11 Important Canada Visa Requirements for Nigeria

Canada Visa Requirements for Nigeria

Are you planning a move to Canada, you will need a visa. Here are the visa types you might be needing:

Visa types ValidityProcessing time Multiple Entries
Student’s PermitDuration of study+90 days38 days Yes
Business Visasix months 38 daysYes
Work permit 24 months 12 weeksYes
Canada Visa Requirements For Nigeria

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List of the Canada Visa Requirements

Are you applying for any of the aforementioned Visa types, here is a list of the documents you will be needing:

  1. Letter of Invitation
  2. International Passport
  3. Passport Photograph(2 color passport photographs on a white background)
  4. Previous Passports showing travel history, if any.
  5. Proof of sufficient Funds(6 months bank statement)
  6. Explanation on the purpose of your trip
  7. Proof of ties to your home country(Evidence of assets/property ownership, employment letter etc)
  8. Completed Visa Forms
  9. Proof of Visa application fee
  10. Evidence of good health
  11. Evidence of accommodation(or hotel accommodation)

Additional Requirements

These additional documents are required depending on the type of visa:

  • If you’re not paying for the trip, letters from the sponsor(institution/person) are needed together with a proof that they have sufficient funds and a copy of their passport
  • Your Nigerian passport must have a six months validity and at least two blank pages. You must know that Canadian Visas are not issued longer than the validity on your Nigerian/international passport.
  • Evidence of flight booking and travel itineraries.
  • A self-addressed return courier envelop.
  • Additional Documents, if any. (Marriage certificates, Children’s birth certificates, Family pictures, invitation letters etc)
  • Under 18(minors) will be needing authorization signed by both parents or legal guardians
  • Visiting a family member or travelling for business? an invitation letter detailing nature of visit, length of stay, host person/business details.
  • Letter of introduction from employer to the Canadian Deputy high Commission requesting visa including copy of work ID card(for people traveling for a conference)
  • Attending a conference? you need to provide documents proving registration and accreditation to attend the conference .
  • Letter of introduction from the institute in Nigeria(if being sponsored by an institute)

NOTE: All documents are to be submitted in photocopy, except bank statements and introduction letters. There could be additional required documents however.


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Canada visa requirements for Nigeria

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