How to Become an Architect in UK:5 Best Steps

Searching for steps on how to become an architect in UK? You will find them in this article as you read carefully.

There are many people who have no idea what career path they’d like to take. So, if you know in your mind that you’d like to become an architect, that clarity is a great place to start.

But of course, the realization of your goals isn’t going to be handed to you on a plate. Finding your dream job takes a lot of hard work, patience, and maybe even a little bit of fortune.

First and foremost, you need a plan. One that covers all of the things you’ll need to do as part of your journey.

Here, we’ll take you through those fundamental steps and offer you some suggestions. The rest is up to you!

The List of Steps on How to Become an Architect in UK

  • Get your degree
  • Build up your experience
  • Consider a postgraduate degree
  • Take your final exams
  • Register yourself

Get your degree

During your school years, it can help to study subjects such as art or design technology, to give you a strong foundation and learn some of the skills that you will put to good use later in your career.

And when you move into higher education, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has an extensive list of validated university courses that you can apply for.

Build up your experience

Once you’ve graduated, it’s time to get some practical experience. This can be done in the form of an internship or apprenticeship and will give you the chance to see what life will be like working full-time for an established firm.

During this period you’ll also be able to start assembling the inventory of tools you’ll need –pens, pencils, cutting mats, safety knives such as one from RS and more.

Consider a postgraduate degree

Once they’ve completed a couple of years of experience on a placement, most budding architects will return to their studies to tackle a postgraduate degree.

This will typically be in the form of a diploma or a master’s and is likely to take at least two more years of full-time study. RIBA can offer guidance on the schools and programs which are validated.

Take your final exams

In terms of qualifications, the final step is to complete the Advanced Diploma in Professional Practices in Architecture, which is in three parts and is governed by RIBA.

The exam will cover problem-solving as well as require you to submit case studies and records of your practical experience and placements. There will be fees involved for taking these final exams.

Register yourself

Once you have all of the necessary qualifications, you need to register as an architect with the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

The ARB has plenty of useful information to help you with the process which, once completed, will mean you’re all set up to pursue the career of your dreams.

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