10 Best Fashion Schools in Boston-Programs & FAQs

Fashion design is a quick-moving and imaginative occupation. Its principal focus is the plan of dress and accessories for the retail business.

The design business is extremely huge and there are valuable open doors in a wide range of occupations.

So, fashion design graduates may not function as style originators but rather might be engaged with different parts of the design business, like retailing, creation, deals, and advancement of style. 

Fashion is among the world’s biggest, generally perplexing, and most unique businesses. For the people who have a passion for fashion trends and patterns, it isn’t simply just a profession, yet a calling.

As a fashion designer, you should find out about design and marketing, as well as specialized abilities in making clothes and their accessories.

At fashion schools in Boston, you will learn to design clothing that is both functional and pleasing to the consumer. Fashion design schools in Boston will make your fashion dreams come true.

What is a Fashion school?

Fashion schools are schools that offer degrees that are specifically for students who anticipate chasing after a lifelong career in the fashion design business.

They frequently offer a few unique majors or specializations.

Some Things To Consider Before Getting Enrolled In A Fashion School In Boston

Most professions require consistency and good efforts. However, the high-speed universe of fashion and style is a unique sort of field.

Before you’re dazed by the brilliant lights of the runway or the entirety of fashion or design, take a couple of moments to think about these before enrolling in a fashion school in Boston.

  • Your Personality 
  • The School’s Reputation
  • Your Financial Capacity 
  • Your Passion for this skill set
  • Your Talent and skills and most of all
  • Have a “GOAL”.

The List of Some Of The Top Fashion Schools In Boston

  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Framingham State University
  • School of Fashion Design
  • Laselle College
  • Paris Fashion Institute
  • Mass Art 
  • Bay State College
  • In Stitches Sewing And Design Studio

Framingham State University

The university offers a four-year BS degree in two fashion design directions as part of their liberal arts education.

Fashion Design – This program prepares you for a career in fashion design. It builds a strong foundation in basic skills such as technical design, pattern making, personal styling, product coordination, product development, and research and development. Students learn both creative and technical aspects of the apparel design process and acquire skills in areas such as advanced apparel construction techniques, computerized design programs, flat pattern design, draping, fashion illustration, global production, costume history, textile properties, and specification writing and portfolio development.

Fashion Merchandising – This program prepares you for a career in corporate strategy planning, retail analysis, retail/wholesale buying, retail management, international product sourcing, and visual merchandising.  Students develop an understanding of retail operations from an industry perspective and acquire skills in areas such as business plan development, buying office functions, consumer behavior, fashion promotion, global production systems, costume history, international cultures, market research and trend forecasting. 

Graduate Merchandising Certificate  –  Certificates offer specialized training for retail managers, merchandisers, fashion designers, educators, and those interested in the industry who already have an undergraduate degree. The program is completely online.

For more information about the college click here.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

MASSART offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in fashion design as well as post-graduate certificates.

The fashion design program trains students to create fashions with a global perspective and to develop an understanding of the fundamentals needed to be a designer in the fashion industry.

Students design one-of-a-kind and ready-to-wear garments as well as accessories and theatrical costumes, using traditional and nontraditional materials.

The program teaches time-honored design methods along with cutting-edge computer design technology as students complete ensembles in a variety of apparel categories while considering issues of marketability, cost, care, and comfort.  

For more information about the college click here.

Laselle College

Lasell College offers a four-year BS degree in three different areas of fashion design.

Fashion Design and Production and Fashion and Retail Merchandising –  This program focuses on clothing design, retail merchandising and techniques for visual and promotional design.

Students learn all the techniques necessary, such as garment design and use the latest computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) equipment in their fashion courses to make production markers and engineering patterns for optimal material use.

Lasell’s fashion degrees include a solid foundation in both liberal arts and business courses.

Fashion Communication and Promotion –  This program focuses on the actual promotion of fashion and students will learn the basics and importance of fashion journalism and communication. Courses cover a variety of areas, including mass media, public relations, advertising, fashion marketing, and more.

For more information about the college click here.

School of Fashion Design

The school of fashion design Boston has a  curriculum that was developed by the faculty of fashion professionals to prepare new designers for the industry.

The Certificate in Fashion Design is a 20-course program, consisting of 17 core requirements and 3 electives. It can be completed in just two years.

With the partnership with the local community, and supporters they provide scholarships and beyond-the-classroom experiences to students. 

Courses/ Programs

Fall Courses:~

  • Construction 1: Professional Sewing Techniques for Skirts and Blouses
  • Construction 3: Stretch and Knit Fabric Sewing Techniques
  • Fashion Sketching 1: Figure Drawing for Womenswear
  • Fashion Sketching 2: Figure Drawing for Specialty Clothing
  • French Draping 2: Advanced Garment Design Using the Dressform
  • Patternmaking 1: Foundations of Flat Patternmaking for Skirts and Bodices
  • French Draping 1: Garment Design Using the Dressform
  • Patternmaking 3: Pattern Development for Stretch and Knit Fabric
  • CAD Art: Digital Fashion Sketching and Design
  • History of Costume: Fashion Tour from Antiquity to Present Day
  • Bridal Design: Elective: Design and create garments for members of a bridal party
  • Cocktail & Eveningwear: Elective: Design and create both a cocktail dress and an evening gown
  • Shoe Design: Elective: Techniques in Footwear Construction and Design
  • Couture Detail: Elective: Intricate Hand Sewing Techniques
  • Creative Direction, Photography and Styling for Fashion Designers
  • CAD Apparel: Digital Pattern Drafting in Gerber Accumark
  • Construction 1: Professional Sewing Techniques for Skirts and Blouses
  • Construction 2: Specialty Sewing Techniques for Pants and Dresses
  • Construction 4: Advanced Techniques for Tailored Garments
  • Fashion Sketching 1: Figure Drawing for Womenswear
  • French Draping 1: Garment Design Using the Dressform
  • Patternmaking 1: Foundations of Flat Patternmaking for Skirts and Bodices
  • Patternmaking 2: Flat Pattern Development for Pants and Dresses
  • Patternmaking 4: Pattern Drafting for Tailored Garments
  • Professional Development in Fashion Design: Skills and Strategies for Careers

Summer Courses

  • Construction 1: Professional Sewing Techniques for Skirts and Blouses
  • Fashion Sketching 1: Figure Drawing for Womenswear
  • French Draping 1: Garment Design Using the Dressform
  • Patternmaking 1: Foundations of Flat Patternmaking for Skirts and Bodices
  • 2D and 3D Design: Design Foundations through Conceptual Fashion

They organize a series of fashion events across Boston, this serves as a platform for established industry professionals and aspiring newcomers to showcase their work and network with the fashion community.

Contact Details:

Paris Fashion Institute

Paris Fashion Institute, established in 1976, provides a beautiful, secure and stimulating environment for students to learn all aspects of the fashion industry — design, marketing, manu­facturing, merchandising and retailing.

All classes are taught in English, and they accept students from all over the world to study with legendary designers and industry professionals.

In addition to an intensive course of study, students will enjoy visits to the major museums, a day at Versailles, and attendance at Paris fashion shows when in season.

Students learn the inside mechanics of fashion, an overall view of the design industry and how a design studio operates.

Participants learn how a collection is created from color to silhouette, how to forecast and report on trends, fashion terminology, and the true value of a garment. 

Contact Details:

  • Address: Paris Fashion Institute, 355 W 4th St, Boston, MA 02127
  • Phone: +1 (617) 268-0026
  • Fax: +1 (781) 593-3466
  • Email: info@parisfashion.org


Founded in 2017, ET is a fashion platform that is dedicated to helping fashion enthusiasts and professionals develop locally as well as internationally.

ET fashion has been growing tremendously and has organized fashion Shows and hundreds of fashion training and events.

They have taught models, most of whom had no prior experience to perform at a professional level as well as provided numerous high-quality runway opportunities like PFW, VOGUE, BAZAAR, Marie Claire, Elite Model Look, New York Super Model Competition, International Elite Model League Competition, Miss Teen USA, USA Miss Asia, etc.

ET Fashion has also opened a door for many fashion enthusiasts to understand fashion and use fashion to enhance their personal and social lives.


  • Modeling Training
  • Personal Image Enhancement
  • Model Workout and even more.

Contact Details:

Mass Art 

Mass art academic and co-curricular programs prepare artists, designers, and educators from diverse backgrounds to shape communities, economies, and cultures for the common good.

They offer students a strong foundation in traditional methods, as well as the tools to push boundaries and develop their voice through contemporary practice.

MassArt’s graduate programs offer artists and designers the opportunity to master their craft and advance their careers through highly specialized course work, individual attention with world-class faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities such as studio and exhibition space.

Click on this link to find out more about Mass Art Admissions and tuition.

Contact Details:

  • Address:621 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115
  • Phone: 617.879.7000
  • Email: ce@massart.edu

In Stitches Sewing And Design Studio

This is an effective creative outlet for all ages. For more than 20 years, In Stitches Sewing & Design Studios has been holding sewing workshops for both children and adults. Their goal is to let everyone’s imagination run wild and let their sense of style come alive.

They have a large and bright studio complete with well-maintained equipment that can help you learn at your own pace.

Additionally, with qualified instructors who care for the well-being of all students, they are dedicated to teaching sewing the fun way, and not a typical old-fashioned sewing school 

With the help of In Stitches Sewing & Design Studio, people of all ages can now learn everything about the art of sewing

Contact Details:

Bay State College

The Bay State program immerses students in both the art and the science of fashion – the creativity and the discipline, the glamour in front of the camera and the business behind it. Particular emphasis is placed on retail theories and techniques, and their ongoing evolution in an increasingly digital world.

Bay State College is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE, formerly NEASC).

The New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) accredits schools and colleges in the six New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont).

Membership in one of the six regional accrediting associations in the United States indicates that the school or college has been carefully evaluated and found to meet the standards agreed upon by qualified educators.

Bay State College is authorized to award the following degrees by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, and  Bachelor of Science.

Courses/ Programs:

Fashion Merchandising Program 

Bay State College is one of the fashion schools in Boston that gives a foundation in the art and science of merchandising and the business of fashion.

Students receive a comprehensive background in both fashion and business even as they learn from professionals with real-world, professional experience in both the business and fashion fields.

  • Sample Fashion Merchandising Degree Courses 
  • Fashion Merchandising 
  • Visual Merchandising 
  • History of Fashion 
  • Contemporary Designers and Trends 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Merchandise Marketing & Control 
  • Textile Science 
  • Retail Operations 
  • Consumer Behavior/Advertising and Promotion 
  • Fashion Merchandising Internship 

Click on this link for Tuition and fees details.

Contact Detail:

  • Bay State College, Boston Campus
  • Address:31 St. James Avenue, Boston, MA 02116
  • Phone:(617)-217-9000

Does Boston have fashion design?

You will find fashion schools in Boston that offer degrees in fashion and design and related regions.

A large portion of the schools offers fashion design as a component of liberal arts.

Is fashion design a good career?

It is perhaps one of the most popular professions on the planet.

Being a profoundly imaginative field, it can offer you the chance to mix cultures, navigate customary clothing types to contemporary ones and even play with a variety of subjects.

Which country is best for fashion?

There are surely several entries with great fashion history and expertise.

Choosing one depends on your location and choice after proper findings.

Some countries are known for Excellence in fashion include; The Uk, The U, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, China, South Africa and more

Is fashion school difficult?

If you have the passion and have a convinced mind about practicing fashion as a career then won’t be a thing of difficulty for you.

It could be challenging getting into a design school, as many schools accept just a few candidates even with low acceptance rates.

Each fashion and design school is unique and has its admission prerequisites. Assuming you conclude that fashion school is the ideal decision for you, you need to plan for your application.


Sewing is more than just a remedy for the holes in your clothes. This is a form of art that can unleash your creativity through the power of imagination. 

If you seek to improve your skill and expertise in the fashion industry, then fashion schools are the right choice for you.

Fashion schools in Boston are known for professional coaching, bringing out the best in students.

This article provides a list of some top fashion schools in Boston. Get enrolled today and start that fashion dream journey.

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