17 Top Pottery Classes in Houston-Costs & Location

Are you looking to craft your own mugs, pots, and pitchers? Or have you heard about Pablo Picasso, Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, Andrea Briosco and other master potters, and you wish to hone your skills to excellence like them?

Then these pottery classes in Houston on our list might just be what you need to teach you what you need to know about pottery.

Houston, the most populous city in Texas and fourth-most populous city in the United States, is a metropolis teeming with many adept potters who are willing to teach protegee. They will be able to teach you the fine art of turning lumps of clay into a beautifully finished piece of art.

But while institutions for learning pottery are sprawled over Houston, it could get you torn between which pottery class in Houston to attend. I know the feeling when you can’t just make up your mind on which to attend, tiring isn’t it?

Well, not to worry, this article has been meticulously put together to show five remarkable pottery classes in Houston along with their tuition fees and other tit-bit of information so that you can make the best choice.

Just stick with us as we fire out facts about these classes. But first things first, let’s find out exactly, what pottery is.

What Is Pottery

From the earliest Greek vases to the bust of the virgin Mary and even to our common tea mugs, pottery seems to be a ubiquitous part of our lives as it plays very important roles, not just in the sense of art and aesthetics but also in the kitchen at home and at industries.

This ancient practice of making earthen pieces is the process of forming vessels and other objects with clay and other ceramic materials which are fired at high temperatures to give them a hard and durable form.

Pottery has been around since the Neolithic age and most people nowadays have chosen to smear their hands with mud and spin their thoughts into adorable vessels this leaves some others wondering: Why pottery?

Stay put as I take the wheel and take you for a spin

Benefits Of Learning Pottery

Most people learn pottery because they have an aesthetic appeal or some passion for it. Others might learn because it proves to be a fun activity for them. Whatever the reason may be, it will interest you to know that pottery can do so much more.

Yes! Pottery, like every mound of clay, is filled with uncanny possibilities to yield multiple results. The art of pottery is not just therapeutic but relaxing and laden with benefits some of which include:

  • It serves as a creative outlet

  • It reduces stress 

  • It serves as a natural painkiller

  • It improves focus

  • It can increase happiness

  • It can reduce pain and discomfort from arthritis

1. It serves as a creative outlet

Pottery is somewhat reminiscent of the creator who according to faith, formed man out of the Earth or soil because it offers a means to channel your creative abilities and bring things out of the formless clay. 

What is more is that in creating pieces of art through pottery there appears to be some satisfaction derived when your work is completed.

This goes to show that there are both physical and mental benefits to expressing yourself by creating something.

2. It reduces stress

Have you ever watched children play with dirt and soil, then you must have noticed how happy and excited they become, right? Pottery does something similar to you when you practice it. 

The sense of touch is the first of the senses to develop before any other sense. It starts off from the womb of the mother, prompting children to touch just about everything they can. So it is natural to say it is perhaps the most used sense.

When making pottery, this same sense of touch is employed and it promotes a deeply meditative state which is akin to your childhood movements when you explored through touch. And like those moments, you tend to be stress-free too.

As you focus and block out the rest of the world, your blood pressure drops and your breathing becomes stable and regular.

A few minutes of practicing pottery can lower cortisol levels (cortisol is a stress hormone). By the time you are done, you will be remarkably relaxed. 

3. It serves as a natural painkiller

When the body is stressed, the muscles become tense and this may cause pain in the body. Due to its stress-relieving properties, pottery helps significantly reduce cortisol levels. This in turn reduces stress and the tense muscles, thereby easing the pain.

4. It improves focus 

Life is laced with troubles that may cause worries and anxieties but with pottery, as with all the other arts, there seems to be a means of escape from them all.

This is done by when your focus shifts and rivets toward your creation.

During the process, you become remote to influences so they don’t affect your work. Other than being an escape from life’s troubles, being able to fully focus aids the mind to relax and expand thereby becoming more accommodating for other tasks later on. 

5. It can increase happiness

In the process of making pottery with others and engaging in social activities during pottery classes, there is a likelihood of an increase in the level of dopamine in your bloodstream. This will inadvertently cause you to feel happier.

It may also facilitate a commitment to pottery because the body is inclined to what pleases it. You will keep returning for the pottery classes. So it’s a win-win for you.

6. It can reduce pain and discomfort from arthritis 

The movements involved in the of pottery are gentle yet strengthening to the hands, wrists, and arms, all of which are usually affected by arthritis.

This can be beneficial to arthritis-prone people because it helps with joint movement and enhances dexterous hand and joint movements. 

17 Pottery Classes in Houston in 5 Studios

Below is a list of the studios we will be looking at:

  • Foelber Gallery & Potter Studio
  • The Mad Potter
  • Potter’s place Ceramic and Pottery studio
  • Potter’s wheel
  • Third Coast Clay

1. Foelber Gallery & Potter Studio

Founded by John Foelber (Fel-ber) in 1979 after leaving his pottery studio in Spring Green, Wisconsin, the Foelber gallery started small but as months grew into years, the studio grew and now records an impressive 100+ students a week. 

Their 43 years of experience and good reviews place them comfortably among the best pottery studios for you in Houston.

Classes: For students 18 years and upwards, classes are held for Intermediate and advanced skill levels of potters only.

Classes meet once a week for 3 hours and are focused on improving the skills of throwing on the wheel, trimming hand-building, and glazing. Students are given the liberty to work at their own pace. 

Cost: $450 per session – 10 weeks (payment is made via cheque or cash)

Address: 706 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77006

2. The Mad Potte

At The Mad Potters, folks of all ages seven and up can learn to throw on the pottery wheel, sculpt/hand build with clay, glaze (paint) ceramic pieces, and host an event such as a birthday party for all ages, team building events, etc.

Classes: They do currently have any official classes but they tutor upcoming potters still. $25-30 per person.


River Oak: 1963-A W. Gray St. Houston, TX 77019

Memorial: 6504 Del Monte Drive Houston, TX 77057

Bellaire: 4882 Beechnut Street Houston, TX 77096.

3. Potter’s place Ceramic and Pottery studio

Established in the year 2000 by its award-winning owner Karen Cruce, Potter’s place offers a wider range of classes than most pottery schools in Houston. Coupled with its years of professional experience and books from the owner, it is an ideal pottery school for you.

Karen is an accomplished potter who is passionate about her work and spreading knowledge about ceramics and the pottery process.

Classes: These include Adult Potters Wheel Classes, one-time wheels, groups, pottery and ceramic workshops, parties, and corporate team building – as well as studio time

One-Time Wheel Throwing:

For students aged 18 and older, try your hand at the pottery wheel. Under instruction by a staff member, you can make a bowl and select your glaze colors, In 4 weeks, return to pickup your creation. This is a great way to get together with a few friends and have a blast.

Cost: $60.00 which includes clay, instruction, paint/glazing, and firing. Appointments required.

Monthly Adult Wheel Classes:

Classes meet weekly. Each class is 2½ hours long. Includes instruction, glazing, and firing. The minimum age is 18. Beginners, as well as experienced potters, are welcome.

Cost: $170.00/person. The class size is 9 wheel students and 2 hand-building students. Each class also includes 12 hours of extra studio time each month. Clay is $25/25# bag and a tool kit for $25.50.

Glaze Making Made Simple Classes:

The goal at Potters’ Place is to make every the best potter they can be. So, here is their newest class toward that goal.

The studio has needed more translucent glazes for some time. One afternoon/week students will meet for an instructional & hands-on glaze class.

Cost: This class is free to all students who have paid their monthly fees. Anyone else is $50.00 per glaze class.

Private Wheel Lessons:

These lessons are designed to advance the skill level of the potter. Having trouble with a particular technique or form? Book a private lesson. Private lessons are not a substitute or alternative for One-Time Wheel lessons.

Cost: $60.00 per hour for 1 person

Maximum is 3 people.


741 A Dulles Ave, Stafford, TX 77477, USA

4. Potter’s wheel

From one-time classes to four weeks and then seven weeks of classes. Potter’s wheel sure offers a wide range of classes which allows for flexibility. Students have a wide range of classes at favorable costs.

All of these benefits are crowned by the experience and know-how of its trainers which easily gives it a spot on our list.


Four-Week Adult Class:

Beginner and advanced students meet 2 hours 30 mins once a week to learn and practice their wheel throwing, hand working, and painting skills. Classes are customized according to the participant’s skill level. New classes start the first week of each month.

Cost: $200

Single Pottery Class:

Adults and children over 8 years of age meet one time for 1 hour and 30mins to make and paint a plate on the wheel. The plate will be fired and ready for pickup in two weeks.

Cost: $40

Adult Beginner’s Wheel Class:

In this 7-week course, students learn the skill of centering and evenly distributing clay to make cups, bowls, and plates, as well as the application of handles. 

Gaining control of these skills further prepares each student for more advanced techniques. The course also includes instruction in glazing techniques.

No previous experience is required. This class is a good option for those with previous experience to refresh their basic skills.

Adult Advanced Wheel Class:

This 7-week course builds upon the skills learned in a beginner’s wheel class, and introduces new concepts that can include making ceramic sets, as well as bottles, pouring vessels, lidded vessels, closed forms, and more. Prior experience and a level of competency are required.

Adult Hand Building Class:

This 7-week course focuses on techniques that include the use of pinch pots, coils, slabs, and extruded forms to make open and lidded containers, vases, cups, figures, bowls, trays, plates, teapots, wall-pockets, clocks, etc.

An overview of ceramic materials, surface treatments and glazing are included. Students are encouraged to innovate and follow their creative vision. No experience is required.

Block Workshop Time:

At The Potter’s Wheel, currently enrolled adult students and artists can utilize the facilities of the studio for their independent pursuits during times of normal operation when classes are not meeting.

It is $15 for each 3-hour block, which includes access to all equipment and areas dedicated to either hand building, wheel throwing, or glazing.

Address: 106 Vintage Park Blvd P, Houston, TX 77070, USA

5. Third Coast Clay

Third Coast Clay is a unique ceramic studio in the Independence Heights area of Houston, Texas. Their classes are structured for mixed levels of experience.

Whether you are curious about ceramics, proficient or rusty, their instructors are there to help you reach your potential.


8-Week Session: Classes meet once a week at the studio. Students will learn clay basics, wheel operation, and glazing/surface decoration techniques.

Cost: $400

Touch & Go: In this class, you’d learn to throw on the wheel with us! You’ll be able to throw as much as you want and keep your two best pieces. Items will be glazed and returned within 3 weeks. 

Cost: $80

Themed Hand building: Kick back with some friends and make something fun and funky with us! Items will be clear-glazed and returned within 3 weeks.

Cost: $60-$75

Just for Art Teachers CPE Series: Class is taught by two of our ceramic artists. Each session has a different topic. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the event.

Cost: $100

Summer Programs for Kids and Teens: Mini classes in July for kids and teens to have the chance to experience clay.

Address: 8519 N. Main St., Houston, TX 77022


My guess is, you have made a choice on which class to attend. Well, if you have, then congratulations!

Pottery can help you earn sizeable income because you can use it to supplement your income from separate employment or by taking up various functions within the art community, such as teaching ceramics part-time. You may sell your pieces in galleries or through merchants. 

And that’s not all, you may also take work by commission by crafting dishes for local businesses or individuals interested in your artwork.

This way you, you’d be kiln it!


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