20 Top Recruitment Agencies in Bolton & Their Websites

Have you considered the recruitment agencies in Bolton? As a company or business, failing to attract the best human talent to your organization has dire consequences. This is where the recruitment agencies in Bolton come in.

In addition, when selecting personnel and talents, you lose a lot of time and money. You must ask yourself if this process is a good business strategy.

If it’s profitable, efficient, and effective. Today, you will know why a recruitment agency is what you need and how it can help your organization achieve excellence by hiring a high-performance team.

Why is a correct recruitment process essential?

An effective recruitment and selection process is required because it will contribute to reducing the staff turnover rate of your organization.

Likewise, it will facilitate the election of a candidate who meets the profile of the position offered and who also shares the same vision and values ​​of the company.

An excellent way to find this staff could be by outsourcing. Before continuing, we like you to know what the experts think of this technique.

When carried out in the area of ​​human resources, and efficient process to select human talent. The company obtains important guarantees such as:

A fair and transparent process:

The appropriate candidate is chosen, according to the merit and importance of the job. In accordance with the company’s policies, based on objective metrics and not on subjective attitudes. This certifies that the process is standardized and consistent for all candidates.

Reduction of costs and time: 

By carrying out an adequate recruitment and selection process. The company avoids hiring people with inefficient job performance.

Also, it minimizes staff turnover, which is expensive, since replacing an employee has direct costs such as time invested in selection and training and in addition, the period of inactivity in the position while the replacement is sought.

Likewise, the low productivity of the new staff until they reach their optimal level of work.

Recruitment of high-performance human talent: 

An efficient selection procedure allows us to have the best talent. They will have the skills, knowledge, and emotional intelligence that the vacant position requires.

Also, it is possible to attract candidates who will fit the corporate vision and goals of the organization.

Good projection of the Employer Branding: 

Your employer brand will make you stand out positively from the competition, before your clients and employees.

Expanding the possibilities of attracting the best professionals to the ranks of the company.

In what cases is it useful to have a recruitment agency?

1. When you need to save time and resources for your team and urgently generate a contract. 

The selection and recruitment of personnel involve a process that is long, complex, and costly in all its phases regardless of whether it is a large company or SMEs.

For this reason, many organizations have implemented a strategy, entrusting these activities to a recruitment and selection agency. 

2. When the profile you want does not arrive with your current process.

There is currently a huge shortage of human talent. In 2018, figures of up to 67% were handled.

This enormous labor problem can be solved by contracting the services of a recruitment and selection agency.

Well, these organizations have the infrastructure and experience. To find candidates with the skills that are required, in the current job profiles of the digital age.

When a vacancy opens, more than 70% of the people who apply for the position are not qualified. Therefore, filtering a large number of applicants requires time and effort.

In addition, for every 3 people who are looking for a job, one of them will change jobs in less than a year.

Therefore, by delegating the selection to a recruitment and selection agency, these statistics are avoided, which in the end are costly for the company.

3. When you don’t have the infrastructure or department.

It should be noted that when an organization does not have sufficient financial resources or the infrastructure of a human resources department for a selection process, outsourcing to a recruitment and selection agency is an excellent alternative.

Since the employment costs are reduced by spending less time in the search for talents. And, it is possible to focus on other activities with higher priority for the company. 

Advantages and disadvantages of recruitment agencies 

The job market is facing a huge talent shortage. Because of this, organizations have implemented work procedures where a team is established between the human resources area and a recruitment and selection agency to recruit and select the best personnel for the company.

However, before implementing this strategy, it is convenient that you know the advantages and disadvantages that this implies:

Advantages of recruitment agencies 

  • Extensive candidate database:

Recruitment and selection outsourcing companies have the best candidate databases.

That they are even shortlisted for certain positions is because they have already been evaluated and interviewed. 

  • Selection and recruitment in a short time: 

If you hire a recruitment and selection agency. You won’t have to wait months for high-performance human talent.

Well, they apply the best tactics and have the resources to fill vacant positions quickly and efficiently. 

  • They have experience in various business activities: 

Recruitment agencies in Bolton have expert staff for companies of different activities. Partnering with a human resources outsourcing company that understands your organization will provide you with the necessary knowledge to define the job profiles that adapt to your business.

Also, in turn, it will cause you to have the candidates that have the skills that are required. 

  • They know the labor market and the laws: 

Outsourced human resources companies are specialists in the labor market. They know what talent is available, where to find it, the most competitive salaries, and job development expectations.

In addition, the skills needed to increase productivity, and current labor legislation, among others. 

Disadvantages of Recruitment Agencies 

Sometimes, some recruitment and selection agencies hired do not comply with current regulations and legislation, established in the law regarding these outsourcing services.

The List of Recruitment Agencies in Bolton

Companies are always actively recruiting staff. Hence, the importance of this process and of having the services of a recruitment and selection agency that contributes to making the selection of the best human talent available in the market in a reasonable time and at a reasonable cost.

Regardless of whether your company is an SME or a large corporation, a recruitment agency could help you. We have outlined for you a few of the top recruitment agencies in Bolton. There are so many other recruitment agencies in Bolton that are not on the list and the ones listed below were not ranked.

Staff UK Bolton 

Staff UK Bolton is one of the most popular recruitment agencies in Bolton to find a job and also in the entire United Kingdom.

They are mostly requested by users who deserve excellent service. Enter their website and find out about current job offers, and receive advice to increase your professional presence.

Here’s the website

The People Pod

The People Pod is also one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bolton, Manchester, and London.

They help you overcome the hurdle of job hunting and trying to impress employers.

They put in the best words for you and present your best asset to a potential employer even as you’re qualified.

Visit their website here

Multi-Trade Recruitment

This recruitment agency is Bolton is not called Multi-Trade for anything. They have successfully placed thousands of employees in disciplines like Upholstery, Civils, Industrial, Driving, Construction, and Engineering.

These statistics provide strong evidence of their expertise and strong relationship between employers and potential employees.

Visit their website here

The Best Connection

This recruitment agency has its specialty in providing workforce in the Industrial, driving, warehouse, distribution and logistics, construction, retail, food, and healthcare sectors.

It is one of the recruitment agencies in Bolton that has its place cemented as one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bolton and the UK.

All the information you need will be received best when you visit their website

Perfect Fit People Ltd

Perfect Fit People have their expertise in the engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain industry.

Their name comes to form a deep-rooted belief that the perfect people need to get the perfect jobs.

As a perfect person in your discipline, you can be sure that working with this recruitment agency will get you the perfect result.

Also based in Bolton, you can visit them physically or visit their website to get all the information you need.

Visit their website here

Landers Recruitment Ltd

Operating since 1988, we have no doubt that Landers is a capable recruitment agency.

They specialize in Sales, Marketing, Office, Procurement, Supply chain, and operations management.

They are a family-run business dealing with companies that have an average turnover of £10 million to £14 billion.

If you reside in Bolton, they can provide great help whether you’re an employer or you are seeking a job.

Visit their website here

Fawkes and Reece

Fawkes and Reece recently acquired Bromak Recruitment and has evolved to a recruitment agency we trust to be one of the best in Bolton and the UK.

They offer their services in the areas of construction, infrastructure, house building, and rail. With offices in several cities in the UK, you can tell they are very dedicated to what they have to offer.

Visit their website here

Four Recruitment

Four recruitment recruits in the Finance, HR, Executive, Supply chain, Accountancy, and Business Support.

The work with small and large organizations and their services are bespoke.

It is one of the leading recruitment agencies in Bolton.

Visit their website here

Standguide Ltd

Standguide group has been in business for over 30 years, helping thousands of people every year to get connected to their dream jobs or grow their own businesses. They also help people gain qualifications.

You can visit their website here

RG Consultancy

RG specializes in Finance hiring. They hire for the roles of Accountant, Accounts assistant, assistant accountant, credit controller, financial controller, financial director, management accountant, payroll and purchase and sales ledger.

Since 2009, they’ve distinguished themselves as a major player in the field of finance recruitment.

Visit their website here

Zia People Solutions Ltd

Zia was founded by a woman and has grown to be an agency with over 30 years of experience in the recruitment business.

The agency specializes in direct hire, contract recruitment, and payroll services.

Visit their website here

S & D Trade Recruitment Ltd

S & D is a specialist recruitment agency, one of the best recruitment agencies in Boston.

It offers services in all aspects of labor, building, mechanical and electrical, shop fitting and interiors, civil engineering, structural engineering, construction management, and facilities management.

Visit their website here

Workforce People Solutions Ltd

The workforce has been in the business for over 16 years now and has connected thousands of workers to their employers.

They offer excellent solutions and have a good number of testimonials from people working and who have worked with them.

Visit their website here

Labour 24/7

Labour 24/7 is one of the recruitment agencies in Bolton that has over 50 years of experience in the business.

They work both long term and short term with clients and they offer services in the sectors of administration, customer service, driving, engineering, logistics, sales, management, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Visit their website here

Favourite People Recruitment

Favorite people recruit majorly in office work but can recruit in other sectors as well.

They are capable and an agency you can trust with your job search or new hire.

Visit their website here

Support2Recruit Ltd

Support2Recruit is an independent agency with a strong argument of 20 years in recruiting.

They recruit and have recruited in sectors like manufacturing, engineering, logistics/distribution, healthcare, aerospace, nuclear/defense, IT, telecoms, textiles, and automotive. 

You can visit their website here

Forward Role Recruitment

Forward Role specializes in marketing, digital, and technology. An award-winning specialist especially in the area of tech.

You can visit their website here

Nurse Plus

Nurse Plus is a leader in recruiting nurses and care staff not just in Bolton but in the UK as a whole.

With over fifteen years in the business, the thousands of workers they’ve helped recruit speak for them.

Visit their website here

Forrest Recruitment

Forrest is an independent recruitment agency, specializing majorly in office work. They have several branches across the UK and are dedicated to the sole purpose of connecting the best workers with the best employers.

Visit their website here

Adecco Staffing

Lastly, Adecco is unique in that it operates multi-nationally. With a presence on all the continents, of course except Antarctica.

They are very experienced in what they do and have recruited thousands of workers over the years.

A top recruitment agency in the world today, and a top recruitment agency in Bolton.

Visit their website here

There are several other recruitment agencies in Bolton capable and worthy of mention, but this is how far we can go. Let us know what you think about these recruitment agencies in Bolton.

Good luck!

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