30 Top Recruitment Agencies in India & Their Sectors

There are recruitment agencies in India to hire for your staffing needs and we have given a list of 30 of them.

India is the fifth largest economy in the world with the agriculture industry and services occupying the major slot of its labor force.

The country has over 50% of its population self-employed. Despite this, there are numerous opportunities to land a job in some of the most reputable companies in India.

The many advantages of employing the use of a recruitment agency are that it saves time either as a company or a candidate, provides opportunities not accessible to the traditional candidate, and bolsters your chances of success.

Let us look at these recruitment agencies in India.

Top Recruitment Agencies in India

  • Randstad
  • The Adecco Group
  • ManpowerGroup
  • Allegis Group
  • Hays
  • PersolKelly
  • Sutra HR
  • CareerNet
  • United HR Solutions
  • Brain Behind Brand
  • TeamLease Services


Industries: logistics and operations, finance and accounting, civil and architecture, engineering and industrial design, digital and marketing, product management and IT, pharmacy and medical and life sciences, BPO, human resources, sales and account management, and others.

Randstad is the largest recruitment agency in the world with tens of billions of dollars in revenue. They are headquartered in the Netherlands but of course, have a presence in India.

In 2008, they acquired Ma Foi and today they are located in 22 cities across India establishing itself as a leading recruitment agency in the country. 

Since the days of Ma Foi’s foundation in 1992 till date, Randstad has successfully planted 500,000 candidates in companies across India and worked for over 1,400 clients as well.

They provide permanent recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, headhunting and other services listed on the website.

The Adecco Group

Industry: General

Adecco headquartered in Switzerland is the second largest recruitment agency in the world.

Their solutions are general staffing, professional staffing, permanent recruitment, outsourcing, RPO lite, international engagement, hiring and training of candidates, digital solutions, and others. 

Its main office in India is in Bengaluru and it helps over 120,000 candidates find the job of their dreams in over 50 cities across India.


Industry: General 

ManpowerGroup is an American recruitment agency with offices across many countries in the world.

Their services include permanent recruitment, contract staffing, workforce transformation, IT services, and vendor management services. 

They are the third largest recruitment agency in the world and with that position comes the benefits of a large database of candidates, job opportunities and established relationships with reputable employers.

Allegis Group

Industry: General

Allegis Group is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the world with over 500 locations around the world. They place about 11,000 employees every week and have served 20,000 clients. 

Allegis is very reliable to use when looking for a job as they offer a lot of opportunities, 55,000 job opportunities to be exact at every given point in time.

It started in 1983 as Aerotek but over the years acquired other companies to become the giant it is today.

Their services include but are not limited to staffing and recruiting, talent advisory, and search services.


Sector: General

Hays is found in 256 offices in 33 countries with almost 11,000 employees to keep the agency on top. Their capability is seen in their filling of over 1,000 positions daily. 

Founded in 1968, their business strategy and principles have helped thousands of candidates secure the perfect job with the world’s top employers while at the same time boosting relationships with their corporate clients.


Sectors: accounting, banking and finance, engineering and technical, human resources, information technology, pharmaceutical and healthcare, procurement and supply chain, sales and marketing.

PersolKelly was established in 2016 with Persol Holdings and PersolKelly coming together to meet the huge demands of the market in the region. 

It has over 45 offices in 13 countries. Since its founding days, the agency has successfully placed over 66,000 candidates in the companies they work for.

Sutra HR

Sectors: Fintech, E-commerce, IT, Mobile App, Media and Digital.

Sutra HR is seen as the recruitment agency for start-ups. The agency was founded in 2008 and has hundreds of clients they work with. 

It was started when the founder saw the rise in start-ups and the demand for qualified employees. Today, they are regarded as one of the best recruitment agencies in India.


Industry(ies): Internet, Technology and SaaS, IY and offshoring, Global In-house Centres, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Domestic Businesses.

Careernet since 1999 has been providing solutions to the staffing needs of clients around the world in a less costly way. Its database has over 5 million candidates and over 2,000 institutions. 

Headquartered in Bangalore, you can trust them for your staffing needs whether as a business or a candidate.

United HR Solutions

Sector: General

United HR Solutions was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing executive search for top level positions. Dr. Pahuja who is the founder started by catering to the African markets. 

Their services included textile, bottling, beverage, steel, chemical, logistics, automation, construction and others. They have worked with almost 500 clients in several countries.

Brain Behind Brand

Sectors: manufacturing, IT and software, cement, building materials, steel, engineering, healthcare, FMCG, certification, hospitality, education, advertisement, automobile, medical electronics, telecom, realty, textiles, FMCD, construction, and infrastructure.

Brain Behind Brand has been offering services in management consultancy, headhunting, executive search, placement consultancy, marketing and branding consultancy since 2008. 

They interview, screen and shortlist candidates matching them with the employers they judge the best for the good of their careers.

TeamLease Services

Sectors: financial services, consumer, manufacturing, telecom, retail and e-commerce.

TeamLease Services is one of the top recruitment agencies in India. They have been leading in the human resource and recruitment business since 2002. 

They currently work with over 3,500 clients in 20 offices across the country. They provide temporary, permanent, contract staffing, outsourcing and assessment services to their customers.

Zigsaw Consultancy

Industry: General

Zigsaw is one of the fastest employment agencies in India. They work with major companies including Uber, Ideabox, Cynapta, and RazorPay. 

The website allows you to register and search for a plethora of jobs that suit your tastes. They have become popular among jobseekers and have a successful record in meeting the employment needs of both employers and candidates.

ABC Consultants

Sectors: aerospace & defense, automobile, consumer and building materials, development, education, electrical & electronics, financial services, FMCG, healthcare, industrial, infrastructure, internet, logistics, media and entertainment, metals, minerals & mining, oil & gas, outsourcing & offshoring, pharma, life sciences, power, real estate, retail, technology, services, telecom.

ABC Consultants has over 50 years of experience in the industry.

They operate virtually in all industries and are a major and significant leading recruitment agency in India. They offer executive search and staffing for organizations in top-level and middle positions.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Industry: General

Alliance Recruitment Agency offers several recruitment services to businesses and companies in need of them. Their large network of recruitment staff across cities helps them serve their clients in over 50 industries. 

The agency started over 12 years ago and has worked with about 10,000 clients including top brands like Nestle, Vodafone, Dell and Unilever to aid them in their staffing.

Multi Recruit

Sectors: IT, BFSI, real estate, outsourcing and offshoring, retail, healthcare, e-commerce, media and communication.

Multi Recruit was founded in 2013 by two professionals with a combined experience of almost 30 years in the HR industry.

Headquartered in Bangalore, they are now a 30-man staff with over 50 others on a contract whose experience helps the agency in satisfying the needs of its clients and applicants.

Morpheus Human Consulting

Sector: General

Morpheus Human Consulting is one of the fastest-growing HR solutions agencies in India. They also operate in the Middle East. 

They were founded in 2005 with headquarters in Mumbai. They work with large firms across almost all industries. 

They have an experienced team tasked with charge of consistently delivering the best results for the overall good of the agency and the clients and candidates they work with.

Datamatics Staffing Services

Sectors: BFSI, FMCG and retail, manufacturing and process, energy, infrastructure and logistics, telecom, IT, electronics, pharma, medical devices and healthcare.

Datamatics Staffing Services has been providing top staff for businesses in India, Africa, and the Middle East since 1969.

Their services are executive search, selection, project recruitment, overseas recruitment, and specialist contract staffing. 

Prompt Personnel Consultancy Services

Prompt Personnel Consultancy Services is one of India’s top recruitment agencies. They have over 24 years of experience in the business of temporary staffing, permanent staffing and labor law advisory and compliance. 

They have been confirmed by most of their clients to be a company of integrity and competence, no wonder the agency is among India’s fastest-growing HR solution agencies. Their headquarters is located in Mumbai.

Vipany Management Consulting

Industry(ies): automotive tech, PHL and pharma tech, BFSI tech, semiconductor, product engineering, and start-up hiring solutions.

Vipany is a top recruitment agency in India that provides services in talent intelligence, talent acquisition, executive search and boardroom hiring, recruitment process outsourcing and international recruitment. 

They work with a host of big companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Oppo, Reliance Communications, Samsung, and Total.

HawkHire Hr Solutions

Sectors: IT, manufacturing, banking and finance, engineering and manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, pharmaceutical, chemical and hospitality.

HawkHire Hr Solutions offers services in executive headhunting, HR consultancy, bulk hiring, outsourcing, employee background check and international recruitment in a wide variety of industries. Their headquarters is in Gurugram.


Industry(ies): finance and accounts, engineering, healthcare and information technology.

RPO HIRE since 2009 provides recruitment process outsourcing solutions to its clients around the world. They have their office in the United States with their delivery center in India. 

The companies they work for include businesses from start-ups to multinationals. Their team comprises some of the best recruiters and outsourcers in the industry.

Pipal Tree Services

Industry(ies): global consumer market, manufacturing, life sciences and pharma, financial services, supply chain, logistics and transportation, technology, real estate, media, entertainment, publishing, and education.

Pipal Tree Services help their clients and organizations in executive search, market and talent mapping, assessment and onboarding. 

The company was founded by Sonia Sharma, an experienced professional who has over 20 years of experience with a significant portion of that time in the executive search industry. They are headquartered in New Delhi.

TopGear Consultants

TopGear Consultants provides services to clients on a global level as one of the top recruitment agencies and HR consultants in India.

They focus on supplying quality staff to companies looking to fill up their top-level positions that are middle to senior management roles. 

Since its inception in 2005, they have over a 1.5million resumes and placed over 22,500 employees.

Their team has an average experience of 10 years and they’ve worked with hundreds of clients from countries like the UK, US, Germany, UAE, India and several others.

Think People Solutions

Think People Solutions works with several major clients like IBM, Capital One, MetLife, Bank of America and Barclays to mention a few.

Founded in 2003, they help companies build a strong brand image to help them attract the right candidates. 

By studying their clients’ business structure, they determine the right applicants to fill up the advertised positions.

Their services are sourcing, process management, candidate management, and relationship management.

Global HR Solutions

Sector: HR

Global HR Solutions was founded in 2005 and is tasked with helping employers in the area of temporary, permanent and contract recruitment. 

An essential part of their services is outsourcing where they help clients to manage its payroll, staffing, and RPO.

They also offer consulting and placement assistance. You can know more by visiting their website.

Tigi HR Solutions

Industry(ies): information technology, manufacturing, education, healthcare, automobile, oil & gas, sales & marketing, chemical & pharmaceutical, BFSI, BPO, KPO, FMCG.

Tigi HR Solutions provides executive search, permanent hiring, temporary hiring, bulk hiring, headhunting, and recruitment process outsourcing for the clients they work with like Bajaj, Ford, Sentinel, and Mercedes among several others.

Although they were founded in 2016, the agency’s team is experienced.


Sectors: art, animation, commercial, design, engineering, production.

Goalreify was established in 2017 by a group of young headhunters in Hyderabad, India.

In a short period of time, they’ve built relationships with over 80 clients in helping out with their staffing and recruitment needs. 

They specialize in graduate hiring, lateral hiring, leadership hiring, and remote hiring. Their stronghold is in the games industry.

New Horizons Placement Agency

New Horizons Placement Agency does a lot of things – placement consultancy, overseas placement, career consultancy, corporate training services, immigration services, security services, bodyguard, event security management services, security training and education consultancy across a broad range of industries. 

Since 2008, they’ve diligently built their brand to become one of India’s top recruitment agencies.

HR Reflections

HR Reflections has been building experience in a vast number of industries recruitment-wise since 2009.

They offer recruitment services and manpower for mid-level, management to senior level, C level and top positions.

In a nutshell, they help businesses and companies hire the right leaders. Their head office is in Mumbai.


Avtar was born in the year 2000 as a recruitment agency with the aim of adding a touch of diversity to the recruitment needs of their clients.

They work with major companies that include Walmart, Target, PayPal, Morgan Stanley, IBM and Ford.  

The agency is based in Chennai, India and is a leader in the Indian recruitment industry.

Final Words

The reality is that finding your dream job anywhere is quite difficult. In India, it’s on another whole level. 

This is a country with the second largest population in the world and we already stated earlier in the article that over 50% of the population are self-employed. This is evidence that the job and population gap is very wide. 

We advise you to start your career with any job you can lay hold of, then as you advance and gather experience, you’ll be building up yourself to compete for the top paying jobs in the Indian economy. 

However, if you decide to start your career immediately looking for a space in India’s top companies, then our list is guaranteed to give you a headstart. Are there other recruitment agencies in India you think should be on this list? Please share with us below.

We wish you the best of luck.

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