20 Top Statistical Tools For Data Analysis

Here we are giving a rundown of the Best Free Statistical Analysis programs that are generally utilized for mathematics, calculation, measurements, representative computation, and information investigation.

The List of statistical tools for data analysis

1. Free SAS® University Edition

Free SAS® programming for scholastic, noncommercial use. An intelligent, online local area. Predominant preparation and documentation. What’s more, the insightful abilities you really want to get in your future.


GNU PSPP is a program for the measurable investigation of inspected information. It is free as an opportunity substitution for the restrictive program SPSS and shows up basically the same as it with a couple of special cases.

PSPP is a steady and dependable application. It can perform illustrative insights, T-tests, ANOVA, straight and calculated relapse, proportions of affiliation, group investigation, unwavering quality, component examination, and non-parametric tests and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Measurable programming for quick and simple understanding of exploratory information in science and R&D in a specialized climate. This measurable bundle assists with investigation and forestalls making misleading presumptions. In short, it makes measurements quicker and simpler, appropriate for fewer experience clients but high level enough for additional requesting clients.

4. The Statistical Lab

The Statistical Lab is an explorative and intelligent device planned both to help schooling in measurements and give an instrument to the reproduction and arrangement of factual issues.

The graphical UI is intended to make complex measurable relations straightforward. It associates and shows information outlines, recurrence tables, irregular numbers, or frameworks in an easy-to-understand measurable worksheet permitting clients to run computations, direct examinations, and play out different reproductions and controls.

5. DataMelt

DataMelt is free programming for numeric calculation, science, measurements, representative computations, information investigation, and information perception. This multi-platform program consolidates the straightforwardness of prearranging dialects, like Python, Ruby, Groovy (and others), with the force of many Java bundles.

6. GNU Octave

Strong arithmetic arranged linguistic structure with working in 2D/3D plotting and representation apparatuses

Free programming, runs on GNU/Linux, macOS, BSD, and Microsoft Windows

Drop-in viable with numerous Matlab scripts

7. Couch Statistics

The coach is an easy-to-understand measurement, investigation, and detailed program. It is free, effortlessly of purpose, advanced as you go, and delightful results.

Couch allows you to show brings about an appealing configuration prepared to share. Furthermore, SOFA will assist you with advancing as you go.

8. Dataplot®

Dataplot® is a free, public-space, multi-stage (Unix/Linux, macOS, Windows 7/8/10) programming framework for logical representation, measurable investigation, and non-straight demonstrating. The objective Dataplot client is the specialist and examiner who participated in the portrayal, demonstrating, representation, examination, observing, and streamlining of logical and design cycles.

9. SciPy

SciPy (articulated “Murmur Pie”) is a Python-based biological system of open-source programming for math, science, and design. Specifically, these are a portion of the center bundles.

10. Zelig

Zelig is a simple-to-utilize, free, open source, universally useful measurement program for assessing, deciphering, and introducing results from any factual technique.

11. OpenStat

Free Statistics Programs, Sample Data, Tutorials, Statistics Book, User’s Manual, and so forth.

12. MacAnova

MacAnova is a free, open-source, intelligent measurable investigation program for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux composed by Gary W. Oehlert and Christopher Bingham, both of the School of Statistics, University of Minnesota.

13. Salstat Statistics

Investigating measurements can be hard. We work at figuring out how to utilize a program when we ought to investigate information. Salstat needs to change this.

14. Statcato

Statcato is a free Java programming application produced for rudimentary measurable calculations. Its highlights are custom fitted for early-on measurements understudies and educators.

15. MicrOsiris

MicrOsiris is a far-reaching measurable and information executive bundle for Windows (Comparison with SPSS and SAS). Gotten from OSIRIS IV, a measurable and information the executives bundle created and utilized at the University of Michigan, MicrOsiris incorporates extraordinary strategies for information mining (SEARCH) and investigation of ostensible and ordinal-scaled information (MNA, MCA) and a point of interaction to Michigan Survey Research Center’s missing qualities attribution fluctuation assessment and relapse programming for complex inspecting plans, IVEware (included with MicrOsiris).

16. Ploticus

Ploticus is a free GPL programming utility that can deliver different sorts of plots and diagrams displayed here and here. The information input is typically CSV documents or text records, for example, utilized with sort, awk, and so on.

Yield choices are GIF, PNG, PostScript, SVG, and some others. HTML imagemaps are upheld. Ploticus can deliver without a moment to spare plots in powerful web content frameworks, or in cluster creation settings.

It very well may be conjured from your order line, in shell scripts, by means of a framework() that brings in web content conditions and different projects.

17. ViSta

ViSta develops exceptionally high collaboration and dynamic illustrations that show you different perspectives on your information at the same time.

The illustrations are intended to increase your visual establishment with the goal that you can all the more likely figure out your information.

18. StatCVS

The ongoing rendition of StatCVS produces a static set-up of HTML reports containing tables and outline pictures. StatCVS is open source programming, delivered under the particulars of the LGPL. StatCVS utilizes JFreeChart to produce outlines.

19. InVivoStat

It is for the most part perceived that suitable measurable strategies can assist with diminishing example sizes in creature tests.

These strategies ought to be measurably strong and utilize all the data accumulated in a review.

An enlightening examination will permit the researcher to acquire a superior comprehension of their cycles and subsequently assist them with planning more productive investigations in the future.

20. Past

Complex application for breaking down logical information as measurements which draws diagrams and plots with a point of interaction like other calculation sheet programming.

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