16 Music schools in port Harcourt: How to succeed in music

The most common way one becomes involved with music is through listening or attending a musical event and also attending any of the music schools in Port Harcourt.

Listening at home on a CD player, or in the car, on the computer, or on an iPod can be a very personal and fulfilling experience.

Music, as we know, sets a mood and a vibe as we hear it in lounges, bars, parties, or other social events.

Also, attending a concert is unique as it offers the excitement of hearing live musicians while providing the sound as it is meant to be heard (if it is acoustic music that is).

Previously I have written about the top music schools in Abuja as well as the top music schools in Lagos. But today, I will be listing some of the music schools in Port Harcourt.

Here is a few of the importance of music:

  • Music makes kids smarter

  • Music shows make people happier and healthier

  • Music creates community

  • Music improves your mental health.

  • Music is a universal language

  • Music makes you become creative

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List of Music schools in port Harcourt

Music SchoolDetails
Lucky board Academy15/17 Chief Philip Amaewhule Close, Off East-West Road, by Adamac, Rumuodara Obia/Kpor, Port Harcourt
0803 426 9694
Dj BoikellyADP Road, Rumodome, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
0903 422 0704
Mikary Music AcademyPlot 79 Evo Road, New GRA 500101, Port Harcourt
0810 230 9264

Singersbest Music Academy Girls School, No 27b NTA Rd, opp. Rumuokwuta, Rumuochita
0806 823 1488
Mjrites Music AcademySuit 2, Near Woji Junction, No. 24 Old Aba Road, Rumuogba, Obia 500102, Port Harcourt, Rivers
 0806 696 1996
Cremna Music Academy 40 Okporo Rd, Obia 500102, Port Harcourt
Goldentouch Music Academy14 Nnewi Street, off Market Junction, Rumuomasi Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria
0906 324 4582
Psalmist Academy16 Elebo Street, Oroworukwo, Off Waterlines, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
0803 542 3799
Whitekeys Music SchoolPlot 3 Brookstone Close, G.R.A. Phase 2 besides Sparkling Hotel, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
0909 594 2813, 0803 887 1206
Platinum Strings Music Academy11 King Perekule St, New GRA 500272, Port Harcourt
Yp music academy in Port-Harcourt0907 238 7751
Besides barnax, Waterlines, Yahweh’s project office, no 202 Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, 500221, Port Harcourt
Royal chamber music academy Port Harcourt,0706 548 1642
Bekweri Wosu St, D-line 500101, Port Harcourt
Shabach music and dance academy0703 970 3401
Mi Corazon Music Academy44 Trans Amadi Street, opposite PABOD Breweries, Oginigba 500102, Port Harcourt
0803 091 6496
Rhythm & Strings Music AcademyHis Grace Plaza Beside Palflox Filling Station Airport Road Airport Road By Farm Road 2 Eliozu, Port Harcourt
0703 244 8759
music schools in port Harcourt

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Here are some questions asked abt music schools in Port Harcourt

How do I become successful in Music?

Be optimistic at every turn:

It’s the only true survival tool you have that you can control. If you start with undying optimism you will be more resistant to the neglect you may feel when first starting out.

Try not to take things personally, as the barrier to entry in the music business is set incredibly high.

Observe Excellence and Be Excellent at Your Craft:

It all starts with the music you listen to. Sometimes, society can train us to lower our expectations by convincing us mediocrity is acceptable.

It is not. Excellence is at your fingertips, it simply needs to be understood and observed.

Study carefully from music teachers who are well versed in music theory and music appreciation. Study those who are successful in music and what they have done.

The foundation you lay now with your acceptance and understanding of these basic essentials will define who you will be in your own music career.

Form a Strong Professional Peer Group as Your Sounding Board:

Family and friends are great but they are often too biased to give proper guidance and advice when it comes to your music.

Music professionals tend to give more constructive guidance and can set more realistic goals and expectations.

Remember: Grandma will most likely love everything you do, no matter what, so don’t take her advice too seriously!

Know that being famous takes hard work and diligence

The road to success in the music business is never a straight one. By the time an artist breaks into mainstream consciousness, there is always a story to tell about how and when it all happened.

Unfortunately, the bulk of your new fans will never experience this part of your journey. The illusion is, to the general public, that one day you woke up, wrote a song, and put on your famous pants.

Don’t let the long and winding path to your success get you down, it’s totally normal!

Do you want a review of your music school? Do you want your school on our list? Text or call 08163993819. Do well to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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