17 Medical Schools in the Dominican Republic:Cost & REQs

If you’re looking to study medicine and surgery in the Dominican Republic or you want to find out if you should want to study medicine in the country, you’re at the right place. 

In this article, you’ll get to know which schools offer medical programs, the best of them and all you need to do to get admitted into these universities. 

The rankings of these universities will be done based on several factors like research opportunities, quality of education, affordability, the life of the students outside academics and the diversity amongst the student and faculty members. 

Going through this article will help you pick from the medical schools in the Dominican Republic and also to know which one would be perfectly suited for your needs. 

About The Country 

The Dominican Republic is a country that is located in the Caribbean region. It may have not gained a lot of popularity in the lists of top countries for oversea education, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

In recent years, studying in the Caribbean has been gaining recognition. Dominica, which is also known as the Dominican Republic, provides a great education.

The country may not have the highest number of universities, but students who go there to study, always get nothing but the very best. 

In Dominica, there are quite a few public universities and they include Dominica State College and The University of West Indies. 

The private tertiary institutions are very academically sound and most of them have a partnership with other universities in Europe and some other American countries.

The country’s state college is called Clifton Community College. However, there are many, who also attend schools in other countries.

Examples of these common options include the University of the West Indies, U.K. and U.S satellite schools, and those of other countries. The private universities include: 

  • All Saints University School of Medicine

  • New World University 

  • Western orthodox University 

  • International University for Graduate Studies 

  • Ross university school of medicine and, 

  • Ballsbridge University 

Medical schools which are located in Dominica, often make very positive headlines. One of those top medical universities is Ross University, it is a very large medical school in the region for biological field study. 

How to Apply for Admission into Dominican Universities – International Students

International students are highly welcome in most of the higher education programs in the Dominican Republic.

To enroll, these students will have to directly apply to the school of their choosing. These universities often have availability especially for students with significantly good grades in high school equivalents or as undergraduates (for those who are enrolling in graduate programs).

If this student is accepted by Dominica university, he or she will then be given documentation that will allow that student to obtain a necessary student visa. This process is usually very straightforward and quickly done in most cases. 

For more information about the requirements for each school, do visit the official webpage of the institution you are looking to apply to, choose your intended program, and then follow the instructions on how to apply. 

Students’ Accommodation in the Dominican Republic 

The different tertiary institutions in the Dominican Republic offer accommodation to students.

Most international students often prefer to live in dorm-like settings on the campuses themselves.

Others can also decide to rent apartments near the campus. The students are responsible for these costs as they’re not included in the educational programs. 

To enroll, students need to be able to show that they can provide the necessary financial support for themselves.

This includes paying for health insurance and housing. Some international students will have to work while they are enrolled in school to keep up with the expenses.

In addition to these, students will also have to pick a specific degree in the school which may include business, criminology, human resources, medicine, or law. 

Estimated Tuition Fees for Schools in the Dominican Republic 

International Students Tuition Fees:  

Part-time – Undergraduate – $340 per credit unit 

Full-time – Undergraduate – $11 900 per year 

Full-time – Graduate – $17 850 per year 

Cost of Living for Students in the Dominican Republic 

The cost of living in Dominica is significantly moderate in comparison to what is obtainable in the other Caribbean regions.

In terms of the costs of higher education, schools in Dominica are more affordable when compared to those found in the United States or Canada

Vital Things To Know About Medical Colleges in the Dominican Republic 

  • Not all medical colleges are internationally accredited. 

  • You need to be able to read, speak and understand Spanish because textbooks are written in Spanish and the lectures are also given in Spanish.

  • There is only one medical college in the Dominican Republic with an English curriculum, although it does not compare to all courses. The school is UNIBE. 

How Long Is Medical School in the Dominican Republic? 

Medical school takes an average of 6 years in the Dominican Republic. However, the compulsory one year which is required for an internship makes it 7 years in total. 

Breaking it down… 

Out of the six years spent in medical school in Dominica; two years are for pre-med, the next two years are for basic science and the remaining two years are for core clinical training. 

To get your Doctor in Medicine degree (MD) in the country, you need to finish your medical internship which lasts for a year after spending six(6) years in medical school. 

There are two available options left for you once you have earned your medical degree; you can either practice medicine in the Dominican Republic or you could choose to practice abroad in any country of your choice, like the United States. 

If you intend to practice in the country, then you need to work for the government for one year at any public hospital in the country to get authorization from the government. 

However, it’s tougher when you decide to study abroad; let’s say, the US for example. You’ll need to pass all the stages of the US Medical Licensing Exams (including residency) before you can work there. 

In the world directory of medical schools, 17 schools appear under the Dominican Republic. Out of those, 11 are active and are main institutions, while 6 are not active nor the main campus of the institution. 

List Of Accredited and Non-accredited Medical Schools in the Dominican Republic 

17 schools appear under the Dominican Republic in the world directory of medical schools. Out of those 17 schools, 11 are active(accredited) and are main institutions, while the remaining 6 are not active(not accredited) nor the main campus of the institution. 

The Accredited Medical Schools Include: 

  • 1. Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, (UASD). 

  • 2. O&M, Medical School, (O&Med). 

  • 3. Universidad Católica Nordestana, (UCNE). 

  • 4. Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano, (INTEC).

  • 5. Universidad Católica del Cibao, (UCATECI). 

  • 6. Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, (PUCMM). 

  • 7. Universidad Central del Este, (UCE). 

  • 8. Universidad Eugenio María de Hostos, (UNIREMHOS). 

  • 9. Universidad Iberoamericana, (UNIBE). 

  • 10. Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, (UTESA) 

  • 11. Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, (UNPHU). 

The Non-accredited Medical Schools Include: 

  • 1. Universidad Centro de Estudios Tecnológicos, (C.E.T.E.C).- Closed 2. Universidad Centro de Investigación, (C.I.F.A.S.). – Closed 

  • 3. Universidad Mundial Dominicana, Escuela de Medicina. – Closed 

  • 4. Universidad Federico Henríquez y Carvajal, (UFHEC). – Technical School/ No medicine 

  • 5. Universidad Internacional Eugenio María de Hostos, (UNIREMHOS). – This is still in the directory but based on the old name. 

  • 6. Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago, (UTESA). 

  • 7. Santo Domingo Campus- Inactive 

7 Best Medical schools in the Dominican Republic 

Universidad Iberoamericana School of Medicine, (UNIBE).

  • Program Link
  • Type: Private 
  • Acceptance rate: 75% 
  • Enrollment: 4,500 
  • Highest Degree: Bachelor 

The school was created in 1982, and since then, it has been amongst the leading private institutions in the Dominican Republic.

The university’s school of medicine is affiliated with public medical centers outside Santo Domingo 

Currently, UNIBE school of medicine is one of the best medical schools in the Dominican Republic.

Regardless of where you’re from; Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, the school has about 285 medical professionals who are very ready to train you in the medical field.

The university offers undergraduate programs that are accredited by the Dominican Ministry of Education and Youth. 

The school also has five functional research facilities and a large number of notable alumni.

For example, Raquel Arbaje, the first lady of the Dominican Republic is an alumnus of the noble university; Universidad Iberoamericana. 

Location: Av. Francia 129, Santo Domingo 10203, Dominican Republic. Tuition: $7200 

Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD) 

  • Program Link
  • Location: Av. Alma Mater, Ciudad Universitaria, D.N. de Sto. Dgo 
  • Type: Public 
  • Acceptance rate: 74%
  • Enrollment: 45,000 
  • Highest Degree: Bachelor 
  • Tuition: 
  • International students: 900 per semester(USD) 
  • Local students: 300 per semester (USD)

The Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo was established in 1866 and is one of the top Dominican Republic Medical Schools.

The school, which is located in Santiago, is a public institution and actively seeks the provision of quality education for all students who are interested in studying there.

This Dominican educational institution offers high-level healthcare training and is ranked number 7th among the best institutions worldwide according to the international ranking webometrics. 

It is the only public medical university in the Dominican Republic. Its UASD faculty works very hard to provide research opportunities and quality, affordable education which is unequaled in the country. 

Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, UASD, is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the country and has been producing successful doctors since its inception in 1866. 


Universidad Católica Nordestana, (UCNE) 

  • Program Link
  • Location: 31000 Campus los, Calle Los Arroyos, San Francisco de Macorís 31000, Dominican Republic. 
  • Tuition: $5000 
  • Type: Private 


Universidad Católica Nordestana is a private institution based in Dominica, with campuses in Spain and the Dominican Republic.

They offer academic programs ranging from associate degrees to PhDs, with biomedical sciences being their major speciality. 

The school’s facilities include laboratories for marine students, computer labs, an auditorium, two theatres, three museums, a library, two theatres, marine conservation projects, sports facilities, championship soccer fields and basketball courts 

The school has graduated over 19,000 students since its inception in 1978. The school also has about 32 accredited academic programs including medicine.

Their teachings are based on the philosophy known as the new Christian Humanism and students are trained within the confines of the Christian Faith. 

Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre Y Maestra, (PUCMM) 

  • School’s Website
  • Location: Autopista Duarte Km 1 1/2, Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000, Dominican Republic 
  • Type: Private 
  • Acceptance rate: 76% 
  • Enrollment: 17,500 
  • Highest Degree: Bachelor 
  • Tuition: $10,700 

An impressive curriculum, high-quality instructors and cutting-edge technologies are just a few of the things you can expect at PUCMM Medical School. The medical college offers

top-notch programs like Cardiology Fellowship Program, Family Medicine, and General Practice Residency Program prepare students for excellence at international levels. 

If you’re looking to get a quality education from one of the top Caribbean medical schools and have an eye for location, you should consider Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre Y Maestra (PUCMM). 

PUCMM is the first Roman Catholic university in the Dominican Republic and is very highly rated as it has about 16,000 students across all three campuses. 

Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano, (INTEC) 

  • School’s Website
  • Location: Av. de Los Próceres 49, Santo Domingo 10602, Dominican Republic
  • Acceptance rate: 75% 
  • Enrollment: 5,500 
  • Highest Degree: Doctorate 
  • Tuition: $7500 
  • Type: Private 


Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano (INTEC) is a medical school located in the Dominican Republic.

This private institute was established in 1972, by connoted professionals and is considered one of the best medical schools in the country for its high employment rate after graduation.

If you are searching for an accredited International Medical School that’ll give you a lot of advantages, then INTEC is just the perfect med school for you! 

The university is accredited by the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) and the ministry of higher education science and technology. 

INTEC has been ranked as the top medical school in the Dominican Republic for three consecutive years concerning third-party validation.

The leaders of this institute have also already proven their success as ingenious engineers having degrees from renowned universities like Harvard and MIT. : Instituto Tecnológico Dominicano, (INTEC) 

Universidad Dominicana O&M 

If you are searching for a medical school in the Caribbean that is affordable, Universidad Dominicana O&M is one of the very few ones!

They have top-notch faculty and facilities, and a high rate of graduates who go on to internships and residencies. 

With innovation as the basis of your education, their student-focused model aids in the development of competencies across the problem sets of medicine – from basic sciences down to clinical expertise. 

Universidad Dominicana O&M is located in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and is recognized internationally as one of the country’s best Medical Schools–Ranked the World’s #52 under Best Medical Schools 2016 by QS world university rankings. 

To get into this school, you don’t need to be amongst the top 10% of your class. A GPA as low as 2.5 is required and SAT is not compulsory too, although it’ll be reviewed if submitted. 

Universidad Central Del Este, (UCE) 

  • Website
  • Location: Campus UCE, Av Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó, San Pedro de Macoris 21000, Dominican Republic 
  • Tuition: $15,000 
  • Type: Private

The Universidad Central Del Este (UCE) is without a doubt, one of the Best Medical Schools in the Dominican Republic. This Private Caribbean medical school was founded in 1970 by José A. Hazim Azar. The curriculum of the program includes both Biomedicine and Medicine

for undergraduate and graduate-level study, with a smaller selection of additional courses in English like Clinical Care Programs or Basic Sciences, etc., and an extensive list of some Popular Latin American Languages. 

It is the only private university in the Dominican Republic to be recognized by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) as one of Latin America’s best medical schools since 1987. 

UCE medical school is accredited by CAAM-HP and is recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). To get into the school, you’ll need a minimum CAT score of 470. 



How many years is a medical school in the Dominican Republic? 

Recently: Two years pre-med, two years basic science and then, two years of clinical training 

What are the big 5 Caribbean medical schools? 

The five, most notable Caribbean medical schools are St. George’s University School of Medicine, American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, Saba University School of Medicine and Ross University School of Medicine. 

How much is a medical school in the Dominican

At Ross University’s School of Medicine in Dominica, students can expect to pay about US$6000 per semester for 5 semesters, with a minimum cost of US$3000 per semester for living expenses. 

Can I study Medicine in the Dominican Republic? 

Yes, you can. There are about 9 Bachelor’s programs in Medicine at 11 universities in the Dominican Republic.

Also, you can choose one of the 9 Bachelor’s programs in Medicine at 9 universities, 6 Master’s programs in Medicine at 6 universities, and also 6 PhD programs in Medicine at 6 universities.

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