31 Top Autism Schools in Dubai:[Special Needs Schools]

In case you are in search of Autism schools in Dubai then this article is just for you. Read on as we explore a wide variety of top-notch Autism schools in Dubai and what they offer. 

Autism schools in Dubai are focused on understanding autistic conditions and approaching them in a comprehensive manner that expands the capability and potential of every child.

The List of Autism Schools in Dubai

Autism is a complex condition and no case is similar; to this end autism schools and centers in Dubai create individual and integrative plans that support and nurture not only the child but the whole family.

Here are some of the Top Autism Schools in Dubai.

The Doris Duan – Young Autism Center

The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center – Dubai,  is more of a Centre of a support services platform that helps assess children with autism or other disabilities for verbal and functional behavioral setbacks. 

They offer top-notch counseling and behavioral support services which include assessment, clinical therapy and community training.

Each member of The DDY Autism Center Team, comprises Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), Developmental Psychologists, and Counselors.

Location: Al Razi Building 64, Block C, Dubai Healthcare City.

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Dubai Autism Center

Founded in 2001, Dubai Autism Center offers a modern learning facility for autistic children to cater to their specific environmental and sensory needs.

It is one of the largest, most innovative, and comprehensive nonprofit organizations in the United Arab Emirates. They provide holistic learning and therapeutic interventions for people and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

This is to help them become active and conscious citizens of Dubai. Services  offered include: 

  • Clinical Services
  • Therapeutic Programs
  • Special Education Services
  • Specialized Activities 
  • Professional Development 

Location: 20 B Street, Opp. National Charity School, Garhoud.

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High Hopes Dubai – Pediatric Therapy Center

High Hopes Dubai is an autism and special needs school in Dubai.

They work with children diagnosed with a range of Neuromuscular Disorders (like Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia, etc.), Genetic Disorders, Abnormal Muscle Tone, Sensory Processing Difficulties, Delayed Developmental Milestones, fine motor/ visual motor deficit and self-care difficulties.

They believe in empowering every child by understanding their needs and then creating a program to help them maximize their independence in daily life while working within their abilities.

Services Offered

  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Vision Intervention Therapy 
  • Occupational Therapy 
  • Hydrotherapy Visiting Incentives

Location: 31 13th St – Al Safa – Al Safa 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Dubai Center For Special Needs

Dubai Center for Special Needs is a special school in Dubai established in the late 1970s. They are dedicated to serving the needs of people with learning disabilities. 

The Center has students, ranging from the ages of 3-30 years old. Apart from educational facilities they also have a fully equipped fitness center and swimming pool which is managed by qualified Physical Education teachers to promote physical wellness.

They offer good curriculums and rehabilitation services which include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech & Language
  • Online Therapy

Location: 45th Street, Near Safa Park, Sheik Zayed Road.

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Sanad Village

Sanad Village is one of the largest centers dedicated to understanding autism and other related disorders in Dubai.

Sanad Village offers a holistic, comprehensive and integrated approach to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) providing pathways into society for individuals and a support system that focuses on the whole family.

They offer Therapy, Early Intervention Program

Elementary Program, Vocational Program, and Extracurricular Activities.

Location: 27HH+6JG – The Sustainable City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Safe Center for Autism — Dubai

Established in 2010 Safe Center is a non for profit, special education center in Dubai offering two accredited educational programs; AMP and ABA. 

Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE) and AMP programs are integrated into their curriculum. 

The Safe Center facilities include 12 classrooms, which are all connected to their own private, small play areas and restrooms.

Services offered include Day Center, Afternoon Center, ABA Therapy, Vocational, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Skills, and Swimming.

Location: First Al Khail Street, Al Barsha, Dubai.

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Rashid Center for People of Determination

The Rashid Center for students of Determination was established in 1994. The center’s mission is to develop each student’s ability to participate actively in learning, by designing and delivering an integrated program of Education.

They also offer therapies that will enable students to take progressive steps toward learning and experience success.

Rashid Center for People of Determination has programs in the Early Years, Middle School, and Senior School categories.

Services offered include: 

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Education 
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Behavior Support Management 

Location: Al Barsha 1, Behind Mall of the Emirates.

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Maharat Learning Center – Dubai

Maharat Learning Center is a special education school in Dubai that provides a variety of specialized programs for children and young adults with a variety of learning and special educational needs. 

They utilize Assistive Technology, Augmentative Alternative Communication, ABA teaching techniques, online resources, virtual reality and other innovative technology in their teaching curriculum. 

MLC provides an enabling environment for individuals facing various challenges and supports them with necessary life skills, academics, vocational training, job placement and coaching.

They support children and young adults with Specific Learning Difficulties such as:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyscalculia 
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

As well as other cognitive disorders, developmental delays and learning difficulties that may be affecting their academic performance.

Services offered include; ABA Therapy, Early Intervention, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Toilet Training, Feeding Therapy, Remote Supervision, and Specific Learning Difficulties.

Location: Suite HP011, Marsa Plaza, Ground Floor, Dubai Festival City.

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Al Noor Training Center for Persons with Disabilities

The Al Noor Training Center is a social care center established in 1981. They have a holistic approach to the wellbeing and development of all students, who benefit from individual, specially designed programs to suit their specific needs.

Students are offered good facilities like; a large sports auditorium, swimming pool, well-equipped gym, dance and yoga studio, music room, art and craft studio, soft play area, and Shaded outdoor play area for extracurricular activities.

And also, Well-equipped therapy rooms, Library with a wide array of books for students and books on professional topics

They offer a wide range of services including religious and language studies, therapies, social work, technology and much more.


They also have a  unique curriculum, structured to improve student’s learning experience and help them towards greater independence in all walks of life. 

Location: Building No. 01, Street No. 21, Al Barsha 1.

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Jad’s Inclusion

Jad’s Inclusion (JI) is a non-profit special education center in Dubai structured as a school for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties or delays.

They handle children aged between 4 – 16 years old. This center was established in 2012 to provide high-quality education and specialized services for children with mild to moderate learning difficulties.   

Services Offered Includes:

  • Full Day Program
  • After School Activities
  • Educational Support
  • Functional / Social Skills Club
  • Therapy
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) 

Location: 24 43 A St – Al Safa – Al Safa 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Autism Trust Foundation Center

ATF Learning Difficulties Center is a full-service autism center in Dubai, that provides one-on-one Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy sessions for children and their families, dealing with ASD.

ATF Learning Difficulties Center is a special needs center with a philosophy of patient-focused care in a family-oriented environment. They are dedicated to helping children and adolescents with autism and related disorders.

Services Offered:

  • Assessment & diagnosis
  • Severe Behavior Program
  • Feeding Disorders Program
  • Preschool Program
  • Outreach programs
  • Treatment and Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Aquatic Therapy

Location:  Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Al Karamah School

Al Karamah is an autism school located in Abu Dhabi, they work with UAE Nationals to develop students’ skills through personalized, stimulating and enriching education. 

Their goal is to provide a calm, safe and inclusive environment where students can learn, evolve and grow into thriving individuals who can reach their full potential in life.

Al Karamah School follows the British National Curriculum with associated therapies so students can gain internationally-recognized qualifications and accreditations.

The school is architecturally designed to offer both outdoor and indoor learning facilities and therapeutic environments which are specially designed for students’ unique needs.

Location: P.O. Box 59412, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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Small Steps Learning Difficulties Center

Small Steps is a social needs center in Dubai that has been brightening the lives of thousands of special students and their special education needs since 2016.

They offer services to children with autism and other developmental challenges, building programs that enhance the quality of life of the students and their families.

The Mission of the Center is to make society less challenging and more acceptable for Autistic children.

Services Offered: 

  • ABA Therapy
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Individual Education Plan
  • Occupational Therapy
  • VB MAPPVerbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program)
  • Development Delay
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Speech Delay

Location: Al Barsha – Barsha South – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Special Needs Future Development Center

Location Villa No – 9 6th St – behind Dubai Public Library – Al Mankhool – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Hemam Learning Difficulties Center

Location: The Aquila School, Wadi Al Safa 5 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Other Autism Schools in Dubai

  • ABLE UK (Advanced Behavioral Learning Environment)

Location: 2nd Floor, Building – 33 – 6 26th St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Manzil Center for people with disabilities | Sharjah | UAE

Location: Street #11 – Industrial Area – Industrial Area 17 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Al Noor Training Center for Persons with Disabilities

Location: Al Barsha Road – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Austin Center For Rehabilitation, Al Nahda

Location: BM Tower, Office 106, Al Nahda, Near KFC، Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Brilliance

Location:37 17 B St – Al Karama – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Widad Center

Location: 44 77 C St – Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Milestones Autism Rehabilitation Center -Dubai

Location: 45MX+P8J – 17 C St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Sharjah Autism Center -Dubai

Location:Villa No. 851, Al Sharq Street, Heera Suburb, East Street, Sharqan area – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

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  • The Carbone Clinic

Location: Hurair 2 – Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Georgetown Early Intervention Center Dubai

Location: The Iridium Building Office 122 (first Floor – Umm Suqeim St – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Behaviour Enrichment – Al Barsha

Location: Barsha Business Square – Al Barsha – Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Pulse Therapy and Learning Center

Location: Villa 27 – Al Raddi St – Umm Suqeim – Umm Suqeim 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Merit Determination Center

Location: Muhaisnah – Muhaisnah 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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  • AL IBTISAMA Center For People With Disabilities

Location: Halwan Suburb – Samnan – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Wafa School for Capacity Development

Location: Maysaloun Primary School – Halwan Suburb – Al Ramla – East – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates.

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  • Sunshine Learning Difficulties Center

Location: Excellence Plus, Business Venue Building – Umm Hurair Rd – Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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Autism is a  complicated range of disorders that are affecting increasing numbers of children all over the world, right now 1 in 54 children is reported as being on the spectrum.

Autism schools in Dubai support and nurture these special needs children. Explore this article and enroll your child or loved one today.

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