. Whether it is a hair steamer to rehydrate and soften your clients’ locks or luxurious thermal mittens or booties to aid their feet and hands soak in moisturizing treatments, you should invest in these thermal tools for your salon.

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