12 Best Music Schools in Cambridge: Classes & Fees

If anyone was asked to mention a list of the most popular cities in the world, the city of Cambridge would be one of the most important cities on that list. One of the most famous and well-known historic features worthy of mentioning is the University of Cambridge. 

Apart from the rich historical background Cambridge has, it is also home to some famous musicians and music. Music is very dear to the residents of Cambridge, the city has its unique style of music, from rock music to jazz to contemporary music and so on Cambridge has it all. 

Are you interested and studied music at Cambridge? Do you want to learn or study music in one of the most influential cities in the world? 

The List of Music Schools in Cambridge

Here is a list of the top 10 music schools in Cambridge. 

1. Cambridge Early Music 

80, Gwydir Street, 

Cambridge, CB124 

United Kingdom 

Cambridge Early Music is one of the oldest music schools in Cambridge which was established in 1993 by Selene Mills. Cambridge Early Music school was designed to create a music-rich community, an institution where students from different cultural backgrounds, races, and nationalities can come together and bond over music. 

It is a school that is open to young and old people to know the foundation/ basis of music. Cambridge Early Music School also prepares its students for a further career in music. Cambridge Early Music offers the following music courses:

  • Medieval music 
  • Renaissance music 
  • Baroque music 
  • Chamber music 
  • String instruments 

The school also offers summer classes in: 

  • Baroque summer school 
  • Renaissance summer school.

The summer school cost £950 for residents and £750 for non-residents. 

Although the summer school is only for adults, teenagers between the ages of 16 to 17 years old can attend but with the consent of a parent or a guardian. 

For more inquiries please visit their website, send them an email or you can call +448 448 082412. 

2. Lubia Doga’s Singing Attitude 

Unit B,20 Mercers Row, 

Cambridge CB58HY, 

United Kingdom 

Lubia Doga’s Singing Attitude is one of the vibrant music schools in Cambridge. The school was established in 2013 by Lubia Doga, a vocal coach, singer-songwriter, recording artist, finalist international award winner, performer, and classically trained opera singer. 

Lubia Doga’s Singing Attitude Music school provides classes for children and adults of all ages and abilities and offers the following music classes: 

soul rock jazz blue R&B Styles how to control the vocal cord to develop the voice breathing action song interpretation song development stage presentation group singing lessons. 

The school has won awards for the top three music schools in Cambridge in 2020 and 2021 respectively. The prices for each private section are as follows: ● Single evaluation class for 30 minutes: £50 

Private sessions: 

  • 1 hour private session:£70 
  • 4×30 minutes: £150 
  • 6×30 minutes: £180 
  • 4×1hour: £260 
  • 6×60 minutes: £350 
  • Online sessions: 
  • 1 hour 30 minutes online singing workshop: £30 per class or £250 for 10 classes.
  • Online kids group session: £200 for 10 and £25 for 1. 

For more inquiries, visit their website or call 07407075818.

3. Music For Little People 

The Emerald Building, 

32 Glenalmond Avenue, 

Cambridge CB28DB, 

The United Kingdom. 

Music for Little People is one of the numerous music schools in Cambridge. Established in 1996, Music for Little People is amongst the oldest and one of the best music schools in Cambridge. 

The school is open to students ages 4 and above to teach them the fundamentals of music. The school has qualified music tutors that have an understanding of early childhood development and this helps them to know how to relate with the students in a more familiar way. 

Apart from qualified teachers, the school also has a safe and serene environment that is well structured and fully equipped to meet the needs of its students. The school offers the following music classes: 

  • Class in fundamental concepts of singing 
  • Music reading 
  • Rhythm 
  • Voice 
  • Piano 
  • Music theory lessons. 

The school has since its inception recorded a 100% examination success rate. For more inquiries, visit their website. 

4. Queens Street Music School 

25, Sheffield Street, 


ON N3C 1C4, 

The United Kingdom. 

Queens Street Music School was established in 1987 and is among the oldest music schools in Cambridge. The school is a good choice for students who want to start a

a career in music, beginners in music, or students who have developed a passion for music. 

The school has excellent teachers and patience that help students develop amazing music skills. Since the inception of the school over 1,700 students have passed through their system and have excelled. The school runs an elementary program for kids below the age of 5 years old known as “The Musical Safari Program”. 

The school offers the following music program: 

  • Youth guitar groups 
  • Adult guitar groups 
  • Kindergarten music programs 
  • Saxophone 
  • Junior music courses 
  • Youth music program 

All these classes can be taken in four different languages: English, French, Russian and Portuguese. The school has over 20 musical instruments such as the guitar, violin, piano, voice drums, ukulele percussion, bass, clarinet, and many other instruments for students to learn with. 

Private classes are available either online or offline at a fee of $95 every month there is a 10% discount for siblings. 

Queens Street Music School offers one class for home-schooled children and adults. For more information please call (519) 838 6544 or visit their website. 

5. Jeff Vasey Music School 

100 Sheldon Drive, 

Units 25 & 26, 

Cambridge ON N1R 757, 

The United Kingdom. 

Jeff Vasey Music School is one of the leading music schools in Cambridge with over 17 years of existence.

The principal and owner of the school Jeff Vasey has been teaching music for over 30 years and has gathered enough experiences through the journey of his career before deciding to start up his school in 2005. 

The school is open to kids and adults of all ages and the students have taught music and how to play different instruments such as piano, drums, violin, bass, flute,

saxophone, acoustic guitar, electronic guitar, and so on. The school offers the following music classes: 

  • Vocal training 
  • Musical theatre 
  • Vocal lessons on breath control 
  • Warm-ups 
  • Singing intervals 
  • Music reading classes 
  • Contemporary music class 
  • Theatre and vocal training. 

Classes can be taken online or physically. 

The school also prepares students to take the Royal Conservatory of Music Exams which happens every year. 

Tuition fees: 

  • 6 private lessons (introductory part): $109 
  • Private lessons by the month $22 per person 
  • 20 private lessons $409 
  • Single private lesson $24 
  • Early childhood music term $149 
  • 12 primary music term lessons $149 
  • Single lesson: $15. 

According to Jeff Vasey, “there are lessons for all ages because music is for everyone”. For more inquiries visit their website or call (519) 620 1177 or send them a mail. 

6. Ebolt Music School 

59, Main street, 

Cambridge ON N1R 1V6, 

United Kingdom 

One of the well-known music schools in Cambridge was established in 2009 by Eric Bolton, a passionate lover of music and instruments.

Since the inception of the school over 800 students both adults and children, have studied the various forms and different types of instruments in music from Ebolt Music School. 

Ebolt Music School has qualified and experienced music teachers that have what it takes to impact the knowledge of music students.

The school also gives sponsorship to young people who are interested in music teachings. 

The school takes the following classes: 

  • Drum class
  • Violin class 
  • Piano class 
  • Ukulele class 
  • Mandolin class 
  • Banjo class 
  • Flute class 
  • Voice training class 
  • Guitar class 
  • Piano classes 
  • Keyboard classes 
  • Music theory. 

The school also runs and he bought online classes, private sessions, and group sessions for interested students. 

N.B: The school allows students to borrow instruments for their classes. 


  • Premium package:$140 for 4 weeks and this package can be renewed monthly.
  • Standard package: $120 for 4 weeks and it can be renewed monthly.
  • Video package: $15 
  • Single lesson: $35 for 30 minutes. 

For more inquiries, call(519) 267 6030 or visit their website. 

7. Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge 

Faculty of Music, 

11 West Road, 

Cambridge CB3 9DP, 

United Kingdom 

The Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge offers a three-year undergraduate program in music. This program is taught by renowned and internationally recognized music scholars and lecturers.

Aside from attending lectures, students will be required to attend workshops, performance seminars, composition seminars, and other seminars. 

The school also offers a 9-month program in MPhil. in music studies and composition. 

A 3-year full-time Ph.D. program and a 5-year part-time Ph.D. program in music analysis, music cognition, musicology, ethnomusicology, and performance studies. 

For more inquiries, call (01223) 763 4810.

8. Cambridge Music School 

This is one of the few music schools in Cambridge that take only guitar, piano, and violin classes. 

For more inquiries visit their website. 

9. Piano School Cambridge 

150 Newmarket Road, 

Cambridge CB5 8AX, 

The United Kingdom

Piano School Cambridge is one of the music schools in Cambridge that specializes and piano lessons. Piano School of Cambridge is open to children (4 to 18 years old) and adults (18 years and above) to have perfect skills and piano playing. 

Piano School Cambridge has tutors that are available to nurture the growing talent of the young ones and adults. The tutors are also ready to guide them through every step of the way with love and patience so that they can become skilled and confident in playing the piano. 

Piano School Cambridge offers both physical and online classes the only classes can be taken on zoom, google meet, or whatever application is available.

Apart from the classes, the school organizes “end-of-term concerts”, during Christmas, spring, and summer breaks where students have the opportunity to perform in front of their parents, loved ones, friends, and other members of the audience. 

The school updates parents regularly on the child’s progress every term. Tuition fee 


  • 30 minutes: £20 
  • 45 minutes: £28 
  • 1 hour: £32 


  • 30 minutes:£21 
  • 45 minutes:£29 
  • 60 minutes:£35 

For first-timers, the school offers a free class visit their website to book your free trial class or call +447871552467.

10. Cambridge Guitar Academy 

42 Birdwood Road, 

Cambridge CB1 3SU, 

The United Kingdom. 

Cambridge Guitar Academy is one of the best music schools in Cambridge for students who are interested in taking guitar lessons or playing the guitar. 

Thomas Cook, founder of the Cambridge Guitar Academy and a professional guitarist and guitar teacher welcomes students between the ages of 5 to 80 years to learn how to play the electric guitar, classical guitar, and rock guitar. 

Cambridge Guitar Academy is the best music school in Cambridge to take guitar classes. The school helps students to perfect their skills in guitar playing. If you are applying for classes for fun, as a beginner or professional Cambridge Guitar Academy is the best place for you. 


  • £30 for an hour 
  • £20 for 30 minutes. 

Cambridge Guitar Academy also gives a free trial lesson for first-timers. For more information, please send an email, visit our website or call 07729 170 447. 

11. Cambridgeshire Music School 

New School Road, 


Cambridge, CB 249 LL, 

The United Kingdom. 

Cambridgeshire Music School is one of the music schools in Cambridge that teaches students all genres of music. The school has over 28 different instruments, 60 teachers, and over 2,000 classes every week. The school is open to children and adults to learn music and learn how to play the instruments. 

Apart from learning music, the students also do the following: 

  • Sing in a choir 
  • Play the orchestra 
  • Perform in concert
  • Learn how to compose 
  • Learn how to conduct. 

The school takes the following courses and they are in three stages they are:

  • Stage 1: beginners stage 
  • Stage 2: development of passion and finding out your voice. 
  • Stage 3: embedded progressing towards higher level achievements. Students on stages 1 and 2 can hire instruments to practice on their own. 

Classes cost £708 per year i.e £59 every month. 

For financially incapable students you can apply for financial aid through the bursary department of the school, pick up, complete and return the application form through their website. 

For more inquiries please call 03 450 451 371 or visit their website. 

12. Rowans Music School 

15, The Elms, Milton 

Cambridge CB24 6ZQ, 

United Kingdom 

Rowans Music School is one of the best music schools in Cambridge for piano lessons. It is owned by Steven Levitt and was founded in 1980. The first school originally started in Buckinghamshire but moved to Cambridge in 1988. Rowans Music School takes only classes in piano lessons. 

Students also get to participate in the examination with the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music and over the years get a 98% pass rate over 50% of its students pass with merit or distinction. 

Tuition fee 

● Online teachings: £17 for 30 minutes. 

● Private lessons start from £20 for 30 minutes. 

For more information visit the website or call 4477 6956 1658.

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