12 Best Maternity Hospitals in Indore & Their Details

In this post, we will explore the list of Maternity Hospitals in Indore where every mom and child receives personalized care tailored to their needs and preferences.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey of nine months and a lifetime. It is the best phase of a mother’s life; she needs trust and expert support at the  Maternity Hospitals in Indore to have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy child. 

Renowned, reliable, and compassionate health professionals, including obstetricians, Maternity care assistants, midwives, nurses, and surgeons, are available for assistance. 

The Maternity Hospitals in Indore provide new mothers with the comfort, confidence, and support they need throughout their journey.

This hospital is situated in Indore, the largest and most populous city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, ranked as India’s cleanest city. Indore has a population of 1,994,397, according to the 2011 census, and is the most densely populated major city in the central province.

The goal of the Maternity Hospitals in Indore is to provide affordable and quality care in a world-class ambiance with its dedicated team of Gynaecology and Obstetrics specialists committed to delivering the highest standards of maternal care. 

The health team at the Maternity Hospitals in Indore strongly believes that world-class healthcare should never be a privilege in society but should be a right of all classes of people. 

List of Maternity Hospitals in Indore

  • Gurjar Hospital and  Endoscopy Centre
  • Prashanthi Hospital
  • Bombay Hospital
  • Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre
  • Kibs Hospital 
  • Greater Kailash Hospital
  • Bhoraskar Hospital 
  • Karuna Maternity Nursing Home and Diagnostic Centre
  • Saroj Nursing Home and Maternity Home
  • Angel Hospital 
  • Mohawk Hitech Speciality Hospital, 
  • SNS Hospital

Gurjar Hospital and Endoscopy Centre

Gurjar Hospital And Endoscopy Centre is a 50-bed hospital well-known for its patient-centric approach, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and competent medical care. 

The hospital has experienced, qualified, and highly trained doctors who diagnose, treat, and surgically manage patients

The hospital caters to several medical specialties, including Cardiac Services, Cardiology, Critical Care, Dermatology, ENT, General Pediatrician, General Medicine, General Surgery, IVF and  Endoscopy,  pediatric surgery, and Pediatrics. 

The expert doctors at Gurjar Hospital And Endoscopy Centre handle all care in these specialties.

Address:2 – 3, Scheme No. 44, Bhawarkua Square, AB Rd, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 452001.


Prashanthi Hospital

Prashanthi Hospital is a specialty women’s hospital established in 2009  by  Sri Mohan Rao and managed by Dr. (Smt) Prashanthi Mohan. 

Millions of people die due to poverty or lack of knowledge. This inspired Sri Mohan Rao to establish a healthcare delivery at a very affordable cost, where medical excellence is achieved with a commitment to the poor.

The Prasanthi Hospital is a complete women’s newborn childcare hospital comprising 250 beds with pre-NBH accreditation. It continues to build upon its reputation for its humanitarian and selfless services. 

The Hospital has become an icon in Obstetrics and gynecology, Newborn, and  Child Care, with the First and only DM Neonatologist in the entire Telangana district (Except Hyderabad). 

The hospitals have the most sophisticated equipment and facilities, offering state-of-the-art technology to treat various problems of women, Newborns, and  Child Care. 

The main focus areas are comprehensive gynecology, obstetrics, Infertility, female general & Laparoscopic surgery, and Neonatal & Child care.

Address;# 7-3-94, Brahmanawada, Machili Bazar, Hanamkonda, Telangana – 506011.

Emergency # : +91-9100082926

HelpLine # :0870-2422288

Email: info@prashanthihospitals.com admin@prashanthihospitals.com


Bombay Hospital

Bombay Hospital is a hospital of excellence with the most modern medical equipment and a dedicated management team with world-class doctors.

Bombay Hospital is a 725-bed tertiary care hospital with all specialties and super specialties under one roof, performing an entire range of medical procedures.

The critical care and recovery area has 141 beds,

24 operation theatres, over 2500 full-time employees, and 240 eminent consultants.

Address: No.94, IDA Scheme, 95, Eastern Ring Rd, Tulsi Nagar, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010



Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre

Bhandari Hospital and Research Centre is a 150-bed Multispecialty hospital established on 3rd June 1986 and suitably located at Gopalpura By-pass, Tonk Road, Jaipur, and is conveniently accessible by personal as well as public transport.

The hospital is one of the most professionally managed and reputed hospitals. NABH Bhandari Hospital accredits it, and the Centre was ranked among the top three best hospitals by “The Week” magazine in January 2004. They have been conscious of their responsibility to maintain recognition and honor.

Address:138-A, Vasundhra Colony, Gopalpura Bypass, Tonk Road, Jaipur – 302018.

Phone number: 0141-2703851, 0141-2703852, +91-9660006228

Website :contact@bhandarihospital.net

Kibs Hospital 

Kibs Hospital is one of the best maternal hospitals in Indore. They have a team of expert doctors who properly care for patient’s health. 

They maintain all the hygiene and proper sanitation to keep the hospital clean. The staff behavior is very good with proper knowledge. They will assist you at their best. 

Phone number:0731-2556663, 0731-4229128

Address:651, R Sector, Mahalaxmi Nagar, Indore


Greater Kailash Hospital

Greater Kailash Hospital is one of the most advanced hospitals in Palasia, Providing quality healthcare under the valuable guidance of highly experienced medical professionals. 

Greater Kailash Hospital was founded in 1977 by Dr.Jagdishchandra Singh and Dr.Kusum Singh in memory of Dr.Kailash Singh, an exemplary surgeon and gynecologist. The hospital has grown since then and has now become a multispecialty hospital.

The hospital offers state-of-the-art in-patient and out-patient services, providing patients and visitors the utmost comfort and safety.


Bhoraskar Hospital 

Bhoraskar Hospital is a well-equipped hospital for Obstetrical, Gynaecological, and ENT care, situated in the heart of Indore, in Central India.

They provide complete maternity care and specialists in Gynecological and ENT endoscopic surgery. 

They focus on a deeper understanding of patients and ensure the best treatment.  trust and belief is an ultimate goal. The team is dedicated to creating a warm and comfortable environment for patients and their families to feel at home during their care and stay.

Address:29/7 South Tukoganj

Indore-452001, Madhya Pradesh


Phone number:+91 (731) 251 5462

+91 (731) 252 7235

+91 (731) 420 6406

Email: mail (at) bhoraskar (dot) com


Karuna Maternity Nursing Home and Diagnostic Centre

Karuna Maternity Nursing Home and Diagnostic Centre was established in 2009 to provide affordable maternal care in a patient-friendly atmosphere and the spirit of compassion.

 It aimed to provide high-quality medical services at affordable cost with the aid of a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of medical treatment.

Address: No. 34, Jaora Compound, Indore-452001, Madhya Pradesh, India


Saroj Nursing Home and Maternity Home

Saroj Nursing Home and  Maternity Home is one of the best hospitals in Indore. 

They have a team of expert doctors who properly care for the health of mothers and children. 

Saroj Nursing Home and Maternity Home is committed to bringing the latest advances in medical care within every individual’s reach. 

It is a maternal hospital covering every major area of maternal healthcare. 

Saroj Nursing Home and Maternity Home perceive it as part of a duty to provide an improved healthcare delivery system under one roof. 

Phone number:0731 402 8895

098264 99499


No 3, Nanda Nagar Main Road

Near Sai Mandir

Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452001


Angel Hospital 

Angel Hospital is a Gynecology/Obstetrics Hospital in Bengali Square, Indore. Gynecologists like Dr. Rohita Agrawal and Dr. Swapnil Agrawal visit the clinic. 

 The Hospital provides Dysmenorrhea Treatment, Nutritional Counselling, Weight Control, Skin Care, and Hormonal Imbalances. The hospital offers a wide spectrum of healthcare services in both diagnostic and treatment with quality and ethical medical practices. 

They showcase a commitment to making the best medical care affordable to everyone. The hospital engages only the best brains from the industry in all the departments to deliver the best services to patients.

Address:#363, Goyal Nagar, Ring Road

Landmark: Near Lokhandwala Complex.

Bengali Square, Indore



Mohawk Hitech Speciality Hospital

Mohawk Hitech Speciality Hospital, is a 100-bed with fully equipped intensive care units and modern operation theatres is situated in Indore

This hospital offers treatment services in various departments including maternity. 

The team of well-experienced doctors, experienced nursing staff, and state-of-the-art competence provides a high standard of treatment and patient care. 

Mohawk Hi-Tech Speciality Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Indore.

Mohawk Hitech Speciality Hospital, Indore, deals with flexible insurance options to get your emergency and health treatment done.


Address: Mohawk Hi-Tech Speciality Hospital, Indore Ujjain Road Gram Bhorasla, Indore, Madhya Pradesh – 452010.

SNS Hospital

SNS Hospital is a 35-bed hospital well-known for its patient-centric approach, advanced healthcare infrastructure, and competent medical care.

 The hospital has experienced, qualified, and highly trained doctors who diagnose, treat, and surgically manage the patients.

 The hospital caters to several medical specialties, including Pediatrics and maternal care. The expert doctors at SNS Hospital handle all ailments in these specialties. 

They provide the following services to their patients for a comprehensive and efficient healthcare experience

It is one of the best healthcare centers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and offers a wide range of healthcare services with a capacity of over 70 staff.

 The hospital has advanced diagnostic technologies with dedicated child delivery and labor rooms. It also has a dedicated operation theatre and ICU facilities for emergency and intensive surgeries and cases. 

The team of health professionals is always dynamic, passionate, and focused on a high success rate to gain society’s trust, loyalty, and confidence.

The team believes in providing patients and their families with the best and most homely experience. 

 Address:32, Khajrana Main Road, Shree Nagar Ext, Shanti Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Contact Number:0731-4266288



Types of Services in the  Maternity Hospitals in Indore

  • Prenatal Care: Experienced obstetricians provide personalized care and guidance throughout pregnancy, offering regular check-ups, screenings, and support to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Management: The specialists work closely with patients to monitor and manage any conditions for pregnancies with complexities or high-risk factors, ensuring the best possible outcomes for mother and baby.
  • Labor and Delivery: The hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities to handle all aspects of labor and delivery, providing a safe and supportive environment for childbirth.

    The team is trained to handle various birthing options, including natural birth, water birth, and cesarean sections.
  • Postpartum Care: This care extends beyond childbirth. postpartum support and guidance are provided to help new mothers navigate the early stages of parenthood, offering breastfeeding assistance, emotional support, and guidance on newborn care.
  • Education and Support: This empowers expectant parents with knowledge. educational sessions, childbirth classes, and parenting workshops are conducted to prepare families for the journey ahead.

FAQs Maternity Hospitals in Indore

1. Benefits of Maternity Hospitals in Indore

  • They offer various services, such as family planning, antenatal care, skilled delivery, emergency obstetric and neonatal care, and postnatal care.
  • They have trained and qualified staff, such as obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives, and neonatologists, who can provide quality and safe care for women and newborns.
  •  promote health education and awareness

2. What are the services offered by the maternal hospital in Indore?

The maternal hospital in Indore offers comprehensive and high-quality medical care to women, expectant mothers, newborns, and children.

The services include pregnancy care, gynecology and laparoscopic surgery, fertility, pediatrics, neonatology, fetal medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, cosmetology, nutrition, radiology, and physiotherapy. 

3. How can I book an appointment with the maternal hospital in Indore?

You can book an appointment with the maternal hospital in Indore online or by visiting the center. You can also call the hospital’s contact number to schedule your appointment. 

4. What delivery packages does the maternal hospital in Indore offer?

The maternal hospital in Indore offers various delivery packages to suit your needs and preferences. The packages include normal, cesarean, painless, and high-risk deliveries. 

The packages also include pre-delivery and post-delivery care, room charges, nursing charges, doctor’s fees, and medication charges.

You can contact the hospital’s billing department for more details and information about the delivery packages.


The maternal hospital in Indore is one of the city’s best hospitals for women and child care, as it offers a wide range of services, such as pregnancy care, gynecology, surgery, fertility, pediatrics, neonatology, and others.

The hospital has highly qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and staff who provide personalized and quality patient care.

The maternal hospital in Indore is the ideal choice for women and child care in the city and aims to deliver the best patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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