Are Online Coding Bootcamps Worth It? 5 Top Benefits

“Coding is running and Powering the digital world.” Are online coding bootcamps worth it?

Yes, it is well-recognized that coding and programming power today’s digital world. In actuality, it is among the most crucial abilities for both the present and future generations to learn.

Code is essential to the flawless operation of every website, computer software, smartphone application, calculator, and even microwave.

The need for a competent workforce that can produce software has increased as the world is more run by it. Coding is therefore viewed as the modern language used to train gadgets and give them operational guidance. Even if you are unfamiliar with programming, you can apply for coding jobs that need some of these talents using your coding skills.

It is estimated for the next 10 years, there will be almost 1.4 million jobs in computer science and only around 4,00,000 will get graduate degrees. So there is, and there will be, a great demand for coding experts who can fill the gap between demand and supply.

Therefore several organizations are providing Coding Bootcamp to supply a skilled workforce for coding. These boot camps are the easier and quicker way of learning essential skills and topics required to land an entry-level job in the field of information technology. 

This article is going to discuss online coding boot camps and find out the answer to whether they are worth it or not.

What are Coding and Online Coding Bootcamps?

Coding- The common and well-known meaning of coding is to put or write something in code. But generally, it is known for computer programming, which is how we communicate with computers.

Coding is a language that tells a computer what action to take, and writing code refers to creating a set of instructions. Coding enables computers to perform tasks and behave in a much faster way. It helps to create websites and applications, process data, and many other important things. 

Online Coding Bootcamps- Online coding Bootcamp is a training program that helps you learn the essential programming skills required by employers.

These Bootcamps help candidates focus on important aspects of programming and allow them to solve real-world problems. These programs are a great source of learning programming quickly and efficiently. It can advance your education and career with edX today.

Some of the boot camps are specially designed to train those intermediate coding skills to become software engineers in a very short span of time ( just around 12 weeks). It also can teach you cutting-edge software development and can give you the required skills and portfolio you need to get hired for many job roles.

Some of the Boocamps provide you with a world-class learning experience through a project-based structure and curriculum that can transform your career. 

Are Online Coding BootCamps Worth It?

In today’s tough competitive world, many people ask questions about online coding Bootcapms. Are they worth investing time and money in? Are there any benefits of attending online coding Bootcamps, etc.? So the shortest answer is “Yes.”

Coding Bootcamp individuals can earn almost 51% higher salaries compared to their previous jobs. On the other side, stats say that graduates, on average, can earn $80,943 at their 2nd job after Bootcamp and far ahead around $99,229 at their 3rd job. 

Coding or programming boot camps are definitely worth the money if your personal goals align with what the Bootcamp seeks to achieve.

If your career is to change your job or switch careers and become a full-time web developer, a coding Bootcamp could very well be worth it as it enables students who need to learn specific skills quickly.

These are typically comprehensive, so one can learn a variety of skills to make you a marketable job candidate. Nowadays, several employers generally regard these programs positively with more accountability.

  It is also true that a coding Bootcamp does not replicate the depth or scope of a computer science degree. These programs are not regionally or nationally accredited.

But it can make students job-ready in a matter of months rather than years. Coding Bootcamps are a combination of speed and accessibility that can attract a growing population of upskilled competing for high-tech and high-paying jobs. 

The Benefits of Online Coding Bootcamps

  • Accessible- Online Coding boot camps are easily accessible and do not have general education classes or stringent admission necessities. It can also be more efficient and affordable than any four/Three-year graduation degree. It is flexible and enables students to learn at their own pace, anytime, and anywhere according to their convenience.
  • Provides Practical skills- Basically, coding BootCamps focuses on practical skills that are required in the workplace, while computer science degrees also go through theories. 
  • Blended Learning-Online coding Bootcamps are blended, personalized, flexible, and engaging education models that can leverage apps, games, audio, video, and other digital media to offer a stress-free in-depth learning experience that can increase student satisfaction. 
  • Career Mobility- An online Bootcamps offers you career mobility. It provides you with the skills in demand that can increase your chances of making a transition to a leadership position. It takes a short span of time, just a few weeks, to graduate from an online Bootcamp that enables you to launch your career as a web developer, programmer, data analyst, data scientist, or cybersecurity professional. 
  • Salary Boost- Surprisingly, it’s true that online coding Bootcamps can help you find better jobs and give you a salary boost. A report says that an online Bootcamp graduate can earn an average starting salary of $66,964. In higher-level job roles, they can earn a median salary hike of almost $22,000 or around 51%. 

Today’s time is a very challenging time where the entire world is facing a crisis; not only is the business getting disrupted, but individuals/students are also deprived of educational and training opportunities.

Here comes the vital role of digital platforms that are real saviors, allowing students to continue their education. It can also enable companies to carry on doing business through e-commerce and help a huge number of freelancers earn a living via online platforms.

 So if someone is interested in playing with codes can take advantage of online BootCamp and can make career advancements, learn new skills and enhance their chances of finding a job even in complex market conditions.

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