Studying in Malaysia: How to Find the Right Accommodation and Integrate Yourself into the Culture

Moving abroad to study and broaden your horizons can be scary. You might be leaving your family miles away and need to learn how to be more independent. You will need to find accommodation and get used to different customs.

However, you will soon make new friends, and all will become much easier. You will not feel alone and will have a new support system. And even though starting your life in a different country might seem scary, it is easier than you think.

Our tips on studying in Malaysia will help you to find the right accommodation and integrate yourself into the local culture.

Studying in Malaysia

  • Find Accommodation That Fits Your Budget

  • Consider Your Needs And Expectations

  • Attend Cultural Events In The Area

  • Take Part In Events Organized By The University

  • Do Not Be Afraid To Talk To People

  • Sign Up For Language Classes

  • Explore The Country

Find Accommodation That Fits Your Budget

The cost of living in Malaysia is low. Therefore, you will be able to get decent accommodation for a good price. When it comes to housing, you can choose from several options.

There is university accommodation, or you can go for private property. Websites such as PropertyGuru have information on housing solutions and the latest developments, such as Eco Botanic.

No matter what kind of accommodation you decide to go for, do enough research about the area to avoid any surprises. 

Consider Your Needs And Expectations

When you are choosing your accommodation, you need to consider all your needs and expectations. If you find all the options confusing, write down a list of things that are important to you.

Then, put them in order based on what is your biggest priority. For instance, you might care more about location and want to be closer to the university. In that case, you might need to sacrifice the size of the accommodation.

But if you care about the housing itself more, then you might need to reconsider your expectations regarding the location.

Attend Cultural Events In The Area

Living abroad is all about gaining experience, meeting new people, and exploring different cultures. If there are any cultural events in your area, get out of your comfort zone and attend them.

You will get a first-hand experience of the local culture. It will also help you to understand the country’s traditions and history.

After all, you can read all the books in the world. However, experiencing local traditions and festivities in person can leave a completely different impression.

And if you find yourself connected to some of the things you learn, you can incorporate them into your life.

Take Part In Events Organized By The University

One of the easiest ways to integrate yourself into the local culture as a student is to take part in events organized by the university.

There might be many international students attending, and the university might plan events specifically for this group. Attending these events will help you to learn more about the history and traditions of the local community.

They might even be able to help you to understand local customs better. All the students will be in the same boat, so it could also be easier to bond over the experiences and expectations of international students.

Do Not Be Afraid To Talk To People

Meeting new people can be daunting, especially when you leave everything and everyone you know to start your life abroad. However, people are social creatures, and we cannot stay lonely for too long.

Surrounding yourself with people and filling your life with meaningful relationships can only help you grow and become a better person. But making new friends does not need to be difficult. Join the university’s social media and connect with other students.

Attend events and talk to your classmates at the university. You are bound to have something in common. And once you start talking, it will not be as scary.

Sign Up For Language Classes

When you live abroad, it might be easy to socialize only with other international students. After all, you have a lot in common and go through the same struggles, and it is an opportunity to learn more about cultures from all over the world.

However, you might spend a couple of years in Malaysia studying and maybe even working. Then, it might be highly beneficial to have some connections with locals as well.

To fit within the local culture better, try to sign up for language classes. If you learn at least basic phrases, it might make your life in the country much easier.

Explore The Country

One of the best ways to learn more about studying in Malaysia is to explore the beauties of the country by traveling. You can see thousands of photos, but nothing can compare to visiting these places in person.

The cost of living in Malaysia is not as high, so if you are on a tighter budget, you might still be able to afford to travel. However, no matter where and with who you travel, remember to be careful. Look after any possessions you travel with and be wary of strangers.

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