21 Best Cheapest Medical Schools in UK-Tuition & Requirements

Medicine as a course is one of the courses that has so far proved to be competitive among students during every admission process, notwithstanding this thousands of domestic and international students alike are being accepted in most of the cheapest medical schools in UK.

Showing proficiency in the field and proving academic excellence during your admission process can give you an upper hand and put you in the percentage of students with very likely chances of being accepted.

If you’re about to apply for a bachelor’s degree program, then you might as well need up to 3 A’s at your A-levels, and an IELTS score of or over 7.0. while a master’s graduate program would naturally require an outstanding performance in a reputable course at an accredited university.

 You’ll also be required to provide work experience for a scheduled period of practice as evidence of study and Practice intent. 

The study of Medicine in the UK is a perfect opportunity to leverage the outstanding quality of British higher education to pursue a successful career.

Schools in the UK, especially medical schools, are known for an almost perfect reputation for producing the best graduates who have so far been marking a landmark in the sands of time and being pioneering members of groundbreaking discoveries in the medical sciences.

Studying at the most minimal level of medical education in the UK will at least brush you up and equip you with the required theoretical knowledge of medicine both as a course of study and also as a profession.

The British medical education sector has many institutions to pick from for any educational program which provides you with a well-networked ground for employment in any specialty of your choice in medicine.

As much as university Education in the UK is unbeatable in many countries, it is also very expensive, financially valued, and will cost a lot. On the whole of the British system of education, medical programs prove to be very expensive in both the areas of tuition and additional fees.

This can also depend on your choice of University, academic level, study program, etc. So for that reason, we’ll be making a list of the 21 cheapest Medical Schools in UK to save you stress.

The List of the Cheapest Medical Schools in UK

As we mentioned earlier, studying at the cheapest medical schools in UK will brush you up and equip you with the required theoretical knowledge of medicine both as a course of study and also as a profession. Below are the cheapest medical schools in UK:

# Brighton and Sussex Medical School

The Brighton and Sussex Medical School in Brighton is a joint medical school offering undergraduate, postgraduate, and research studies at their designated campuses.

The school is located in Brighton, East Sussex, England, and was founded in 2002. And the duration of studies at the University is five years for a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (BM BS). The course duration for Postgraduate and research studies vary depending on areas of specialization.

The University is ranked 163 among Best Global Universities, 62 among Best Global Universities in Europe, and 20 among Best Global Universities in the UK


  • (Undergraduate)

Tuition For Domestic Students:

£9,250 annually

  • Isle of Man students:

£9,250 annually

  • Tuition For International Students:

£39,158 annually

  • (Postgraduate)


Tuition For Domestic Students:

: £9,500

  •  For International Students: £18,975

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# The University Of Aberdeen- School Of Medicine

University of Aberdeen School of Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition is a Research Institutes, Medical and Dental School founded in the year 1497 and located in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The University is an affiliate of the University of Aberdeen and is one of the most sought-after universities by both domestic and international students alike.

The University offers undergraduate, Postgraduate, and postgraduate research programs and also offers online programs in, Master of Public Health, MSc Clinical Education, MSc Clinical Nutrition, and MSc Health Economics for Health Professionals.


  • Tuition For Local Students:

£1,820 annually

  • Tuition For Domestic Students:

£9,000 annually

  • Tuition For International Students:

£39,000 annually

  • Cost of living: £9,000

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# Swansea University- School Of Medicine

The Swansea university medical school at the Singleton campus is located in Swansea, United Kingdom, and was established in the year 2004.

The medical school which is the third best medical school in the United Kingdom according to the Complete University Guide offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate research studies.

The medical school offers a four-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery program, Medicine (Graduate Entry), and its undergraduate medical degrees include BSc Biochemistry, BSc Genetics, BSc Medical Biochemistry, BSc Applied Medical Sciences, Medical Genetics, BSc Biochemistry, and Genetics.


  • Tuition for Students of the United Kingdom: £9,000 annually
  • Tuition for International Students: £36,750 annually

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# Queen’s University Belfast- School Of Medicine

The Queen’s University Belfast Medical School is a medical school under the faculty of health sciences at the Queen’s University Belfast.

The University which harbors over 19,785 students in all Undergraduate, postgraduate, and combined studies at its campus in Kingston, Ontario, Canada was established in 1854 and offers a five-year Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree.


  • Tuition for medical students at the Queen’s University Belfast: £20,550

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# The University of Dundee – School of Medicine

The school of medicine at the University of Dundee is an affiliate of the University which has a central focus on clinical research and medical education.

The medical school was founded in 1967 after gaining an independent right as a joint venture in 1889 between the University College of Dundee and the University of St Andrew’s.

  The school was later moved to the west of Dundee at the Ninewells hospital in 1974.

The medical school which is located in Dundee, Scotland offers undergraduate, postgraduate, four research divisions, and specialist teaching centers.


  • Tuition fee for local students: £ 1,820

  • Tuition fee for domestic students: £9,250

  • Tuition fee for International students: £50,100

  • (Tuition fee £40,100 & ACT fee of £1000)

  • Tuition fee for Ukrainian students: £ 1,820

  • (This is a considerable discount because of the war)

  • Living cost: £10,000 annually

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# Southampton University- school of medicine

The Southampton University school of medicine which is located at the Highfield and University Hospital, Southampton, Hampshire, England was founded in the year 1971 and offers undergraduate, graduate, and research studies at its faculty of medicine.

At the school of medicine, its Undergraduate courses Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery include 

  • Medicine BM4 Graduate Entry which offers a typical 2:1 degree, lasts for 4 years and bears a UCAS course code A101. 
  • The Medicine BM5 which offers a typical AAA lasts for 5 years and bears a UCAS course code A100.
  •  Another Is the Medicine BM6 Widening Participation which offers a typical BBB, lasts for 6 years, and bears a UCAS course code A102.

As part of your undergraduate degree, you will be required to attend weekend shifts as a healthcare support worker to have hands-on experience, and undertake research projects and student assistantship modules during your 3rd and 5th years respectively.


  • Tuition for international students: £23,738
  • Tuition for domestic students: £9,250

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# Leicester University Medical School

The medical school at Leicester University which was founded in 1975 offers Medicine MBChB with Foundation Year (A199) and Medicine MBChB (A100).

The school which is located in Leicester, Leicestershire, England has been among the top-ranked schools in Best Global Universities, Best Global Universities in Europe, and Best Global Universities in the United Kingdom.

Also, The MBChB medical program which is a five-year program at the University of Leicester school of medicine is structured to have a two-entry pathway.


  • Tuition for domestic students: £9,250
  • Tuition for international students: £23,000

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# University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham Medical School, College of Medical & Dental Sciences is one of many schools in the University like its school of biomedical sciences, school of nursing and midwifery, school of pharmacy, and its graduate school.

The University of Birmingham has top institutes like the institute of applied health research, institute of cancer and genomic sciences, institute of cardiovascular sciences, institute of immunology and immunotherapy, institute of clinical sciences, institute of aging and inflammation, institute of metabolism and system research, institute of microbiology and infection.

The University of Birmingham medical school which was officially founded in 1825 is one of the largest medical schools in the United Kingdom and graduates over 130 students in nursing, 70 students in pharmacy, 140 students in biomedical sciences, and 400 medical students annually, in its campus at Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


  • Tuition for domestic students: £9,250 annually

  • Tuition for International Students:  

    (1st, 2nd Year): £23,310 annually

  • Tuition for International Students (3rd, 4th, 5th Year): £39,960 annually

  • Cost of Living: £9,000 annually

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# University of Bristol

The University of Bristol medical school was formerly a medical institute from the years of 1833-1893 and later amalgamated with the University College Bristol.

The MBChB Medicine course which is recognized by the general medical council is the medical qualification awarded by the University of Bristol.

The program helps to expose students to early Clinical operations, broaden their experience range and provide abroad studies for final year students as part of their electives.

 The medical school which is located in Bristol, United Kingdom offers a five-year MBChB undergraduate program alongside Postgraduate, short courses, and Clinical academic training and courses like law, immunology, arts, engineering, social sciences, infectious diseases, geosciences, molecular biology, and genetics.


  • Tuition for domestic Students: £9,250
  • Tuition for International Students: £39,700 annually
  • Cost of Living: £9,000 annually

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# King’s College London

The school of medicine at King’s College London is an affiliate of the University of London which has been accredited by the general medical council and has become one of the leading Educational institutes in the world.

The school has 5 campuses and has a wide range of course explorations in medicine MBBS, graduate entry medicine program, medicine max fax entry Program extended medical degree program, and Intercalated BSc courses. The school of medical school is also part of the federal university of London.

Course options at the University include psychology, medicine, life sciences, psychiatry, craniofacial and oral sciences, neuroscience, social sciences, law, and mathematical sciences.


  • Tuition for domestic Students: £9,250 annually
  • Tuition for International Students:  £42,840 annually
  • Cost of Living: £9,000-£14,000  annually

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# The University Of Manchester- School Of Medicine

The school of medicine, an affiliate of the University of Manchester is the third oldest medical school in England and also the largest in the whole of the United Kingdom with over 9000 undergraduate and postgraduate students with 2000 staff members teaching at the faculty.

The school which was founded in 1873 is affiliated with teaching hospitals at Wythenshawe, Salford Royal, and Royal Preston hospitals and also at the Manchester Royal infirmary. Its faculty is also a part of the Manchester academic health science center.

Also, the first two years of preclinical tutoring at the school are based at the Stopford building and are for over four teaching sectors in Lancashire. And the programs at the school include Undergraduate, Taught master’s, Postgraduate research, and Continuing professional development (CPD)


  • Tuition for domestic students: £9,250 annually

  • Tuition for international students: £23,000 annually (1st and 2nd year)

  • Tuition for international students: £42,000 annually (3rd, 4th, 5th year)

  • Cost of living: 10000-14000£ annually

# University of Edinburgh medical school- college of medicine and veterinary medicine

The medical school at the University of  Edinburgh is part of the college of medicine and veterinary medicine which was founded in 1726 and is the oldest medical school in the whole of the United Kingdom.

During the Scottish enlightenment when the school was founded as one of the oldest medical schools in the English-speaking world till now, the school maintained an extremely competitive admission process which gained quite a sort of popularity.

The school offers postgraduate and undergraduate studies including Undergraduate study of Medicine (MBChB), MBChB for healthcare professionals (HCP-Med), BSc (Hons) in Medical Sciences, Oral Health Sciences, and Biomedical Sciences programs.

Tuition for local students:

  • Preclinical years 1-6: £1,820
  • 4th Direct entry to year 4: £1,820

Tuition for domestic students: 

  • Preclinical years 1-6: £9250
  • 4th-year Direct Entry: £9,250

Tuition for international students:

  • Preclinical years 1-3: £32,100
  • Preclinical years 4-6£49,900
  • 4th-year Direct Entry: £49,900

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# Teesside University

Teesside University is a public university founded in 1930 and gained admission status in 1992. The University is affiliated with associates like University Alliance and Universities UK.

It has campuses in Middlesbrough and Darlington, England, the United Kingdom offer undergraduate and offers postgraduate studies, short courses, degree apprenticeship, and online learning while also offering undergraduate medical courses like: 

  • pharmaceutical Science, BSc Hons,
  • Pharmaceutical Science (with Foundation Year), BSc (Hons),
  • Nursing Studies (Learning Disabilities), BSc (Hons)
  • Clinical Optometry, BSc (Hons)


  • Tuition for domestic students: £ 9,250
  • Tuition for international students: £ 10,750

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# The University Of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is a public university founded in 1822 and known for its special recognition in radiography and medical imaging.

The campuses which are situated in Carlisle, Ambleside, Workington, and Lancaster, London, United Kingdom offer undergraduate, Postgraduates

 Studies in:

  • Art & Design

  • Media Arts

  • Education

  • Business

  • Tourism

  • Sciences

  • Environment

  • Law, Forensics & Policing

  • Sport and Rehabilitation

  • Paramedic

  • Nursing

  • Health & Social Care

  • Radiography

  • Midwifery etc


  • Tuition for International students: ( undergraduate and postgraduate  degrees): £13,250 Annually
  • (undergraduate and postgraduate pre-registration Health degrees): £16,000 annually

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# London Metropolitan University

The London Metropolitan University is a public research university that was formed through the alliance between the University of North London and London guildhall university in the year 2002.

The University is affiliated with top organizations like the associate of Commonwealth Universities, European University Association, International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools, and Universities UK.

The University offers short courses, Postgraduate and undergraduate courses in herbal medicinal science, pharmaceutical science, pharmacology, biomedical sciences, chemistry, and medical bioscience.


  • Tuition for domestic/EU students: £9,250

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# Buckinghamshire New University

The Buckinghamshire New University offers three Master’s degrees in medicine at its campuses in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom, and Uxbridge, Middlesex England, United Kingdom.

These postgraduate courses are Advanced Clinical Practitioner MSc, Sports therapy MSc, and Physiotherapy (pre-registration) MSc which all last for 2 years.

  • Tuition for International Students: £35,000 annually
  • Cost of living: £ 11,000

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Other Cheap Schools In The UK Offering Other Medical And it’s Related Courses

  • Coventry University
  • University Campus Suffolk
  • University of Bedfordshire 
  • York St John university
  • Harper Adams University College
Name Of UniversityTuition/Contact Website
17Coventry UniversityTuition for domestic Students:MSc: £14,550 annually
Tuition for international students:MSc: £18,250 annually
18University Campus SuffolkTuition for international students:£ is 12,992 annually Website: www.uos.ac.uk 
19University of Bedfordshire Tuition for international students:BSc: £13,500 annuallyMSc £13,750 annuallyMBA: £ 15,400 annually
20York St John universityTuition for international students: £13,000 annually
Website: www.yorksj.ac.uk 
21Harper Adams University CollegeTuition for domestic students:£11,250
Tuition for international students:£11,250

Which is the cheapest university in the UK for international students?

Schooling in the UK is quite expensive regardless of your course. The reason for this is mainly because of the high standard of education and teaching apparatuses in schools in the UK, making it expensive as they are all funded by either individuals or the government.

 Some of the cheapest universities in the UK for international students include the University of Chester, the university of Greenwich, the university of Sterling, the university of Huddersfield, University of Westminster, to name a few.

Can I Study Medicine For Free In The UK?

Yes, of course, you can enroll in scholarships at one of the top Universities in the United Kingdom. You can check in with the University to know their requirements and study benefits either as a domestic or an international student.

Most universities offering scholarships in the United kingdom require certain criteria which are usually performance-based. It might be a certain score in proficiency exams or recent evidence of academic excellence.

Can I have a Job while In Medical School?

Yes, you can enroll in a part-time job as a student in virtually all academic pursuits. To make things better, you can work within or very close to the school environment to be able to handle any academic emergency if need be.

 This is also not advisable as it might take a toll on your academic sanity and disrupt your mental coordination as medical students are usually glued to a very tight study schedule.


We’ve provided a list of the 21 cheapest medical schools in UK for you to choose from. These schools apart from being cheap are of the finest kinds in the United Kingdom and offer accredited courses, a bright and success-inclined learning environment, and the best academic and non-academic student environment for the growth and appreciation of cultures and resourceful minds. What are your suggestions about these cheapest medical schools in UK? Please leave a comment below.

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