22 Best Islamic Schools In Texas-Complete Guide

In summary, religious instruction, an Islamic environment, and safeguarding one’s children’s Islamic identity are the main reasons why parents pick Islamic schools for their kids.

If you are among this category of persons who want to preserve their children’s Islamic identity, these are the best Islamic schools in Texas for you to consider for your children.

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The List of Islamic Schools In Texas

The presence of an Islamic atmosphere is the best justification for enrolling kids in Muslim schools.

In the majority of these schools, Muslim students pray and socialize with other Muslim students in the classroom and during breaks. Additionally, they are typically exposed to less sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence.

Muslim schools are also a place to develop security and identity.

Below are the top 26 Islamic schools that you can find in Texas.

Austin Peace Academy

Austin Peace Academy is a full-time, nationally accredited Islamic school offering each student a top-notch education in an Islamic setting. It is located in Austin, Texas.

APA wants to equip its students for a life of academic achievement, personal fulfillment, and community service and leadership.

In accordance with Islamic ideals and principles, the school has high expectations for students’ academic performance and honorable conduct.

APA is dedicated to preserving a setting that enables students to experience both intellectual and spiritual progress.

Students from all religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome at Austin Peace Academy, and they are not obliged to follow or convert to any particular religious or other faith-based ideology.

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Houston Quran Academy

HQA is a K–12 recognized institution that integrates academics with a special method for memorizing and comprehending the Quran. The outcomes so far are excellent.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), the regional affiliate of Advanc-Ed, has accredited the institution. The most prestigious accreditation agency in the world and in the United States is Advanc-Ed.

The University of Houston, Rice University, and other universities and colleges have all received accreditation from the same organization.

The US Department of Education highly respects all of the Advanc-Ed-accredited institutions. Any school in the United States will accept and acknowledge all courses and credits.

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Brighter Horizons Academy

The largest accredited full-time pre-k through 12th-grade Islamic school in the South is Brighter Horizons Academy. The goal of the Academy is to produce leaders who are actively engaged in Islam and responsible citizens who are well-equipped for the challenges of the twenty-first century in both the classroom and in the workplace.

In the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas, the BHA’s Main building is situated on 9.6 acres.

In September 1999, the Main building, the first of three phases, began construction.

The fifth through twelfth grades is housed in the Main building. The complex has a diameter of 28,000 square feet and includes:

  • 36 classrooms
  • The computer lab.
  • 2 labs for science.
  • Classroom for teachers and library in the computer center.
  • Multi-Purpose Hall.
  • Gymnasium (Indoor Basketball and Volleyball Courts).
  • Area for prayer.
  • Wudu Regions
  • Student lounge for high school.

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Darul Arqam Academy North

The objective of Darul Arqam North is to promote an Islamic environment that is favorable to learning and excellent academic performance.

They want youngsters to become more Islamic so that Islam will become more ingrained in them.

Darul Arqam North offers a range of services and activities to guarantee that every kid has an excellent education in both academics and Islamic studies. Their highlights include, among others:

  • Experienced staff and faculty, many of whom have master’s degrees.
  • Pre-AP, AP, Honors, and Dual Credit courses are all available.
  • Learning modules that are focused on centers and themes.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Speaker series on Islam in middle and high schools.
  • Athletic programs for both boys and girls.
  • Opportunities for leadership and service-based learning.
  • Programs for getting students ready for college.
  • Enriched after-school activities
  • Outstanding results on the national and state exams.

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IANT Qur’Anic Academy

The mission of IQA is to create the next generation of American Muslim scholars who, through an integrated education in religion and modern science, will be able to tackle the problems of today’s diverse society with leadership, service, and guidance.

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Qalam Collegiate Academy

In 2013, Qalam Collegiate Academy was founded in response to the need for a faith-based institution that would be committed to assisting, educating, and empowering young women with the values and skills they required to establish a significant role in the neighborhood and the wider world.

Starting out small with only nine pupils, the student body has expanded and is still expanding after four years. In addition to growing its membership, they were able to move into a bigger facility this year.

They want to establish a setting that recognizes the realities faced by girls and encourages learning in a way that reflects these characteristics.

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Islamic Schools of Irving

The Islamic School of Irving was established in 1996 and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex’s diversified, multi-cultural community.

The Islamic School of Irving offers a one-of-a-kind, customized, accelerated educational program influenced by Islamic principles and geared toward preparing students for higher education, leadership, community building, and service.

ISI was established on and still upholds:

  • Faith and spiritual development.

  • Academic brilliance in a cutting-edge, imaginative setting.

  • Formation in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

  • Dedication to volunteering and fostering community.

  • Respect for the individual’s worth and uniqueness

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Al-Hadi School of Accelerative Learning

The Al-Hadi School is located in Southwest Houston and serves a diverse student body that comes from all over the city.

The school typically has 275 pupils enrolled. Nearly all faculty, staff, and students are multilingual, in addition to English. Currently, 55% of Al-customers Hadi’s are South Asians, 41% are Arab, 2% are European, 1% are African Americans, 0.5% are Asian, and 0.5% are Hispanic.

A third of the students are from lower-middle class families. 59% come from homes that are middle-class or upper-class, and 11% come from wealthy homes.

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Renaissance Academy

The Renaissance Academy community collaborates to make certain that each student leaves with:

  • A powerful self-image that exudes pride in Islam and a clear sense of purpose.
  • Character, principles, and ethics that are consistent with Islamic teachings.
  • The capacity and desire to carry out their pilgrimage, fasting, and prayer obligations as required by their religion.
  • High academic standards that are above the requirements set by the state in the subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies.
  • Language proficiency in Arabic.
  • Strong research and study techniques as well as tenacity allow them to obtain data, analyze it, and present their findings in an effective manner.

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Iman Academy

In order to assist Muslim families in Houston with their educational needs, the Foundation to Advance Islamic Teaching in Houston (FAITH) was established in 1996.

The major goal is to establish top-notch educational institutions that generate students who are academically gifted and morally upright.

FAITH has expanded significantly since its founding and has opened two full-time schools, one in the Southeast and the other in the Southwest.

These educational institutions, which go by the name IMAN ACADEMY, serve students in grades 1 through 12. (with 11th grade having the option of being in-house or dual credit and 12th grade as dual credit only).

In the future, dual credit enrollment for individuals who qualify will be available for all grade levels.

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Check the table below for the remaining 16 schools on this list.

Everest AcademyWebsite
Good Tree AcademyWebsite
ILM AcademyWebsite
Radiant Stem AcademyWebsite
Houston Peace AcademyWebsite
Palm Tree AcademyWebsite
Islamic Academy of San AntonioWebsite
Al-Hedayah AcademyWebsite
Ameen People Montessori schoolWebsite
Al-Nur SchoolWebsite
Islamic Faith AcademyWebsite
Hijaz AcademyWebsite
Islamic Schools In Texas

Importance Of Islamic Education

Islamic studies are a crucial component of upbringing in a western milieu. Children typically assimilate into their environment quickly, and if this process is left unchecked, they may lose their identity, culture, and religion within a generation.

  • Islam’s fundamentals are taught to children through Islamic education.

For Muslims, Islam is a way of life, not just a religion. A Muslim must learn and practice Islam from an early age in order to grow up leading an Islamic life.

A young child Is the most impressionable and absorbs information exactly as it is given. Al-Ghazali is quoted as saying, “A child is a trust (put by Allah) in the hands of his parents, and his pure heart is a priceless element capable of collecting impressions.”

A youngster begins learning about life and the world around him the moment he is born. Like a sponge, information gets absorbed.

With the help of the Islamic Syllabus, kids will be able to formally learn about the fundamental tenets of Islam, including Fiqh, the Qur’an, Hadith, Tauhid, Arabic, the history of Islam, and the life of our Prophet (S) and the holy Aimmah. The official Islamic education will maintain a child’s inculcation of Islamic principles and values.

  • Islamic education gives the child the correct information about Islam.

Giving children access to Islamic education enables the proper knowledge of Islam to be conveyed to them. It’s possible that parents or grandparents don’t have complete knowledge of Islam because they didn’t take formal classes covering all of its facets.

Formal Islamic education helps a youngster to learn about Islam from properly qualified teachers and from trustworthy resources supplied for them, rather than living his life believing or performing something improper.

  • Islamic education keeps the child connected to Islam.

Children and teenagers attending secular elementary schools or secular secondary schools hardly ever interact with Muslims during their time at school or afterward.

Sending our kids to weekend Madrasahs for a few hours a week of Islamic education helps them retain Islam in their thoughts and hearts. They will be able to recall the lessons learned from their Madrasah over the weekend throughout the course of their academic year.

Additionally, there are other alternatives for such weekend Madrasahs in the neighborhood.

What are the 4 Islamic schools?

Different Muslim states either completely or partially adhere to these schools, which are known by the names Hanbali, Hanafi, Maliki, and Shafei, respectively.

What are the 4 Sunni schools?

The Hanafi, Shafi’I, Maliki, and Hanbali rituals are the four main schools of Islam among Sunnis.

The Jariri, Laythi, Awza’I, and Thawri schools are no longer in existence, while the Zahiri school is still operating but is not part of the mainstream.

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