10 Top Nursing Recruitment Agencies in Dubai, UAE

The nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai help job seekers to find new roles while helping companies find the perfect person for their open positions.

These nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai are supposedly up to date with the latest trends, qualifications, industry standards and can guide both candidates and hiring managers alike through each hiring process.

while providing them with the expertise when needed.

Partnering with a recruitment agency can be highly beneficial not only to your hiring managers but to your company as a whole.

In this article, we shall not only list the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai, but we shall keep you abreast with other vital facts about the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.

About Dubai

Dubai is a very fascinating and ever-changing city in UAE. It is growing economically as well as in physical size.

All across Dubai, new buildings are continuously ejecting into the sky and new developments are being constructed.

Dubai is a modern city with as much as 85% of the population being foreigners and only 15% native residents.

Dubai has a large population of over 3 million individuals from the whole world.

Therefore healthcare needs will always arise and the city is constantly for nurse staffing to fulfil vacancies in over one hundred of the hospitals based in this middle eastern city.

Being a nurse requires licenses and we will do justice to that aspect as we go on in the article.

However, living in Dubai has its benefits as well as setbacks, just like every other city you are aware of. Read on to see the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.

Nurses recruitment agencies in Dubai;Reason’s to choose them

There are so many reasons employers use a recruitment agency and we will be looking at some of them.

Faster hiring

Using a recruitment agency will shorten the time needed to fill your open job positions. With these nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai, you won’t have to spend a lot of time going through tons of profiles and applications to find a qualified candidate.

You might be wondering how they can hire top qualified candidates at a faster rate, well, it is possible because they already have a vast talent network or a large talent pool of already vetted candidates.

Higher quality candidates

As we have stated earlier, the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai have a large talent pool of candidates who are already prescreened and pre-referenced candidates.

That simply means you will be able to deal with only candidates who are carefully assessed and vetted.

Besides, recruitment agencies are experts in candidate selection. Agency recruiters are professionally trained to assess candidates.

They use the best-practice methods to differentiate real experts from good interviewees. They also have the vast experience you can benefit from.

Specialist knowledge

Another thing the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai are good at is their ability to tap into specialist knowledge your in-house recruiters might not possess.

An in-house recruiter usually has to cover a wide range of different roles a company needs.

On the other hand, these nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai have better knowledge and a deeper understanding of the different job market segments.

As a result, recruitment agencies can provide you with valuable insight and useful advice that can help you find and hire better candidates.

Staffing agencies add flexibility to the workplace

There are many scenarios that create a temporary need to fill a position: maternity leave, sick leave, vacation time, rapid growth, or employee resignation.

With the trusted nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai, employers in UAE do not need to panic about holes in their workforce.

Therefore these agencies in Dubai adds peace of mind to the employees as well knowing they can take their maternity leave or a vacation without having to worry as much about work.

Additionally, adding more employees to the team during busy periods can reduce staff burnout, improve business performance, and increase productivity.

How to Find a Nursing Job in Dubai

If you’re a qualified nurse who is interested in working in Dubai, or somewhere else in the UAE, then you have to pay rapt attention to this part of the article.

Getting a nursing job in Dubai is an excellent opportunity for nurses looking to further their careers in a new and exciting way.

There is a high demand for professional and qualified nurses in UAE as a whole with so many job opportunities spread across the country.

One of the most popular destinations in Dubai, it is also known as a global city with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

What are the requirements for nursing jobs in Dubai?

To be eligible for a nursing job in Dubai, you are required by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to have the appropriate nursing qualifications and licensing from your home country.

For instance, if you are from the United States, you must have the appropriate nursing qualifications and licensing that was issued by the U.S.

Further to this, you must not have had any disruption to your nursing practice for two years or more.

You will then be subject to an assessment from the DHA.

Work Permits and VISA for Nursing Jobs in Dubai

For you to be able to work in Dubai, you will be getting some paper works in order-the required work permits and Visa being the most important.

First, you will need an entry visa, which is issued on entry to Dubai and gives you permission to enter the country.

Since you are planning to work and live in Dubai, a Health Card is required. This Health Card will state that you are free from infectious diseases and it is particularly important for those in the nursing profession.

Then, a labour card is issued as long as you are in possession of a valid health card, an entry VISA and a written employment agreement from your prospective employer.

This labour card grants you permission to work within the UAE.

Lastly, a residency VISA is required, especially for those who wish to live and work in Dubai as it gives the holder permission to stay in Dubai for a period of longer than 30 days.

Now to one of the big questions, how do I find nursing jobs in Dubai?

How do I find nursing jobs in Dubai?

If you have gone through the requirements to getting a nursing Job in Dubai, you might be wondering how you will find some nursing jobs in Dubai.

It is easy. Look for a reputable job board listing, such as Jobs4Medical and search through the Jobs4Medical’s listings.

If it is another job board, search through their job board listing also. You can equally consider the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai, as they usually have links to the available jobs in the city.

Niche job boards provide more relevant search results which are industry-specific, so opt for a medical or healthcare-related jobs board for your job search.

You can use filters to narrow your searches and produce more targeted results.

On that note also, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) website is a government-run resource and can be a useful resource for healthcare professionals and job seekers alike.

How much is a nurse paid in Dubai?

The starting salary of a nursing job in Dubai varies and it depends on so many factors. Some of the factors it depends on include:

  • Qualifications
  • The job Position
  • If the hospital is privately or publicly funded

Also, an added benefit of working in Dubai is that income in Dubai is tax-free.

Interestingly, many nursing positions also benefit from many things such as paid annual leave of up to 40 days for full-time staff, health insurance, accommodation allowance and travel expenses although these are dependent on the specific job.

How much do recruitment agencies charge in UAE?

It is important to note that any recruitment agency that asks candidates for a fee is breaking the law.

This is nothing more than taking advantage of people and is invariably a scam.

The standard practice is that employers pay recruitment companies to find employees, not the other way around.

According to nationalnews.com, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has stated on many occasions that this practice is illegal.

It has closed and prosecuted several companies for this kind of fraudulent practice over the past few years. 

Anyone who is aware of companies operating in this illegal manner can report them to the Ministry.

Can agency hold your passport?

No, no recruitment agency has the right to hold an applicant’s passport or other documentation.

Now, let’s check out the list of nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.

List of nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai

The following are some of the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai. There are a lot of others as well.

  • Nursing Jobs Dubai
  • Alliance Recruitment Agency 
  • Dynamic Health Staff
  • Davidson Healthcare Recruitment Agency
  • Medacs Healthcare
  • ccmrecruitment
  • Robert Half® Recruitment Agency
  • CIMS Medical Recruitment
  • OnTime Healthcare Services – DHA Consultancy
  • NADIA Executive Search & Selection

Let us review some of these nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.


CCM is a leading International Healthcare recruitment company with over 25 years of experience recruiting healthcare staff for exciting and challenging roles overseas.

CCM has offices in Dublin, London, Central Europe, Sydney and Melbourne.

Their mission is to provide their candidates and clients with an excellent recruitment service.

CCM provides a service that is based on mutual trust and the highest of professional standards.

Visit Website

Davidson Healthcare Recruitment Agency

Robert Half® Recruitment Agency

No matter your need, they’ve got candidates who can meet them.

Experienced professionals can start today, whether the role is remote or on-site.

Visit Website

CIMS Medical Recruitment

CIMS Medica FZC LLC (CIMS) is a licensed recruitment firm in the United Arab Emirates that was founded in 2019 by MIMS Group to expand recruitment services to UAE and middle east countries.

CIMS specializes in the recruitment of Nurses, Doctors, and Allied Healthcare professionals bound to UAE and other middle east countries.

Creative Tower 4422, Fujairah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
+63 917 707 7368

Visit Website

Nursing Jobs Dubai

  • Dubai Jewel Tower, Dubai Media City
  • 888) 695-9859 | (888) 569-9859
  • info@nursing.ae
  • Website

OnTime Healthcare Services – DHA Consultancy

Ontime Healthcare is part of The Ontime Group and the leading provider of healthcare services in the UAE.

Their group own and operate more than 27 dedicated service centres across Dubai, providing our customers with both government and corporate services.

Visit Website

Alliance Recruitment Agency 

PO Box No : 336899 Dubai, UAE 

NADIA Executive Search & Selection

A leader from the start, NADIA Global pioneered the industry of Recruitment and Training in the United Arab Emirates.

Their reach now extends beyond UAE and in markets across the Middle East, their mission is to support employers and job seekers fulfil jobs, augmenting skills and growing talent throughout the region.

Embarking rich knowledge and global best practices in local markets is what best defines NADIA Global.

Visit Website

Dynamic Health Staff

  • Grosvenor Business Tower, 17th Floor,
  • Office No 1713, Barsha Height,
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • +91-9810017608 (Direct
  • enquiry@dynamichealthstaff.com

Medacs Healthcare

Medacs Global Group is a leading global healthcare workforce solutions provider.

They provide a range of services including staffing, managed services, staff bank, occupational health, workforce consulting, social care and home care through their specialist brands; Medacs Healthcare, Global Medics and Litmus Workforce Solutions. 

Established in 1990, they have an enviable reputation for providing high-quality locum, temporary and permanent doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, clinical assessors and care workers.

They are the largest provider of locum doctors to the NHS and the largest supplier of specialist healthcare managed services outside of the United States. 

With operations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East, India, Australia and New Zealand, the Medacs Global Group will support you to deliver outstanding care wherever you are in the world. 

Visit Website

Nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai FAQs

There are many questions asked abt the subject nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.

You may be fed up with your current city and as seeking to change the environment or you may be stuck in your job for years without any career progression.

Dubai is an option. There are many benefits of working as a nurse in Dubai.

What are the advantages of working as a Nurse in Dubai?

  • Patients follow strict rules
  • Nursing Salary in Dubai
  • Tax Free Income
  • Free Housing or Housing Allowances for Nurses
  • Free Insurance and Educational Allowance for Parents
  • Traveling and Vacation
  • Promotions and Future Career
  • Gratuity pay

Patients follow strict rules

When these nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai have helped you find a job, the patients have strict rules to adhere to and as such, they need to follow the treatment plan after being informed of the consequences. These rules make caring for patients easier.

Nursing Salary in Dubai

Working in Dubai might not be the same as in other cities that you know. Your salary depends on your qualification, experience, employment history, nationality, negotiation skills and specialty.

The average salary for a registered nurse is around AED 96,000 per year. This is currently around $26,000 or £20,000.

If you are a specialised nurse, for example, adult intensive care, neonatal intensive care or operating room nurse your salary will be slightly higher.

You should earn approximately AED 116,000 ($31,000, £24,000) per year.

If you have managerial experience and the ability to lead a team, you can earn up to AED 180 000 ($49,000, £37,000) as a charge nurse.

Tax Free Income

For some people, the salary may not be as high as they have expected, the interesting this is that you will not be charged income tax.

However, this applies only if you are a resident in Dubai which is highly likely, considering you will be working as a full-time nurse.

Free Housing or Housing Allowances for Nurses

If you are coming to work in Dubai as a nurse, you’ll be amazed at what the hospitals are willing to do to have you as their employee.

To make moving to Dubai easier and worthwhile for you, the hospitals give you relocation incentives.

You will be offered free housing that is suitable for single employees.

Free Insurance and Educational Allowance for Parents

If this is not convincing enough to help you to make up your mind to work in Dubai as a nurse, read this; you will get free health, life and dental insurance.

If you are qualified you will also receive disability benefits.

The education is not free for children of parents who are expat, therefore the hospital will provide an educational allowance for people with kids.

Other benefits include travelling and vacation, Promotions and Future Careers and the gratuity pay.

Read more about these advantages here.

What is the social life in Dubai like?

The social life is what you make it.

Recreational activities include: shopping festivals; boat cruises; desert safaris; horse/camel racing; golf; sand-boarding; etc

Check out other frequently asked questions on the nursing recruitment agencies in Dubai.


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