11 Top Music Schools in Berlin-Costs & Details

In this article – Top Music Schools in Berlin, we discuss the best schools to consider studying music in Berlin.

Berlin has a long history of being connected to music, and the city’s dynamic present-day culture of expression and innovation bears witness to that. 

Berlin offers a wide range of experiential opportunities, from browsing the city’s many iconic record stores to taking in the individualist atmosphere that influenced artists like David Bowie and Lou Reed, sipping a cocktail to the sophisticated groove of a jazz bar performance, or dancing the night away inside the techno-infused walls of some infamous nightclubs. 

Aficionados of the more conventional fine arts in music, like the opera or the orchestra, have access to many such experiences as well, so they are not just confined to the modern or the avant-garde.

All of this helped Berlin become a top place for music study. According to this website, Berlin is a top destination for students willing to study abroad, however, with this stat comes questions.

Is Music School Free in Berlin?

Public universities in Berlin have a good reputation for charging no tuition fees.

But some schools, especially the private ones, charge tuition fees but that should not cause any worry as they are quite affordable.

Is Berlin Good For Music?

Berlin has a strong arts culture and is a popular music destination for its 135 million yearly visitors. They have it all, be it orchestras, music and art festivals and major music events.

Coming to music education in which the question of Is Germany good to study music, the city has reputable music schools especially if you’re desiring a degree.

Berlin music schools place a strong emphasis on the aesthetic growth of students as well as their specialization in an instrument, the voice, or areas like composing and conducting. 

The List of Music Schools in Berlin

A music school in Germany is called a Musikschule while a music conservatory is called a Musikhochschule. 

A music conservatory is much more serious than the other which is probably for both education and, majorly, fun.

The educational year is divided into summer and winter. Summer begins from April to September and winter begins from October to March.

When you go to the website of any school of your choice, likely requirements include a language certificate, resume, passport, and letter of recommendation. 

A B2 level in the German language will certainly aid you. Some schools will also require you to do an in-person audition.

# Berlin University Of The Arts

Berlin University of The Arts is one of the largest art universities not just in Germany but in the world.

The College of Music at the Berlin University of the Arts has been providing top-quality music training in Berlin for over 200 years. 

The college offers numerous opportunities to its students both in general and in the areas of specialization.

All kinds of music and instruments are taught allowing the student the luxury of choice. With standard facilities, equipment and excellent tutors to match.

Training is conducted in orchestral music, contemporary music, church music, conducting, sound engineering and educational courses for future teachers.

There are no tuition costs at the university, with the exception of a few postgraduate Master’s programs. International students also do not pay tuition fees. 

However, there is a mandatory payment that each student must pay—currently, it’s around 320 € per semester.

For both the application and admissions processes, the university charges applicants a fee of 30 € per application. The application materials must be accompanied by proof of payment of the fee.

Visit their website here

# BIMM Institute Berlin

In 35 years, BIMM Institute has grown to become one of the largest music institutes in Europe. The institute started in the UK and has over the years has entered other cities, even Berlin.

The Berlin branch opened in 2015 and caters to the musical dreams of students studying in Berlin.

To apply is not difficult as the website lets you create an applicant account and then submit an online application form. 

In the application form is a section for you to write a personal statement explaining the reasons for your interest in the institute and your aspirations.

The school’s subject areas include guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards, music production, songwriting, music business, music marketing, media and communication, and event management.

Undergraduate music courses require a tuition fee of €7,950 for EU and Swiss students. 

For international students, the fees are almost double at €12,450. There’s an allowance to also pay instrumentally as well.

Visit their website here

# Berlin Music School

Since 2002, Berlin Music School has been providing classical music training to interested students. They also train in rock and pop as well.

The school is equipped with standard facilities for learning and blessed with capable music teachers passionate about music.

A student in BMS has the option of learning the guitar, tape, piano, drums, bass, music production, electric guitar, and singing.

Visit their website here

# The Hanns Eisler School of Music

The Hanns Eisler School of Music was founded in 1950 and it provides training and instruction in music to about 500 students in two locations. 

The school has a rich reputation internationally, thanks to its effective principles and outstanding teachers.

The school has various departments of learning. In ‘department A and B’ students can learn voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, and guitar.

In department C, there is the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, orchestra conducting, choir conducting, and correpetition.

In department D, is piano, composition, electroacoustic music, historical and contemporary compositional technique and chamber music.

In the application process, you’ll be required to create an applicant profile where you’ll provide a detailed account of your artistic and professional records like awards, competitions, video or audio recordings and other specific requirements.

The application fee will cost you €60. The school hosts major events during the course of the year with invaluable opportunities to connect with gifted musicians.

Visit their website here

# EMS – Electronic Music School

For aspiring music producers, DJs, and artists, EMS offers study-preparatory seminars and courses through their offices in Berlin and Cologne as well as their online arm. 

You learn everything at the EMS from writing and creating electronic music to selling your own tunes – all from industry veterans.

Founded in 2010, it’s not your regular music school for learning instruments and voice. They specialize in DJ, and music producing – an excellent school for musicians with an interest in towing this path.

Visit their website here

# Global Music School

Berlin’s Global Music Academy is a center for education and culture that promotes world music and dance. with a variety of classes, groups, workshops, additional education, and performances in dance and music.

It has a music school arm that trains in a wide range of instruments, dance and singing. They teach all ages and students of all levels of experience.

Instruments like cello, percussion, violin, guitar, flute, clarinet, piano, trombone, saxophone, drums and others are taught.

They have advanced lessons like foundation programs, improvisation, band coaching, reading and writing hymns, body percussion, theory of harmony, electronics and instruments, electronic music production, and others.

There’s also a special provision for kids – children who are just starting out in music.

Visit their website here

# Kara Johnstad School of Voice

Kara Johnstad School of Voice loves to teach students how to play an instrument and are expert in vocal coaching and training.

By encouraging talent, appreciation, and love of music in musicians of all ages, they assist students in becoming better musicians. 

Teachers foster meaningful relationships with children and families to encourage a lifetime of love of music and creativity by delivering comprehensive and quality music instruction in a welcoming, resourceful atmosphere.

The school has several programs to keep its students busy and working.

There are music lessons, voice, songwriting, kids music, creative writing, online programs, artist development, body mind and spirit plus workshops and events.

For a comprehensive report of the school’s tuition fees, you can visit here

Visit their website here

# Music Academy Berlin City Nord

The academy offers quality music lessons and training for children from 2 years old to young people and adults in common rock, jazz and pop music instruments and singing.

Their range includes accordion, band coaching, bass, recorder, cello, choir/gospel, violin, singing, guitar, harmony theory and ear training, horn, keyboards, clarinet, piano, drums and several others.

The academy holds major workshops at intervals during the year to boost students’ skills and morale.

They have locations in several cities and not just Berlin. Their website has every information you need.

Visit their website here

# International Music School Berlin

International Music School, Berlin is a top music school with training provisions in several languages for toddlers, children and adults.

The school is equipped with the salon of the international music school of Berlin which opened in 2013 filled with state-of-the-art classrooms where students are taught by international teachers the piano, flute, violin, guitar and singing.

The tuition fees are well elaborated and are flexible to accommodate your finances and at the same time help you achieve your musical dreams.

Visit their website here

# Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

Catalyst Music is a special school in Berlin that specializes in music production, sound engineering, sound design, and electronic music production and performance courses.

They issue degrees validated by a UK university and they train their students from beginners to world-class products.

Catalyst Music particularly has immense sophisticated facilities. They boast of 25 recording and production studios, microphones, guitars, amplifiers, wireless systems, boutique modular, and more.

Visit their website here

# Berlin Bass Academy

Berlin Bass Academy’s is one of the music schools in Berlin that offers courses that are specifically targeted at young people (from the age of 14) and young adults.

Young adults who have already mastered the technical and musical fundamentals of playing the bass and are either planning to study music at a music college or would like to acquire the skills necessary to live and work as professional musicians. 

As a result, they individually plan each class based on the objectives and requirements of each student.

Sadly, their selection of courses is not intended for complete novices.

At the Berlin Bass Academy, students are trained in individual lessons where they learn electric bass or double bass, group lessons, study preparation, and band coaching.

You’ll learn how to accompany songs, develop your own bass lines and more.

Tuition fees cost from 75 euros to 320 euros depending on the offer you choose.

Visit their website here


Germany remains a top destination for people seeking better opportunities in their education.

The tuition-free universities, quality education, diverse culture and affordability attract thousands of students from all over the world.

With a rich musical culture and some of the best music schools in Berlin, your journey to being a musician is made easier.

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