12 Best Islamic Schools In Sydney & Their Details

Islamic schools in Sydney are frequently chosen by Muslim parents for their children because of their diversity and commitment to the students who attend them.

Islamic schools in Sydney vary greatly from one another in terms of their cultural practices and, more significantly, their degree of religion.

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The fact that these Sydney Islamic schools are private and must uphold specific criteria does not change the fact that they are Islamic schools.

Islamic Schools in Sydney

These schools place a strong emphasis on giving each kid a secure setting that is favorable to learning, together with the finest possible religious instruction.

Let’s look at the top Islamic schools in Sydney while keeping the hiring of qualified teachers in mind as a crucial consideration.

Sydney Islamic College

Sydney Islamic College is a private, nonprofit university with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

It was founded in 2005 under the guidance of knowledgeable Muslim scholars by dedicated and enthusiastic Muslim brothers and sisters.

The Institution was founded to meet the demand for a Sunni-based, authentic Islamic educational system for Muslims residing in the west.

They want to spread real Islamic sciences and literature and embrace moderation (the middle path) in Islam. To do this, they want to educate Muslims on the principles of Islam from a certified and competent instructor in accordance with the established Shari’ah.

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Malek Fahd Islamic School

Malek Fahd Islamic School is a cutting-edge, successful institution that has been serving the neighborhood for more than 30 years.

The school’s basic values include giving pupils the chance to thrive academically and make meaningful contributions to the community.

The school’s slogan, “Knowledge is light and work is worship,” calls for the intellectual, physical, emotional, social, moral, aesthetic, and vocational growth of every student in order to produce successful, contented Australian citizens who can thrive in their everyday lives.

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Muslim Girls Grammar School

Muslim Girls Grammar School (MGGS) is a prestigious autonomous girls’ school built on Islamic teachings.

The school has a strong emphasis on providing girls with chances for academic, athletic, and cultural growth as well as high-caliber extracurricular activities.

As they go from learners to leaders, girls at MGGS are given the tools they need to become self-sufficient, self-reflective learners who take pride in both themselves and their community.

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Australian Islamic College of Sydney

Students from a variety of cultural backgrounds can get pastoral care, and academic and Islamic education at the Australian Islamic College of Sydney, an autonomous educational institution.

The College’s whole operation is governed by the principles, ethos, and beliefs of Islam.

The College is dedicated to creating and executing educational programs of the highest caliber.

A dedication to equipping students with the abilities, information, and skills they need to meet the challenges of the 21st century is at the core of all teaching programs.

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Irfan College

Irfan College is a coed, autonomous Islamic institution that is situated in the Cecil Park neighborhood of southwest Sydney.

Founded in 2013 with 28 students in Kindergarten through Year 6, this college now serves approximately 270 students in Kindergarten through Year 12.

A student-centered concept serves as the foundation of Irfan College.

The sole criteria used by the majority of private schools to choose new pupils tend to be their academic and intellectual aptitudes.

This School believes that each pupil was fashioned by Allah (SWT) into a special individual with a range of skills and aptitudes.

It is the responsibility of educators to recognize students’ talents, whether they be academic, social, physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual, and to create learning plans that take these into account so that each student can succeed.

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Unity Grammar

The best future leaders and citizens are produced through Unity Grammar. Their devotion to high-quality education and pursuit of greatness are motivated by their commitment to Islam.

The learning atmosphere provided by this institution allows pupils to acquire vital life skills and cultivate critical attitudes that mold each person’s unique personality and character.

Each teacher at Unity Grammar is a respected individual. The safety, harmony, professionalism, and support of all students and staff members have been carefully considered and well planned for.

They support students in cultivating a passion for learning and an awareness of how their social, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing affects both their own and other people’s lives.

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Salamah College

Young Australian Muslims can receive a compassionate and individualized education from Salamah College, an Islamic, autonomous, and comprehensive coeducational K–12 colleges.

Salamah College is regarded for being a top choice for students looking to strengthen family values, improve life skills, etiquette, and self-discipline, as well as receive a broad, well-rounded education that includes Islamic studies and values.

Salamah College encourages pupils to cultivate inner fortitude and a way of thinking that will enable them to become self-reliant, helpful, and compassionate Australian citizens.

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Al Noori Muslim School

In Al Noori Muslim School, excellence is valued. They aim towards excellence in all spheres, including academics, extracurricular activities, pastoral care, social justice, and emotional and spiritual growth.

It is located in the center of Greenacre and enrolls over 1800 pupils from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The school provides a top-notch education in a friendly setting where each student’s intellectual and personal potential can be realized to its fullest.

The value of the individual, one’s own integrity, and social responsibility are stressed at the school.

In addition to the NSW Education Standards Authority curriculum, their pupils develop self-awareness, confidence in their abilities, and the ability to function as autonomous, assured, and eloquent community members.

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Minarah College

Kindergarten through Year 12 students can attend the independent, coed, Islamic Minarah College. The Muslim League of NSW Inc. created Minarah College in January 2002.

In order to provide the children—our future leaders—with the highest caliber education in an Islamic setting, Minarah College was founded.

According to the school’s motto, “Oh Lord Increase my Knowledge,” students will look for more knowledge by having faith and praying.

Through the provision of a broad range of learning opportunities in a supportive, loving, and intellectually engaging atmosphere, Minarah College was established to enable boys and girls to acquire knowledge and education of Islamic Ethical Values and to excel in this life and the next.

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How Many Islamic Schools Are There in NSW?

As many as 20,000 kids attend the 22 Islamic schools in New South Wales, where enrollment in independent schools is still rising.

What Do Islamic Schools Teach?

The Arabic language, which is necessary to read the Qur’an, Islamic scripture, and a wide range of Islamic subjects are all taught in these schools.

According to some accounts, Muslim children are adopting American culture instead of their parent’s heritage.

What is Islamic School?

An example of an Islamic school or school is Madhhab, a fiqhi school of thought (Islamic jurisprudence) Any educational institution, including those that place a strong focus on religious instruction, is referred to as a madrasa (plural madaris) in the West.

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