12 Best Art Schools in Calgary- The Cost

The art schools in Calgary offer the best classes; in search of cheap art high schools for international students. The art schools in this state have been thoroughly described in this article.

In general, art is varied and contains a wide range of activities that call for creativity to exhibit virtue, skill, and ideas.

Art has occasionally evolved beyond the typical draw and paint techniques to encompass animations, designs for the interior and clothing, visual arts, and many other disciplines that are slowly gaining popularity.

As a result of these, art has become marketable internationally, with people seeking professional arts; as a result, it has become one of the primary subjects in most institutions.

It may be challenging to choose the ideal art school for you in Calgary due to the city’s abundance of art schools.

The best art schools in Calgary and cheap art high schools for international students have been compiled as a result.

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Is Studying Arts In Calgary, Canada The Best?

Canada is one of the nations with the widest range of cultures and artistic expressions, and its colleges provide some of the best educational opportunities worldwide.

Students have access to some of the best materials because the nation is home to some of the most well-known art museums and galleries in the world.

The best instruction and a solid educational foundation are provided by Calgary’s art schools to their students.

Also, depending on the art school in Calgary, there are cheap art schools for international students.

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How Do I Choose The Right Art School?

It all starts with picking the correct art school, but taking art classes may be the beginning of a tremendously gratifying experience. You need to be given a strong foundation in artistic knowledge and skill, which is very crucial.

Prior to choosing an art school, you should take into account a number of factors, including the school’s surroundings and amenities.

Classes won’t be an easy chore if the venue isn’t handy for you to attend. The studio setting and environment are other key factor, especially with regard to painting.

The school’s art program is the next thing to think about. Make sure it incorporates subjects and mediums that are appealing to you.

When selecting an art school, the student-to-teacher ratio is another important factor. It is crucial that artists receive individualized instruction throughout their studies, and small class sizes are the only setting in which this is feasible.

This guarantees that each student’s development and progress are closely tracked and that they individually get individualized attention and feedback.

Therefore, to be able to know all these, proper research has to be done.

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How Much Does Art School Cost In Canada?

Local undergraduate students pay 5,926 Canadian dollars on average, compared to 28,496 Canadian dollars for international students.

The cost of an arts degree in Canada varies depending on the university and your nationality (domestic students pay less).

In Canada, tuition costs are typically greater for foreign students than for Canadian citizens.

Nevertheless, Canadian art school tuition is considerably less expensive than that of several other well-liked study abroad countries.

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The List of Best Art Schools In Calgary

Now that you have knowledge of the factors to consider when choosing an art school as well as how long it takes to study art in Calgary, let’s move on to the list.

1. Alberta University of the Arts

You can only find Alberta University of the Arts in the province if you’re seeking for a place that specializes in teaching art, craft, and design.

This art school offers the broadest range of coursework out of all the institutions on this list. From glass and fiber to media arts and photography, they serve a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.

The Ceramics, Fibre, Glass, Jewellery, and Metals courses are offered to post-graduate students pursuing a master’s degree in addition to undergraduate students (Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Design).

They have a tuition fee of $15,625 and $31,250 for undergraduates and graduates, respectively. Compared to private universities, their fees are much lower.


2. Visual College of Art and Design

VCAD Calgary features all the advantages of a new campus, such as modern design, cutting-edge equipment, and fully equipped labs and studios for students of all degrees.

They have a good combination of digital and physical courses. All of these, from fashion to graphic design, go into the principles of business, management, and portfolio creation—all of which are necessary skills for anyone entering the industry.

VCAD has a long history of successful alumni, some of whom work for multinational companies like Tom Ford and Nike. On VCAD’s website, these graduates’ portfolios are available for prospective clients to view and current students to get ideas from.

Overall, VCAD is establishing itself as one of Calgary’s top art institutions. However, because it is a private university, the tuition is nearly twice as much as at a public institution.


3. Neon Milkshake Art Studio

Six seasoned instructors teach drawing and painting to children, teens, and adults at Neon Milkshake.

Painting sessions at Neon Milkshake, unlike regular art schools, involve the principles of mixed media. This allows pupils to engage in more creative activities.

There’s no need to be afraid if you’ve never painted before, because Neon Milkshake sessions are open to both beginners and intermediate artists.

Small class sizes allow instructors to provide students with the direction they need to express themselves and master a blank canvas.

Additionally, the artists who began their careers with Neon Milkshake attribute their passion for their profession to the welcoming and warm atmosphere at the studio.


4. Colour on Fire Art Studio & School

Regardless of age or ability, they provide lessons for everyone, including young children, teenagers, adults, and elders.

Additionally, they teach a variety of subjects and faculties.

Colour on Fire provides art education lessons for those who want to learn more about the foundations and history of the art industry, in contrast to the other studios on this list. Additionally, they provide classes in glass fusing, acrylic painting, and glass painting.

Their approach to teaching is so adaptable, which furthers their commitment to diversity.

They can teach classes outside of the typical in-studio setting, such as at senior centers, community centers, birthday celebrations, and schools. Additionally, they provide online courses that are administered using Zoom video calls.


5. Atelier Artista

Atelier Artista’s class offerings are a little different from the other art studios on this list. Yes, they still teach drawing and painting classes, but this time you can count on a thorough explanation of structure and methodology.

They don’t just call their classes drawing or painting; rather, they cover a variety of subjects.

The atelier is housed inside King Edward School, which was recently transformed into a creative hub.

The word “atelier” refers to an artist’s workshop or studio. All pupils have access to a large number of frequently sterilized tools and ample workspace.

In addition to their studio, Atelier Artista also includes an art shop. This is useful for pupils who forget their supplies at home or run out of paint in the middle of class.

Atelier Artista workshops are accessible to artists of all ability levels, however, they advise enrolling once you have a firm understanding of the principles of drawing or painting.

 If you already possess the fundamental skills, you’d get more value for your money from the $250 to $350 for six-session classes.


6. Faculty of Arts – MRU

Students highly regard Mount Royal instructors, who are praised for their expertise, inspiration, and engagement.

The university consistently ranks among the best in Canada based on student satisfaction with the faculty and the entire educational experience at Mount Royal.

In order to fulfill their promise to each student, it is crucial to sustaining this dynamic.

Whatever your area of interest, it will help you develop important communication, research, and problem-solving skills.

General Education classes allow students to investigate topics outside of their majors, giving their degree programs a broad scope.


7. University of Calgary: Department of Art

Your training in art history will equip you for work in public museums, private art galleries, and the nonprofit sector.

Additionally, this degree can be used as a stepping stone toward graduate school or another professional degree.

 Improve your writing and research abilities while researching historical and current art. You will learn more about artistic philosophies and methods from various cultures in this curriculum.


8. Wildflower Arts Centre

Since more than 40 years ago, they have offered opportunities in the visual and performing arts to people of all ages, skill levels, and goals. Their strategy combines talent, humor, encouragement, and patience.

In a supportive, imaginative, and non-competitive setting, they emphasize technique and self-expression.

They provide something for everyone, regardless of your skill level or where you are in your career.

They provide a wide range of art classes that may teach you how to paint, sketch, make prints, and use a potter’s wheel. Their strategy combines talent, humor, encouragement, and patience.


9. North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre

The North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre has been providing Calgarians of all ages and skill levels with fine arts workshops and studio space for more than 25 years.

North Mount Pleasant’s ceramics and visual arts classes are diverse and suited to students of all skill levels. They are held in a historical building that was originally constructed as a school in 1913.

In addition to having more than a dozen electric, gas, and specialty kilns, this facility also has painting and drawing-specific courses.

Their ceramics workshop is a spotless, contemporary space with lots of natural light and good ventilation.

Work tables covered in canvas, individual storage, and a glaze kitchen with a spray booth, a damp room, and a large amount of minor equipment are all included.

Studio members have the option of firing their pieces in one of their raku, gas, electric, salt, wood, or sawdust kilns.


10. NW Calgary Art Classes

They also provide courses for adults, teenagers, and kids. They provide something for everyone, whether you are just starting out, have special needs, or want to advance your abilities.

Students use a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolor, polymer and air-dry clay.


11. Aliki’s Art School

This school has been teaching the world art since 1991. The school provides useful knowledge that will motivate their students to use arts to improve their lives.

The goal of the school is to provide opportunities for everyone to learn, practice, and develop new talents while also boosting their self-confidence.


12. Luna Art Studio

Luna Art Studio cares deeply about both their students and their job. The company specializes in offering workshops and classes on a variety of visual arts to the students.

Oil painting, watercolor painting, pastel painting, drawing, portrait painting, landscape painting, pottery making, sculpture, and other types of art are some of the lessons and workshops offered at Luna Art Studio.

Their knowledgeable and skilled instructors can coach students of all ages in anything from the most fundamental to the most complex techniques.


Performing Arts High Schools In Calgary

With renowned alumni working in touring theatre, local theater, TV, and cinema, Calgary is home to a variety of strong performing arts institutions.

The list of Calgary’s top performing arts colleges is provided below.

  • Ambrose University

  • Company of Rogues Actors’ Studio

  • University of Calgary

Below are the frequently asked questions on best art schools in Calgary:

Are the studios accessible to students after school hours?

Students are permitted to use the studios and laboratories outside of scheduled class times at universities that offer art courses. Due to the necessity for social distance, however, using these locations could need making a reservation in advance.

Independent studios, on the other hand, frequently forbid students from entering and practicing on their own schedule.

How Long Does It Take to Study Art in Canada?

A three- to the four-year full-time program is required to earn an arts degree. You can anticipate two more years of study if you want to pursue a master’s degree in the arts.

While studying painting in Canada, you will take advantage of the top-notch universities, instructional strategies, and teachers.


Calgary is a bustling, reasonably priced, diversified city that has a lot to offer. The top art schools in this city provide affordable instruction in a variety of programs for both high schools.

In this article, we’ve made it easy by listing the best art schools as well as performing art schools In Calgary.


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