6 Best Online Law Schools in Georgia-Requirements & Steps

In this article, we take a look at the few but best online law schools in Georgia. For those who find the traditional classroom method of teaching inconvenient due to their schedule, this is the one for you. 

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What Do Lawyers Do In Georgia? 

The tasks of a lawyer may vary according to the size of the firm where they work or the area of law they specialize in, such as tax or family law. Lawyers in Georgia might carry out the following duties:

  • Represent clients in court proceedings and arbitrations

  • Talk out agreements

  • Conduct case studies and write reports and briefs for court

  • Giving legal counsel to people and corporations 

How To Become A Lawyer In Georgia 

Lawyers offer legal counsel and assist their clients in resolving disputes through mediation or court proceedings.

These professionals may work in Georgia’s expanding urban areas, such as Atlanta, Savannah, and Macon, or in smaller towns where they may operate private practices or provide assistance to regional government organizations. 

Finding out how to become a lawyer in Georgia might help you map out your professional path if you’re interested in pursuing a legal career there. 

You can transfer your bar membership to Georgia if you already hold a legal license from another state through the Admission on Motion Without Examination procedure. Here are five stages you might follow if you want to practice law in Georgia after becoming a lawyer:

1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree

An undergraduate degree in any number of topics, such as communication, political science, economics, or English, may serve as the foundation for a legal profession.

Some colleges offer pre-law programs where students can receive a degree in their chosen field while also enrolling in electives like civics, ethics, government policy, and philosophy to get ready for law school. 

2. Pass the LSAT

The required test for admission to law schools in the US is called the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test.

The majority of institutions still demand the LSAT for admission into a JD program, despite the fact that some allow you to submit the GRE or another test in its place. 

The LSAT has four test dates each year, and you are allowed to take up to three testing sessions in a calendar year. The LSAT is currently an online exam with a live proctor that you can take in a quiet setting like your home. 

3. Get a legal education

Members of the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions must possess a JD, or legal degree, from an institution that has been granted accreditation by the American Bar Association.

The Georgia Board of Bar Examiners certification is also required for eligible law schools.

Georgia has many law schools that qualify, but you can also get a degree from a recognized, accredited institution elsewhere in the country as long as it’s in the same country as you. 

4. Pass the bar exam in Georgia

All Americans who graduated from law schools with ABA accreditation are eligible to take the Georgia bar exam.

Obtaining a Certification of Fitness to Practice Law constitutes the first step in the bar test procedure. Your eligibility to practice law in the state is confirmed by this certification.

The Georgia Office of Bar Admissions issues the certification and gives instructions on how to sign up for the bar exam when you complete the certificate application and supply supporting evidence, such as your birth certificate and driving records. 

5. Complete the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam, or MPRE, is another requirement for legal practice set forth by the Georgia Office of Bar Admissions.

The National Conference of Bar Examiners gives the MPRE to applicants for the bar all around the country and in a number of American overseas territories. 

You can take this test as many times as necessary to meet the 75% passing requirement for the Georgia bar, which is offered three times a year by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. 

The Georgia Office of Bar Admissions will enroll you in the Transition into Law Practice Program, a training opportunity for new attorneys when you pass the bar test and MPRE.

This mandated training helps new bar members gain vital skills for their legal careers. Participants learn about legal procedures and wholesome work habits from a volunteer mentor who is often an accomplished attorney in the participants’ field. 

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How Much Do  Lawyers In Georgia Make? 

Lawyers in the state of Georgia earn around $133,020 annually, which is in line with the national average for the field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Senior law partners, other legal management experts, and attorneys who specialize in areas like tax or corporate law may earn more money.

In addition to their regular pay, many lawyers also receive benefits including health insurance, 401(k) matching, paid time off, and tuition assistance. 

The List of Best Online Law Schools In Georgia 

Law studies give doors to different professions all over the world. Students can utilize this list of the best online law schools in Georgia to pursue LLBs and LLMs, MLS degrees, Law PhDs, paralegal courses, postgraduate law diplomas, and many other legal certifications from the comfort of their own homes. 

Emory University School of Law 

The JM is designed for professionals or individuals who desire to become more specialized in their industries while also expanding their legal knowledge. HR directors, compliance officials, and ambitious healthcare administrators are among their students.

There are two concentrations available for the online JM: Health Care Law, Policy, and Regulation and Business Law and Regulation.

This format can be finished in as little as twenty months or as long as four years. Each course is taught asynchronously in seven-week modules and two synchronous online sessions.

All JM courses are taught by the same professors and industry specialists. Emory Law has around 60 full-time faculty members and over 250 adjunct faculty members who teach over 250 courses.

Their emphasis on research means that they are not just teaching you the law, but also actively shaping laws all across the world. 

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Samford University Cumberland School of Law

Cumberland School of Law offers an online master’s degree program, one of the online law schools in Georgia that will help you advance your profession. The online master’s degree program at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law allows you to diversify your professional knowledge.

The degrees, one for attorneys and one for nonlawyers, allow you to enhance your career while focusing on one of their specialist regulatory compliance specialties. 

Cumberland School of Law’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) 

Make a statement with a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Cumberland School of Law. This online degree is designed for professionals who already have a Juris Doctor (J.D.). It will position you for promotion and provide you with knowledge to help you stand out in today’s competitive workforce.

The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program at Cumberland School of Law is a 31-hour master’s degree program that is entirely online. The program is designed for professionals who have already achieved a Juris Doctor (J.D.). It can assist position you for development in your present field or set you apart for a new career path.

Their faculty includes industry experts, practicing attorneys, teachers from Cumberland School of Law, and Samford University faculty from other fields. 

Through real-world courses and training, this program prepares students for professional positions and encourages graduates to pursue appropriate professional qualifications from industry-leading organizations.

Students gain the ability to successfully communicate and interact with attorneys, compliance professionals, and other members of the legal community, all while establishing basic competencies in a particular field of study that are required for professional success.

Students who complete this program will be able to:

  • Use legal databases to gain access to primary legal sources in the United States, such as statutes, regulations, and court opinions.
  • Analyze critical policy and compliance concerns from an ethical, legal, and economic standpoint.
  • Interpret and analyze cost-effectiveness and results used in decision making.
  • Use legal and industry-specific vocabulary to communicate difficult ideas both vocally and in writing.

 Every applicant must fill out and submit an application. All materials must be submitted online using the detailed procedures provided.

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  • Submit a transcript proving the award of a Juris Doctor or be a Juris Doctor student presently enrolled at Cumberland School of Law.
  • One letter of recommendation from a previous faculty member or professional colleague
  • Personal statement outlining career goals and the chances of success in graduate school
  • Professional resume

Dates to Remember

  • Application deadline is November 1, 2021.
  • The deadline for Fall 2022 admission applications is July 15, 2022. 

Tuition: $30,497

Cumberland School of Law’s Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) 

Make yourself distinct with an M.S.L. from Cumberland School of Law. This online degree, designed for nonlawyers, can assist position you for promotion and provide you with knowledge to help you stand out in today’s competitive workforce.

The Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) program at Cumberland School of Law is a 34-hour master’s degree program that is entirely online. Designed for individuals who do not currently hold a Juris Doctor (J.D. ), the program will assist position you for development in your current field or set you apart for a new career path. 

Every applicant must fill out and submit an application. All materials must be submitted online using the detailed procedures provided.


  • Submit a transcript proving the achievement of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally approved institution with a 3.0 undergraduate GPA.
  • For candidates who do not meet the minimum GPA criterion, GRE or MAT scores are strongly recommended but not needed.
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Personal statement outlining career goals and the chances of success in graduate school
  • Professional resume

Dates to Remember

  • Application deadline is November 1, 2021.
  • The deadline for Fall 2022 admission applications is July 15, 2022. 

Tuition: $33,342 

LL.M. and M.S.L. Concentrations 

While finishing one of their online master’s degrees in 24 months, students can choose from four specialized, career-enhancing concentrations.

Cumberland’s online master’s programs are designed to allow you to accomplish the Master of Studies in Law (M.S.L.) or Master of Laws (LL.M.) in as little as 24 months. 

  • Financial Services Regulatory Compliance

Students who complete this program are prepared for careers in the expanding industry of financial services regulatory compliance.

Graduates will be able to further their careers in financial institutions such banks and credit unions, securities brokers, information technology and associated vendors, national and community banks, regulatory agencies, and law firms using the knowledge and abilities acquired via this program.

Students and recent graduates may have positions with names like compliance officer or risk management director or operate in the sector in another capacity. 

  • Health Law and Compliance 

Professionals in the domains of health care administration, nursing, medicine, compliance, and human resources will be able to advance in regulatory compliance-related tasks with the support of a concentration in health law and compliance. 

  • Higher Education Law and Compliance 

Professionals interested in the laws, rules, and compliance issues that have an impact on higher education might pursue the higher education law and compliance specialization.

The practical compliance skills needed for success in a range of higher education-related occupations will be taught to students. 

  • Legal Operations 

The legal operations emphasis is intended for attorneys who want to further their careers by gaining knowledge in the expanding field of legal operations.

Students who complete this program will be prepared for careers as firm managers, complicated or mass tort litigation attorneys, litigation paralegals, newly admitted attorneys, or recent graduates, as well as marketing or finance specialists for law firms. 

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Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

Details about this online LL.M. in American Legal Studies unclude:

A four-semester, entirely online LL.M. initiative to introduce foreign-trained lawyers to American legal principles;

A total of 15 weeks will be allocated to each online semester;

There are no required residential sessions;

Gives foreign-trained lawyers the chance to get a Master of Laws degree while living and practicing in their home nations’ legal systems;

Candidates must hold a degree that is comparable to a J.D. in the country of the lawyer’s residence, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, in addition to meeting other program requirements;

Candidates must provide evidence of their English language ability if they earned their legal education in a language other than English;

To give online students a better educational experience, the program will be supported by extensive administrative and technological assistance. 

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Having found out how to become a lawyer in Georgia and the online law schools in Georgia, you can now map out your professional path if you’re interested in pursuing a legal career. Look at these frequently asked questions:

Is there an online school for law? 

Yes. Many universities provide online law programs. These organizations could not, however, have American Bar Association programmatic accreditation.

The majority of states don’t let graduates from these institutions take the bar test. 

Is an online law degree worth anything? 

Because graduates can obtain entry-level positions in a variety of legal contexts, earning a legal studies degree online is worthwhile.

Careers in law firms, government agencies, nonprofits, and regulatory agencies may fall under this category. 

How long is law school in Georgia? 

Upon satisfactory completion of the three-year, full-time program of legal study at the School of Law, the Juris Doctor is awarded. Each entering class has a graduation rate of more than 95% on average. 

How long does it take to get a law degree online? 

Most online legal schools last four years to finish. The length of an academic year is 48 to 52 weeks.

Like traditional law schools, online law schools have a set of necessary courses as well as additional options that differ by school. 

How do I become a lawyer in Georgia? 

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree.

  • Complete the LSAT.

  • Go to law school.

  • Pass the bar exam in Georgia.

  • Take the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam.

  • Finish the program on transitioning into legal practice. 

Why is law school so hard? 

You need a thorough, practical comprehension of the contents because the legislation is broad.

It will require more than just memorization of facts (which is often the approach for undergrad). This makes law school studying more challenging for many students. 

Is a law degree hard? 

A legal degree is rather difficult to obtain because it requires a lot of effort on your part.

The majority of this labor is researching and comprehending intricate legal matters that are filled with cutting-edge legal jargon and peculiar language. 

How much do lawyers get paid in Georgia?

In Georgia, an attorney makes an average of $88,467 a year. 

How hard is the bar exam? 

The bar exam, which is given in every state and all U.S. territories, is well renowned for having a very high standard of difficulty.

The national bar exam pass percentage for first-time test takers has increased to 79.64%. 

How hard is the LSAT? 

In the previous year, around 100,000 LSATs were given out, and about 30 persons scored 100 out of 100.

The conclusion is that this test is extremely challenging when just 30 out of 100,000 test takers earn this score! 

Which law degree is the best? 

The highest level of a law degree, the Doctor of Juridical Science, is intended for professionals who wish to continue their legal study after receiving their JD and LLM. 

What is a paralegal vs lawyer? 

A paralegal can work for an attorney but cannot practice law; a lawyer is someone who has studied law and is authorized and qualified to do so.

For the attorney they work for, paralegals can undertake case research, file paperwork, and assist with drafting legal reports. 

How long is the bar exam in Georgia? 

The Georgia Bar Exam lasts for two days. On Day 1, there are four 45-minute essay questions in the afternoon and two 90-minute Multi-state Performance Test (MPT) questions in the morning. 

Can law be self-taught? 

The bar exam can currently be taken without attending law school in only four states: California, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington.

They can choose to work as an intern for a judge or an attorney instead. 

What’s harder law or medicine? 

In essence, medical education involves a lot of practical work and memorization. Analytical work and critical thinking are requirements for law school.

While medical school necessitates understanding about problems through clinical investigations and hands-on experience, law school requires extensive reading and writing. 

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