32 Best cheapest online law schools-Tuition & Facts

Are you in search of the cheapest online law schools and degrees? Let us save you the stress! The top 32 most cheap online law degree programs are profiled in this article. Get relaxed as we take you through the journey. 

Law is a field that is constantly growing and changing, and frequently, only the most diligent and intelligent people can master it. 

If you’re the type of person who can solve complex problems using logic and semantics, you may be a lawyer at heart. With a legal degree, you can work in media, criminal defense, advertising, and many other fields.

Law degrees earned online are intended to give students a solid understanding of legal principles. Students in these online law programs can also engage in debates about the legal system while conducting legal research and writing assignments. 

Is An Online Law Program Good For Me?

Online law programs are Ideal for lawyers or students whose jobs interrupt them from attending residential programs.

This means that you can pursue your profession in law while maintaining a healthy balance between your studies, job, and family thanks to online legal programs.

Online law school degrees, which run together with on-campus programs, still allow you to receive a top-notch education. Additionally, a career in law will introduce you to a variety of fields and sectors.

We’re here to disprove your assumption that obtaining a legal degree is out of your price range. As technology advances, online law degrees are becoming more and more available and affordable.

That implies it is possible to move toward your ideal legal career, even from the comfort of your sofa, regardless of the situation you find yourself in. Now, let’s look at the list of the cheapest online law schools.

The Top 32 Most Cheapest Online Law Schools/Degrees

(Please note that the tuition rates for the cheapest online law schools listed are flexible, and this means they could be changed over time. You are advised to visit the school websites provided for more inquiries about recent costs)

American Public University

Annual Tuition: $6, 880

Location: Charles Town, West Virginia 

Degree: Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies (BS)

About The Program

This online program’s curriculum emphasizes governance, civil and criminal processes, and the theory and philosophy of justice. APU’s BS in Legal Studies program introduces students to various legal case studies and can serve as a solid foundation for seeking admission to law school.

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Southern New Hampshire University 

Graduate Tuition: $320/credit (120 total credits)

Degree: Online Criminal Justice Degree – Bachelor of Science

Location: Manchester, NH.

About Program:

At Southern New Hampshire University, you can earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice with a real-world perspective.

Expanding the boundaries of a traditional criminal justice program, you’ll be exposed to:

  • Current criminology theories
  • Discretion in decision making
  • Emerging national and global trends
  • Effective communication strategies

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Fort Hays State University

Annual Tuition: $6,806

Degree: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Location: Hays, KS.

About Program:

Fort Hays State University offers an online Degree in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

The Department of Criminal Justice offers eight certificates available on campus and online. These includes: 

  • Corrections
  • Crime Mapping & Analysis
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Leadership
  • Criminological Theory
  • Policing and Homeland Security
  • Social Justice
  • Victim Advocacy

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Boston University -School Of Law

Annual Tuition: $6,116

Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Degree: Online LLM in Taxation

About Program

Boston University School of Law is one the nation’s top law schools with a history of excellence dating back to 1872. Boston University offers an online law degree for LLM in Taxation Degree. 

This law certification is ideal for already practicing lawyers and offers a flexible option. The program offers several areas of concentration, including estate planning, general business taxation, international taxation, and transfer pricing. 

Students can complete the 24 credits required for the LLM in Taxation degree on a full-time or part-time basis.

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Western Carolina University

Annual Tuition: $6,974

Degree: Bachelor of Science or Arts in Business Administration and Law- Online 

Location: Cullowhee (NC)

About The Program

Western Carolina University (WCU) offers an online Bachelor of Science or Arts in Business Administration and Law. Students are provided with a background in business, including its application and theory as well as a foundation in pre-law to prepare for law school. 

Law electives include International Business Law, Hospitality Law, Labor and Employment Law, and a business law internship. 

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American Military University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $6,900

Degree: Online Master of Arts in Legal Studies (MA)

Location: Charles Town, West Virginia

About The Program

The master of legal studies at American Military University (AMU) is an interdisciplinary program designed for law-related professionals looking to increase their legal knowledge.

AMU’s master of legal studies online program covers:

  • Legal definitions 
  • Legal practices and values
  • Local, state, and federal laws and procedures

The MA in Legal Studies also builds the capacity for conducting sound legal research and communication skills. Faculty share their real-world expertise from law and legal professions to support students’ learning.

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Bellevue University

Annual Tuition: $7,752

Degree: Bachelor of Science -Legal Studies 

Location: Bellevue, NE.

About Program: 

Bellevue University’s Online Legal Studies Degree offers courses designed to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills to successfully analyze from a legal, ethical, and logical standpoint.

This program provides a solid foundation for understanding law and the legal system. Best of all, whether you choose online or on-campus, you’ll be taught by the same experienced faculty with real-world knowledge of their field.

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Stevenson University

Annual Tuition: $8,438

Degree Type: Online Bachelor’s in Legal Studies

Stevenson (MD)

Location: Owings Mills, MD.

About The Program

Stevenson University is a medium-sized, nonprofit institution with an online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. This program is delivered through Stevenson University Online, and it’s meant for working adults who are interested in pursuing a paralegal or legal assistant role.

This Legal Studies program is approved by the American Bar Association for paralegal education and training.

Graduates of this program will acquire knowledge of several fields of law, enabling them to perform detailed work including conducting legal research and writing, gathering information electronically, investigating cases, interviewing witnesses, drafting pleadings, managing trial preparation and litigation support, and drafting contracts.

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Abraham Lincoln University 

Annual Tuition: $8,640

Degree: Online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

Location: Los Angeles (CA)

About The Program 

Abraham Lincoln University (ALU) offers a fully online Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system covering major topics in legal studies in core courses, after which students can then focus on specific areas of interest through electives. 

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Peru State College

Annual Tuition: $8,970

Degree: Online – Bachelor of Arts or Science in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies. 

Location: Peru (NE)

About The Program

Peru State College is a small, public institution in Peru, Nebraska offering a fully online Bachelor of Arts or Science in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies. 

This program prepares students for professional work in the legal system, courts, and public administration.

Core classes include Legal Environment and Contract Law, State and Local Government, and Ethics in Criminal Justice.

Students gain foundational knowledge in criminal justice with an emphasis on commercial law, constitutional law, government principles and more.

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University of Arkansas

Annual Tuition: Graduate Tuition/Fees: $8,571

Degree: Online Master of Laws in Agricultural and Food Law

Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas

About The Program

The LL.M. program in Agricultural and Food Law, covers connections between food and health, food labeling and food safety, the impact of climate change on food production, farmed animal welfare, and environmental sustainability.

For over thirty years, the University of Arkansas School of Law has led the nation in agricultural and food law education.

This program entails The laws that apply to the production, marketing, and sale of the food we eat have an extraordinary impact on us all. 

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Liberty University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $8,723

Degree: Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree in International Legal Studies – Online

Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

About The Program

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Legal Studies from Liberty Law is an online, postgraduate degree program that can help to enhance your professional legal career. 

With teaching consistent with the rule of law, the LL.M. will give you a greater understanding of the international normative context in which international legal practice takes place.

An LL.M. in International Legal Studies can help you pursue a career in:

  • International legal practice
  • Domestic and foreign policy
  • International organizations

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Grand Canyon University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $10,555

Degree: Online Master’s in Criminal Justice – Legal Studies

Location: Phoenix, Arizona.

About The Program

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice with an Emphasis in Legal Studies degree at Grand Canyon University is ideal for professionals in law enforcement. 

It is also ideal for decision-makers in the fields of public policy and justice administration. Students who are preparing to enter law school may also benefit from this legal studies degree program. The evidence-based curriculum aligns with current community demands. It empowers working professionals to develop the practical skills that

Some of the courses included with this legal studies degree include:

  • Criminal Behavior Analysis
  • Exploration of Law and Public Policy
  • Exploration of Constitutional Criminal Law
  • Legal Research
  • Legal Communication

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The University of Alabama

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $10,780

Degree: Online LLM

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

About The Program

The University of Alabama offers an alternative to the online JD degree–the online LLM. This 24-credit hour program is offered fully online and with two concentration options in business transactions and tax. 

Courses are taught by distinguished faculty and experienced practitioners not only from Alabama but also Emory, Georgia State University, and other prestigious universities and legal firms. 

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University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth

Annual Tuition: $11,760

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science- Online

Location: North Dartmouth (MA)

About The Program 

University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth (UMass Dartmouth) is a medium-sized, public university with a robust political science degree that includes a concentration in pre-law. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science – Online, a 120-credit program emphasizes legal processes within the court system both nationally and internationally.

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University of Cincinnati

Annual Tuition: $11,794

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Law and Paralegal Studies 

Location: Cincinnati (OH) (and 1 other)

About The Program

The University of Cincinnati is a large, public university that offers an online Bachelor of Science in Law and Paralegal Studies 

through UC Online, which specializes in remote learning programs. This 100% online program includes core courses in Investigative Techniques and Evidence, Administrative Litigation, and Real Estate Law, as well as advanced research through writing assignments.

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Rowan University

Annual Tuition: $12,220

Degree: B.A. in Law and Justice -Online 

Location: Glassboro (NJ)

About The Program

Rowan University (Rowan) is a large, public institution focused on professional development. The Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice – online from Rowan is a four-year, 120-credit program. 

Students may study on a part- or full-time basis to maintain a working life while they advance their education. 

The Rowan University Bachelor of Arts in Law & Justice Studies degree offers students solid academic preparation in the law and the criminal justice system with an interdisciplinary approach to coursework. 

The program prepares students for professional careers in such areas as law enforcement and security services, court services, corrections, and human services, and offers the rigorous preparation necessary to eventually pursue graduate studies and professional school programs.

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National Paralegal College

Annual Tuition: $13,000

Degree: Online Bachelor of Science In Legal Studies 

Location: Phoenix (AZ)

National Paralegal College (NPC) is a small, for-profit institution focused on preparing graduates to work as paralegals. NPC offers an Online Bachelor of Science In Legal Studies giving students a foundational understanding of legal topics, with a focus on developing career-minded skills.

The program provides students with a good academic foundational basis on a wide variety of subjects in legal studies, a foundation in business, economics, English, and the social sciences.

Students get exposure to advanced legal topics and career-oriented skills. After completion of the program, students are qualified to become employed as paralegals at law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies and non-profit organizations, or to proceed to graduate study.

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Loyola University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $19,458

Degree: Online Master of Laws in Health (LLM)

LLM in Health Law

Location: Chicago, Illinois.

About The Program

The Master of Laws (LLM) in Health Law program is designed for busy attorneys who wish to develop or enhance a special expertise in health law.

This 24-credit degree program can be completed on-campus or online. Students are made to follow a course of study developed alongside leading health lawyers, industry professionals and legal experts. 

This program offers the very latest legal, regulatory, political, ethical, and economic aspects of health care delivery.

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Nova Southeastern University

Tuition/Fees: $20,419

Degree: Online Master’s in Law and Policy

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About The Program

The online Master of Science in Law and Policy from Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard College of Law gives students the knowledge, skill, and confidence to navigate the legal issues that arise in organizations.

The online law curriculum gives students the avenue to work closely with NSU Law faculty and peers to understand the function and framework of the American legal system.

Students are trained to build specialized expertise around the laws, regulations, and policies relevant to their profession – and to advanced industry standing.

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Hofstra University

Tuition/Fees: $24,226

Degree: Online Master’s in Health Law and Policy

Location: Hempstead, New York

About The Program

Hofstra University is committed to helping students meet their goals by providing small classes, dedicated faculty, and various collaborative opportunities.

Online law programs focus on experiential learning and provide innovative technology and equipment as well as internships, co-ops, fellowships, field research, and study abroad programs.

The programs include:

  • Master of Laws in Health Law and Policy
  • Master of Laws in American Law
  • Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy
  • Master of Arts in American Legal Studies
  • Master of Business Administration

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Seton Hall University

Tuition/Fees: $22,468

Degree: Online LLM in Financial Services Compliance

Location: South Orange, New Jersey.

About The Program

Seton Hall Law School now provides training beyond the J.D. degree to select students, practitioners and scholars in the growing and increasingly complex area of financial services compliance. 

Interested students may pursue an entirely online LL.M. degree option, or choose to come to campus for in-person instruction.

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Michigan State University

Tuition/Fees: $22,532

Degree: Online Master’s in Global Food Law

Location: East Lansing, Michigan

About The Program

MSU Global Food Law Program offers the flexibility necessary to meet the demands of balancing both work and personal lives for its students.

Students can select from the numerous food law courses offered each semester to create a curriculum plan that meets both curricular and time management needs.

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George Washington University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $29,840

Degree: Online Master’s in Law Firm Management

Location: Washington, District of Columbia

About The Program

George Washington University has an accredited online law school that offers several master’s programs, including a master’s in law firm management and a master’s in paralegal studies. These Programs include: 

  • Certificate

  • Healthcare Corporate Compliance Graduate Certificate
  • Master’s

Master of Studies in Law for Government Procurement Law

Master of Professional Studies in Paralegal Studies

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Pepperdine University

Tuition/Fees: $32,620

Degrees:  Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS)

Location: Malibu, California.

About The Program 

This program is designed for professionals who could benefit from a deeper understanding of the law. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply.

The Online Master of Legal Studies Covers  : 

This program is designed for professionals who want to become mediators or help settle disputes but don’t want to become lawyers. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply.

This program is designed for lawyers who want to solve the most pressing conflicts of today. A JD degree or first law degree is required to apply.

This dual degree offering is designed for professionals who want to gain a solid foundation in the law and become more effective negotiators and arbitrators.

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Samford University

Tuition/Fees: $33,342

Degree: Online Master of Studies in Law (MSL)

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

About The Program

Cumberland School of Law’s Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) is a 34-hour master’s degree program offered completely online. Designed for individuals who have not already earned a Juris Doctor (J.D.). 

This online law degree positions students for advancement and knowledge to stand out. This program prepares students for professional careers through real-world courses and training and encourages graduates to pursue relevant professional credentials from industry-leading organizations

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Drexel University

Tuition/Fees: $33,996

Degree: Online Master’s in Legal Studies

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About The Program

The online Master of Legal Studies program at Drexel University provides students with a solid working knowledge of the law – without having to earn a law degree. 

Students will graduate with essential knowledge in compliance, legal research and analysis, risk management, ethics, and professional standards. 

Master of Legal Studies Areas of Concentration:

  • Cybersecurity & Information Privacy Compliance –
  • Criminal Law
  • Financial Regulatory Compliance
  • Entrepreneurship and Law
  • Health Care Compliance
  • Higher Education Compliance
  • Human Resources Compliance
  • NCAA Compliance & Sports Law 
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Regulatory Compliance 

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Wake Forest University

Tuition/Fees: $39,140

Degree: Online Master of Studies in Law

Location: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

About The Program

The Wake Forest University School of Law’s online MSL Master’s Degree focuses on the complex legal and regulatory environments facing professionals today.

Students take only MSL classes, collaborating with their cohort and MSL peers, each providing a relevant professional perspective.

These programs focus on :

• Business Law & Compliance

• Health Law & Policy

• Human Resources

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New York University

Tuition/Fees: $43,848

Degree: Online Executive LLM in Tax

Location: New York, New York.

About The Program: 

For more than 65 years, the NYU Law Graduate Tax Program has been a preeminent program of its kind, offering dozens of courses.

Students are taught by respected academics and leading practitioners, and also get the same high-quality educational experiences as on-campus NYU Law tax students.

NYU Law’s innovative Executive LLM program uses a cutting-edge online video system, and this offers students the opportunity to take many of the same courses. 

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University of Southern California

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $44,013

Degree: Online – Master of Laws

Location: Los Angeles, California.

About The Program

The online LLM focuses on the U.S. legal system, with a flexible and engaging curriculum that prepares international attorneys for leadership roles in the global marketplace.

The USC online Master of Laws (LLM) program is designed for international law professionals seeking leadership roles in the global market. USC Gould takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching the U.S. legal system.

Online LLM students have the opportunity to specialize in their LLM degree by earning one of the seven online certificates in law or compliance.

  • Business Law
  • Entertainment Law and Industry
  • Compliance
  • Financial Compliance
  • Health Care Compliance
  • Human Resources Law and Compliance
  • Privacy Law and Cybersecurity

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Emory University

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $44,016

Degree: Online Juris Master (JM)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

About The Program: 

Emory University offers an online Master’s Program which also includes two available concentrations in business law and health care law. 

Some of the courses include the American legal system and analysis, research and communications for non-lawyers and torts, contracts, legislation, and regulation. 

Emory Law’s online, asynchronous classes are specifically designed for working professionals. Students can also choose some on-campus course options. 

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Washington University

Tuition/Fees: $51,025

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Degree: Online Master of Laws (LLM)

About The Program: 

WU School of Law is a top-ranked law school that offers an innovative and globally connected environment for those ready to pursue their legal education.

They offer two online law degrees:

Courses include business associations, civil procedure, legal writing, negotiation, professional responsibility, and trial advocacy. 

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Finding the cheapest online law schools might be challenging. A handful of continuing legal education for practicing attorneys, while others offer master in legal studies programs, geared toward non-lawyers.

With online Law programs, you are no longer limited by location. Explore this article and find the cheapest online law schools for you.

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