13 International nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa

The need for nurses is always on the rise and as such the international nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa are there to take care of things.

About 210,400 openings for registered nurses are projected each year, on average, over the decade. More facilities are turning to a nursing agencies to help meet the demand.

For many health care facilities, a nursing agency is a perfect solution to fill shifts when nurses are out on paid leave or when there are vacancies in your facility.

Many health care facilities are seeing the benefits of using nurse staffing agencies as part of their solution to short staffing. Later in this article, we will talk about the benefits of Nursing agencies.

List of International nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa

  • Thymic Recruitment — Nursing Jobs South Africa
  • Health Medical recruitment Agencies | Registered Nursing
  • International Nurse Recruitment Agency | O’Grady Peyton
  • MTA Medical Recruiting Nurses, Doctors, Technicians
  • MyCalling Recruitment
  • MTA Medical Recruitment Company 
  • The Recruitment Agency South Africa (TRASA)
  • Greys Recruitment Agency – Cape Town
  • Immploy Medical Recruitment Agency
  • Nursing Services of South Africa
  • Mednurse Health Recruitment
  • Drake International Johannesburg South Africa
  • PRI Recruitment Agency South Africa

Benefits of a Nursing Agency

  • Quality Care 
  • Reduce Risk
  • Meets Critical Needs
  • Improve Productivity 
  • Economical
  • 24/7 Support

Quality Care 

A nurse staffing agency specializes in recruiting quality candidates to meet the changing needs of your healthcare facility.

Therefore, partnering with a nurse staffing agency guarantees that you’ll have access to nurses with the exact skills you need when you need them. 


While the hourly rate might be more for agency nurses, your facility is not required to offer a benefits package, contribute to a retirement plan, or provide paid time off. It will all be on the recruitment agency.

You’ll be able to save from reducing the amount of overtime paid to your full-time salaried nurses, and you won’t spend money on vetting health care professionals. 

Reduce Risk

A nurse staffing agency would reduce turnover and time spent on employees that weren’t a perfect match.

Carrying out the recruitment process yourself can be time-consuming and will end up taking the time that is meant to be spent on other demanding tasks.

Meets Critical Needs

Sometimes the need for a vacancy in the office arises. Whether you are looking for a permanent placement or you are looking to fill a temporary job, International nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa allows these healthcare facilities to adjust their workforce during critical times.

24/7 Support

International nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa provides personalized and on-demand support.

Therefore as a nurse, they can link you with the hiring healthcare agencies and as an organization, they can link you to the best nurses.

Not just that, these International nursing recruitment agencies in South Africa are always there when you call on them and respond when immediate staffing needs arise.

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