Accredited Home School Programs:6 Top Reasons to Find One

Over the past few years, homeschooling has become increasingly popular across the globe with a steady growth rate of about 2% to 8% every year.

Consequently, parents who choose to toe this line are faced with a plethora of options. While some parents may choose to be completely in charge of their child’s homeschooling using a few online math lessons here and there, other parents might seek accredited homeschool programs.

Although these two options are valid, there are tons of reasons why the latter might be a better choice for you. The article will explore these reasons and offer more details on accredited home school programs. 

What Are Accredited Homeschool Programs? 

In the traditional schooling context, accreditation simply refers to the reviewing of schools by an outside agency. These agencies typically judge schools by a set of standards and certify that the institutions meet said standards. They do this periodically (either annually or bi-annually). 

So, how does this fact relate to homeschooling? Put simply, parents who choose accredited homeschool programs use a curriculum or support school that has been licensed or recognized by an external agency. So, instead of creating your own curriculum, you’ll be following a standardized one and more importantly, have a complete record of your child’s progress/journey. 

When it comes to accredited homeschool programs, most parents (especially new homeschoolers) often wonder if it’s necessary. Do you need to seek out accredited online math courses or programs? Technically, you don’t have to.

There’s no law that requires homeschooling parents to use accredited programs. It all boils down to choice and personal preferences. However, as we mentioned earlier, there are tons of reasons why accredited homeschool programs are often a better choice than independent learning structures and we’ll get to that in a bit. 

Accredited Home School Programs: Why Do You Need One?

Whether you’re looking for free online math courses or mathematical websites for kids, accredited homeschool programs are a great choice for the following reasons:

Adherence to standards 

Here’s the thing: an accredited homeschool program isn’t always an absolute stamp of quality. However, it adheres to state standards and thus, you can rest assured that your child’s education is up to par. For a homeschooling parent, it’s easy to become plagued by doubts. You’ll keep asking yourself questions like: Is my child learning the right things? Are they on the same level as their peers in traditional public schools? The use of an accredited homeschool program gives you peace of mind and lays these fears to rest. At every point in time, you can rest assured that your child’s education has been given the official stamp of approval. 

Easy transition to public schooling 

Although homeschooling is a great option, there’s often a chance that your child might want to switch to public schooling for personal reasons or otherwise. If this is the case, having an accredited homeschool program would make the transition easier in so many ways. 

For starters, some states have a list of recognized homeschooling programs. If your state falls into this category, transferring your child’s course credits will be easier with an accredited program. 

In the same vein, homeschooled students who follow an accredited program tend to perform well in traditional school settings. This is probably linked to the fact that they have similar learning materials and school hours. 

Access to scholarship opportunities 

As your child grows and begins to prepare for college, the question of funding often pops up. How do you sponsor their education without having to get tangled up in student loans? Fortunately, there are tons of scholarship opportunities available but this is where it gets tricky. 

In order to access certain scholarship opportunities such as NCAA funding, you’ll need extensive documentation. These bodies will need to ensure that your child meets their standard of education and an accredited homeschool program (with records) would make this process easier. The same goes for colleges, universities, the military, employment, and in general, most opportunities beyond highschool. 

Flawless record keeping

Homeschooling is a fun experience both for parents and kids. However, there’s a not-so-fun part: record keeping. As a homeschooling parent, you’ll need to keep track of your child’s grades, standardized tests, qualifications, and so on. Although you probably have a superb filing system (like most parents do), it can be hard to keep up, and something always gets lost in the endless pile of paperwork. 

Fortunately, an accredited homeschool program helps to lift some of the weight off your shoulders. These programs can take charge of your child’s transcripts, saving you the burden of having to deal with tons of paperwork. 

Legal protection

When it comes to homeschooling, you and your child need all the legal protection you can get. There have been far too many horror stories of diplomas not being recognized by colleges or even employers. As a homeschooling parent, you already have enough on your plate and don’t need a legal battle to boot. 

Fortunately, accredited programs save you the stress and offer you legal protection. With these programs, your child’s academic achievements and status will be duly recognized by any external organization, which reduces the risk of a rejected diploma and gives you peace of mind. 

Consistent learning experience

Although there’s no one method to homeschooling, most experts would agree that consistency is a prerequisite. Regardless of your teaching methods, a consistent learning experience is a proven way to keep your child focused and ensure success. 

An accredited homeschool program helps you achieve this consistency. With a structured curriculum, it becomes easier to keep a steady learning pace whether you choose independent learning or free math courses. 

Final Thoughts 

Although accredited homeschool programs aren’t a level requirement, they can come in handy for your child’s development and future opportunities. The perks outlined above are strong reasons why you should consider going down this route. If you’ve made a decision and you’re looking for the best online math courses, there are tons of options available for you. 

Good luck! 

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