19 Top Free Online Bible Colleges Everyone Must Know

Some of the free online bible colleges’ alums claim that when you have a healthy spiritual life, everything else in life just works itself out for you.

There is no way to overstate the importance of success. The setting for training for a fruitful spiritual life is Bible college.

A bible school places a strong emphasis on academic excellence as well. Additionally, success in other areas of life is stressed.

You have more opportunities to succeed in life after attending Bible college. Below are the best bible colleges online. Most of them are free online bible colleges you shouldn’t miss.

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The List of Free Online Bible Colleges

As we mentioned earlier, you have more opportunities to succeed in life after attending Bible College. Check out the schools below:

1. Bible College

“A Light on a Thousand Hills” is a free pastors training initiative launched by Axx Bible College. They consider every pastor and church to be a light in their neighborhood.

It’s estimated that 3.4 million pastors have never had the chance to acquire top-notch training. Axx’s mission is to give pastors, leaders, and disciples access to trustworthy, globally accessible, biblically based ministry training and leadership programs.

Pastors who live in economically underdeveloped nations or in areas where Christians face persecution for their faith should follow “A Light on a Thousand Hills.”

In order to help you build a strong biblical foundation for ministry and enable your light to shine brightly in your neighborhood, Axx is providing free, high-quality workshops in both English and French.

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2. Dallas Theological Seminary

To go to seminary, you don’t have to relocate. In order to fully immerse you in the Gospel story across all 66 books of the Bible and to equip you to serve wherever God leads you, DTS offers entirely online programs.

By enrolling in DTS Online, you join a worldwide community of Christians who are learning the Bible and getting ready to serve God all around the world.

You may connect and study in real-time with their 100% online style, which makes you feel like a member of the DTS community.

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3. Moody Bible Institute

You will be ready for wherever God calls you with the help of an online degree from Moody Bible Institute or Moody Theological Seminary. As you study the Bible and theology in your classes, you’ll interact with peers from all over the world.

Learn from experts in their fields who will support your development and have years of professional and academic expertise. After high school, take a gap year, or go back to school after working for a while.

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4. Biblword Courses

People can learn about biblical content and find solutions to their life’s issues on the Biblword Courses website.

They are assisted in this process by a private mentor who responds to their inquiries. You can take Biblword Courses thanks to GlobalRize and the Dutch church “Hervormde Gemeente Kamperveen.”

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5. Love God Greatly

They want to make sure that every woman has access to the Bible in her own language in every country. To achieve this, Love God Greatly has built a network of qualified translators who assist them in translating all of their Bible studies into more than 40 different languages.

As a result, they were able to start hundreds of Bible study groups around the world, and their resources are now available in more than 100 nations!

They release six to seven Bible studies a year as books or themed journals that may be bought on Amazon. Every Bible study journal purchase generates money for the LGG ministry, enabling them to support the translators’ education and equipment as they build communities.

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6. Proverbs31

You just need to order your book and sign up for the study. The remaining information will be emailed to you.

They will email you the following after you sign up for the FREE study:

  • Weekly study materials, including the materials you’ll need for the study and videos, delivered right to your email.
  • A Study at a Glance, print–ready calendar with all the study-related dates you’ll need to be aware of.
  • A venue for social interaction via their website and Facebook groups.

Hearing about the life changes that occur as a result of what God does in the lives of the participants in Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies is one of the best parts.

Click here for more information.

The remaining tuition-free bible colleges online can be found in the table below.

Bible CollegeLink
WVBS Online Bible SchoolWebsite
The Prophetic Voice Institute. Website
AMES International School of MinistryWebsite
Jim Feeney Pentecostal Bible Institute. Website
World Bible SchoolWebsite
Christian Leaders InstituteWebsite
North-point Bible CollegeWebsite
Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and TheologyWebsite
Grace Christian UniversityWebsite
St. Louis Christian College.Website
The Biblical Training InstituteWebsite
Central Christian College of the BibleWebsite

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The Benefits Of Bible Colleges

Making a decision about which college to attend is not always simple. One is that there are more than 3,500 options available. There are also other considerations, such as the distance, cost, programs offered, educational standards, etc.

People want to know what a college offers before they start looking into it. This is a crucial query, and each Bible college needs to have a few distinctive features that ought to appeal to the college-bound, devoted Christian.

What are a few advantages of attending a Bible college? For more information, keep reading.

A knowledge of God’s Word

At Bible colleges, one’s studies revolve around the Bible. Courses are designed to give students a solid foundation in Scripture, an understanding of how to study and interpret the Bible, and a full exegesis of the major Bible books.

Additionally, students learn the great systemic principles of Scripture in doctrine classes where they examine the Bible thematically. Students are also reminded in these classes of the need of applying the ideas and concepts they are learning to their own life.

All of this is done to create people who know what the Bible teaches, comprehend its ramifications, know how to use the Scriptures correctly, and live out the truth of Christianity in their own lives.

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Discernment in Doctrine

Additionally, Bible colleges will offer classes that assist students in comprehending their beliefs and the reasons behind them. They will learn to distinguish between truth and falsehood and form their own convictions based on God’s Word.

They will be educated on current concerns affecting believers, given a sense of their fundamentalist background, and provided assistance in grasping Baptist teachings.

The theological system known as fundamental, premillennial, pretribulational, dispensational, Baptistic, and separatist is openly promoted by Bible colleges. It upholds the conventional understanding of dispensationalism, the conviction that God has a particular plan for each and every believer.

General Principles of Higher Education in College

Christians ought to be aware of their surroundings, educated about the past, and able to appreciate the works of literature and ideologies that have shaped entire civilizations.

They ought to comprehend both human nature and the relevance of the significant developments in contemporary science and technology. Additionally, they must to be able to interact successfully with those around them and comprehend those people.

Students in Bible colleges are prepared to do this. All of this emphasizes the value of the common knowledge that intelligent and educated individuals will possess as a result of the subjects they study and are exposed to in college.

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Personal development of character

The character traits of each student should improve as a result of attending bible colleges. This is a place to evaluate one’s beliefs, objectives, and attitudes in light of God’s requirements.

A Bible college offers a setting that places a strong emphasis on piety, reliance on the Holy Spirit, and submission to the Word of God and its author.

Young adults who are in college are asking questions and seeking clarification.

The Bible college offers the direction and guidance required to have a lasting impact on their lives and future ministries at this impressionable period of life. Those who attended Bible college have definite advantages in their life preparation.

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Training in Specialized Ministry

Numerous programs offered by Bible colleges aid in preparing students for specialized areas of Christian service.

Such programs include classes in pastoral studies, evangelism, missions, church music, youth ministries, and secretarial ministry. They also include Christian education for the local church and teacher education for Christian schools.

People with academic degrees and fruitful ministry experience teach these diverse ministry programs.

Students also complete a ministry apprenticeship as part of their college education, working under the supervision of a Christian leader who helps them hone their abilities in serving the Lord.

Consider the advantages of a Bible college education as you make the important decision of which institution to attend.

Is bible College Online Free?

One of the free Pentecostal online bible colleges where you can receive a top-notch education from qualified teachers is Biblical Training Institute.

With Bible Training Institute, you can develop spiritually and learn things for nothing.


How Do I Become a Free Pastor?

Online churches provide free ordination services. To officiate at ceremonies like weddings and baptisms, you must be ordained.

Being ordained does not make you eligible to serve as a pastor in any church. Every church will have its own qualifications and standards for pastors.


What is a Good Online Bible Study?

Online Bible studies can benefit greatly from the use of “He Reads Truth.” The study plans are more like studies even though they are called reading plans.

One suggestion for free Bible devotion apps is “He Reads Truth.” You might want to check out the bible studies they have available for women and children as well.


How Can I Be a Pastor?

  • 1. Participate in Church Service through Volunteering.
  • 2. Obtain a thorough education in pastoral and religious studies.
  • 3. Meet the Ordaining Requirements of Your Denomination.
  • 4. Take your ordination exams and pass them.
  • 5. Obtain Pastoral Licensure or Ordainment in Your Faith.


What’s the Best Way to Study the Bible?

  • Start your studies with a prayer.
  • It’s not necessary to begin at the beginning of the Bible.
  • Pick a subject that interests you.
  • Discover a character.
  • What you learn, put in writing.
  • Online Bible audio.
  • Read or impart to another person.
  • What you don’t understand, look up.


Are Pastors Required to Have a Degree?

Thorough knowledge of Biblical doctrine, the function of the church, and the theory and development of religion are prerequisites for becoming a minister.

Pastors must get a bachelor’s degree in theology, religious studies, or a related field in order to receive this education.


How Much Does it Cost to Get a Degree in Theology?

An online bachelor’s in theology normally costs between $350 and $600 per credit. Tuition costs for students should range from $42,000 to $77,000.


Can I Get a Theology Degree Online?

While theology students have typically attended campus-based programs, online theology programs are becoming more and more common as online higher education alternatives spread across disciplines.

Numerous distance learners today follow their professional and spiritual callings from a distance.


How Long is Bible School?

Both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts degree are available to Bible majors. 128 credits are required for the minimum for both degrees.

All of the classes must be completed within four years.


What Subjects are Needed to Study Theology?

The most typical fundamental prerequisite for applicants to theology programs is essay-writing experience.

It will be easier to exhibit the requisite writing skills for theology essays if you have studied at least one essay-based subject, such as English, history, philosophy, or classics.


What is the Difference Between a Pastor and a Preacher?

While preachers frequently work as assistants to pastors to deliver the gospel to churchgoers, pastors oversee the congregation and its members.


What is the Difference Between Being Ordained and Licensed?

The wedding officiant has a degree that qualifies him to officiate weddings, which is the fundamental distinction between the two.

On the other hand, a minister who has been ordained might perform other church duties in addition to conducting weddings after receiving their ordination from any given church.


Can You Be a Pastor Without Being Ordained?

Although there are no formal certification or licensing standards set by the government for pastors, some churches refer to pastor or minister ordination as a form of certification or licensing.

One must fulfill the education and experience prerequisites of the religion in order to receive certification or a license from it.

Do you have suggestions about these free online bible colleges on our list? Or, are there other free online bible colleges you feel we need to consider? Please make your suggestions below.

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