What is Advanced Diploma?-4 Frequently Asked Questions

What is advanced diploma? An advanced diploma is one given to students who complete a set of courses based on their desired field of study.

Generally, this type of diploma is given to students who complete between two to three years of higher education studies.

This type of diploma is then just below the achievement of a bachelor’s degree.

The advanced diploma is a credential that often is between a degree program and certification.

A diploma is better than certification but less worthy than a degree whether a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

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What is the difference between an advanced diploma and a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree is being awarded by a university and it is generally a three years course, wherein a diploma is for two years and it can be awarded by an institute or a university.

However, an institute cannot award a degree, so a degree is much wider in scope compared to a diploma. But both of these have got their own values and merits.

An advanced Diploma is typically completed within 12 to 18 months of full-time study, or sometimes 36 months in special cases.

What is the difference between the advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma?

Advanced Diploma is also for the students who have completed their high school and want to gain job-oriented skills.

An advanced diploma is lower than a bachelor’s degree as we have stated earlier.

Students prefer to study this course to get a job after high school without continuing their studies for a bachelor’s degree. 

A postgraduate diploma is however one year course taken by students who want to get a job after their bachelor’s degree.

For instance, PG diploma courses in Canada are valued in any sector including public and private.

Most of the business schools in Canada offer different diploma courses such as diplomas in business management, hospitality management, nursing, engineering, and others.

Generally, professionals and students who can’t go for a master’s degree choose postgraduate diploma courses.

How long will it take me to obtain a bachelor’s degree after an advanced diploma?

Most bachelor’s degrees take 4 years to complete. There are 3-year programs also. All these depend on the University you apply to and the program of study.

Are you expecting a university to transfer courses from your advanced diploma to shorten your bachelor’s program?

Then you must know that it depends on the institution where you obtained your advanced diploma.

It also will depend on what your advanced diploma subject was, and also the policies on transferring credits to a particular university. Otherwise, expect it to take 3 to 4 years.

What is Advanced Diploma? Let’s look at Some Advanced Diploma Students Can Consider

Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management: This two-year program will give you the skills necessary to enter the hospitality sector in a management position.

Advanced Diploma in Insurance: The Advanced Diploma in Insurance is a professional qualification providing an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both technical subject matter and overall application skills.

A comprehensive assessment of market knowledge and understanding.

The Advanced Diploma in Economics: This course can serve as a preliminary qualification for people wishing to continue advanced education in economics at the master’s level OR a stand-alone education for those who want a rigorous introduction to economics and want to complement their existing degree with knowledge of economics but who do not wish to pursue further studies.

They are so many on the list. A few more to consider include Advanced Diploma in Orthopaedic Technology, Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Photography, Advanced Diploma in Security Management, Advanced Diploma in IT System Support, etc.

Which one is better, a diploma or a degree?

A diploma is typically a piece of paper awarded by a school or college, or sometimes a university.

A degree is awarded by a university or an institution of university status.

In terms of employment prospects, a degree might involve study at a greater level of intellectual rigor than would be required at a college and as such is highly valued.

However, a diploma in a subject that is in demand may be worth considerably more than a degree in a subject for which there is essentially no demand. What is Advanced Diploma? Do you have better suggestions? If so, please leave your suggestions below.

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