11 of the Top woodworking schools in Canada & their address

There is so much to gain from attending the woodworking schools in Canada. There is nothing physically demanding about woodworking and it is such that you can build at your own pace.

The concepts of woodworking are simple to learn, yet it is a hobby that will always remain fresh. In this article, we will talk about the woodworking schools in Canada. What is woodworking?

What is woodworking?

Woodworking is defined as the productive craft that involves cutting, shaping, and joining of wood to create decorative or useful things.

Therefore, if you love problem-solving, then you will love woodworking. Woodworking in general it is a solitary experience. Therefore if you are an introvert and love taking on tasks from start to finish, then woodworking is for you.

Who is a woodworker?

Before now there used to be two stereotypes of woodworkers. The first was the retired grandpa who puttered around in his garage with so much time to build an occasional birdhouse. then, the second is the cranky shop teacher who taught a really boring class to children who didn’t want to be there. But that was then.

Therefore, a woodworker is a maker who is mostly interested in learning and refining the craft of creating things out of wood.

Sometimes, he brings other materials into the project but the main focus, however, is on the wood. Let’s go straight to the list of some woodworking schools in Canada.

The List of woodworking schools in Canada

Below are some woodworking schools in Canada to try out.

  1. Rosewood Studio —Website
  2. Canadian Woodworker Ltd
  3. Grove Woodworking School
  4. Edge City Woodworking School
  5. The Urban Woodworker
  6. Inside Passage School
  7. York Construction Academy
  8. College of Carpenters and Allied Trades Inc.
  9. Alberta Carpenters Training Centre
  10. Canadian Woodworks
  11. The Pat Wolfe Log Building School

Woodworking schools and their address

Canadian Woodworker Ltd
Grove Woodworking School Address: 2505 Coho Dr, Gabriola, BC V0R 1X7, Canada
Phone: +1 250-247-0142
Edge City Woodworking School Located in: The Mergatroid Building (Mergatroid Properties Ltd)
Address: 975 Vernon Dr #260, Vancouver, BC V6A 3P2, Canada
Phone: +1 604-928-6641
The Urban Woodworker Address: 135 W 1st St, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1B1, Canada
Phone: +1 778-987-6202
Inside Passage School Address: 1122 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W2, Canada
Phone: +1 604-885-9676
York Construction Academy Address: 155 Champagne Dr Unit 8a, North York, ON M3J 2C6, Canada
Phone: +1 416-630-5559
College of Carpenters and Allied Trades Inc Address: 420 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8H2, Canada
Phone: +1 905-652-5507
Alberta Carpenters Training Centre Address: 1305 33 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 5P1, Canada
Phone: +1 877-455-6532
Canadian Woodworks Address: 8722 Side Rd 15, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0, Canada
Phone: +1 905-699-9662
The Pat Wolfe Log Building School

Rosewood Studio
308 Darling Rd, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0, Canada
Phone: +1 613-256-4997

Rosewood Studio Website
Address: 2 Wilson St W, Perth, ON K7H 2M5, Canada
Phone: +1 613-264-9900
woodworking schools in Canada and their address

What are the types of woodworking?

Below are some types of woodworking which you most likely will be taught in the Woodworking schools in Canada.

  • Hand tool woodworking
  • Power tool woodworking
  • Digital woodworking
  • Blended woodworking
  • Specialty woodworking

Handtool woodworking uses classical tools and methods to build things. They use tools like hand saws, chisels, scrapers, and planes.

Power tool woodworking makes use of power tools such as mitre saws, table saws, drills, sanders. 90% of woodworkers today are power tool woodworkers.

Digital woodworking has been around for a while. The primary tool in this type of woodworking is the CNC machine that makes the precision cuts on flat pieces of wood. You will most likely need a layout and a design and then design all of your work on a computer.

The blended woodworkers make use of a mixture of hand tools and power tools. They make most of their cuts using a table saw but use a chisel to hand-cut dovetails.

Lastly, the specialty woodworking is the type in which woodworkers with an artistic bent, specialize in such as Woodturning and scrolling.

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