10 Culinary Schools in Denmark & Their Details

If you are searching for culinary schools in Denmark because of your interest in the culinary industry, then we have put down the best list for you.

Pursuing a culinary career can be within reach for you and attending any of the culinary schools in Denmark can be the final puzzle for you.

One of the benefits of attending culinary schools in Denmark is that you get the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the food service industry.

Another benefit is that you get to horn your skills in a controlled environment; you get to know what proper knife cuts look like as well as other cooking techniques.

Attending a culinary school may help you transition seamlessly from the classroom into your new career. 

For example, some programs offer an externship.  This allows students an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their program in an actual occupational setting, such as a restaurant or bakery. Now let us look at some of the culinary schools in Denmark.

The Culinary Schools in Denmark

If you are ready to attend culinary school and begin pursuing your new career in the food service industry, look at the culinary schools in Denmark below.

CPH Cooking Class

Baking Classes: You will be hands-on throughout the entire class, learning the techniques for mixing, kneading, proving and shaping the different types of dough.

By the end you will have new skills and all the methods for creating perfect bread and pastries, so you can recreate a taste of Denmark at home.

The Danish SMØRREBRØD: In this class, you will learn to create the best sandwiches in the world – Danish Smørrebrød (open-faced sandwich).

Discover how to make traditional Danish rye bread, and find out just how important this dark, delicious bread is for the Danes, and as the foundation for all good smørrebrød.

Dinner Class: With an inspiring array of classic ingredients, seasonal foods, and foraged delicacies, you will enjoy an evening of learning and exploring the Danish and Nordic kitchen.

In this class, you will create a three-course meal inspired by traditional Danish classics, but fused with the New Nordic cuisine.

Kromans Cooking School

You don’t have to be a chef to join their classes, but you should enjoy cooking – either because you take pride in making it yourself; want to get better at it; need new inspiration, or because you appreciate the pleasures of the table in the company with fellow foodies.

Oh, and don’t worry about your skills – you are here to learn – not to know everything beforehand.

They can accommodate all kinds of gastronomic wishes you may have. You decide for yourself whether you want to do a little or a lot – or to put it another way – whether it should be hard core cooking or focus should be on a cozy get-together, teambuilding, or something in between – you decide.

Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv

  • Culinary Institute by VejleErhverv
  • Food Innovation House
  • Lysholt Allé 3
  • 7100 Vejle
  • info@culinaryinstitute.dk
  • +45 20 64 24 62
  • Website

This is one of the culinary schools in Denmark that not only focuses on the meal in its simplicity but also on the elements around it. That is why they play with the individual senses in order to create a better whole.

They do not work with changes, but with improvements. Sometimes there is a need to rethink ingredients, raw materials, products, etc. That’s where they come in.

It can be difficult to determine a sharp concept that is consistent with the company’s brand and identity, they help to determine a clear plan for improvement and sharpness of concept.

Copenhagen Hospitality College

The college is known for strong academic standards and well-established ties both nationally and internationally.

This allows their students to gain an education of high quality, focusing on the latest trends and knowledge within the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industries.

  • Chef
  • Open-faced sandwich maker and caterer
  • Nutrition assistant
  • Waiter/waitress
  • Hotel receptionist
  • EUX – a mix between vocational education and upper secondary school
  • Tenth grade
  • International Class for Culinary Arts
  • Various management training courses
  • Adult educations

Please note that all education are taught in Danish, except for the International Class for Culinary Arts, which is taught in English.

Danish Culinary School

  • Address: Jalan Nn No.18, RT.20/RW.6, Lengkong Karya, Kec. Serpong Utara, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15310, Indonesia

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Universities in Denmark With Culinary Programs

  • Technical University of Denmark DTU
  • University of Copenhagen KU
  • Aarhus University AU

Technical University of Denmark DTU

The MSc Eng program in Food Technology provides you with an understanding of modern food production and profound knowledge of technologies associated with the production of healthy and safe food.

Food technology is an innovative, exciting, and highly interdisciplinary field of study; meeting the challenges related to global market requirements, changing consumer demands, sustainability, social responsibility, and competitiveness requires knowledge in a wide range of areas.

The MSc Eng program in Food Technology is thus an interdisciplinary program involving different departments and disciplines, including microbiology, biochemistry, physics, chemical engineering, and engineering.

The MSc Eng program aims to provide you with profound analytical, design, and development skills in terms of technologies and processes related to modern production of healthy and safe food.

The program covers a wide range of courses in technical fields of activity, food science, management, and communication.

In addition, the food industry and other external stakeholders also play an active role in the program, allowing you to work with highly relevant, real-life issues and projects.

You will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with both Danish and international companies – either as part of the courses, as an individual project or while writing your thesis.

University of Copenhagen KU

The 2-year MSc program in Food Science and Technology enables you to develop the foods of the future with a focus on taste, health, sustainability, food quality and food safety.

You can choose between three specializations in the Master’s program in Food Science and Technology: Dairy Science and Technology, Brewing Science and Technology, and Individual Specialisation (General Profile).

Aarhus University AU

The summer course is organized in close collaboration with representatives from both small and large food companies in Denmark, representatives from various areas within the food innovation system in Denmark and abroad, areas as well as scientists from different levels and research areas at the Department of Food Science. 

This will lead to an insight into a highly innovative and leading food ecosystem in Europe, and demonstrate how to take ideas from science to industry and from industry to science. 

The course is divided into two parts, a scientific part with lectures and discussions in the plenum, and another part centered around group work, idea generation, idea selection, and qualification of that idea in relation to deep knowledge obtained via the lectures in the class, self-studies and finally use of Business Model Canvas.

Kold College

  • Address: Landbrugsvej 55, 5260 Odense, Denmark

Cold College is a Danish educational institution located in Hjallese in southern Odense.

The school offers vocational training in food, agriculture, and dairy academy education ( laboratory, process technologist, and Service Management ) and the technical high school department Funen Science High School, which was founded in 1992.

Over 4,000 students pass through Kold College on a yearly basis, with most doing one-year vocational training.

There are courses in farming, gardening, zoo keeping, cooking, waitressing, baking, dairy production and catering, to name a few.

There is also a technical gymnasium on campus, with specialties in health, design, science, and eSport.

“The school is open to all ages. Of course, most of their students are younger, as they’re doing their first training with them but some also choose a complete career change and start with them later in life.

Outside of the school, they also provide courses for the public and for businesses,” explains Gitte Bargholt, director at Kold College.

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