8 Top Music Schools In Sydney: Cost & Requirements

If you live in Sydney and you ever wanted to study music professionally, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

This article lists the top music schools in Sydney, any one of which you can enroll in to begin training and start your career.

An education in music will give you the fundamental technical and creative abilities you need to start a career in the music industry.

A music degree will put you on the correct track regardless of your career goals—whether you want to perform, produce, or compose music, work in marketing, or recording.

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Graduates of music programs can also find employment in a variety of other fields, including film and television.

If you have a strong passion for music and want to learn more about it, continue reading to learn more about what to anticipate from a music degree and why it might be the best choice for you.

Why Study Music At An Institution?

A music bachelor’s degree allows you the chance to develop your love of music in the most direct ways, like by honing your technical skills and repertory knowledge as a performer.

Along with this, you will receive instruction on how to analyze and think critically about the music you create and listen to in new ways, as well as how to better understand music in its social and historical context.

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Additionally, being a knowledgeable and persuasive defender of the art form has never been more crucial for a musician’s successful career.

The List of Top Music Schools In Sydney

After completing a music study program, universities award students with a Bachelor of Music degree.

In Australia, a bachelor’s degree in music is for people who want to pursue specialized musical disciplines of study, such as avant-garde, Indigenous and world music, singing, performing, screen music, popular music studies, and music production. Typically, programs span three years or more.

The degree may be given for jazz studies, jazz performance, music education, composition, music technology, music therapy, and sacred music. Some colleges have started to offer degrees in music composition with technology. 

These degrees cover both conventional theory and musicology programs as well as sound recording and composition programs employing digital technologies. Check out the list of top music schools in Sydney.

The Australian International Conservatorium of Music

With a constant focus on excellence in performance, innovation, and scholarship, the Australian International Conservatorium of Music is dedicated to becoming a leader in music and art education in Australia and abroad.

Using the best professional practices, students are educated to the highest standards. The goal of AICM is to have a beneficial influence on the music and performing arts industry through its alumni, professors, and community.

An independent, non-profit conservatory that provides top-notch instruction is the Australian International Conservatorium of Music (AICM).

The AICM offers a performance-focused, intellectually demanding, and academically demanding atmosphere to support its students’ development through their degree programs, master classes, and events.

Tuition: N/A

Find out more information here.

Macquarie University

The Bachelor of Music is the only program of its kind in Australia, emphasizing the connections between creation and performance as well as academic and practical study.

Along with your musical instruction, it will advance your theoretical, practical, and industry-focused skill

Hone your talents in the latest fields, such as interactive sound, global music, voice studies, musical theatre, audio mixing, and songwriting.

Study in distinctive acoustic studios that provide a variety of contrasting spaces and were constructed by renowned designers.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

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Newcastle Conservatorium of Music (UON)

The University of Newcastle’s music Conservatorium prides itself on connecting with the community by giving a comprehensive choice of music lessons.

Whether it’s classical, rock, jazz, pop, folk, or electronic—individually or as an ensemble—their staff members are subject-matter experts who can accommodate musicians of all ages and skill levels.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

High-achieving students have the option of taking an additional year of coursework called Honors, which combines elements of undergraduate and graduate studies.

A thesis or other creative or practice-based research project that is completed as part of an honors degree introduces advanced research training and skills.

Why You Should Choose to Study at UNSW

  • From the moment you begin your degree program until the end of your studies, an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is included.
  • Their diverse, welcoming, and inclusive arts, design, and architecture community will support you.
  • Learning through research-based instruction
  • Put your job success first; UNSW won the Most Employable Student Award from the Australian Financial Review in 2020.
  • Gain from solid collaborations and industry connections

Tuition: $12,025 (first year)

Find out more information here.

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The University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

UTS’s Bachelor of Music and Sound Design is based on the idea that effective practitioners need a solid foundation of artistic, practical, and theoretical skills.

The Music and Sound Design program, which combines the fields of music, sound, and screens, focuses on building practical skills for the digital sound industry and prepares students to apply their knowledge to music production as well as film, television, games, and online platforms.

In this practice-based course, students gain knowledge from prominent industry professionals like sound designers, songwriters, and producers.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

University of Western Sydney (UWS)

The Bachelor of Music program at Western University adopts an interdisciplinary, cutting-edge, and inclusive approach to music theory, composition, sound design, songwriting, and performance.

The Bachelor of Music degree gives you the opportunity to dramatically narrow your emphasis and advance your theoretical understanding and practical expertise.

The course provides advanced instruction in music composition, music performance, sound engineering, music theory, musicology, music arrangement, and music analysis.

The course is taught in lecture, workshop, and tutorial settings, as well as in well-equipped studios. Intellectual, theoretical, and contextual studies are used to supplement skills in music performance, composition, and sound technologies.

Academics in the field of music will assist you as you go toward the creation of a significant project through practical involvement.

Tuition: see cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

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University of Sydney (USYD)

Programs in Contemporary Music Practice, Composition for Creative Industries, Digital Music and Media, and Musicology are available through this Bachelor of Music degree.

Obtain a broad education in music and the arts so that you can develop a successful career in the creative industry. This course is intended for musicians who want to advance their musical careers and musical practice.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

Excelsia College

You will learn a lot about yourself as a person, artist, and student while taking the Bachelor of Music program at Excelsia College.

The lessons provide you the chance to increase your musical knowledge and learn from the top teachers who push you to reach your full potential.

Tuition: see the cost of programs here.

Find out more information here.

General Admission Requirements

This section of the article gives you a general idea of the specific admission requirements of each school, you still have to visit their website to check their specific admission requirements.

  • A-level, UEC, STPM, SAM, foundation, and equivalent pre-university programs to be provided as proof of prior study.
  • English (IELTS 6.0 – 7.0 Academic, IB English or approved Australian Year 12 English course) 
  • Candidates need to pass a musicianship test and audition. A competitive audition usually results from the repertoire being performed at the AMEB Grade 7 standard for instrumentalists and Grade 5 standard for singers. These requirements are merely guidelines. Entry does not need passing the AMEB exams.

Which University is Best For Music in Australia?

  • Monash University.

  • Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

  • Australian National University.

  • Central Queensland University.

  • The University of Wollongong.

  • The University of Sydney.

  • Macquarie University.

  • University of New South Wales.

Can I Study Music in Australia?

There are more than 106 Bachelor’s degree programs in music available in Australia.

By using the keyword on this page, you can read more about music degrees in general or about studying in Australia.

Australia has many colleges and universities that grant Bachelor’s degrees taught in English.

What Can You Do With a Music Degree in Australia?

Graduates pursue professions in the creative and performing arts, music teaching, the entertainment industry, and related disciplines.

Many graduates pursue jobs as performing musicians, whether with an orchestra or ensemble, as conductors or composers or in a variety of these roles.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor of Music in Australia?

You can pursue a variety of careers in the music industry with a bachelor’s in music:

  • Accompanist.

  • Music performance artist.

  • Musical director or band leader.

  • Instrumental music or music theory teacher.

  • Music administrator.

  • Sound artist.

  • Composer, songwriter or arranger.

  • Music producer.

How Do I Become a Musician in Australia?

Obtain your Senior Secondary Education Certificate. To gain a basic understanding of the subject and the industry, think about obtaining a VET qualification in music.

To assess applicants’ level of musical ability, they can be required to do an audition, an interview, or a theory test.

Who Owns the Australian Institute of Music?

Peter Calvo, an Australian private higher education provider called the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) has campuses in Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney, New South Wales.

Can You Study Music With No Experience?

Even if you started college late and lack years of practice and performing experience, you can still major in music.

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