30 Top Recruitment Agencies in Finance & Their Websites

The financial sector consists of companies and institutions that provide financial services to both corporate and individual customers.

This sector includes a wide range of industries, including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate companies.

Usually, a country with a thriving financial sector will have a strong economy.

The finance sector offers numerous opportunities to job seekers and career people.

Top Recruitment Agencies in Finance

In this list, we give you the 30 top recruitment agencies in finance.

Robert Half 

Robert Half is one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies with a presence in many countries.

The agency was founded in 1948 and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and is also a member of the S&P 500 index. They operate globally and in all industries, especially the finance sector.


Adecco has been in the recruiting business for over 50 years now. In 1996, two agencies Adia and Ecco joined forces and merged into one big agency that has grown to become a leader globally.

Their specialties are quite general and they do excellently well in the finance and accounting sector.

Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a leading recruitment agency in the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

Over the years, they have helped job seekers find jobs and companies find qualified employees. 

Founded in 1983, they employ more than 500,000 people annually in 850 franchise stores around the world.

Their long-term goal is helping as many job seekers as possible find good jobs by helping as many businesses as possible find good staff.


Manpower for years has been dominating the industry with its team of well-qualified recruiters.

They have well-established connections with major companies and businesses. They also have a large database of worthy candidates.

They are reliable and have stood the test of time to be trusted.


Aerotek is a recruitment agency in the aerospace industry. Despite this, they have an undeniable stronghold in the finance and accounting sector.

For over 35 years, they have been winning awards and being at the top of the game.

They are reputed to be one of the largest recruitment agencies in the US. The agency has over 250 offices, 2,400 employees, and over 200,000 contractors.

They didn’t get to this stage by being incompetent, hence the reason they make our list.

Insight Global

Insight Global serves all regions and in every industry. They have been expanding on all frontiers since its inception in 2001.

They help several Fortune 1000 companies with temporary, permanent, and contract staff. They are today one of the most remarkable agencies in the world.

AppleOne Employment Services

AppleOne Employment Services has been in existence since 1964 and serves only the US region.

They specialize in almost every industry and pride themselves in connecting the best minds with the best companies.

They are also heavily involved with the Government and also serve them.

In the finance sector, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Randstad is one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies with annual revenue of almost €25 billion.

They have a workforce of almost 100,000 and work in all industries. The brand is recognized worldwide and of course, they are one of our best recruitment agencies in the area of finance and accounting.


Vaco is one of the fastest-growing private firms in the world. No wonder, they have Fortune 500 companies as clients and have successfully placed over 73,000 applicants.

They operate in technology, accounting, finance, and operations providing expert consulting, executive search, temporary, permanent, and contract staffing. Their offices are global.


Hays is a global recruitment agency with interests across several industries. One of those industries is the finance and accounting industry in which they are very capable. They have over 300 offices in 33 countries.

They employ on temporary, contract and permanent basis. They have a positive brand and are immensely trusted by businesses and candidates alike.

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions among several specialties makes our list of the best recruitment agencies in finance.

They are good at providing candidates with the perfect opportunities and job offers. They also serve companies and businesses with the perfect candidates.

They do this by intensively studying the company’s culture and candidates’ skills and needs.


Atrium is a woman-owned business founded over 25 years ago. They offer jobs across several industries including accounting and finance.

They provide one of the best recruitment solutions in the business. They list jobs from entry-level to top-level whether temporary, contract, or permanent offers.

They are a unique recruitment agency because of their unique approach.

Seattle Financial Staffing

Seattle Financial Staffing is a woman-owned business that recruits heavily in the finance sector whether it’s on a contract or permanent basis.

They have 25 years’ experience and their competence is seen in the fact that over 80% of the staff placed through them are still working with the company after 4 years.

They work for both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. They deserve to make our list as one of the top recruitment agencies in finance.

Approach People Recruitment

Approach People is an international recruitment agency that deals in recruiting multilingual applicants in diverse sectors and in the finance sector.

Their offices are in several countries. They recruit in all types of job contracts and have been in the business since 2000.

They have a database of over 700,000 candidates in their very secure and centralized database. 

Spherion Staffing Services

Spherion Staffing Services has been a leader in the recruitment business for over 75 years.

They serve over 4,000 clients and place 75,000 employees every year. It was founded in 1946 and they offer solutions peculiar to its clients’ needs and requests.

They are also known to be very concerned about the health and safety of clients and candidates, hence they were among the first recruitment agencies to receive a safety standard of excellence mark.

Tiger Recruitment

Tiger Recruitment is based in London. The agency majors in providing top businesses and individuals with the most qualified and capable staff.

It was set up in 2001 and since then they have seen major strides in progress. The calibre of their work is very high, hence they are key players in the temporary and permanent recruitment business in London.

Outside the UK, they have offices in the US, Ireland and Switzerland.

DHR International

DHR International – From 1989 till today, DHR has become one of the largest recruitment firms in the world with a presence in over 22 countries.

In 2001, they acquired The Stratford Group, the 13th biggest recruitment agency in the US as of then. Their clients are in the arts, business, and of course, financial industries. 

Michael Page

Michael Page is one of the leading recruitment agencies in the world dealing in temporary, contract, permanent and interim staffing.

They operate in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Over the years, they have been consistently making marks in the industry, establishing connections, and connecting qualified candidates with top organizations.

Robert Walters Group

Robert Walters matches people with the best permanent and contract finance and business support jobs.

For over 37 years, they have been building an empire with over 3,700 staff in 32 nations.

They are well connected and have the capability to remain a major player in the finance industry. 

Alliance International

Alliance International is seen in several countries. They work in many industries of which finance is one of them.

In more than 12 years, they have quickly risen through the ranks to become a global leader.

Just like their name suggests, they have strong alliances with the biggest companies, businesses, and private individuals.

This helps them to successfully satisfy the diverse needs of the candidates that apply to them.

Goodwin Recruiting

Goodwin Recruiting has one of the best finance recruiting teams. They work and partner with major financial institutions.

They understand the needs and culture of the companies they work for and also the candidates’ preferences and expectations. 

The agency was founded in 1999 and has helped thousands of candidates not only land the best jobs but grow their careers.

Emea Recruitment

Emea Recruitment is a leading finance and accounting agency founded in 2007.

The agency has won several awards like the recruitment company of the year by the Recruiter Awards in 2019.

They have partnered with important businesses like Microsoft and Heineken. Their consultants are very knowledgeable and can guide you on the next best action to take in your career.


Reed since 1960, has been matching individuals with companies in the most mutually beneficial pattern.

They operate arguably the largest database of finance and accounting candidates.

Founded over 60 years ago, they now have over 3,400 staff in several locations providing temporary, permanent, and contract services.

Goodman Mason

Goodman Masson hires in the finance, technology, and specialist markets. They have over 25 years of experience in the recruiting and outsourcing business.

They’ve won numerous awards like being the best recruitment company to work for in 2020.

Their strong team and dedication to the needs of their clients and candidates make them one of the first options in the world of finance recruiting.

Morgan McKinley

Morgan McKinley in 1988 was just a meeting in a basement in Cork, Ireland, and today they have offices across Europe, Asia and Canada, a direct result of their hard work, dedication, and will in meeting the needs of their clients.

Their profile has grown in favor of the industry over the years and we highly recommend them if you’re looking for an opportunity in the finance sector.

Selby Jennings

Selby Jennings for years has been rumored to be the leading finance recruitment agency in the US. In the face of other formidable agencies, the rumor looks weak however we dare to say that Selby Jennings is a top leader in the finance sector.

Founded in 2004, to help solve the challenge of finding quality staff. Today, they do that easily through a tested working process, providing temporary, contract, and permanent offers across several sub-sectors like risk management, legal and compliance, investment banking, and others.

Agency Central

Agency Central recruits across many industries and not just finance. The company was founded by two brothers, Kevin and Phil Drinkwater who started in their rooms in 2000 and later quit their jobs in 2002 to manage the agency fully.

Today, Agency Central is being used by over 400 employers and 5000 applicants daily.

They have very strong connections having since the time they started contacted over 500,000 employers and millions of job seekers.

A competent and capable firm, hence the reason they are on our list.

Mason Group

Mason Group specializes in the hunting and placing of finance, accounting, and banking workers in temporary and permanent positions from the levels of finance analyst to the chief financial officer.

It was founded in 2007 and is a top finance recruitment agency in Canada with a team of highly qualified staff to meet your needs.

Search Solution Group

Search Solution Group works by studying the finance component of a client, its needs, and culture to determine the suitable candidate to match.

The agency has a very keen sense of understanding and almost always meets expectations whether it’s with a client or an applicant.

As a one-man business that started in 2002, it is now a 70-person agency of top recruiters and headhunters.

Bell Cornwall Recruitment

Bell Cornwall supplies businesses with temporary, permanent, contract, and interim solutions in several sectors including the finance industry.

They recruit at all levels and have a wide database of qualified candidates ready to fill any level a company or business might be looking for.

Situated in Birmingham, they conclude our options for this list.

What a Finance Recruitment Agency Will Do for You

A finance recruitment agency is an agency that specializes in finding the best fit for your company’s financial team.

Some of the agencies on this list are general in the industries they operate in, but have a strong presence in the finance sector.

They do this by searching for the best candidates, evaluating the candidate’s experience and skills, conducting interviews, managing the payroll, and evaluating them as an employee. 

As a candidate in the field of finance, working with a recruitment agency will give you the speed you need, and likely a better job than what you would have ordinarily gotten for yourself by following the traditional process.

In all, they help save time and resources.

What Roles do Recruitment Agencies in Finance Hire for?

Agreed, the most role hired for is that of an accountant, but there are other roles as well like accounting clerks, tax managers, financial analysts, and others.

It all boils down to any of the recruitment agencies in finance you are working with. Some only hire for top-level, others hire for all levels from financial analyst to CFO.

In Closing:

You should consider any of the recruitment agencies in finance you want to work with very closely – how well they vet candidates, their history, their reviews, their experience and track records.

You can do this by meeting clients that have worked or are working with them, or contact them yourself.

The recruitment agencies in finance on our list here will give you a headstart in that direction.

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