10 Best Islamic Schools In Dubai – All You Need To Know

Muslim youngsters can learn and practice Islam in an environment that is provided by Islamic schools. Their culture and values are uniform, which fosters social and emotional stability and speeds up their learning in general school subjects (math, science, language arts, etc.).

Students grow to feel deeply a part of the Muslim Ummah. They support the growth and improvement of the entire Muslim Ummah and preserve the rich Islamic history.

List of Islamic Schools in Dubai

In comparison to other private schools, tuition at Islamic schools is generally quite affordable. Similar to how they budget for their rent, car payments, electricity bills, and other expenses, parents can budget for these expenses.

The benefits of enrolling kids in Islamic schools surpass any costs that parents may have to pay. Below are some of the top Islamic schools in Dubai.

Al Khaleej International School

At AKIS, they are convinced that creating a solid collaboration between the school, parents, and the community is essential to advancing the institution toward realizing its vision and objectives.

In terms of the caliber of instruction and learning as well as the character of its students, AKIS is dedicated to becoming one of Dubai’s best schools.

They are steadfast in their resolve to help their pupils grow into imaginative, self-assured, lifelong learners, and resourceful contributors to society.

The learning and teaching processes at AKIS are enriched by having experienced, highly talented, and creative teachers on staff. To maximize their academic potential and hit their goals for social, emotional, and physical growth, their teachers provide the kids the freedom to take charge of their own learning.

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Al Sadiq Islamic English School

Al Qusais, Dubai is home to Al Sadiq Islamic English School. The school offers an education based on the National Curriculum for England and Islamic beliefs. The National Curriculum for England is followed by Al Sadiq Islamic English School, which offers the Cambridge International IGCSE Program in Years 10 and 11.

The school maintains a commitment to community well-being and excellence while offering a safe, secure, and supportive learning environment.

Al Sadiq’s mission is to offer children a recognized and high-quality education through a comprehensive and well-balanced curriculum that incorporates culture and tradition while fostering an all-encompassing growth attitude.

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Next Generation School

In order to create successful and valuable members of a global society, Next Generation School offers a holistic educational experience that cultivates, nourishes and blends academic brilliance with Islamic values. It also offers a thorough Arabic language program.

The educational framework of Next Generation Schools is based on strategies for advancing transformational learning paradigms. Due to their belief that they cannot educate children in the same way they were educated and because they expect them to be prepared for the world they will be entering,

The Apple International School Primary Campus

The teaching and learning processes at this school are guided by an effective identification of each student’s learning capacity. The school uses universal design tactics for children, such as whole-class differentiation, and avoids ability-based labeling.

Additionally, this raises the school’s standing among Dubai’s O Level Schools. The school does everything it can to remove obstacles that limit the learning opportunities for hardworking pupils and successfully incorporates them into the general classroom setting.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai Campus

GIIS is regarded as one of the top international schools in Dubai because they have developed a culture of excellence and innovation in their instruction throughout the years.

GIIS is a highly sought-after Indian international school because of its first-rate amenities and high-caliber instruction.

GIIS is a fantastic choice for parents and kids looking for Indian schools in Dubai.

At GIIS, emphasis is placed heavily on both academic performance and a student’s general well-being. Their school claims to make students become happy learners for the rest of their lives since they firmly believe that happiness is the key to a successful learning experience.

As one of the top international schools in Dubai, GIIS teaches cultural sensitivity and value-based education, two things that have helped many students develop into truly global citizens and highly-regarded professionals.

GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa

Gems FirstPoint School is a family as well as a top-notch institution with first-rate amenities. In order to prepare young people for happiness and success in their adult lives, FirstPoint School views the opportunity to teach other people’s children as a rare luxury that comes with a great duty to give the greatest all-around education possible.

They take this obligation very seriously. They value each person and take great delight in creating a welcoming environment where each of their students feels appreciated.

They are not an exam factory; rather, they are a place where kids may realize their full potential while still being respected and acknowledged for who they are as people.

Adab Iranian Private School

Adab is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School that was granted the Diploma Program’s authorization by the IB Organization in 2017. (DP). The IB is a pioneer in international education and produces young people who are curious, knowledgeable, self-assured, and compassionate.

The IB programs enable students in school to take charge of their own learning and support the development of skills that will enable them to flourish in a world that is changing quickly.

The Diploma Programme (DP) is a program that gets students ready for the future by fostering their curiosity, developing their drive to learn, and putting them in a position to succeed in their vocations and lead fulfilling lives.

The DP is thought to offer a variety of advantages, according to research. The curriculum strives to create students with exceptional breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as students who are healthy in body, mind, emotion, and ethics.

Leading colleges around the world accept and respect the DP, and statistics show that DP students are more likely than non-IB pupils to pursue higher education.

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Other schools on this list can be found in the table below:

Islamic Studies & Holy Quran Schoolwebsite
Salman Farsi Iranian Boys SchoolWebsite

3 Tips On Raising Islamic Children In A Non-Islamic Country

For Muslim households, the media, entertainment, peer pressure, and other Western social norms—like alcohol and music—often present difficulties.

And while it might seem safer or simpler to raise children in Muslim-majority nations, the difficulties of doing so are also becoming more evident as satellite television and the internet become cultural norms.

Wherever we are, there are always a few fundamental reminders that can assist parents in maintaining the purity of the family, allowing kids to thrive in the face of adversity.

Build a Joyful Home

Happy kids are simpler to comprehend, easier to talk to, and more forthcoming in expressing their needs and wants. Children who are content are also more willing to share, feel safe and secure, and are more likely to return to the people they love the most—their parents.

It’s crucial to raise happy kids, thus parents must cultivate a cheerful environment in their home. The first step is to unconditionally love children. Children who feel loved will reciprocate the kindness shown to them and will ultimately be content.

Hugs in plenty, undivided attention in quiet moments, engaging in activities of shared interest, praising positive traits, and offering direction and punishment when required are all ways to demonstrate love.

Of course, Allah Almighty must be considered at all times. In order to raise a Muslim who is helpful to mankind wherever they dwell, Muslim parents must always remember that whatever they do is for Allah’s sake.

Reading and Relaying the Quran’s Narratives

Without knowledge of the Quran, a home is a place of despair and ignorance. No matter how briefly, reading and studying the Quran will aid in guiding and fostering youngsters.

There are blessings in people who even struggle to read the Holy Scriptures on their own, thus parents who are not fluent in reading the Quran should still teach their children what little they do know.

Parents shouldn’t stop there, though. Families must continually wish to learn about and comprehend the Quran’s message. There are several ways to achieve this, including online classes and hiring people with more expertise.

Pay Attention to Your Kids

The secret to communication with kids is to speak to them and listen to them. To feel safe, children need to be heard and understood. Children feel secure opening up when they have issues, asking questions when they are unsure, and coming “home” when they are going through challenges when they know their parents will listen to them without passing judgment.

Because they cease speaking with them, many families lose touch with their kids. Many parents talk to their kids but fail to listen to them, leaving the kids to fend for themselves and make their own judgments when they need help.

The same kids frequently seek assistance outside of their homes when they need it, which could lead them down the wrong path. Children become increasingly estranged from their parents as a result, leading to holes in the family structure that only widen.

Is Islamic Studies Compulsory in Dubai?

Based on the national curriculum of the United Arab Emirates, the Arabic curriculum is concept- and inquiry-based. Arab nationals are expected to learn Arabic, and pupils up to grade 9 must take Arabic as a foreign language. Islamic Studies is a subject that all Muslim students must take.

What is the Most Popular School in the UAE?

King’s School.

Swiss International Scientific School.

Jumeirah English Speaking School.

Nord Anglia International School.

GEMS Dubai American Academy.

Dubai International Academy.

Gems Wellington International School.

Repton School.

Is Arabic Mandatory in Dubai Schools?

From Year 2/Grade 1 through the end of Year 11/Grade 10, it is required for non-native speakers, after which it is optional. For the Arabic language to satisfy the criteria of the UAE’s general secondary education diploma, it must be studied in Years 12/Grade 11 and Years 13/Grade 12.

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