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One of the things students learn in the fashion schools in Toronto is that being a fashion designer does not mean it’s all glitz and glamour.

Fashion is such that requires a lot of hard work. So, be prepared to put in the hard work that is needed.

In this article, we will be looking at the fashion schools in Toronto and the things you will learn in these fashion schools in Toronto.

The Things You Will Learn in a Fashion School

  • Sewing techniques
  • Confidence
  • Turning your obsession into inspiration
  • Clothing construction
  • Differentiation
  • Pattern making

Sewing techniques

In the fashion schools in Toronto, you will learn and master the following techniques:

  • Staystitching
  • Clipping corners and curves
  • Seam finishes
  • Hems
  • Using a rotary cutter
  • Fussy cutting
  • Bar tacks
  • Calculating yardage for custom bias


In these fashion schools, you will learn to become more confident as you continuously present your ideas in fashion school.

Through mistakes and accomplished creations, you will be able to build your confidence.

Turning your obsession into inspiration

While you are in the fashion school, you will be inspired. This is because inspiration will come from observing other people’s collections and seeing what you can take, improve and add on your own.

The more facts and visuals you have, the more time you will be willing to spend time thinking about it, and consequently, that will result in a stronger collection.

Clothing construction

In clothing, how the fabric is constructed has a lot to do with how the clothing can magically fit the body and the silhouette.

In a fashion school, you will learn how to incorporate closures whether it’s a simple zipper or using magnets and laces.


Fashion design students learn how cohesive and varying a collection has to be during creation.

There are certain elements and colours that should be tied to the collection while changing up the lengths of the collection. In a fashion school, you will learn how these variations will not only make the collection more interesting but will also increase the possibility of buyers purchasing more pieces.

Pattern making

Pattern making is very important in fashion design, in the fashion schools in Toronto, students are taught how to make all sorts of patterns. Below is the list of fashion schools in Toronto.

The List of Fashion Schools in Toronto

  • Toronto Fashion Academy

  • Humber Fashion Institute

  • Ryerson university school of fashion

  • Toronto Film School

  • George brown college fashion design

  • Haute Couture Academy Of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design

  • LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design

  • Roncesvalles School of Fashion

  • The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University

  • CMU College of Makeup Art & Design

  • Fashion Exchange – George Brown College

  • House of Daniel Fashions Academy

Toronto Fashion Academy

Toronto Fashion Academy consistently produces, partners, & creates events for their students to stay up to par with industry standards by giving them the first-hand practical experience they need to be successful.

Toronto Fashion Academy (TFA) was designed on the basis of perfecting and extolling the true quality of our artist’s within the Fashion Industry.

It is the only academy in Canada, which caters to training in High Fashion Modeling, Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, Make-up Artistry and Fashion Photography.

These Academies were perfected under one roof in accordance with their industry experts.

This is one of the fashion schools in Toronto that provide workshops all around the world, depending upon corporate sponsorships and partnerships.

They organize workshops in Calgary, Dubai, Mexico, and Nigeria.

Visit their Website.

Ryerson university school of fashion

Ryerson university school of fashion offers Canada’s leading university fashion program offering a Bachelor of Design and Master of Arts.

Ranked in the Business of Fashion global fashion school assessment, The Best Fashion Schools in the World 2019, external link. Received badges on the undergraduate level for both:

  • Fashion Design – Best in Global Influence

  • Fashion Communication – Best Overall, Best in Learning Experience, Best in Long-Term Value

The School of Fashion has a strong international reputation rooted in over 65 years of leadership in fashion education. Visit their Website to find out more.

George brown college fashion design

This two-year diploma program prepares you for careers in garment manufacturing design rooms.

This is a women’s wear program that focuses on pattern drafting and sewing skills.

You will use industrial machines and learn the essentials of technical illustration, pattern making, pattern grading and clothing construction.

Additional core subjects include textiles, technical specifications and the history of costume.

Related programs in this school include fashion management, the fashion business industry, and international fashion management.

Domestic Tuition


Visit their website to find out more.

Humber Fashion Institute

 Humber’s Fashion Arts and Business diploma program places an emphasis on retail operations from both domestic and international perspectives.

You will study marketing, store planning and merchandising, brand management, marketing, social media, event planning, and retail building.

This program also teaches fashion trend forecasting, sales techniques, as well as colour and styling analysis while attaining basic knowledge of fashion products and fashion promotion.

The Third Floor Fashion District provides fashion-focused classrooms, resource rooms, window showcases and the Pop-Up Shop for the benefit of all fashion students.

The Pop-Up Shop is a new, entrepreneurial venture. Students can book the space, set up shop, and put it to work for a week.

They offer the following courses:

  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Computer Applications for Fashion

  • Apparel and Accessory Product Knowledge

  • Creative Suite Applications

  • Trend Analysis and Product Development

  • Photo Styling and Display Techniques

  • Global Retail Operations

Visit their Website

Toronto Film School

The Toronto Film School is one of the fashion schools in Toronto because they offer designing for fashion. A program where you will learn the skills to plan, launch and grow your fashion design business from acclaimed industry experts.

The program is geared toward budding fashion designers that are seeking to develop their skills in the fashion business.

Skills needed to start your own fashion brand will be honed. In this course, you will go through the basics of sketching your own designs to ultimately create your own collection.

At their Academy of design, you are certain to be mentored by designers and fashion business professionals who will share invaluable industry practices and their personal experiences about the fashion industry and industry trends.

Visit their Website

Haute Couture Academy Of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design

Haute Couture Academy Of Fashion, Fine Arts & Design has since its inception in 1998 been inspiring and mentoring the youths in all aspects of fashion, design and visual arts.

The majority of our students have hopes of one day attaining acceptance into the fashion design, fashion communications, visual arts, graphic arts, and interior design programmes in some of the best and most prestigious universities and colleges across North America and this and this is where Haute Coture Academy of Fashion comes in.

Private Classes
Art, Sewing, Patternmaking Classes (all levels): $60.00 p/hr.

Additional Costs/Fees:
Once per school year Registration/Admin Fee: $30.00

Once per school term Programme Fee: $40.00

Visit their Website

LaSalle College International School of Fashion, Arts and Design

This is one of the fashion schools in Toronto that will help you discover the many facets of the fashion and design industry and they will help you begin your journey to an exciting career at the most important fashion school in Canada. They offer the following programs and more:

  • DEC in Fashion Design

  • DEC in Fashion Design – Footwear and Accessory

  • AEC in Technical Clothing Designer

  • DEC in Fashion Marketing

  • AEC in Professional Creative Photography

Roncesvalles School of Fashion

Roncesvalles School of Fashion launched in 2012 with in-studio sewing and design classes led by apparel designer Sarah Hopgood. 

Each class will follow the outline below, personalized to each student based on their desired design.

Through sketching, learning about fabric and trims, making a pattern and sewing one’s own design, SKETCH, PATTERN, Roncesvalles School of Fashion teaches young designers how to translate their ideas into real clothes.

There will be two at-home assignments that will precede four socially distanced in-studio classes (2hrs) to complete patterns and sew the student’s dream design. 

4 available classes, 1-2 students per class. Class times will be determined upon registration. 

Visit their Website

The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University

At the intersection of fashion and technology, The Fashion Zone is an interdisciplinary incubator that provides growth and funding opportunities that ignite and inspire fashion innovation in Canada.

Located at the downtown core by Yonge-Dundas Square, Fashion Zone is fully equipped with a roster of over 40 industry advisors and facilities to help our entrepreneurs grow.

This is one of the fashion schools in Toronto that support creators with wisdom, mentorship, and community to explore, innovate and thrive in the fashion ecosystem while accelerating the likelihood of success for new companies and social ventures.

Visit their Website

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design

CMU College of Makeup Art & Design offers Total Fashion Makeup Artist, a 12-week diploma program where you learn the skills to create remarkable hair & makeup looks.

From complete hair & makeup looks and magic to career & portfolio planning, CMU’s Total Fashion Makeup Artist Program provides extensive instruction in the skills you’ll need to launch your career in makeup artistry.

This intensive 3-month program provides the foundations of makeup and hair design and execution taught by top-tier industry professionals.

They also have a fashion photographic makeup course where students will learn the fundamentals of colour theory and skin analysis and how to apply these principles to create makeup looks for various ages, ethnicities and occasions.


  • Tuition: (CDN)$9,000.00
  • + $4,000.00* Student kit
  • + $100* Text books
  • + $2,000 International students

Visit their website to other fashion courses they offer.

Fashion Exchange – George Brown College

George Brown College’s Fashion Exchange (FX) is a vibrant hub where fashion education, design, production, entrepreneurship and engagement come together under one roof in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Their fashion program is designed to share fashion exchange values, such as:

  • Innovation and New Technology

  • Environmental and Social Sustainability

  • Expanding Local Apparel Production

  • Meeting Industry Needs

By bringing together educators, industry partners, community stakeholders and fashion graduates, FX has been successful at identifying and putting in place the practical education and curriculum needed to train people for immediate job opportunities.

Visit their Website to find out more.

House of Daniel Fashions Academy

House of Daniel Fashions Academy teaches its students strong sewing skills, strong drawing skills and fashion trends.

When you are done at this fashion school, you can construct the garments you design and you be able to pick what materials work best in the designs that you are developing.

At the HD Academy, you follow trends and have a good eye for anticipating what your audience will respond to next.

They teach you excellent drawing skills so that you can easily sketch your ideas onto paper in order to start the production process.

They offer the following programs:

House of Daniel Fashions Academy aims to make the process from concept to creation easier for those looking to build their own name in fashion. Visit their Website to find out more.

How to Become a Fashion Designer in Canada

There is no formal education needed to become a fashion designer in Canada. The fashion schools in Toronto listed above are simply schools where you can go and be taught fashion design.

A secondary school diploma is, therefore, enough to become a fashion designer in Canada. That simply means attending the fashion schools in Toronto is not a must.

However, designers who choose to attend the fashion schools in Toronto to complete a bachelor’s degree before seeking to work in fashion take about four years before starting their careers.

There are courses that take a few years to complete as well.

What are your thoughts about these fashion schools in Toronto?

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