5 Hot Medical Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

These days, finding great candidates is hard, and this is where the medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia come in.

If you graduated in the medical field and have started your graduate job considerations, you will know that identifying suitable vacancies, sending off applications and preparing for interviews can be a lengthy process.

Also, you might start lacking motivation if you continue getting rejections to the roles that you are applying for.

That being said, the medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia can help you eliminate these worries.

A lot of times, they are free to use and are well connected to employers across all industries and most importantly, they can offer you constructive careers advice.

What is a medical recruitment agency?

Medical recruitment agencies specifically focus on the medical and healthcare sector with the aim of helping organizations recruit the best candidates for particular roles in a timely and effective fashion.

They do the brunt of work when it comes to sourcing talents and ensuring that candidates are vetted and are suitably experienced for individual roles.

It’s extremely common for companies to work with healthcare employment agencies as they often just do not have the time to undertake the lengthy recruitment process of staff themselves. 

So here are the top reasons that are turning employers towards medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia:

  • Fast Hiring
  • Accurate Placement
  • Reduces hiring of employee cost
  • Fulfillment of Requirements
  • Unemployment Claims

Fast Hiring: Recruitment agencies have their way of using both active and passive methods in hiring. They have the first-hand information when it comes to latest job vacancies and also access to the pool of medical professionals. This makes the hiring process easier.

Accurate Placement: Recruiters of staffing agencies spends time with each candidate to know his/her aim and conduct assessments to check whether he/she is suitable for that particular position or not.

Reduces hiring of employee cost: Recruitment agencies help recuse the cost of hiring an employee because often times they have trained and evaluated candidates in order to get them ready for positions.

Fulfillment of Requirements: Recruitment agencies ensure that they meet all the requirements given by the employer.

Unemployment Claims: In case, if employers want to change the employee or dismiss the contract, then again hiring the new candidate is the responsibility of staffing agencies.

The List of Medical Recruitment Agencies in Saudi Arabia

  • EuroSynapses
  • Global Medical Recruiting
  • Maree Medical
  • Ben Khan & Associates
  • Ash International

Now let us further give details on these medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia.


EuroSynapses is the leading international recruitment agency dedicated in the selection of highly competent medical professionals for employment in private and governmental hospitals of the Middle Eastern region.

After successfully placing hundreds of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals, They have accumulated great experience in managing the entire recruitment process that caters to the demands of both employers and candidates. Visit their Website.

Global Medical Recruiting

Global Medical Recruiting (GM Recruiting / GMR) is one of the hot medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia that specialises in the international recruitment and placement of qualified medical staff from around the world to the Middle East.

They recruit and have long standing recruitment agreements with highly reputed Medical groups / hospitals in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc. Visit their Website.

Mares Medical

MARES Medical is a Saudi company that specializes in healthcare workforce management advisory and recruitment from various specialties.

They provide the best Talents any types of contracting (full time, part-time, and locum).

In MARES Medical, they believe that the main engine of any healthcare system is the human capital that works in this important and vital sector. Visit their Website.

Ben Khan & Associates

Ben Khan & Associates (commonly known as Ben K) specializes in placing qualified professionals around the globe seeking rewarding career opportunities for the top employers in the middle-east region.

Over the years, they have recruited Head of The Departments, Physicians, Research Scientists, Head Nurses, Nurses, Medical Technologists, Medical Lab Supervisors, Lab Techs, Therapists, Administrative Assistants, Engineers, IT Techs, and many more. Visit their Website.

Ash International

Ash International specialise in medical recruitment to the Middle East and have a number of vacancies available for suitably qualified medical doctors in hospitals and health centres in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and other gulf states.

They provide medical jobs through from Specialist or Associate Consultant to Consultant to Head of Department depending upon your skills and experience. Visit their Website.

How to Find a Job as a Doctor in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is investing heavily in its medical sector, recruiting qualified doctors for its healthcare facilities. 

Working in the KSA healthcare sector is rewarding in terms of professional development opportunities, remuneration, and working with innovative technology. See full details on how to find a job as a Doctor in Saudi Arabia. You can check out the Nursing Recruitment Agencies in Dubai, UAE.

What are your thoughts about these medical recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia? Please share your thoughts with us.

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