12 Best Most Popular Vocational Schools In Finland

A vocational degree would give you strong skills for the working world. In Finland, vocational studies can either result in a qualification or take the shape of additional study or career-related continuing education.

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There are eight different educational sectors where vocational qualifications are available in both Finnish and Swedish.

Read on to see the vocational schools in Finland.

The List of Vocational Schools in Finland

Young people and adults can apply through various routes. The joint application process, which is held in the spring, is mostly used by young people who are finishing their upper secondary education or basic education.

Through the joint application to vocational education, adults without a vocational qualification may also apply.

Below are schools that offer vocational training in Finland.

Helsinki Vocational College

Develop your talents and become a professional! You can develop your abilities and study in close alignment with the working world through vocational education and training, or VET. You have the option of finishing an apprenticeship, a qualification unit, or a vocational qualification.

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Turku Vocational Institute

Are you considering changing careers or updating your current one? At the Turku Vocational Institute, both are feasible. One of the largest institutions for upper secondary vocational education that provides both youngsters and adults with additional education options is Turku Vocational Institute.

Adult vocational education and training (VET) comprises of fundamental degrees that are earned by passing competence-based qualifications, as well as advanced and specialized vocational degrees.

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Kipula Vocational College

Southern Finland is home to Kiipula Vocational College (KVC), a special needs education provider. They provide several adult education courses as well as vocational and pre-vocational education and training for students with special needs.

Students who have, for instance, physical or mental health conditions or intellectual disabilities receive instruction that is specifically designed for them. Students from other academic backgrounds also enroll in adult education classes. KVC wants to give students the skills they need to live well and find and keep a job.

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Jedu Koulutuskeskus

As the primary coordinator of secondary vocational education in the Oulu Southern region, the Vocational Education Centre JEDU also plays a vital role in the development of the area. JEDU is active in Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Kalajoki, Nivala, Oulainen, Piippola (Siikalatva), and Ylivieska, among other places.

24 upper secondary vocational credentials, 23 postsecondary vocational qualifications, and 8 specialized vocational qualifications are all offered by the Vocational Education Center JEDU. Over 3000 students attend JEDU, and there are 350 employees there.

The goal of VET is to help the population’s vocational skills grow and remain strong, to support the growth of the business and industry sectors, and to meet those sectors’ need for skilled labor.

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Other Vocational Schools In Finland:

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Vocational Schools In Finland

Is Vocational Education in Finland Free?

Youths have the chance to receive a free diploma from a Finnish vocational school!

While you’re a student, you can work on your professional abilities, apply for well-paying employment, and have thousands of job opportunities available to you once you graduate.


What are the Vocational Courses in Finland?

  • Business and administration.

  • Engineering.

  • Agriculture and forestry.

  • Health and wellness.

  • Education.

  • Humanities and the arts.

  • Social sciences.

  • Natural sciences.

Can Finnish Students Go To Vocational School?

In Finland, vocational studies can either result in a qualification or take the form of additional education or continuous training required at various phases of a person’s career.

In eight distinct academic subjects, vocational qualifications are available in both Finnish and Swedish.

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