7 Culinary Schools in Columbus Ohio & their Key Info

Attending the culinary schools in Columbus Ohio is just one of the routes to becoming a culinary professional. The journey from a novice cook to a professional chef follows different routes for different people.

The most common routes chefs take to achieve high status are through work experience and often through formal training at a culinary school.

Also, some cooks will do formal apprenticeships in restaurants or hotels while being tutored under a chef-mentor.

Furthermore, becoming a culinary professional requires determination and effort because the hours are long, the starting pay is low, and most especially the work is physically demanding.

However, if you have a natural curiosity about food, and enjoy cooking for others, then a career in culinary arts will be perfect for you.

The foodservice industry

The foodservice industry is the largest retail employment segment in the world.

In the United States alone, sales of food and beverages are over $700 billion and in excess of $1.2 trillion when combined with retail food supermarkets.

There are many different areas of foodservice that focus on the diverse needs of customers. Examples of these segments include quick-service restaurants and the full-service restaurants.

Fast food restaurants are quick service operations that provide a limited menu of convenience foods requiring minimal cooking expertise while the Full-service restaurants include casual to formal restaurants that often, but not always, prepare foods from scratch.

Whichever way, the culinary industry is very promising and getting some needed skills in the culinary schools in Columbus Ohio is worth it.

Getting Started

Chefs agree that working in the foodservice field is necessary before considering attending the Culinary Schools in Columbus Ohio.

This is because it provides you with a realistic view of what the working hours and conditions are like.

Culinary schools are a way to jump-start your career but they do not replace the practical hands-on experience that is needed to gain organizational and technical skills, and the speed and efficiency, required to make you a productive team member in a professional kitchen.

Usually, breaking into the field of culinary arts often starts with jobs such as dishwashing, kitchen cleaning, and basic food preparation.

Therefore you must have the ability to withstand and adapt to a fast-paced environment and you must be willing to do whatever you are told to do in the kitchen.

Over time, you will move up the career ladder to more complex tasks and responsibilities such as working in a station such as a grill or a pantry.

Also, you will be able to start developing menu items, or supervising other staff in the kitchen.

The List of Culinary Schools in Columbus Ohio

There are many culinary schools in Columbus Ohio, but we will be talking about just seven of them.

  • The Columbus Culinary Institute at Bradford School 
  • The Ohio State University
  • Columbus State Community College
  • Young Chefs Academy – Gahanna OH
  • Chef Butcher’s Chef Academy
  • Culinary Coaching with Chef A’Donna
  • The Mix

The Columbus Culinary Institute at Bradford School 

The Columbus Culinary Institute at Bradford School is one of the top accredited culinary schools in Columbus Ohio offering both an 18-month associate degree and a one-year diploma program in the culinary arts.

Their campus is located in the city with a total enrollment of 324. Students can earn degrees and certificates in 3 different fields. Popular programs include Health Professions and Related Programs, Personal and Culinary Services, and Visual and Performing Arts.

Students work side-by-side with experienced professionals to learn skills and techniques essential to success in the industry.

Also, the associate degree program features an eight-week externship opportunity in the field to gain professional experience.

The Ohio State University

Students who have already earned their culinary degree from a school accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission and want to earn their bachelor’s degree can achieve their goal at Ohio State University. OSU features a BS in Agriculture focused on Culinary Science.

Culinary science combines the creativity of culinary arts with food science into a fun and exciting program. 

The culinary science program at Ohio State is designed to build on an associate degree in culinary arts from an accredited institution. 

Students have the opportunity to complete a food processing course from a variety of choices including Dairy Processing, Food Fermentation, and Fruit and Vegetable Processing.

Additional coursework in Food Additives, Food Laws and Regulations, and Food Plant Management is also offered in this program.

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Columbus State Community College

The Culinary Arts Professional Culinary Certificate Program provides basic skills and practice needed to start a career as a professional cook.

Their programs provide a high-quality curriculum, small class size, and individual attention by Chef Instructors and experienced, certified, faculty.

The culinary program is a 12-month program that is designed to assist the student to move quickly through the basics of culinary arts and into the workplace.

Credits earned for this certificate may apply towards Associate of Applied Science Degrees in Culinary Apprenticeship, Restaurant & Foodservice Management and Baking & Pastry Arts.

Upon successful completion of the written& practical exams from the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and documented work experience, students may obtain ACF Certification at the level of Certified Culinarian (CC).

Students in the Chef Apprenticeship program receive extensive on the job training under a professional chef working in a club, hotel, restaurant, or catering business. Baking and Pastry students learn the art of making pies, cookies, cakes, bread, and other deserts for bakeries or commercial establishments.

Additional professional development opportunities are provided as students learn the ins and outs of running a restaurant through experience at Christopher’s.

This on-campus restaurant serves as a living laboratory for culinary students to showcase their skills and talents. They are accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

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Chef Butcher’s Chef Academy

This is not just one of the culinary schools in Columbus Ohio, but a platform, based on cooking, to provide mentoring for young, black males that will include self-supportive meals, academic enrichment, develop life skills and spark an interest in a culinary career.

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Culinary Coaching with Chef A’Donna

For over 10 years this is one of the culinary schools in Columbus Ohio that helps students with their biggest goals in the kitchen.

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The Mix

The Mix is Columbus State’s hub for cooking classes, nutritional education, and more.  Their classes are open to the public and will give you the skills that you need to cook with confidence, regardless of whether you’re a kitchen novice or a seasoned expert.

All their classes are taught by professional chefs in a welcoming, approachable environment.

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