6 Best Dental Schools in Melbourne & Their Programs

Getting into dental school is so competitive. Nonetheless, it isn’t impossible. Dental schools, just like every other medical school, have necessities that ought to be met by each aspiring student.

If you have plans of enrolling in a dental school in Melbourne, know that you are about to make a great decision for your career advancement.

Dental schools in Melbourne offer the basic foundations of dental science and students get hands-on experience in clinical placements.

They are trained to treat patients under the supervision of experienced clinicians and work to improve oral health through prevention, education, and clinical care.

What you should know before applying to Dental Schools

Before you even get to the application processes of any dental schools of your choice, you need to conclude on your choice of a dental program, and Your choice should be based on these:

  • Ensure that the school is licensed or accredited
  • Know about the school’s standards
  • Additionally, you ought to consider the acceptance rate of the school
  • Is the school public or private?
  • Lastly, you need to know the length of the program.

What is the Cost of Dental Schools?

The cost of dentistry school differs depending on your choice of college. With regards to dental schools, the educational cost isn’t the main cost you’ll need to consider.

Firstly note that you will likewise be answerable for paying for your dental instruments, educational materials, and other fixed charges as a dental student. This cost altogether depends upon the school to which you apply.

It is also essential to note that the cost of a dentistry school depends on if it’s a public or private establishment. While searching for a school, apparently cost ought to be a significant thought.

However, you shouldn’t limit your choices to hands down the least expensive institutions. The most costly schools may not generally be the most ideal choice.

How Difficult is it to Get into Dental Schools?

All aspiring or prospective dental students’ dreams is to get an acknowledgment letter from their preferred institution. As a dentistry student, everything relies upon your degree of performance and your ability to meet the vital necessities in general.

Right off the bat, you ought to have valid justifications for picking dentistry. Try not to simply awaken one day and choose to concentrate on dentistry without having a valid justification.

These ideas will assist you to stand out in applying to any dental school of your choice. Go through them mindfully and put them to action.

  • Firstly Make sure you have completed your four-year degree with a full-time course load. Ensure your scholarly life is looking great.
  • Shadow is an expert and volunteers in local area projects connected with dentistry. This will assist you with building your insight base in the dental career.
  • Try to flaunt your dental knowledge and demonstrate that you care about the subject. Express this in your application.
  • Get no less than two letters of recommendation from individuals in the dental profession. 
  • Finally, have a decent GPA and DAT score. Having pre-dental school insight and a decent letter of recommendation isn’t sufficient. You should have good grades too, this is because no school needs a student that performs poorly academically.

The Dental Profession and its specialties 

The dental profession just like every other medical specialty is very vast with a lot of fields you can get specialized in. Some of which may include the following and even more:

  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • Dental public health
  • Periodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial pathology
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics
  • Pediatric Dentistry

Where Can A Dentist Work?

After completing and earning a good degree in any dental program and attaining proper licenses. You can work as a dental expert in any of these different settings, including:

  • Private Dental or Public Health Agencies
  • Dental Health Clinics
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Government organizations like military establishments

Dental experts are vital members of the health sector, they put a smile on people’s faces and this has a great constructive outcome on individual lives. Check out the 10 top dental schools in Ontario: their tuition and programs.

The List of Best Dental Schools In Melbourne

  • Melbourne Dental School
  • RMIT University 
  • Australian Dental Academy
  • Dentistry and Implantology Academy
  • La Trobe University
  • Menzies Institute of Technology

Melbourne Dental School

Melbourne Dental School is dedicated to several areas of Research. The school’s focus surrounds improving public health, analyzing the impact, improvement of technologies, and bettering practices – all in the area of Oral Health.

The University of Melbourne is a globally engaged, comprehensive, research-intensive university uniquely positioned to respond to the major social, economic, and environmental challenges of our time.

The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences is one of Australia’s largest biomedical research faculties. 

Students learn from internationally renowned dental academics and are exposed to the clinical expertise of local specialists. 


Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned professional, with high teaching evaluations in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Health Sciences they offer coursework and short course programs.

  • Bachelor of Oral Health
  • Doctor of Clinical Dentistry
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Graduate Certificate in Dental Therapy (Advanced Clinical Practice)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Implants)
  • Master of Philosophy – MDHS (Dental Science)
  • Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

RMIT University

RMIT University is a school that provides dental courses in Melbourne. This Melbourne dental school has been at the forefront of dental education for more than 20 years.

In addition, RMIT has strong links with the industry, With a focus on dental assisting and dental technology.

Qualifications range from traineeships and apprenticeships to advanced diplomas and students learn from industry experts receiving practical training.


  • Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics
  • Dental Assisting
  • Dental Assisting (Dental Radiography)
  • Diploma of Dental Technology

Australian Dental Academy

The Australian Dental Academy is a pioneer body in South East Asia and Oceania with a decade of experience with Australian Dental Council Examination Tutoring, Oral Rehabilitation and Allied Dental Courses.

Being one of the most successful and biggest, ADC Tutoring institutes in Australia is committed to providing candidates with the highest quality assistance and help, based on the Australian dental examination board.

Click here to view Programs and Course Outline.

La Trobe University

La Trobe University is also a dental school in Melbourne – they provide dentistry and oral health courses for students.

La Trobe University offers degrees in Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours), Bachelor of Oral Health Science, Bachelor of Health Sciences in Dentistry and Master of Dentistry. 

La Trobe has health facilities like Dental Simulation Laboratories which provides students with a world-class, modern, and interactive learning environment.

From the dental courses, students gain basic sciences and public health skills, and other knowledge about dentistry.


  • Preclinical oral health
  • Medicine for dentistry
  • Clinical practice
  • Prosthodontics

Click here to view the school’s Handbook for more info about courses.

5. Dentistry and Implantology Academy

DIA is one of the largest dental implantology colleges in Melbourne. They are recognized amongst the dental profession as a leading center for education and support for dental clinicians. 

DIA is dedicated to developing and promoting the highest educational and professional standards in the field of dental implantology. 

With an emphasis on utilizing a practically focused, hands-on training approach, their goal is to help set and elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry. With a team of lecturers and professionals, they provide hands-on education with the most progressive information. Accordingly, DIA awards graduate with the highest level of knowledge and experience for their patient treatment.

In partnership with Australian clinicians, DIA strives to continue to advance and support the field of implantology.


  • Live Implant Surgery
  • Basic Implantology
  • Advanced Implantology
  • Full Arch Solutions
  • Implant Restoration Procedures
  • Dental Photography and Digital Smile Design
  • Digital Implant Treatment 

The school’s curriculum provides comprehensive training programs, from basic courses for dentists with limited experience to advanced and specialized courses.

The curriculum includes a broad range of implantology courses from beginner to highly advanced. Click here to view the full Program Brochure details.

Menzies Institute of Technology

Menzies Institute of Technology is another institution that offers dental courses in Melbourne. These courses feature the latest technology, equipment, and teaching methods, helping to develop students’ knowledge and skills in dentistry and qualify them as dental assistants and technicians. 

The Dental Health courses offered at Menzies Institute of Technology feature the latest technology, equipment, and teaching methods for students to become qualified Dental Assistants and Dental Technicians.

The training provided is predominately hands-on. All training and practical demonstrations are held on campus whereas professional work placements are held at dental clinics. 

Dental Health

  • Dental Assisting
  • Diploma of Dental Technology

Visit the Website for more info.

Dental Schools in Melbourne FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Become A Dentist In Melbourne?

In Australia, the dentistry degree is generally 4 years when you are entering as a university graduate.

Following on from an undergraduate degree that is at least 3 years, this pathway takes at least 7 years.

What Is The Best Dental School In Australia?

Australia has three universities ranked among the world’s top 50 dental schools.

These are the University of Melbourne in 14th (33rd in the world rankings), the University of Adelaide in 25th (100th in the world rankings), and the University of Sydney in joint 38th (37th in the world rankings

What GPA Is Needed For Dental Schools In Australia?

GPA varies according to your choice of institution. Just like every other medical-related institution, dental schools in Australia are very strict and selective based on admittance.

Make sure you have every requirement before applying. Click here to get more info about GPA for dental schools in Australia. 

Are Dentists In Demand In Australia?

Even as the need for dental care is increasing, the demand for dental professionals is on a rise too.

The most important takeaway is that demand is expected to rise at a rate of 2.51% per year. However, these figures could rise if the government decides to spend more money on dental care.

What Do Dentists Earn In Australia?

Dentists in Australia earn an average salary of $140,614 per year or $72.11 per hour.

Entry-level positions start at $114,748 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $188,346 per year.


If you desire to help other people with their oral well-being, enrolling in a dental school ought to be your top priority.

As stated earlier at the beginning of this article, dental schools in Melbourne offer top-notch dental training for foundational and higher-level degrees and programs.

If you are having issues financially meeting up with the cost and expenses, applying for grants or another monetary guide for dentistry students is likewise smart.

This may be very valuable in helping you in choosing the best school for you. It will likewise assist you with setting aside cash.

Congrats on deciding to apply to any of the dental schools in Melbourne suggested here.

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