14 Top Pottery Classes in Sydney: Location & Costs

Thinking of taking pottery classes in Sydney and you just can’t make up your mind about where to take the class? Not to worry, this article has specifically been written for you.

I will be recommending “Fantastic Fourteenpottery classes in Sydney to you.

Pottery has been a  practice for centuries, from the ancient Graeco-Roman vast clay collections through to the common house mugs and ceramic plates used today. For those taking up this discipline, it is a transformative, as well as, therapeutic art.

If you have ever made something out of clay then you must have reveled in the feeling of satisfaction that came afterward. And you will agree with me that it proved to be exciting as it was interesting. 

For these reasons and many more, pottery is an easy favorite you may wish to learn. But where should you take your pottery classes?

Pottery Classes in Sydney will do just fine! Learning pottery just about anywhere might be good and beneficial. However, pottery classes in Sydney aren’t just good and beneficial, they might also come along with an added advantage and quite a wide variety of classes to choose from.

I guess you may be wondering about this added advantage and the pottery classes in Sydney, right?

Just stay put, this article will walk you through the pottery classes, their locations, costs, and other snippets of vital information. 

But first, we’ll begin spinning the wheel with…

Pottery Classes in Sydney: An Added Advantage?

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities, is teeming with adept potters who do not just teach pottery but have a broad outlook owing to the dynamic and multicultural setting of Sydney.

This dynamic setting is due to the multicultural background of Sydneysiders, what do I mean?

According to  Wikipedia, Sydney boasts of very diverse and multicultural citizenship, having people of origins such as Chinese, Italian, Lebanese English, Australian Aborigines, Fiji, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, South Korean, South African and the list goes on.

So if you enrolled in a pottery class in Sydney, chances are that you will meet teachers and fellow learners of different cultural backgrounds and glean their influence.

As a potter, such an array of cultures can influence you to become more creative and make multiple and varying pieces of art because culture influences art and plays a decisive role in how art is manifested in a particular region, and even on a large scale.

You would be able to learn from different cultures and you would get in return the ability to Influence across cultures, this would be particularly necessary if you decide to drive sales.

Albeit not just the cultural setting contributes to this added advantage, art and the sense of the aesthetic which seems a ubiquitous part of the lives of Sydneysiders might prove an advantage too.

Don’t look too far, the Sydney Opera house, the numerous museums and art galleries, and of course, the annual art festival in Sydney confirms Sydneysiders’ love for the arts, of which, pottery is an art.

Your work would be highly appreciable in the culturally diverse and aesthetic city of Sydney. What is more is that Sydney is among the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world, with millions of tourists coming each year to see the city’s landmarks. 

This metropolis also constitutes about 66% of the entire population in North West Australia. This could also mean better marketability of your earthenwares when you begin to practice, that is if you are sales-oriented.

The outlines of why Sydney would be ideal are:

  • In Sydney, you will be abreast with the multiple cultures of the citizens resident there. 

  • Multiple and dynamic cultures could mean a dynamic and broader pottery learning experience. 

  • Your creativity can be triggered to its zenith.

  • Increased marketability if you start selling ceramic wares.

The List of Fantastic Fourteen Pottery Classes In Sydney

Here, we have gathered a list of pottery classes in Sydney, so let’s get the wheel spinning! 

1. Clay Sydney

At Clay Sydney, classes and courses are designed to hone your creativity. They offer a very wide range of classes,  just wait until you see their list of pottery classes for adults!

Wine & Clay, Coffee & Clay, Date Night, Clay for the Soul and more are on offer at Clay Sydney. This gives you the liberty to choose which class best suits you.


One-off sessions.

Wine & Clay

Cost: $80.00

Wheel Throwing Taster

Cost: $80.00

Date Night

Cost: $80.00


Four weeks: Introduction to Wheel Throwing

Cost: $280.00

6 Week Handbuilding Course

Cost: $400.00

6-Week Wheel Throwing Course – Introduction

Cost: $400.00

And the list goes on, with over fifteen classes and courses.


Enmore – 37-39 Stanmore Road, Enmore

Marrickville – 146 Victoria Road, Marrickville

For more information regarding Clay Sydney and the classes they offer, you could visit their website by clicking here

2. Clay ground

Clayground in Roseberry, Sydney is a locally owned pottery studio, with an extension in Bondi known as Bondi Clay. As far as pottery in Sydney is concerned, then Clay Ground is unavoidable. It has one of the most extensive classes in the city!

From Wheel Throwing to Sip & Sculpt, Just a Glaze, Family Pottery Taster and much more. Clayground also offers one-on-one classes and online courses.


Some classes offered by Clayground include:

Wheel Throwing Taster Class

Cost: $79.00

Make Your Own Mug Class

Cost: $99.00

Sip & Sculpt Clay Class

Cost: $79.00

Family Pottery Taster Class

Cost: $69.00

Pottery School Holiday ClayCamp

Cost: $69.00

Just a Glaze

Cost; $59.00

And the list goes on.


Clayground – Suite 2, 601 Botany Rd, Rosebery

Bondi Clay – Shop 1, 2 Flood Street, Bondi 

For more information about classes offered by Clayground, you may visit their site by clicking here

3. Silky Shapes Studio

The Silky Shapes Studio in Crows Nest has regular pottery classes suitable for children from age 12 and adults too.

They will also organize an event for a group of children aged below 12 if you call them and ask!

Their beginner’s class comes as a package of three 2-hour classes, where you learn to throw, trim and glaze basic pottery.

Their, class for returning students comes subsequently and then, a master class. Each of these classes have a breakdown of smaller varieties of classes.


Beginner’s Pottery Class package

Cost: $195

Class for returning students

Cost: $45 per class

Master class

Cost: About $150 per package.


2/15 Falcon St Crows Nest 

For more information regarding Silky Shapes studio and the classes they offer, click here

4. Pine Street Creative Arts Centre

Pine Street Creative Arts Centre offers a wide variety of high-quality arts courses and classes led by specialist tutors and practicing artists. 

Pine Street Creative Arts Centre is the perfect place to learn hand-building, wheel-throwing and glazing, and can help to take your kid or your own pottery-making skills better.


Ceramics: Beginner wheel throwing (16+ years)

Cost Adult: $300, Concession: $246


 64 Pine Street, Chippendale

For more information about Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, click here

5. Art Est.

Art Est is a hub for the visual arts in Leichhardt, the heart of Sydney’s Inner West. If you fancy an airy, light-filled art space with high ceilings, pottery wheels and wooden easels, then this might be your dream studio. 

In their creative warehouse, art est. offers a myriad of classes that ranges from drawing to painting, pottery and ceramics.  It is worthy of mention that the school is also conveniently located within walking distance from Light Rail stations, and has plenty of parking options!


You can choose from term-based classes or school holiday workshops for kids and teenagers (starting from $60 per workshop). There is also a great selection of pottery classes for adults and families.


 4/67-69 Lords Road, Leichhardt

For more information on their pottery Classes, you could visit their site by clicking here

6. Bondi Clay

This is a locally owned, eco-pottery and naturally-lit studio. It is one of the few studios that doesn’t use single-use plastic bags and only uses renewable energy to power its equipment and lights. As for the classes here, there’s a smörgasbord of classes to choose from. 


Same as Clayground studios.


2-4 Flood St, Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

For more information, you could visit their site by clicking here

7. The Pottery Shed

The Pottery Shed at Surry Hills is a good place to learn pottery in Sydney. Each basic course is practical and designed for beginners to garner much knowledge on spinning, forming clay and making basic vessels. Thereafter,“trimming” classes would follow and then glazing, which means you’ll be spinning out beautiful pieces quicker than you might expect.


Basic course classes:

Cost: $69 per person

Practice session: 

Cost: $49 per person

Special 4-pack (3 classes & 1 session):

Cost: $207


The Pottery Shed – 7 Nickson St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

For more information about Pottery shed and their classes, visit their website by clicking here

8. Artnest Pottery Atelier And Classes

Artnest Pottery Atelier lets you bring the group together for a night of drinking wine and creating pottery. In the class, you’ll learn step-by-step a bunch of hand-building techniques.


1-hour class        

Cost:  $ 50 

Buy 10 classes and get one free.    

Cost:   $500

Note: If you wish to have one to one classes and block the entire studio for yourself is an additional $50 fee.  


6 Dela Cl, St Ives Chase NSW 2075, Australia

For more information on their classes and workshop, visit their site by clicking here

9. Something At Mary’s

Something At Mary’s caters for smaller groups and individual pottery classes. All courses here include thorough instructions, equipment, materials and firing costs.

For anyone starting out, take your pick from a number of classes including one-session pottery wheel classes or beginner hand-building pottery classes. 


Beginner Pottery Wheel Classes

– Introduction to Pottery Wheel Throwing

Beginner Hand-Building Pottery Classes

– Make Your Own Breakfast Set

– Your Own Teapot!

– Smushing Platter Project

– Flying Fish Lantern Project

Group Pottery Classes

– Corporate Team Building Clay Workshops

– Pottery Parties

Advanced Pottery Wheel Classes

– Throw your own Teapot

– Throw Big


8 Mary St, Bundeena NSW 2230, Australia

Click here for more information and to visit their site

10. Sydney Clay Studio


4-week introduction to making on the wheel. Starting Tuesdays, Thursdays 6.30 pm and Sundays.

Cost: $350

Private classes on the wheel at a time that suits you Agatha holds one on one or small group classes by appointment. 

Hand-building classes

Cost: $75 per session

Open Air Glazing classes 

Cost:$35 per session


3A/1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia

Visit their website for more information by clicking here

11. Kil.N.It

Kil.n.it is a non-profit creative space with a lot of classes to get you started on achieving the ultimate ceramic creativity.

You can book yourself into the hands-on intro to ceramics, an experimental mixed business class, a technique-focused course, and even a “Training Wheels” eight-week workshop where you’ll learn how to throw basic shapes and techniques like centering, turning, throwing off the hump, joining, using bats and glazing.


Flocked – Bird Building and Glazing Course 6 weeks (Mon AM)



Hands-on the intro to Ceramics: 8-week hand-building (Mon PM)



Mixed Business: 8-week throwing and hand-building (Mon PM)



Technique Toolkit: 6-week throwing and hand-building (Tues PM)



184 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, Australia

For information, click here

12. Makerspace & Co.

MakerSpace & Co is an independent, not-for-profit organization that operates public access makerspace facilities and manages the communities that access them. They provide a range of classes in the arts and much more. In view of this, pottery Classes are offered to. 


Ceramics Open Studio


Intro to Ceramics


Wine & Design: Ceramics Sculptural Hand-Building

Creative sculptural hand building


Private Ceramics Hand building



12 Gerald St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Visit Makerspace by clicking here

13. Claypool

Since opening in 2013, Claypool has been a potter’s paradise for budding creatives, collectors and professional potters.

Whether you need a beginner’s run down, a six-week course, or the option to drop in as you feel, this studio has all you need.

The best thing to note here is that members have unlimited access to the studio, seven days a week, 8 am until late.


Wheel Throwing – Tuesday Evenings


Hand building –  Wednesday Evenings


Porcelain Christmas Decorations


Wheel throwing – Thursday evenings



The rear of Block J Studios, 1605 Botany Rd, Botany NSW 2019, Australia

Visit their website for more information about their classes by clicking here

14. . Mont Ceramics

The closest thing to Toulouse this side of Tom Uglys. Mont is a pottery studio in Cronulla offering tailored classes and spinning hand-made ceramic goods.

The studio and classes are designed for everyone, they accommodate people from all walks of life and abilities, such as offering hand-building classes and glazing-only classes.


Throwing Class

$77, 2 hrs, includes all materials.

 Trimming Class

$77, 2 hrs, includes all materials

Glazing Class

$77, 2 hrs, includes all materials and firing of final pieces


17a/17-19 Cronulla St, Cronulla NSW 2230, Australia

For more information about Mont ceramic’s classes, visit their website by clicking here


Made a choice yet?

I guess you have. Congratulations!

If you’re feeling Arty and all ready to spin the wheel, you could check our other lists of pottery schools… What do you say? 


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