Payroll in the UK:The Best Guide to Begin Your Career

Seeking a rewarding, stimulating and in-demand career with the potential to earn good money?

A career in Payroll in the UK could be what you are looking for and many find this to be an appealing career choice because you know that you are making a positive difference to the staff at a company.

Whether you are thinking about a career change or choosing your first career, this post will show you how to get started in payroll. 

What do Payroll Administrators do?

First, it is helpful to look at what exactly payroll administrators do. Essentially, payroll administrators make sure that employees are paid correctly and on time.

This means that the job involves calculating hours, working out tax and pension payments, adding statutory and extra payments and processing payment information.

A payroll administrator plays a key role in keeping employees happy and managing the company’s finances.

Who Would do Well in This Job?

Payroll administration is a good field to get into because it is an area that anyone can work in.

There are those that tend to do well in this area, though, including those that are strong and confident with numbers, people that can work well under pressure and to tight deadlines and those with good attention to detail. 

In addition to this, a payroll administrator also needs to be tech-savvy and able to use the latest tools.

These days, a lot of businesses use payroll software to automate time-consuming processes and reduce errors, so it is important that you know how to use industry software or be a fast learner.

Payroll in the UK: Qualifications & Skills

It is possible to find work in payroll with an entry-level position with a set of good grades from school, but most employers will look for job seekers that have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline like accounting or human resources.

To reach managerial positions, you can complete a qualification from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP).

In terms of skills, a few of the key ones that you should work on include:

  • Numeracy 
  • Problem-solving
  • Software
  • Interpersonal 
  • Soft skills

Progression & Expected Salary

Payroll is a good field to work in because there is room for career progression.

You can find entry-level work and then climb the ladder over the years to reach payroll supervisor and management roles.

The salary can vary depending on your position, the business you work for and your location, but the average base pay in the UK according to Glassdoor is £24,731.

If you are seeking a new career path and you want a job that is stimulating, rewarding and secure then payroll is a great area to work in.

Payroll professionals play a very important role in the daily running of a business and many find it to be satisfying work. 

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