30 Best Websites for Resume Building-Tips & Formats

How would you feel if I tell you that what is standing between you, your resume and your dream job is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

Do you know that before a recruiter takes a look at any application, it is first filtered by an AI? I bet you don’t know. Now, this is the reason you have to learn what an Applicant Tracking System is. Now the big question is, what is an ATS? Find out in this article as we guide you and show you the best websites for resume building.

Meaning of ATS and How they Work

An ATS also referred to as an applicant tracking system is a software that makes recruiting activities easier for recruiters. The ATS filters applications and sorts them out so that the recruiter doesn’t waste extra time on irrelevant candidates. 

Whenever you are filling out an application form online, you are interacting with an ATS. Now let’s look at how they work. Usually, when you are filling out an application online, there are usually some questions where you have to choose an option, the options can be a filter that the ATS uses to filter out applicants.

Depending on the feature of the ATS, a recruiter might also search for some specific keyword inside your resume that they use to select a candidate.

Maybe a certain skill or hobby or qualification. The ATS is simply used to make the work of the recruiter efficient.

How Can an ATS Affect My Application?

When your resume is not well-tailored to suit a role, the Applicant Tracking System might filter you out as an unqualified candidate. Most of these ATS use keywords to sort out and filter through applications and a highly qualified candidate might lose their winning chance.

Some applicants also fail to clearly represent their diverse skills and qualifications on their resume and then end up being dumped in the trash.

But most times, these ATS can be faulty in their selection of qualified candidates because of improper formatting of resumes by the applicant or failure to meet a certain standard.

How to Structure Your Resume for an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

The best way to structure your resume and build an ATS-friendly application is using the chronological format. Using Consistent headers can also help to properly structure your resume so that it can be parsed by the ATS. 

Pay close attention to the requirements and keywords used in the job description as this will probably be used by the ATS to scan out applications. Make sure to include them in your resume.

The Simple Format of An ATS-Friendly Resume

  • Name – Largest title and bold, important social accounts like LinkedIn, email, and contact info.

  • A simple LinkedIn-type summary – maximum of 3 or 4 paragraphs. 

  • Top Skills – list your skills in bullets. Take note of keywords.

  • Work Experience – Tailor to a Job description. List them in subheadings.

  • Education – Most recent education and qualification.

To view an example of an ATS-friendly resume, click here

Tips For Writing a Good Resume

  • Use proper font size. Your name should have the biggest font size which can be 18/16. Your body can be 10/12 with the heading preceding the body of any section larger. You can also use the heading available on Microsoft office for proper formatting. In all make sure your resume is readable.

  • Use a hybrid or chronological resume format.

  • Use appropriate headings for sections like Summary, Skills, Work experience and Education. Avoid using any other phrase.

  • Use both long form and short form of acronyms like Bachelor of Science BSc.

  • Let your resume be in .docx or pdf format.

  • Concentrate on the contents of your resume and pay little or no attention to styling.

  • Get a second eye to take a look at your resume before applying or upload it on any online ATS to see how well your resume is suited for the position. I recommend using Jobscan ATS.

  • While submitting your Resume, also submit all the required documents and certificates except those stated otherwise.

  • If you would like to say something else that you feel would land you the job, attach a cover letter for that.

To read more tips here are 5 tips for writing a resume

Mistakes you Should Never Make in your Resume

  • Do not use two different fonts on the same resume.

  • Do not use headers or footers.

  • Avoid using tables or columns.

  • Do not adjust the margins on your word document to get more space.

  • Do not talk about an experience not related to the position you are applying for.

  • Avoid adding your high school education except if it is your most recent education.

  • Do not put up the information you cannot prove on your resume.

  • Know the difference between a CV and a Resume and write the one requested of you.

  • Your Resume should not be more than a page, use a cover letter if you have more to say.

  • Do not use progress bars for skills.

  • Avoid too many designs and graphics.

  • Avoid using images because some ATS cannot parse images.

  • Avoid over-optimizing for ATS. Just focus on writing a simple, detailed, and readable application for your role. 

The List of Resume Builders/Best Websites for Resume Building

1. Zety

Zety Resume offers unique templates that can be edited to suit your style.  Choose the best type of template that is ATS-friendly using over 500+ templates from Zety.

They also offer expert advice that guides you through building out your resume on Zety. Zety charges 2.99 USD for a 2-week use.

Check out Zety resume here

2. Novoresume

Novoresume is a resume-building site that has free templates for download. It is totally ATS-friendly and has numerous options to choose from. The premium package comes with different styles of templates to choose from.

Check out Novoresume here

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn presents an opportunity to download and use your profile as a resume. This is ideal because LinkedIn holds the world record of applications hosted on its job board.

But before doing that, make sure you have your profile completed.

Check out LinkedIn here

4. Indeed

Indeed is a job board that shows job listings. They also have a resume builder that will help you build your resume for free. But you need to sign in to use the resume builder.

Check out Indeed here

5. USA Jobs

USA jobs is the perfect site where you can build resumes for free. It is mainly used for applying to government jobs in the USA. 

Check out USA jobs  here

6. Google Docs

Google docs provide free and easy-to-use templates that can be edited for your job role.

Find more info about the templates here

7. Resume Nerd

Resume nerd is an excellent resume builder that saves you all the time and stress in writing a resume. It is an excellent touch for beginners who are not familiar with the pros and cons of resume writing.

Check out Resume Nerd here

8. VisualCV

Visualize is a resume-building site that provides templates that you can edit in seconds.  Check out VisualCV here

9. Livecareer

Livecareer has amazing templates that can be used by anybody. Edit the templates to be as unique as you.

Check out Livecareer here

10. Canva Resume Builder

Canva is a graphic design tool that showcases beautiful and neatly designed templates for use. You can use them to draft a good resume. Remember that your Resume should be in pdf or Docx format, never use a jpeg.

Canva is not too ATS-friendly because Applicant Tracking System might not be able to properly parse the information. 

11. Resume Genius

Resume Genius is a top dog in building resumes, save time and energy by using Resume Genius. They also provide guidelines and tips as you build out your resume to ensure they are tailored to your role. 

Check out Resume Genuis here

12. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Word presents a simple yet extremely ATS-friendly method to writing your Resume.

You can also choose templates in newer versions of Microsoft Office Word. Make sure to use appropriate headers while writing and choose a chronological or hybrid format.

13. Pinterest

You can also find free resume templates on Pinterest that you can download in word format and use.

Check out Pinterest here

14. Myperfect Resume

Get career advice while building your resume on MyPerfect Resume. Check out MyPerfect Resume here.

15. Hloom

Hloom is a resume builder that allows you to customize templates for use. It also provides pre-written content that lists out all you need to include in your resume.

Check Hloom out here

16. Resumonk

Do you need a great resume builder? Use Resumonk. It only takes three steps;

  • Fill out your resume information or import your LinkedIn profile
  • Choose a template
  • Download your Resume.

Check out Resumonk here

17. Kickresume

Kick resume is an excellent pick for building a resume of any type. Check out Kickresume here

18. Resume Now

Resume now is a resume builder that is swift, efficient and easily customizable. Check out Resume Now here

19. Jobscan

Jobscan is an excellent, useful and the best choice for building your resume. Pick out ATS-friendly resume templates and use them to land your next dream job.

They provide excellent advice on how your Resume should be structured to scale through any ATS.

You can also upload your Resume and the Job description to find out how you are closely matched for the position. 

Jobscan is an all package for building out your resume. Check them out here

20 Slash cv

Slashcv is one of the resume builders that allow you to focus on your content and worry less about arrangements. Choose from their list of templates and start using them.

Check out Slash’s CV here.

Other resume builders that provide an excellent touch to your Resume include:

  1. Resume.com


  1. Resume.io


  1. Got Resume Builder


  1. Resumehelp.com


  1. Cultivated Culture


  1. EnhanCV


  1. CVmaker


  1. Cake Resume


  1. Resume Companion


  1. Resumup


A resume builder comes in handy when you want to apply to that job with a deadline of a few hours and you want to submit a well-detailed enough resume. They provide templates that are friendly and use AI to remind you of important details you should include in your CV.

For an ATS using a reverse-chronological format in your work experience will help you get noticed and showcase your strength and core abilities to the ATS. Overcoming the ATS can help your resume reach the recruiter and increases your chances of being called for an interview.

Did you find this resource helpful? We would like to know in the comments. Feel free to also ask us questions on these Best Websites for Resume Building. What is that new thing you found out about writing resumes through this article? Have you tried some best websites for resume building? Tell us your experience in the Comment section also. 

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