3 Best Dental Schools in Sydney & Their Programs

Great dental cleanliness prevents foul breath, tooth rot, and gum illness. To this end, there is a great demand for the administration of the most ideal oral care by incensed and professional dental specialists.

Dentistry is one of the most amazing fields to specialize in. Furthermore, a Dentist is liable for different dental systems, for example, tooth filling and crowning, tooth fixing, and the fabrication of false teeth.

This article carefully talks about the medical specialty of dentistry,  top dental schools in Sydney, their programs and degrees, and what you need to know about dentistry as a specialty. 

What is Dentistry 

Dentistry is a specialty of medicine that deals with teeth, gums, and the general well-being of the mouth.

It is a discipline of science that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and rebuilding of blemished or missing teeth and mending of issues connected with oral holes, teeth, and related structures. 

A dental team comprises Dental Healthcare Professionals (DHP), and this includes, Dental Nurses, Clinical Dental Technicians, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Technicians, Orthodontic Therapists, and Practice Managers.

A dental school is a higher educational institution that offers programs for students interested in the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of illnesses of the teeth and gums. 

The main objective of a dental degree program is to instruct and prepare dental students for professional dental practice.

Students are educated to practice all aspects of dentistry suitable for all ages, including oral analysis and more.

In any case, one can’t just awaken one day and choose to seek after a profession as a dental specialist without first going to dental school. Yououst enroll indent school, gain knowledge and expertise, and proper licensing

Acceptance Rate Of Dental Schools In Sydney

Every student aspires to be admitted into their preferred school of choice. A school, then again, cannot accept every student who applies. Therefore, you ought to find out about a school’s acceptance rate while applying. 

Getting into a Dental School just like other medical specialties could be difficult. This is because most schools have a low acceptance rate, and medically inclined courses are health-based, only the best are picked.

Thus, if you are keen on going to a dental school, you need to make your application stick out, and ensure you get together with the school’s application prerequisites.

Also, the ratio of the number of students admitted to that college to the number of students who applied decides a school’s acceptance rate. 

How long Does It take to become a Dentist In Sydney?

Getting a dental degree from one of the top approved dental universities in Sydney would require giving your time and skills. It takes at least four years to finish a dentistry program at a dental school in Sydney.

After you’ve finished your four-year college education program, you’ll have to take the Dental Admissions Test to turn into a dental specialist (DAT). The DAT is utilized to decide if you are skillful enough to administer dentistry services to the public.

Ways to pick the Best Dental School for You

Choosing to go to dental school is certainly not a simple one, and not every person who pursues this choice will see everything through to completion.

You are picking a vocation that has numerous open doors for yourself and will permit you to develop as a person in surprising and compensating ways. 

As you are planning to apply and enter dental school, utilize these tips to assist you with picking the school that best accommodates your character, needs, and interests.

Keep in mind that you will be in dental school for a long time, so it is essential to invest energy in tracking down the best fit for you. 

1. Do Some Soul Searching

Ask yourself what propels or interests you about dentistry. What energizes and urges you to a passion for dentistry? Make sure this choice is fully yours to make.

2. Think About Your Location

Picking a school given Its standing and name does not imply that its area is the ideal best for you to spend your next four years

Think about the geographic area of the school to you. What’s more, assuming that you are an international student. Make legitimate arrangements and inquiries before moving in.

3. Conclude What Sort Of Educational Program You Are Searching For.

The dental school educational program differs by the school and frequently changes. Consider your learning style and make a choice.

4. Ensure The School Mission Lines Up With Your Convictions.

Many schools intently follow their missions while picking which candidates they will acknowledge.

For instance, students keen on working in a rural region after graduation ought to search for schools that have this concentration as their main goal.

Statements of purpose depict the upsides of every organization with regards to the sorts of patients they serve, the dental specialists they graduate, and the practices they follow.

5. Find Out What Supportive Networks Are Set Up at the school

Students in some cases experience difficulties in their educational careers.

These could incorporate individual, academic, monetary or well-being challenges, and more. As you are exploring, you need to remember this thought.

Some key supportive networks you could search for are student health services, mentoring services, psychological counseling, coaching, organized gatherings, and expert profession improvement programs. 

Likewise, if you are a student with a learning disability, make certain to see what strategies and frameworks they have set up to address any advancing requirements you might have.

The List of Top Dental Schools In Sydney

Here is a list of top dental schools in Sydney:

1. The University Of Sydney – School Of Dentistry

The University of Sydney School of Dentistry also known as Sydney Dental School is Australia’s first dental school and a constituent body of the University of Sydney, Australia.

For more than 100 years, they have provided education and training in dentistry and oral health, creating exceptional graduates, conducting research with a real-world impact, and offering continuing education.

Sydney Dental School is based on integrated research, teaching, and clinical practice, they have consistently ranked as one of Australia’s top dental schools.

Students benefit from the opportunity to gain clinical experience in functioning dental hospitals.

Also, students learn from diverse real-world oral health issues, interact with dental and medical professionals, and develop an understanding of current healthcare issues.

Programs And Degrees

The Sydney Dental School offers two pathways to becoming a dentist:

Doctor of Dental Medicine – graduate entry

Double Degree Dentistry (Bachelor of Science (Advanced)/Doctor of Dental Medicine) – 

They also offer Dentistry short courses and a range of CPD dental courses to help practitioners meet their professional development requirements and build competence in a range of areas, from infection control to orthodontics.

Postgraduate Degrees:

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

  • Oral Medicine
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Population Oral Health
  • Restorative And Reconstructive Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Special Needs Dentistry
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry – Advanced Restorative
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Dentistry (Advanced Restorative)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Surgical Dentistry)
  • Graduate Diploma in Dentistry (Oral Implants)
  • Graduate Diploma in Dentistry (Conscious Sedation and Pain Control)

Each professional development and CPD dental course at Sydney Dental School is taught by carefully selected educators and industry experts in a face-to-face format. 

2. IAADent

Since its inception in 2008, the founding faculty of IAADent have committed to providing the best possible education to general dentists.

The IAADent is committed to providing the best possible education in implant dentistry and orthodontics/orthodontics to general dentists.


They aim to create super dentists who provide the highest standard of care for the health and benefit of patients around the world.

The university-awards diploma programs in 

  • Oral Implantology
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, and
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction and Sleep-Disturbed Breathing, 

The school is set out to bring the best of dental education and the latest evidence and techniques directly to general dentists seeking to advance and enhance their clinical practice. 

3. Brener Implant Institute (Bii)

Brener Implant Institute is a dental implant school in Sydney (North Sydney), Australia. The institution is the leader in dental implant, bone grafting, and prosthodontic education.

Brener Implant Institute (Bii) is committed to remaining at the forefront of implant dentistry and prosthodontics and to providing comprehensive education on the unique clinical implications of implant dentistry. 

Bii implantology training programs and courses focus on the contemporary successful state-of-the-art dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

This is achieved through a  combination of comprehensive hands-on training workshops, live surgery, lectures, and demos.

Bii’s Master Implant Program caters to both the experienced implant clinician as well as the novice.

The course organization allows for a confident progression of implant skill and knowledge.


Master Implant Program

  • Essential Implant Treatment Protocols, 3D and Digital Photographic Treatment Planning and Sequencing
  • Single Tooth and Quadrant Prosthetics
  • Surgical Implant Placement and Treatment of Surgical Complications
  • Appositional Grafting, including Particulate and Membrane Grafting, use of Autologous Stem Cells, and Peri-implantitis Solutions
  • Appositional Grafting, including Particulate and Membrane Grafting, use of Autologous Stem Cells, and Peri-implantitis Solutions

Prosthetic Implant Program 

  • Essential Implant Treatment Protocols, 3D and Digital Photographic Treatment Planning and Sequencing
  • Single Tooth and Quadrant Prosthetics
  • Full arch fixed and removable prosthodontics and a novel surgical treatment of mucogingival recession defects and the improvement of poor gingival biotype.

Advanced Implant Program

  • Graftless Surgical Solutions for Full Arch Rehabilitation (All-on-4)

Adjunct Implant Programs

  • Hands-on Frozen Cadaver Surgical Grafting and Implants
  • Team Training Workshop for Auxiliary Staff

Dental Schools in Sydney FAQs

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Is the University of Sydney good for dentistry?

For more than 100 years, the University of Sydney School of Dentistry has provided education and training in dentistry and oral health, creating exceptional graduates, conducting research with a real-world impact, and offering continuing education.

How hard is dental school?

Dental school is tough but you’re not alone. If something is quite difficult for you, it’s probably difficult for others too.

There are lots of ways to make dealing with tough times a little easier and one of them is by getting to know your peers and doing things together.

Is Dental School Worth It?

If you love tending to the oral needs of people and you have a passion for it, then Yes, it is. You need a proper dentistry degree and licensure to practice your dream career as a dentist.


As an aspiring student, you should do good research about the institution that you intend to apply to. The prerequisites for undergrad dental school courses fluctuate by the school. 

For sure, it is hard to get into dental school without a four-year college education. Thus, if you need to be a dental understudy, you need to get together the necessities.

When picking a school, the main factor to consider ought not to be the expense, but instead the value. It means quite a bit to ponder the quality-to-cost proportion. And also note that caring for your dental health is basic.

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