7 Top Cheapest Community Colleges in Texas-Tuition

Searching for the cheapest community colleges in Texas? What is a Community College? Community Colleges take two years to complete. They offer an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science.

These colleges are cheaper and the best way to get an affordable university education overseas. You might still need to get a Bachelor’s Degree by attending University but it will give you a foot in the door to pursue a career.

With an Associate Degree from a Community College, you can get a job and pave your way into a four-year University. Read on to find out about the cheapest community colleges in Texas.

Why Should you Choose a Community College?

There are many reasons to consider when you want to attend college. You have to think of accommodation fees, feeding, study materials, and the cost of tuition.

For most people, it can be very difficult to afford to go to schools that cost up to 70,000 USD a year just on tuition. When you work out the calculation, you will figure out it’s a lot of money that you might not be able to afford.

Some of the reasons you should choose a community college are:


Community colleges give you access to inexpensive quality education. These community colleges allow their students to get an education that they can afford.

It gives students the knowledge necessary to start out a career path that can later be upgraded to a university degree.

Access to Scholarships and Financial Aid

Do you know that attending a community college does not stop you from getting scholarships or applying for financial aid?

The same consideration and requirements are being used for community colleges like universities.

The government of the United States of America offers the same waivers for both universities and community colleges. And this is what makes community colleges more enticing to students both within and outside America.

Reduced Cost of Living

When you compare the cost of living while attending a University and a Community College, there is a huge gap.

This doesn’t mean that attending a community college means having poor living standards, quite, on the contrary, many students who attend a community college live a pretty decent life.

They have more funds to take care of their selves. Get good accommodation and have enough for feeding and other extra costs.

Why Choose Texas as a Place to Study for International Students?

Texas is a state in America and is one of the best places to study.  Texas has a reduced cost of living and reduced tax. It doesn’t offer tax on the resident’s personal income but relies on property taxes and sales tax, this makes Texas a great state to study in for International Students.

After seeing the beautiful reasons above, you will understand that Community Colleges are as good as universities, the difference being only in the type of degree awarded.

It is more affordable and an easy route to getting your baccalaureate degree. The reduced cost of living in Texas now makes studying in Texas a golden opportunity anybody shouldn’t afford to miss.

Here is a list of Texans’ finest community colleges and their tuition costs to make you reach a faster conclusion on which school to study.

List of the Cheapest Community Colleges in Texas

Alvin Community College

Alvin Community college is a public college located in Alvin, Texas.  Alvin Community College offers a range of programs and awards an associate degree at the end of the programs. 

Some areas of study include:

  • General Studies

  • Registered nursing/registered nurse

  • Business/Commerce

  • Chemical technology/technician

  • Health Services/allied health/health sciences

  • Business administration and management

  • Early childhood education and teaching

  • Diagnostic medical sonography/sonographer and ultrasound technician

  • Legal assistant/paralegal

  • Electro neurodiagnostic/electroencephalographic technology/technologist.

  • Math’s

  • Physics

  • Biology

  • History

The cost of attending the Institution for residents of the state is $16,779 before aid and $9,261 after aid.

For foreign or international students, the cost of the study is $17,955 before aid. This cost of study for both domestic and foreign students includes tuition, accommodation, books, and extra charges.

The tuition for In-state students is $2,834 and $4,010 for Out-Of-State students.

To apply, click here.

Collin County Community College 

Collin is a Community College located in McKinney Texas. They have up to 100+ Associate degrees and certificate Programs at the college. 

Some of them are:

  • Liberal Arts and sciences/liberal studies

  • Computer Science

  • Business Administration

  • Speech Communication and Rhetoric

  • Criminal Justice/Safety Studies

  • Engineering

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Illustration

  • Surgical technology/technologist

The Cost of study for Students who are residents of the state is $20,406 before aid which includes tuition fees and the cost of accommodation, books, and extra charges.

The tuition fee is $3,004. After aid, the total cost of the study is $7,040.

For out-of-state students, the total cost of study before aid is $22,416 with the tuition being $5,016. To apply to Collins, click here

Panola College

Panola College is a public community college in Carthage, Texas. Panola College was founded in 1947.

They offer various scholarships and employment opportunities to students who graduate from the school. They have a variety of amazing Programs, some of them are:

  • Cosmetology

  • English Language and Literature

  • Medical/Clinical Assistant

  • Emergency Medical Technology/technician (EMT paramedic)

  • Industrial technology

  • Agriculture

  • Music

  • Economics

  • Information sciences/studies

  • Medical Insurance Coding Specialist

  • General Office Occupations and clerical service

The average cost of study at Panola College is $17,550 before aid and $6,492 after aid.

The cost of study includes a tuition fee of $3,756 and the cost of books, campus room and board. For External students, the cost of study before aid is $18,534 with a tuition of $4,560.

To apply to Panola College, click here.

Tarrant County College

This is a community college located in Tarrant County Texas. It offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts in Teaching Degrees.

Tarrant county offers a list of programs with Associate degrees, some of them are:

  • General Studies

  • Legal assistant/paralegal

  • Airframe Mechanics

  • Sign Language Interpretation and translation

  • Drafting and Design Technology

  • Automotive Mechanics Technology

  • Physical Therapy Technician

  • Radiologic Technology

  • Applied Horticulture

  • Child Development

  • Mental Health Services Technician

For In-State Students, the Average cost before aid is $19,491 and $5,147 after aid. For external students, the average cost before aid is $24,324. To start your application, click here.

Midland College

Midland College is located in Midland, a western city in Texas. Some of the program it offers includes:

  • General Studies

  • Teacher Education

  • Health Information/Medical Records

  • Respiratory care therapy

  • Diesel mechanics technology

  • Child development

The average cost of tuition for in-state students is $13,449 before aid and $7,197 after aid.  For external students, the cost is $14,709 before aid. To start your application, click here 

NCTC North Central College

North Central College is a public community college in Gainesville Texas and is the oldest operating 2-year college in Texas. It offers the following programs:

  • Registered Nursing

  • General studies

  • Computer systems networking and telecommunications

  • Farm and ranch management

  • Equine science and management/horse science

  • Fire-science/fire-fighting

  • Petroleum technology

The average cost of tuition for in-state students is $14,220 before financial aid and $6, 519 after aid. For external students, the average cost is $16,740 before aid. To kickstart your application, click here

Trinity Valley College

Trinity Valley College is a public community college located in Athens Texas. Some of the programs offered in the school include:

  • Liberal arts and sciences

  • Education 

  • Music 

  • Business/office/technology/data entry

  • Business administration and management

  • Applied horticulture/horticulture operations

  • Drafting and design technology 

  • Accounting

  • Welding technology/welder

The cost of study in Trinity Valley College before aid is $18,025 and $8,031 after aid. This fee is for students who are residents of Texas. The average cost of study for students living outside the state is $19,075.

To Visit the School’s site and apply click here.

Texas is a place to get quality and affordable education, this is the ideal place for international students to study and you can get access to Financial Aid and Scholarships through federal aid. Check out the 20 top scholarships for college students in Texas.

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