25 Music Schools in Brooklyn-Tuition & Requirements

You won’t only find some top music schools in Brooklyn, there are several advantages to studying music in New York City in general.

Numerous top-notch college music programs are accessible in New York City, and there are numerous opportunities, paid gigs, and accomplished artists available for networking.

NYC’s music scene is unlike any other I’ve ever encountered; you can find everything here. There are numerous classical institutions in Uptown, including the New York Philharmonic and Metropolitan Opera.

Any subgenre you would be interested in is represented in New York City, whether it is techno, country, hip-hop, or avant-garde current. Downtown boasts all the jazz clubs and rock venues. Attending music school in New York City is particularly interesting because of the faculties there.

These lecturers not only succeed as educators but also as passionate professionals who are a part of the New York City music scene.

Consider Juilliard as an example. It’s likely that your tutor plays in the New York Philharmonic or has an impressive soloist career if you’re learning an orchestral instrument.

Is the Clive Davis Recorded Music program at NYU Tisch. They have some of the best professors in modern popular music today.

It is simple to understand why New York City is such a sanctuary for musicians of all genres with such a diversity of events and performers.

However, we will be looking at the top music schools in Brooklyn in this article.

Why You Should Study in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most vibrant cities in America. It has a thriving music scene and some of the best music colleges in New York City. Here’s our list of the top music schools in Brooklyn:

If you’re looking to start a career in music, one of these schools is sure to be a good fit for you.

They’ve all been accredited by the New York State Education Department and offer programs at varying levels of difficulty, so there’s something for everyone. We hope this list helps guide you toward your next step!

Top Music Schools in Brooklyn

  • Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music 
  • Juilliard School 
  • Mannes School of Music – NYC
  • American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) 
  • The Cathedral High School Of Brooklyn
  • Pace University

Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music Programs

Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, this music school offers a wide range of education programs for children, teens, and adults. BCM is one of the oldest schools in America and has served as an important resource for musicians since 1867!

Many of the faculty members at Brooklyn College Conservatory also teach at Juilliard, MSM, and other more prestigious music institutions in New York City, making this institution a true hidden gem.

One of the few colleges in the nation that offers a degree in film and television scoring is this one! This MFA degree, also known as the media Scoring program, gives students access to professors who have written music for significant motion movies.

Included in this is Jonathan Zalben, a relatively new faculty addition who has composed the music for television programs airing on HBO, Lionsgate, Discovery Channel, and Sony Pictures Classics. Ron Bochar, another faculty member, has experience in sound editing and has collaborated with several directors, including Jonathan Demme and Frank Oz.

But this place offers much more than just movie scoring. Performance, technology, and even jazz are all offered as majors at the school.

Its location in Brooklyn is perfect since Brooklyn has overtaken Manhattan in terms of the range and quality of its creative offerings, making it a desirable place for students to live both inside and outside of the classroom.

For more information about the school and programs click here.

Admission Requirements:

For Undergraduates;

  • Official High School Transcript or
  • Tasc/GED diploma with scores
  • Overall academic average or GPA
  • Curriculum rigor
  • Level of coursework completed in each subject area (for instance, the completion of Trigonometry or Calculus in mathematics)
  • Proficiency in Math and English
  • NYS Regents examination results, if available
  • College essay (recommended)

A high school certificate is not acceptable.


For undergraduate tuition;

New York State Residents
Full-time (12 credits or more)*$3,465 per semester
Part-time (fewer than 12 credits)$305 per credit
Nondegree Students$445 per credit (not eligible for a full-time flat-rate)
Nonresident and International Students
Full-time$620 per credit (not eligible for a full-time flat rate)
Part-time$620 per credit
Non-degree Students$915 per credit (not eligible for a full-time flat rate)

Click here for a description of each student fee and an allocation breakdown of the Student Activity Fee.

For graduate tuition;

New York State Residents
Full-Time$5,545 per semester*
Part-Time$470 per credit
Nonresident and International Students
Full-Time$855 per credit
Part-Time$855 per credit

Click here for a description of each student fee and an allocation breakdown of the Student Activity Fee. 

For a proper definition of both undergraduate and graduate, fees click here.

The Juilliard School Program 

The Juilliard School is a performing arts conservatory in New York City.

It was founded in 1905 by the pianist and composer Franz Liszt and the violinist and composer Henryk Wieniawski, who had both met with great success as performers through their classical training at Paris’ Conservatoire de Musique et d’Art Dramatique (the oldest school of its kind), becoming known as “the father of modern music” for his innovations in harmony and counterpoint.

The school focuses on training students for careers in music performance, but also offers instruction in other areas: there are two separate departments within it: one for voice (including opera) and another for instrumentalists; these departments offer specialized courses that focus on specific instruments or genres (such as jazz).

In addition to classical performance, Juilliard also features a modest but exceptional jazz program.

Admission Requirements:

  • All courses taken, including those in progress, and the academic year and semester in which each was taken.

  • Assessment of performance (letter grades, percentages, portfolio commentary, etc.) and an explanation of any applicable grading scales.

  • Evidence of official recognition by the school district and/or state department of education.

  • If you attended a high school for any period of time, you must submit official high school transcripts of any/all high school work.

  • If you enrolled in any college courses, you must submit official college transcripts.

  • Optional: a full outline of the curriculum by subject.

  • Optional: reading lists.

For further details see here.


A total of $81,236 for Residence Hall (Double room and meals).

A total of $86,286 for Residence Hall (Single room and meals).

A total of $77,962 for Non-Residence Hall.

For more details click here.

Mannes School of Music – NYC Program

Mannes School of Music is a private music conservatory located in New York City. It was founded in 1947 by Dr. Frank Damrosch and is named after his father, the legendary conductor Walter Damrosch. Mannes offers bachelor’s degrees in music performance as well as master’s degrees in composition/composition studies (MM), conducting (MM), performance practice (MM), and opera voice training and pedagogy (MMPT).

The school also offers post-graduate studies at its Graduate Division for performers who wish to pursue advanced vocal performance or other areas such as instrumental study or conducting techniques.

Mannes has been a popular choice among aspiring musicians because of its strong reputation for graduate instruction; many students come from all over the world to study here due to its reputation for high-quality instruction and excellent curriculum offerings like Master Classes taught by international artists such as Yo-Yo Ma! 

Admission Requirements:


See the requirements and how to apply here.


See the necessary requirements and how to apply here.


 Below is a detailed outline of the tuition for undergraduate studies;

Degree ProgramFull-Time Tuition (Per Semester)Full-Time Credit RangePer-Credit Tuition
AAS, BBA, BFA, BS (Parsons)$26,85412-18$1,810
BA, BS, BM, BFA (Lang, CoPA)$25,95012-18$1,810
BA/BFA (Lang/Jazz, Lang/Parsons)$25,95012-21$1,810
BA, BFA, BS (SPE)N/AN/A$1,421
Parsons Paris$18,35512-18$1,245

For full details on graduate tuition visit here.

American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) Program

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy New York City, NY is a unique music school that offers students the opportunity to study acting, dance, and music as well as theatre.

Founded in 1969 by Broadway legends Jerome Robbins and George Abbott, AMDA has grown into one of New York City’s most prestigious institutions for musicians.

The academy offers four-year undergraduate degrees in Music Performance (BFA) or Dance Performance (MFA), plus two-year graduate programs leading to Master of Fine Arts degrees in Musical Theatre or Choreography.

Students can also earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree by taking courses at both campuses simultaneously throughout their studies at one time per semester over four years or five semesters if they prefer not to spend all day every day commuting between campuses but instead take advantage of both campuses being located within minutes walking distance from each other – it really depends how much commitment you want!

AMDA also offers several summer intensive programs where students come together from all over America who want hands-on experience working directly under professionals so they can learn what goes into making professional productions happen from start to finish.

Admission Requirements:

  • Submit your application
  • Schedule your AMDA audition
  • Phone interview with admissions
  • Submit your personal essay(s)
  • Submit letter(s) of recommendation
  • Academic records/transcript

See the requirements for graduate admission here.


See details here.

The Cathedral High School of Brooklynn Program

The Cathedral High School of Brooklyn is one of the best music schools in Brooklyn.

This school offers a wide range of courses that can help you become an accomplished musician.

Students must be 16 years old or older to enroll in this music program as well as have some sort of musical background such as being able to play an instrument, singing, or even just listen regularly while singing along with other songs on your smartphone!

Admission requirements include:

  • An audition where admissions officers listen to candidates perform their song repertoire through Skype until they decide if they would like them on campus instead;
  • Successful completion of standardized tests including those administered by ACT/SAT exams;
  • A high school diploma or GED certificate indicating completion since middle school;


The tuition fees for the Cathedral High School of Brooklyn are $11,500 per year (for both day and boarding students) which includes room and board at no extra cost.

Pace University Program

Although Pace University may seem like an odd choice at first, it has a lot going for it.

Pace University’s prestigious Musical Theatre program is the centerpiece of the school’s musical experience.

The school’s instructors are seasoned MT professionals with backgrounds on Broadway and in other areas of the entertainment business.

A business program at Pace with a particular concentration on Arts & Entertainment Management is another distinctive specialization. It is a particularly good option for a student interested in studying music business even though it isn’t a music program per se.

Although acting and theater are the focus of Pace’s performing arts department, these two particular courses are top selections.

Admission Requirements:

See how, when to apply and the necessary requirements needed here.


Learn more about the fee schedule.

Other Music Schools in Brooklyn To Check Out

  1. Brooklyn Music School

Brooklyn Music School is over a hundred years old. It was founded in 1909 by a group of immigrants who had the passion to spread the power of music to their new American friends.

The school operates a history-rich four-story building that contains three dance studios, twenty-four classrooms, and a modern 266-seat Spanish-type theatre.

BMS offers private lessons, group classes, summer vocal arts, summer jazz workshop, early childhood, after-school, dance, musical theatre, music therapy, ensembles, adult classes, mentor program, summer institute and intensives.

You can find lessons in piano, guitar, voice, wind instruments, drums, and percussion. In the adult classes, you will have the opportunity to learn adult African drumming and adult orchestra.

Brooklyn Music School is a solid member of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts.

Location: 126 St Felix St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 718-638-5660

Visit Website

  1. School of Rock, Brooklyn

School of Rock, Brooklyn combines one-on-one with group lessons to help their students grow to become professional and outstanding musicians.

Their programs include Rock 101 for ages 8-13, performance for ages 8-18, a little wing for ages 3-5, rookies for ages 6-7, songwriting for ages 12 and above, adult programs for 18+, Allstars for 17 and below, and online for all ages.

With very experienced teachers, as a student, you have the choice to receive lessons in your preferred tool – guitar, drum, singing, bass guitar, keyboard, and piano.

School of Rock also sells guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards, microphones, recording equipment, amplifiers, effects pedals, and many others.

Location: 327 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 (347) 844-9363

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  1. Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

In Brooklyn, New York City, there is a music conservatory called the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including American songs, jazz and gospel singing, Latin jazz, and African drumming. 

German-American immigrants created the conservatory in 1897 with the intention of creating a classical European conservatory.

Today, they cater to students of all ages and skill levels with lessons in virtually all major musical instruments.

Location: 58 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 718-622-3300

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  1. Clinton Hill Music School

Clinton Hill Music School was founded in 2012 by Marty Isenberg to train people in the art of music and performance by satisfying their musical curiosities.

The school offers lessons in a semester system. In its lessons for kids, each semester consists of 13 private lessons with one end-of-the-term recital.

Tuition fees for kids’ lessons range from $895 to $1095 to $1295 in 30 minutes to 45 minutes to 60 minutes time frame per semester.

Adult fees are $60 for a trial lesson, $475 for 5 lessons, and $850 for 10 lessons. Families bringing more than one child gain a discount of five percent.

Location: 1080 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

Phone: +1 718-789-1941

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  1. Brooklyn Music Factory

Brooklyn Music Factory is a music instruction school that teaches music majorly to kids of all ages.

They provide 30, 45, and 60-minute lessons for their students. They offer piano, guitar, voice, bass and drums lessons and also accommodating packages for people who are interested in music but can’t find the time to attend weekly lessons.

The school has programs for each age category, from age four to adult stage, and with the help of good teachers, they have received numerous testimonials.

Location: 540 President St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 877-767-3560

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  1. Art’s House Schools of Music, Dance & Fine Arts

This wonderful school offers classes in dance, music, and arts but because of the nature of this article, we will focus on its music branch.

The school gives students the opportunity of a private, one-on-one class on all major instruments and voices. Beginning from 5 years old, they are taught different music styles like pop, jazz, rock, and classical.

Students are also opportune to perform in recitals held at times during the year in the presence of family and friends.

Of their several programs is the introduction to the music program for ages 5 to 13, in this stage, students are 30 minutes, once a week, elementary note reading, vocals, music history, rhythm development, and basics of the keyboard.

Location: 1003 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224, United States

Phone: +1 718-996-2000

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  1. Preparatory Center for the Performing arts at Brooklyn College

Founded in 1978 with the mission of helping music lovers achieve their full potential with the help of highly qualified professional music teachers, the Preparatory Center for the Performing arts at Brooklyn College is a school to behold.

All ages and academic levels of children from 3 to 18 are welcome. Adults can take group classes in guitar, piano, and voice and receive private training in theater, dance, and music from beginning to advanced levels.

The school year lasts from September to June which is a period of 30 weeks. In the spring semester, more brand-new classes are offered. The six-week Summer Session runs from July through August.

Location: 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States

Phone: +1 718-951-4111

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  1. Williamsburg School of Music

The Williamsburg School of Music is owned by the Howe family. Their comfortable facilities and qualified staff are what draw students to them.

The school offers both private and group lessons in a variety of instruments, including voice, guitar, bass, ukulele, violin, woodwinds, piano, theory/composition, drums, and more. 

They serve people of all ages and abilities and are available to match your learning pace. The school is based in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and can also be attended online.

Location: 400 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Phone: +1 718-963-3600

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  1. Crown Heights Music School

Crown Heights started in 2020 to grow and feed the interests of music lovers in the Brooklyn area. It was founded by two music professionals – Sasha and Max with the aim of committing to the community they love.

The school offers private lessons to help students learn at their own pace. It also accommodates students who have no previous musical experience. 

It inculcates in its curriculum a combination of ear training, rhythm practice, harmony, songwriting, and music literacy.

The classes are divided into 30, 45, and 60-minute lessons costing $40, $60, and $80 respectively. The 30-minute session is recommended to beginners. A trial lesson costs $30.

Students can choose to learn the piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, or bass.

Location: 1056 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11216, United States

Phone: +1 610-724-4675

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  1. Mamesh Music School

Since 2012, Mamesh Music has been offering the community of Crown Heights high-quality Jewish music instruction. They provide boys with private instruction and ensemble classes that follow a distinctive curriculum based on Nigunim. 

They teach Nigunim on piano, violin, guitar and drums only to boys. The school has experienced teachers with a long track record in music. They also host recitals and provide unique performances for the public.

Location: 1385 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY 11213, United States

Phone: +1 347-770-0142

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  1. Prospect Heights Music School

Since 2010, Prospect Heights Music has been delivering piano and voice lessons, audition preparation, songwriting and composition courses, and music theory tuition to the wider Brooklyn area.

The school is one of the top music schools in Brooklyn as its students have gone on to perform on stage at the Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, and with the Met Children’s Choir.

It was founded by Angela Ortiz who is a seasoned music instructor who has been teaching music in the New York Area for the past 15 years.

PHM teaches voice and the piano.

Location: 117B Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States

Phone: +1 347-240-0684

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  1. Musication

Musication was founded for the sole purpose to help create a space where children will learn about music by playing instruments, listening to music, singing, and experimenting.

The school was established by children’s music educator and performer Jeremy Zmuda in 2007 to provide fun and innovative music programming for kids.

Children ages 3 and up can take virtual or in-person courses with Musication. Their instructors are highly qualified music educators. Each class is tailored to the needs and interests of the specific learner and they provide flexible scheduling to meet the needs of each family.

They provide lessons in the piano, guitar and more.

Location: 221 E 18th St #1g, Brooklyn, NY 11226, United States

Phone: +1 347-913-3154

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  1. Ditmas Music Lessons

Ditmas gives individual lessons for all ages and levels whether experienced or beginner. Lessons are available in piano, trumpet, music theory, electronic music, classical, jazz, popular and more.

Pricing is divided into 4 sessions – a 30, 45, and 60-minute lesson for $55, $75 and $90 respectively. There’s also a 60 minutes session for $95 at your location.

The instructors are Steven-Jon, a committed performer and tutor of the piano, trumpet and other brass instruments and Tyler, an experienced music educator and award-winning composer teach piano, composition, songwriting, electronic production, and recording.

Location: 738 E 21st St #4e, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States

Phone: +1 623-261-5345

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  1. Park Slope Music Lessons

Park Slope was founded by a man called Andrew who in the early 2000s was searching for a music school for his young son and couldn’t find any because of his age. He started the school being a musician himself and has grown it into a major music school in Brooklyn.

The school uses a special teaching method called the musicolor method, which utilizes color on hands, color on keys and color on pages.

Today, Andrew has trained more teachers and taught thousands of students.

Location: 114 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

Phone: +1 347-788-0101

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  1. Lefferts Gardens Music School

Lefferts Gardens Music School was established by Marty Isenberg, the creator of Clinton Hill Music School, to provide the same superior level of music instruction to the nearby areas of Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park, Flatbush, and East Flatbush.

Lessons are done at the studio and also at home. You can learn drums, voice, cello and many more. There is a learning category for kids and adults. 

Tuition fees for adults are $60 for trial lessons, $425 for 5 lessons and $800 for 10 lessons. For kids, the semester package for 30 minutes is $895, 45 minutes is $1095, 60 minutes is $1295.

Location: 495 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States

Phone: +1 718-789-1941

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  1. Sage Music

At their music schools in San Antonio and New York City, Sage Music provides in-person music lessons.

Worldwide, they also provide online music classes. Currently, they have students in 15 countries and 46 US States.

Sage Music offers students the opportunity to benefit in a positive and encouraging community blessed with qualified teachers. 

The school offers lessons with a unique system in guitar, piano, singing, violin and more. As a student, you’ll get performing opportunities and recitals.

Location: 33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Phone: +1 347-692-0792

Visit Website

  1. Bay Ridge School of Music

Bay Ridge calls itself Brooklyn’s premier music academy. More than 16 of their music educators hold degrees from colleges or have worked as performers professionally. 

Their music instructors are committed to getting to know your individual musical goals and assisting you in achieving them. They have at least three music teachers for every instrument.

At Bay Ridge, you’ll get the chance to learn the piano, guitar, voice, drums, bass, and violin.

Tuition fees range from $173 to $320 on a 30-minute, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes time frame.

Location: 7207 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11228, United States

Phone: +1 844-568-1328

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  1. Brooklyn Drum Lessons

At Brooklyn Drum Lessons, they offer adult lessons, advanced classes, beginner’s classes, intermediate classes, private lessons, and youth classes.

Location: 1085 E 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United States

Phone: +1 718-801-2604

Tips To Take Note Of When Searching For A Music School

  • The most important is to determine if the school has very qualified and dedicated teachers. It’s not just about the fine instruments and well-equipped studio. Look up the school reviews on their tutors because they play a very significant role in your learning process.
  • Also, look at the students currently at the school. Can they play music? Are they making progress or just attending for nothing’s sake? Yes, it happens. Try and judge the student’s performance, not just their top students, but the majority.
  • Recognize if the school has won any awards or is at least renowned. It helps in knowing what outsiders or the public also think.
  • Check the school’s facilities. Are the equipment and instruments up to standard? It mustn’t necessarily be a state-of-the-art thing even though that will be better. But the facilities must be adequate enough.
  • Cost: Is it what you can afford? Don’t let your judgment be too harsh in this regard since the higher the fees, the better the school, generally. Be willing to pay good money to learn in the best way the instrument or music you want to learn.
  • Location: It’s best you decide what’s comfortable for you. Is the music school far away from you? Don’t throw it out if it’s worth it. Is it close? It should not be close but not worth it. In a nutshell, location is important but the school’s capability itself should be a top priority.
  • The School’s mission and policies: Compare it with your principles and ideals, and see if it aligns. Every school has a way it operates and it might not resonate with you.


Is Brooklyn College a Good College?

The Princeton Review Ranks Brooklyn College 35th Among Public Institutions in the U.S. as a “Best Value College” Brooklyn College also ranked 20th among public colleges for the number of financial aid awards.

For the third straight year, Brooklyn College has been named to The Princeton Review’s Best Value Colleges list.

2. Is Brooklyn University hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Brooklyn College (City University of New York) is 44.3%. For every 100 applicants, 44 are admitted.

This means the school is moderately selective.

The school expects you to meet their requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but they’re more flexible than other schools.

What is Brooklyn College best known for?

Widely known for its offer of an excellent education at affordable tuition and recognized nationally for its diverse student body, Brooklyn College has been an anchor institution within the Borough of Brooklyn and greater New York City for more than 90 years.

Is it worth it to go to music school?

So, is a music degree worth it? Yes, a music degree is worth it for most aspiring musicians.

Music degrees are essential for employment in the music industry as well as for building well-rounded musicians.

However, in some areas of music, a degree may not be necessary.

Are music degrees hard?

We’re not going to lie to you, being a music major is a lot of hard work.

However, it’s the best kind of hard work because it’s incredibly rewarding!

Sometimes all we need is a little preparation in order to excel, so we wanted to give you six things to expect as a music major and how you can be ready for them.

Is music a stable career?

You may be wondering what career options exist in the wide world of music and are these careers stable.

Is it possible to earn a living from music and have a steady income? The answer is yes. 

It is possible to earn a sustainable living from your passion for music.

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