Examples of AI Used in Today’s World

The term “artificial intelligence” refers to the intelligence of machines that mimic the human mind. We all see the popular images of AI robots taking over humans.

But that is not exactly what it portrays. It is always meant to enhance human capabilities and enhance human performance.

Artificial intelligence has sub-categories such as machine learning, deep learning, and data science. AI has grown at a fast pace over the years. Research by Gartner predicts that AI software will reach $62 billion in 2022 alone, an increase of 21.3% from 2021. 

This clearly shows how much growth AI has already witnessed. That is why it will be best to learn AI from reputed institutes worldwide.

Consider taking up MS in AI because that will help you to start your career in AI, even if you are midway through a different career path. 

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Examples of AI used in Today’s World

Before we even became aware of the power of AI, it had already started ruling our lives. Yes, you heard that right. Don’t know how AI plays a major role today? Read the rest of the article below to understand the examples of AI and the importance they have become in our lives. 

1. Smart Assistants

Ever told Amazon Alexa to sing a song for you? Or give it a task to fulfill. Well, if yes, then it is an example of smart assistants present today.

Other examples include Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. All these virtual assistants take up the queries of humans in the form of text or voice input and give the desired output.  

2. Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are also predicted to hit the roads in the 2040s. Here, these cars have been under continuous innovation.

Self-driving cars observe the surroundings around them( the streets, traffic, number of people, etc.) within seconds and take action accordingly. 

3. AI chatbots

AI Chatbots have become a trend today. Visit some websites, and you will find a chat box that will pop up below. And that provides customer service to its visitors.

Be it from travel booking to ed-tech platforms to any other platform, you will find such boxes. These chatbots are effective when also used with machine learning. And they also collect user data for future use. 

4. Social media

AI is best observed in social media. When you like and comment on posts, Instagram and Facebook track your data and display the data in the explore tab.

Regarding Facebook, it reads the comments of people so that it can understand humans better.  You must have observed that even Facebook today suggests your replies based on posts and stories.

While Twitter also detects hateful posts and fraud. Along with that, just like other platforms, it recommends threads based on your likes.

5. Robotics

Surprisingly, robots have been proven useful for various purposes. They are even used in warehouses for the transportation of goods.

They can be used for the purpose of cleaning machinery as well as other large equipment. Lastly, they are also used for inventory management. 

6. Lifestyle

We all have witnessed the benefits of AI today. One such example is the use of automobiles today. In fact, they are designed today in such a manner that they can easily detect the threats or issues that may arise in advance. 

 The email platforms today filter out your emails into important, unimportant, and spam emails. The unread emails are moved to spam. And some of them even move to trash. That’s what AI does, and we know how much actually thankful we are. 

In fact, smartphones today use facial recognition features for various purposes. It firstly uses it for securing your phone, for locking and unlocking.

Or to protect confidential apps from leaking out. Probably the smart thing till now. One surprising use of facial recognition is its use in beauty technology.

The beauty and e-commerce apps today scan your face and recognize your skin concerns. Thereafter, they even recommend products based on that. See how amazing that is!

Lastly, on video streaming platforms today, track your likes and dislikes and suggest videos based on your choices. And you must have observed how it really gets your choice. 

7. Finance

Financial services today have been much used with the help of AI. what AI does to them is that they interact with customers as well, and then they provide the information related to stocks, funds, loans, user accounts, etc., apart from normal banking functions of banking like account balance, withdrawal, deposit, etc., the AI systems are actually capable of detecting fraud also. 

8. Human Resource

AI in Human Resources is used for filtering resumes and CVs. What the AI apps do is that they scan the important keywords and phrases the organization is looking for. Then the filtered resumes can be used by HRs to proceed with hiring talented people. 

9. Healthcare

AI has vast applications in the healthcare sector also. They are helpful in researching and releasing new drugs in the market.

Also, they are used to find the spread of cancer cells over the body. Blood tests also find out the potential weakness and other capabilities of the human body. 


We can see how powerful the benefits of AI really are. With evolution, we too have adapted to these changes and can’t imagine our lives without them.

They have only provided many benefits like never before. AI has emerged in multiple sectors. That is why if you are an aspirant of technology, never miss out on a chance to learn AI. Having seen the examples of AI used in today’s world, check out the 20 top statistical tools for data analysis.

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