Why and How to Create a Self-Introduction Video for Teaching Online|6 Best Tips

An online teaching job has caught your attention. You quickly click the ‘Apply’ button and even fill out the application form.

Now what? You think that you’re done with the application procedure only to find that you need to upload a self-introduction video.

Well, you can easily use an intro maker to create one. There’s nothing to panic about if you haven’t done this before. Just use the best intro maker tool and create a self-introduction video that’ll not just dazzle your potential employers but even your future students.

Read on to see how to create a self-introduction video for teaching online.

First Things First: What is a Self-Introduction Video?

Think about how online companies hire individuals without conducting live interviews to get a clear idea. The same works for online teaching jobs too. When you choose to apply for an online teaching job, you might be asked to furnish a self-introduction video where you explain everything about yourself.

The video should not be more than 2 minutes long and must be a quick rundown of your skills, qualification, and personality as you’d like to present to your potential employer. A good intro video will help you stand out among other applicants and that is why we have brought tips on how to create a self-introduction video for teaching online, perfectly.

Many companies do not ask for such videos, but still, you need one to share your teacher profile with students when you start teaching online. This will go a long way in increasing your online bookings and engaging students and their parents to take classes from you.

Why Create Self-Introduction Videos for Teaching Online?

Online teaching involves being able to constantly secure your students’ attention and what better way of doing this than using self-introduction videos. Some of the reasons why you could create a self-introduction video are as follows:

For Highlighting Your Teaching Style and Personality

A self-introduction video gives you the chance to hold the attention of your students and their parents by demonstrating the main features of your personality. Your video will spark the interest of prospective learners in your class as you explain your offerings in an enthusiastic and fun way.

For Conveying Messages Quickly

Furthermore, using a self-introduction video is a quick way of spotlighting your essential qualifications. It helps students save a huge amount of time that could’ve otherwise gotten wasted in reading through your list of achievements, certifications, and experience as a teacher.

For Building a Strong Connection

Self-introduction videos are great when it comes to building a rapport with your students. If you have a friendly personality, you can highlight the same in your video to connect with your students.

In the same way, you can even build connections with future learners by highlighting your qualifications and specializations in your self-introduction video.

How to Create a Self-Introduction Video for Teaching Online?

Here are the tips on how to create a self-introduction video for teaching online:

1. Most Important: Arrange for Good Lighting

Choose a well-lit and bright area for recording your video. The best option is to go for areas with a lot of natural lighting. You even have the option of using strong lamp illumination. Whatever be the case, ensure that the source of light you are using is right in front of you and not behind you, as this can shadow your appearance.

You can use your laptop camera to get decent results, but having a complete camera setup with proper lighting will definitely do the trick in capturing top-quality footage for your shot.

2. Dress to Impress

Dressing the part does not necessarily mean wearing corporate clothes. However, you do need to choose comfortable and neat attire that makes you look professional and presentable. A rule of thumb here is dressing just like the way you would dress up for your online class. Choose pastel and bright-coloured clothes if you’re teaching young children.

3. Plan a Script

Jotting down everything you want to convey to your future students will help you retain the flow of the video in mind. Having a script right in hand does not mean you must keep reading out everything from the script. That’s a big NO!

Instead, you must try and sound as natural as possible. Practice everything you’ve written in the script. Also, speak concisely and slowly to make sure you touch on all the crucial points in the best way possible.

4. Use Top Quality Tools

Well, it’s quite possible to come across claims saying ‘this is the best intro maker tool’. You must avoid falling for such claims. Instead, choose an intro-making tool only after trying your hands on it.

You don’t have to pay exorbitantly for top-quality intro makers. There are many intro-making tools available for free online, and they even offer some of the most excellent features.

You’ll also need a good quality camera with a proper resolution and microphone, apart from an intro maker. Also, make sure to place the device on a stable surface and at eye level so that the end product is not distorted or blurred.

Always shoot in HD quality or 1080p to ensure that the quality of your self-introduction video is top-notch. If you’re using your smartphone, ensure that you shoot the video horizontally to record the full width.

5. Highlight Your Personality

Now, this is crucial. If you want to make a stellar self-introduction video for teaching online, be yourself in the video. Don’t pretend to be someone else. It’s always tempting to imitate other videos, but you must take inspiration instead of copying them.

The idea here is to be you and highlight the points that make you special. Remember, students are influenced by genuine teachers who make them feel comfortable.

6. Smile— It’s the Best Ingredient for Your Video!

Your smile will bring you success. Thus, make your students feel comfortable by welcoming them with your smile in your video. Always make sure to have a friendly and warm face in your self-introduction video if you want things to work the way you intend them to. Don’t go over the top or make things up.

Creating a welcoming, positive teaching and learning environment always motivates students. You must be energetic enough to teach what you’ve learned and at the same time radiate a friendly vibe.

Conclusion on how to create a self-introduction video for teaching online

Don’t forget to edit your video. Add text to make the video interesting and pay attention to the sound and volume. This might not be easy, but it’s a great way of familiarizing your students and employers with who you are as a teacher and person. 

When everything is in place, you’ll surely create one gem of a self-introduction video.

Tell us what difficulties you have concerning how to create a self-introduction video for teaching online. Please leave a comment below.

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