9 Best Medical Schools In Berlin-Tuition & Requirements

Berlin, the largest and capital city of Germany is situated in the northeast part of Germany. You will not only find the top medical schools in Berlin, but also it has multicultural city life, a popular range of landmarks, diverse traditions, exceptional scenic views, and many vibrant cultural scenes.

The city’s popularity comes from many of its historical architecture, state-of-the-art museums, the world’s longest beer garden, and many other outstanding structures and establishments.

This amazing and vibrant metropolis has many Universities and is home to some of Europe’s best Universities offering the best courses any applicant would be interested in applying for.

Berlin University offers excellent educational programs and career options, has a high international application rate, and most especially, prospective medical students in and out of Europe look forward to studying in Berlin. 

This is because medical schools in Berlin stand out in very exceptional ways and for many other reasons like their offering academic programs with bachelor’s and master’s honors that are also taught in English.

There are variants of medical schools in Berlin like specialist med schools with outstanding records of graduating the best specialist medical practitioners in different specialized knowledge.

Generally, education in Berlin is ideal and many of its reasons are; its affordability, great career options upon graduation, its social vibrancy, and a mix of many cultures and students from various spheres. 

The List of Medical Schools In Berlin

In this section, we’ll be listing every outstanding medical school and University offering the best medical courses in the very city of Berlin- “the city where everything is possible”.

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin (University Of Medicine Berlin)

The charité University of Medicine Berlin, founded in 1710 is affiliated with the German University Excellence Initiative, The Free University of Berlin, and the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The university has a student enrollment of 8,007, an administrative staff count of 10,567, and an academic staff count of 4,744 academic staff with an inclusive figure of 290 professors.

Also the university has a probable admission rate of 3.9% because admission is based solely on qualification and there isn’t much need for student competition in the admission processes. 

Being in affiliation with the free university of Berlin and Humboldt University of Berlin, it has nearly 100 departments and institutes, organized in 17 charité centers and located on four different campuses.

At charité, they are known to be a pioneering research institute that is known for its impact on international society and its record-breaking discoveries.

The university is connected to a university hospital where prospective medical practitioners are trained, research conducted, and patients treated.

The university has a curriculum that covers all areas of modern medicine in its different 100 clinics.

At their research centers, innovative and highly regarded research is conducted and adapted into patient care with a special focus on cardiovascular, inflammation, immunology, genetics, regeneration, neuroscience and rare disease research, and a host of others.

Admission and requirements

The requirements, procedures, and steps to take while applying at the charité vary widely. 

Most information is arranged according to the subject:

  • Master degree
  • Bachelor degree
  • State examination
  • Inter-university transfer
  • Applicants with vocational/professional qualifications
  • Doctoral degree enrollment

Get additional and full information about admissions and requirements.

Tuition and Fees 

Tuition and Fees vary according to ECT points and elected programs

  • Short course/guest students: €281,25 
  • Diploma in International public health: €7.859,38
  • Diploma in tropical medicine and public health: € 7.343,75 
  • Master of Science in International Health: €11.550 

Get more detailed information about Tuition, fees, finances, etc:

Degree Programs 

  • Dentistry
  • Health Science
  • applied midwifery science 
  • public health
  • Health professions education
  • Applied epidemiology
  • Epidemiology etc 

School website: www.charité.de

Humboldt University of Berlin

The HU Berlin is a public research university and has one of the best medical schools in Berlin.

Established by Frederick William III on the initiative of Wilhelm Von Humboldt and Friedrich Ernest Daniel Schleiermacher in 1809 and thus established on the 15th of October 1810 as the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The Humboldt University of Berlin is the oldest of the four public research universities in Berlin and is affiliated with Free and charité universities of Berlin, German Universities Excellence Initiative, UNICA, U15, EUA, IAU, FGU, etc.

The university has a budget of over €483.3 million, Student enrollment of 32,553, an administrative staff count of 1,516, and an academic staff count of 2,403 meanwhile offering program degrees in 189 disciplines from undergraduate to postgraduate levels and a graduation rate of 34,44 for bachelors and 59,14 for masters.

The admission process competition at Humboldt is very stiff and with its acceptance rates dropping to 2% in courses like psychology and 5% for philosophy and ethics.

Though the general acceptance rate is 18% and could be as high as 20%, the university doesn’t focus on its acceptance rate as students are being accepted upon Evaluated qualifications.

Among its nine faculties is the Medical School being shared with the Free University of Berlin with its main campus situated at inter den linden boulevard in central Berlin.

HU Berlin ranks 4th in Germany and has been recorded to have taken part in breakthroughs in physics and other sciences by professors such as Albert Einstein and is known for pioneering the Humboldtian model of higher education which has had a great influence on European and Western universities.

 Among other achievements, the university was regarded in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as the world’s preeminent university for natural sciences.

Admission processes and requirements

For more information about application periods, courses, how to apply, degrees, contact, and questions here.

Also, contact the HU Berlin admissions office. Check out their Tuition and Fees.

Visit the school’s website.

Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin)

Founded in the year 1948, the Free University of Berlin has a long record of academic excellence and notable affiliations.

The free University of Berlin is a public research university in Berlin consistently holding its place among the best Universities in Berlin and is recognized as a leading university in the International university rankings.

Cutting-edge Research at the Free University of Berlin benefits largely from the university’s vast International affiliations with Universities and other organizations.

The university maintains a vast range of cooperative arrangements worldwide and over 100 university-wide partnerships with higher education institutions mostly in the important regions of eastern Europe, East, and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and North and Latin America. 

FU Berlin maintains over 300 agreements with the Erasmus+ program and offers its students International experience opportunities.

The university partners together with international, national, and regional partners in education and business sectors, arts and culture, government, and the general society and thus, a member of the most prestigious academic Organizations and associations around the world.

Its medical bachelor’s level program is offered by the medical school- charité – University of Berlin, Germany. And this degree program runs for 6.25 years.

FU Berlin houses 33,000 Students enrolled in the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and 4,000 doctoral students and has an admission rate of 15%.

It also offers 178 degree programs, 73 undergraduate programs, 105 consecutive master’s degree programs, and 51 doctoral programs.

The university has 11 academic departments and an affiliate medical school with Humboldt and 4 transdisciplinary central institutes.

Admissions processes and requirements 

  • High school qualification certificate

  • Recognized academic certificates

  • Passport photo (copy)

  • Language proficiency proof

  • Proof of financial guarantee

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Overview of modules and grades (translated)

Check out the required admission documents.

Fees and funding

Check out the directives on fees and funding.

Study programs

Get Information on all programs or visit the school website.

HTW Berlin – University of Applied Science

Founded in 1994, HTW Berlin is the largest public University of applied sciences in Berlin and also, in the east of Germany.

The university is the first to receive the quality seal from the accredited council in Berlin, also the System accreditation status shows the ability of the university to guarantee the quality standard of their study programs on the grounds of a quality management system.

HTW Berlin remains a leading institute With over 14,000 students, 75 programs, 390 administrative staff an acceptance rate of 65%, a 26.4% of international students proportion (the highest in Germany), and 1 HTW -university of applied sciences in medicine, Berlin.

At HTW Berlin, Importance is placed on foreign languages and very outstanding skills like presentation skills.

Research is key at the HTW Berlin and is a core factor in student development thus its collaborations with over 140 Universities worldwide and an already established network of cooperation partnerships aid Research at the University.

Admission requirements and processes

General Requirements

Bachelors degree: 

  • Higher education entrance qualification

  • Specialist entry qualification in line with the 11 Berlin higher education act /higher education entrance qualification (subject-specific)

Admissions for a master’s degree program require a recognized first academic degree. Check out the information on admission requirements.

Tuition and Fees

Check out their tuition and fees.

Degrees and programs

Touro College Berlin

Touro College Berlin is an American college located in Berlin. Founded in 2003, Touro College Berlin offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in many major courses and studies.

U.S Bachelor’s programs and the MBA program of the University have been accredited by the Middle States Commission on higher education and the new York state department of education.

The College is Keen on connecting the dots between German and American academic systems and creating a socially comfortable environment that is conducive to learning.

The College is an independent small college, the only Jewish American College in Germany, and is part of the Touro and university network.

In as much as the college has an American background, The Institution has a general multicultural nature and its main communication language is English.

Tuoro College Berlin offers a four-year undergraduate degree program while obtaining a German and US degree at the same time if eligible.

The university has a probable admission rate of 37% because admission is based solely on qualification and there isn’t much need for student competition in the admission processes. 

Other information includes; a 122 Student enrollment, a student-staff ratio of 5:1, and 25 number full-time employees.


  • Middle States Commission on higher education

  • New York department of education

  • US bachelor programs 

MBA program

  • German wissenschaftsrat: Institutional accreditation
  • Staatlich anerkannte hochschule

State-recognition status Germany

Agency for external assurance (higher education)

  • The bachelor of science in management AQAS
  • Masters of arts in Holocaust communication and tolerance

Admission requirements and processes

Entry Requirements

  • American High School Diploma/equivalent
  • Secondary School Certificates/ equivalent: International baccalaureate diploma, Israeli bagrut, German abitur, etc 

For any certificate not written in either German or English, translated copies should be provided.

Find out about admission processes, Also get full Information on tuition and fees.


Most of the medical programs at Touro University are Online, visit the school’s website to find out 

Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin-Steinbeis University of Berlin

The Steinbies University of Berlin is a private  University of applied sciences founded in 1998, in Berlin, Germany.

Steinbeis University is a state-approved University that works with the top educational academies, non-profits, and companies.

The Steinbeis University is a profit Institution, privately funded, has a student enrollment rate of 6,344, a student: staff Ratio of 254:1, and a probable admission rate of 35% because admission is based solely on qualification and there isn’t much need for student competition in the admission processes. 

It offers transfer recognized academic degrees with a variety of professional networks and International recognition.

The steinbeis transfer institute medical and Allied health Cooperated with the steinbeis University and offers diverse courses like allied health and health management ( Bachelor of science with a professional project competence study (3 years)  This course qualifies you for clinical medicinal services, placed above specialist nursing level and below medical level work.

Admissions and requirements


  • Choose a program for enrollment
  • Apply
  • and in an admissions form
  • Complete admissions-related tasks 


  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Application form (Online)
  • IELTS Certificate
  • TOEFL Certificate
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Student visa
  • Letter of Motivation 
  • Application fee
  • Language Certificate (local)
  • Passport copy
  • Proof of fee payment copy
  • Photographs/passport copy

Visit the school’s website to find out more.

Technische Universität Berlin- Technical University of Berlin

The Technical University of Berlin is a public research University in Berlin, Germany, and was founded in 1879.

the technical University of Berlin has maintained a long record of being Among the best research and technical institutes in Berlin.

Studying at the Technical University of Berlin will require a minimum CGPA of 4.5 to study at University and international/exchange students are required to submit a B2 level German language skills course certificate to help them In their enrollment process.

The university has a total student enrollment of 33,577, has an acceptance rate of 52%, with 27% being International Students, has 4,750 full-time employees, and a student-teacher ratio of 7:1.

The University offers only 25 out of its 115 programs in the English language. And therefore, prospective students are advised to know the German language.

University statistics

  • International students: 6,066

  • academic staff: 402

  • International staff: 36

  • degrees awarded: 1,911

  • master’s degrees awarded: 2,625

  • research staff: 270

  • undergraduate students (freshers): 5,821

  • new master’s students: 3,667

  • new doctoral students: 487

Important facts to note 

  • The university is a Tuition free institute.

  • The university offers scholarships with a fee waiver of over €80/ monthly for both domestic and International students.

  • Most programs are taught in German.

  • The university is located in an area of extreme climate conditions

Admission and processes 

Get important/detailed information about enrollment. Visit this page for information on extra fees. Visit the school’s website for more information on how to enroll.

Arden University Berlin

Founded in 1990, Arden University is a university delivering top-notch programs to students for graduation. Being assessed by the quality assurance agency, and receiving Praise worthy commendations, the university stands as an elite Institute.

Arden University Berlin Campus since opening its doors in 2018, has been providing the best courses with a focus on career paths to focused students. Delivering high-profile British degrees from the Berlin campus.

The university has a total Student enrollment of 1000, has its acceptance rate of 65%, 321 employees count, and a student-teacher ratio of 15:1.

Studying at Arden offers you a great opportunity to experience a flexible range of courses which helps students concentrate on gaining industry expertise alongside studies. And this flexibility gives room for other resourceful activities.

Choosing medical courses like healthcare management at Arden offers a great wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience that you’ll be needing to follow your passion and stand out in your field. Check out their admission information and its requirements. You can also get information on tuition, additional costs, and fees.

MSB medical school Berlin 

The Medical School Berlin is a state-approved University founded in 2012 and is part of a university network with the Business Medical School Berlin and Medical School Hamburg.

The Medical School in Berlin offers variants of courses at two different faculties. Students are allowed to choose between applied science or university course and make careful decisions about their career paths depending on their comfortable area of specialization and general strength.

The university has a student enrollment of over 1400, 147 employees and 36 of which are professors, a 43% acceptance rate, a student-teacher ratio of 22:1, and is privately funded.

The universities faculty of health sciences is a university of applied sciences and initially began with six bachelor’s courses characterized by its outstanding degree of relevance.

The faculty of natural sciences is a university faculty offering scientific courses with an attached degree. And the faculty of medicine offers the state examination course in human medicine.

At the MSB, they aim to graduate more specialists in the healthcare market and tackle the issue of having available, qualified specialists. 

They offer highly innovative courses with a specific focus on health and medicine to meet up with the challenges including interdisciplinary healthcare in the time to come. This will help to impact the basic cross-professional skills which in turn will help represent future fields of practice.

Degree programs 

(All the courses are accredited by the AHPGS)

Faculty of Health Sciences :

  • Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Curative Education 
  • Curative education
  • Physician Assistant 
  • Medical Controlling and Management 
  • Social Work
  • Social Work, Major Counseling and Family 
  • Early Help and Early Intervention 
  • Medical Education 

Faculty of Natural Sciences 

  • Psychology

Masters course

Faculty of Health Sciences 

  • Social Work 
  • Clinical Research 
  • Digital Health Management 
  • Sexology 

Faculty of Natural Sciences 

  • Psychology with a focus on clinical psychology and psychotherapy
  • Psychology with a focus on Forensic Psychology 
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Psychotherapy 
  • Medical Education 

Get more details on admission and requirements

Tuition annually is € 8,841.84. Visit the school’s website for more details.


What are the requirements to study medicine in Berlin?

Various requirements are depending on your choice of institution. these are just basic requirements :

  • High school certificate or equivalent
  • A healthy GPA
  • Proficiency in German (depends on the university)
  • Display of excellence in major science subjects (Biology, Physics, chemistry, and math ) 
  • Recommendation letters
  • Work experience in the health sector; voluntary work, etc
  • TOEFL and IELTS results 

Is studying medicine in Berlin Worth it?

Studying medicine in Berlin is sure to be worth it because Berlin is q city known for its constant reinventing. so While being immersed in your studies, you can not but feel relaxed by the soothing aura of the German capital. 

Also, medical education in Germany is usually in the top 10, living expenses are moderate when compared to their value, job opportunities are usually available and Germany is generally a well-developed country with different opportunities to aid your learning process.

Can I Study Medicine in English?

Well, your options are very limited but one of the most prestigious of them all is the university of Targu Mures Medical Campus in Hamburg .this university offers medical programs in the English language.

Learning German is as important as knowing your English language too. Socialization, campus life, and all other activities like little events where you would want a cup of Expresso would need you to know the language of the Germans.


Berlin has become an attractive option for prospective medical students especially those who realized that studying medicine in their country Is becoming difficult.

Choosing a school of study in Berlin is relatively easy because there are not many options but I bet they’re all perfect options for any student looking forward to studying medicine in Berlin.

Go through our lists thoroughly and make careful decisions because not all good schools will fit your preference, especially because of the barrier of language.


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