16 Best Pharmacy Schools in Australia-Tuition & Key Info.

Australia offers thousands of its international students a vast number of courses to study.

We are talking about a country with over 1,100 institutions of which many are included in the world’s top 100 universities.

In all the universities, there are 22,000 courses you can study, and we recommend you pick one since there are many perks that come with an Australian degree.

Today, we want to focus on the pharmacy schools in Australia and some major facts about studying pharmacy in Australia. Graduating from an Australian University with a Pharmacy degree, we understand is the top reason you’re reading this article.

So, we are going to make sure we give you the sufficient details you need to make your choice.

Studying Pharmacy

You will normally take classes in chemistry, human biology and physiology, pharmaceutics – which is how medications are created, and pharmacology – which is the study of how medications interact with the human body. 

The majority of pharmacy degrees incorporate academic study with more practical training and professional pharmacy abilities, including knowledge of legal and ethical concerns and patient interaction. 

You will gain comprehensive knowledge of prescriptions, medications, and clinical practice. 

You will also practice responding to various scenarios. You may have the chance to specialize in a certain sort of position such as new medicine development or patient care or in a specific area of medical care as you study infectious diseases or take care of the elderly.

Common Entry Requirements To Study Pharmacy

Requirements vary depending on the institution, although you need to have studied chemistry very well, and more beneficial for you if combined with mathematics, physics and biology.

In some places in the world, all you require is a bachelor of pharmacy, other places need you to have a master’s degree.

It’s important to check where you’ll be living and know the qualifications required there.

For example, in the United Kingdom, you will need to have a Master’s degree to qualify for the training that grants you full status as a professional pharmacist.

What Subjects Are Needed To Become A Pharmacist In Australia

Students must have previously taken courses in math and chemistry in order to be admitted to pharmacy degree programs. 

Physics, human biology, and biology are also highly respected subjects. Additionally, students should demonstrate their proficiency in English. 

Pharmacy is a degree program that can be pursued at the undergraduate or graduate levels. 

The undergraduate program is typically 4 years long and the graduate program is 2 years long.

Cheap Pharmacy Schools

Australian education is not as cheap as what you see in Europe. It’s not exactly cheap unless your definition of cheap is hovering over the A$30,000 to A$55,000 dollar mark which is what most pharmacy schools in Australia charge as tuition fees.

Bear in mind that these figures are for international students as domestic students will obviously pay significantly lower.

Just to remind you that Australia is not Europe, but, and here’s the big BUT…

You will get value for your money no matter how expensive. Australian schools are world-class and recognized around the world.

How Many Pharmacy Schools Are In Australia

Australia’s three- to four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy degree has a high rate of global and domestic employment. 

In-depth knowledge of the theoretical, practical, and clinical areas of pharmacy is provided through an Australian bachelor’s degree in pharmacy.

A Master’s degree is not also left out. 

You can get your Master’s degree in two years. 

Of Australia’s Sixteen Pharmacy Schools, only six offer master’s degrees and we will be listing them first – in that order.

The List of Best Pharmacy Schools in Australia

Australian schools are world-class and recognized around the world. This is the list you’ve been looking for:

# University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is the only western Australian university that is ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

Their Bachelor of Pharmacy program only accepts 50 students yearly. They also offer a Master’s degree in Pharmacy.

Tuition Fees for a bachelor’s degree can be calculated or you can contact the university for more information.

Its Master’s program costs $28,608 per year for international students.

As a student at this university, you will be schooled in the areas of pharmacy practice, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, biomedicine and biotechnology.

You will also be introduced to practical training in community and hospital pharmacy.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

For the Master’s degree program – visit this page.

# University of Canberra

Despite just coming into existence over 30 years ago, the University of Canberra is already among the top one percent of universities in the world.

It is also among the top ten universities in Australia and among the six that offers both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in pharmacy.

In the four years bachelor’s program, you will be exposed to the science behind the practical preparation of medicines and their use in treating illnesses.

Tuition fee for the bachelor’s program is A$37,700 ($25,802) for international students.

Its master’s degree is two years of full-time study with tuition fees of $39,500 per year for international students and $29,900 for domestic students.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

For the Master’s degree program – visit this page.

# Griffith University

Griffith University is ranked in the top two percent of universities globally. The university offers a wide range of internships and job opportunities.

They offer generous scholarship and funding options to ease students’ financial responsibilities.

Apart from Pharmacy, they offer bachelor’s degrees in pharmacology and toxicology with tuition fees of A$34,500 ($23,612).

The school’s bachelor’s program in pharmacy takes $23,954 per year (A$35,000). Same thing with its honors program.

The master of pharmacy program costs A$36,500 ($24,980).

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

For the Master’s degree program – visit this page.

# Curtin University

Curtin University is renowned for its quality and high standard of education. They produce very capable students yearly and are very good in research.

It is ranked in the one percent of universities worldwide and top ten universities in Australia with campuses in Asia.

In your first year, you will be learning biochemistry, physiology, and pharmacy practice. 

In the following years, you will study pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, antimicrobial chemotherapy, pharmacotherapy and pharmacology.

Tuition fee for commonwealth-supported students is $8,000 while for international students it is $34,600 yearly.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

For the Master’s degree program – visit this page.

# University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is one of the best schools for pharmacy in the world. It is ranked 13th in the world and 2nd in Australia for this purpose.

Since 1899, they have enjoyed an outstanding worldwide reputation for their research and excellent work.

The university offers a 5-year Bachelor of pharmacy and management pharmacy degree.(Honours). 

The college provides programs in BPharm, BPharm (Hons), and Master of Pharmacy.

They intend to switch to a new combined degree with vertical integration called the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)/Master of Pharmacy Practice starting in 2023.

Tuition fee for domestic students is $41,500 while for international students, it is $50,000 for undergraduate studies and $51,000 for postgraduate studies.

For the School’s pharmacy program – visit this page.

# The University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology, Sydney is among the top 150 universities in the world.

Widely known for their dedicated approach to science and research. They are also renowned for their generous scholarship programs with about A$12 million given out yearly.

UTS accepts students into their bachelor’s program or master’s program in pharmacy. They are the last of the six on our list that offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Tuition fees cost $77,400 for international students.

For the School’s pharmacy program – visit this page.

For the Master’s degree program – visit this page.

# Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University is one of the best pharmacy schools in Australia. They are ranked among the world’s top 100 universities for quality education.

They are the second-best university in Australia in terms of employment opportunities.

Tuition fee here cost $35,280 for bachelor’s degree programs. You will have to contact the university to know how much a master’s degree costs.

For the Pharmacy program – visit this page.

# The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland, one of Australia’s top institutions for learning and research, pursues excellence through the dissemination and use of knowledge. 

One of Australia’s top teaching and research institutions, the University of Queensland, strives for excellence through the transfer and application of knowledge. 

UQ has a particular interest in teaching excellence because it recognizes that talented and motivated teachers are a crucial component of successful learning outcomes for students, and for this, it has won numerous Australian Awards for University Teaching.

Tuition fees are $8,021 for domestic students and $46,800 for international students.

For the University’s school of pharmacy – visit this page.

# RMIT University

You will gain from being a part of a friendly academic community with a variety of research strengths as a pharmacy student at RMIT. 

Work assignments in hospitals and neighborhood pharmacies will allow you to obtain practical experience.

Studies in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biostatistics, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and immunology will help you build a strong scientific foundation and give you insight into the social aspects that affect health.

Gained expertise includes an in-depth understanding of pharmacology, pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics, and therapeutics, as well as knowledge of drug development, research abilities, and the possibility to pursue business studies if so inclined.

Tuition fees are A$44,160p for international students and A$3,985 to A$14,630 for CSP.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

# Queensland University of Technology

The campus in Brisbane handles the university’s bachelor of pharmacy and bachelor of pharmacy (honors).

The school focuses on creating a work environment that mirrors a real-life pharmacy environment to help students develop their skills and experience.

From the first year, students are placed professionally for a period of over 400 hours.

Your admission is sure if you meet the selection tank of 93.00 and above or ATAR plus other admission requirements.

Tuition fees are $8,100 per semester (CSP) and $36,500 per year for international students.

For the Pharmacy School’s program – visit this page.

# Monash University

The University’s school of pharmacy is located in Parkville, Victoria.

Their pharmacy school is one of their biggest strengths and they provide a range of programs, including:

  • Doctoral Program in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 
  • Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science,
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), 
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)/Master of Pharmacy, 
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)/Bachelor of Pharmacy (with Honors).

The university is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified teaching staff. Their graduates upon leaving are known to make tremendous success in their careers.

Tuition fees are A$46,500 for international students.

For more information – visit this page.

# La Trobe University

La Trobe University only offers a Bachelor’s degree (Honours). Situated at the Bendigo campus, students have access to training in their hospital networks.

During the course of study in the first two years, you’ll learn the basics – biochemistry, chemistry, physiology, and pharmacology.

During the last years, you will transition to learning therapeutics and pharmacy practice.

The tuition fee is A$45,400 for a year.

For more information – visit this page.

# James Cook University

James Cook is a top-rated university, especially in the school of pharmacy.

The university is rated number one in Australia in learner engagement. It also has one of the highest numbers of hours for clinical placement, at 600.

To top it all, 97 percent of the students who graduate find full-time jobs in a space of four months after graduation.

The school offers BPharm (Hons) with a tuition fee of $37,960 for international students and $8,021 for domestic students.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

# University Of South Australia

This is the best university in southern Australia to study pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences.

The school is in Adelaide and it offers BPharm (Honours) in Pharmacy.

The tuition fee for international students is AUD$ 41,400.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

# University of New England

This is the first school that allowed students to study pharmacy online in Australia.

Its full-time studies take 4 years but part-time studies take up to ten years although no more than that.

By opting to study online, you are required to attend compulsory intensive classes on campus each trimester.

Upon graduation, the university presents you with the BPharm (Honours) degree.

The tuition fee is $8,350 for commonwealth students and $31,600 for international students.

For the Bachelor’s degree program – visit this page.

# University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania offers BPharm, BPharm (Applied Honors), BPharm (Honours), and Master of Pharmacy programs.

The tuition fee for international students is $34,950.

For more information – visit this page.


Becoming a pharmacist is a nice decision concerning one’s career. It remains a top lucrative profession today and will remain so for many years to come.

Particularly more lucrative is bagging that pharmacy degree in Australia.

Go ahead and research in detail the schools we listed. They are the top pharmacy schools in Australia.

They will guide you in your decision-making to ensure you make the right one.

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