20 Top Staffing Agencies in Greenville South Carolina

Let’s not deny it anymore: finding work is difficult. Daily, people are changing jobs, or looking for entry professional roles to kick-start their careers, despite the massive decrease in unemployment in the U.S.

A lot of people turn to staff agencies to help shine the spotlight on their skills, and hopefully attract well-paying employers. But, what does working with staffing agencies to secure a job truly feel like? Is it worth it? Should you try it? Or are you better off carrying files and hopping to company gates? Or sending emails?

Find out in this article as we expose all we know about Staffing Agencies in Greenville South Carolina, and what recruitment possibilities are available to you to reach your dream job faster.

Greenville is a great city to live and work in. The city has plenty of amenities, a low cost of living, and a laid-back atmosphere. However, there are times when you need some help finding workers locally or nationally.

List of the Top Staffing Agencies in Greenville

If you are applying with Staffing Agencies in Greenville South Carolina however, it is best you only work with the best of them.

For the best experience in job-hunting, you might want to consider using one of the many staffing agencies in Greenville SC listed below:


Pridestaff is a staffing agency that has been helping businesses find the right employees for over 30 years. They have an extensive network of skilled professionals that they can connect you with, and they’ll work with your company to find the perfect fit.

While there are many advantages to working with Pridestaff, there are also some disadvantages. Let’s take a look at both sides.


  • They have an extensive network of skilled professionals who can help your business thrive.
  • Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional—and they’ll work hard to find you exactly what you’re looking for.
  • They offer competitive rates and quick turnaround times.


  • Pridestaff doesn’t offer any type of insurance or benefits package like health insurance or retirement plans—you’ll need to provide those yourself if you choose to hire them as your staffing agency.


Aerotek is a global staffing firm that provides business solutions for companies in a wide range of industries. With more than 100 offices in the US and Canada, Aerotek is one of North America’s largest providers of technical, professional, and administrative staffing services to businesses around the world.

Aerotek provides a complete range of talent acquisition solutions including direct hire placement; contract-to-hire placements; temp-to-perm placements; contingent workforce solutions such as outsourcing and employee leasing; workforce management services including workforce forecasting and analysis; outplacement services for job seekers who are looking for new jobs when they enter or exit their current positions with another employer.

Godshall Recruiting

Godshall Staffing Services is among the top staffing agencies in Greenville, South Carolina. The company has been in business for a while, so it’s one of the most experienced agencies on this list.

Godshall specializes in temporary staffing services for companies looking to hire temporary workers with specific skill sets or who need help during peak periods—the kind of workers who might have trouble finding work through more general job search sites like Indeed or Monster.

Hire Dynamics

Hire Dynamics is a full-service staffing agency that specializes in technology, engineering, manufacturing, and finance. With over 30 years of experience, they have grown to become one of the largest staffing agencies in the Carolinas. They have offices in Greenville SC (home office), Charleston, and Columbia, SC.

Hire Dynamics is known for their dedication to quality service as well as its extensive experience with small businesses throughout South Carolina.

They offer both temporary positions as well as direct hires within many industries including IT/Cloud Services, Engineering & Construction Management/Engineering Technicians/Mechanical Engineers/Electrical Engineers/Civil Engineers/Construction Managers, etc.; Sales & Marketing; Finance; Accounting & Finance; Operations Management; Human Resources Management; and others.

Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a staffing agency that has been around since 1983. They offer staffing services to businesses in the United States and Canada, as well as a job board for job seekers.

It is a staffing agency specializing in helping employers find highly skilled temporary workers for their businesses in nearly all industries. The company helps employers find employees that fit their needs and are able to work on-site at those companies.

Pros (for employers):

  • They have a very large network of candidates to choose from, which gives you more options when hiring people for your business.

  • Their team of recruiters will work with you to find the right person for your company and make sure they fit into your culture, which makes it easier on both sides of the hiring process because there won’t be any miscommunication or misunderstandings about what each party expects from each other during the employment time frame

Cons (for employers):

  • They charge a fee for using their services, which means you need to pay extra money upfront before hiring someone instead of just posting an ad online as most other places do.

Apex Systems

Apex Systems is a staffing agency located in Greenville South Carolina. The company specializes in IT and engineering positions and has a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Apex Systems was founded with the goal of providing excellent service to its clients and candidates alike.

The company offers several different staffing options: contract-to-hire positions, direct hire placements, temp-to-perm opportunities, and permanent placement services.

All Apex Systems employees are trained to maintain customer service excellence while recruiting top talent for their clients across all industries.

They also offer career coaching services to assist with resume editing or interview tips so that you can find the right position for your needs at this time in your life.

Insight Global

The company is a global staffing agency that specializes in the recruitment of top talent for businesses. They have offices in over 50 countries, with 4,000+ employees.

Insight Global has been in business for 20 years and helps companies improve their workforce by filling positions with qualified individuals who are hardworking and want to grow within their organization.

They offer a variety of staffing services including recruitment and selection; executive search; contract & temporary staffing; outsourcing solutions; outplacement services; compliance solutions (i.e., background checks); specialized recruitment programs for specific industries such as healthcare or hospitality.


ProDrivers is a leading provider of professional and skilled labor to the automotive industry, with over 30 years of experience in staffing.

They have clients that range from large national companies to smaller, independent auto dealerships.

Experienced drivers who have been driving for at least one year and have a clean driving record are placed on a weekly basis.

At ProDrivers, job-seeking drivers must meet high standards for safety and professionalism, as well as pass all required drug tests and criminal background checks before they can be placed in an assignment.

ProDrivers is also member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), which means that they adhere to their strict codes of conduct when dealing with employees or clients who may require assistance from them.

MAU Workforce Solutions

MAU Workforce Solutions is a leading provider of workforce solutions, specializing in temporary staffing, direct hire, and outsourcing.

MAU’s clients include a diverse range of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, banking and financial services, healthcare, and retail.

MAU has been named one of the top staffing agencies in Greenville South Carolina by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). SIA is one of the most respected research companies in the industry which provides insights regarding trends within the industry.

MAU has also been recognized as an employer that values its employees and their contribution to society with an annual grant award given out each year at their annual luncheon celebration recognizing best practices for utilizing resources for economic development within communities across America.

Labor Finders

Labor Finders is a staffing agency in Greenville South Carolina that has been helping local businesses fill their positions with skilled workers for over 25 years.

As one of the reputable staffing agencies in Greenville, Labor Finders meets the needs of its clients by offering services like recruitment and placement, job development and selection, on-site selection assistance, and more.

Labor Finders focuses on the needs of each client so that it can provide them with quality employees who will work hard to meet their objectives.

Automation Personnel Services

Automation Personnel Services is one of the best temp staffing Agencies in Greenville South Carolina, with offices in Columbia and Charleston, likewise.

Automation Personnel Services specializes in temporary placement for professionals across industries including: manufacturing, technical, contact center, skilled labor, industrial and light industrial, but specifically in the automotive industry.

They also provide staffing solutions for labor-intensive industries such as industrial manufacturing, or warehousing/distribution operations.


Actalent is a staffing agency that specializes in finding the right people for the right jobs.

The pros of Actalent are that it’s easy to find qualified people, and their staff are friendly and helpful. The cons are that they are not always able to find you the exact employer you want, and sometimes the costs can be high.


Staffmark, a staffing agency in Greenville, SC, is one of the best places to start looking for positions. The company has been around for some years and has built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy mobile resource for both job seekers and companies alike.

They offer multiple positions from which to choose including:

  • Customer Service Representatives.
  • Production Workers.
  • Warehouse Associates, etc.

These are just some of the many jobs you can find through Staffmark. If you’re interested in pursuing a career at Staffmark or learning more about their hiring process, visit their website.

Malone Workforce Solutions

Malone Workforce Solutions is a full-service staffing firm that provides quality, temporary and permanent staffing solutions to businesses throughout the Southeast.

Malone Workforce Solutions has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing Staffing Firms in America.

Find Great People

Here at Find Great People, we help companies find great people. We also help people find their next great job.

With over 30 years of experience in the staffing industry, they have what it takes to provide exceptional service and results that are unmatched by others.

FGP specializes in placing highly qualified individuals at all levels of employment with their clients who value quality over quantity when it comes to hiring new members of their workforce.

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions

Peoplelink Staffing Solutions is a professional staffing agency in Greenville, South Carolina. Peoplelink can help you both find temporary or contract jobs and direct hire jobs with their clients.

They have been providing staffing services since its inception, so they have experience placing people across many industries and job functions.

WorkSmart Group

WorkSmart Group is a full-service staffing firm that has been in business for over 30 years. They are a member of the American Staffing Association and have over 1,000 employees globally.

You can use their services to find temporary or permanent positions in many industries, including accounting, finance, technology, and healthcare.

They also offer office support services as well as direct placement opportunities for candidates who want to work with them directly rather than through a third-party agency.

WorkSmart has offices throughout South Carolina and other states across the country.

Contingent Resource Solutions, LLC

If you’re looking for a good fit for your business and clients, Contingent Resource Solutions can help.

They offer staffing services and talent acquisition to companies all over the country.

They have a team of experts that understand the unique needs and challenges that both businesses and job seekers face.

Their database contains thousands of contracts from employers who are ready to work with your talents should you decide to hire in spite of the other staffing agencies in Greenville.

Link Staffing

Link Staffing is a full-service staffing agency that specializes in placing professionals in the following positions:

  • Administrative and Clerical,
  • Accounting and Finance,
  • Executive and Management,
  • Healthcare and Nursing, and
  • Information Technology.


TEKSystems is a global IT services company based in Lanham, Maryland. The company offers a full range of IT services, including cloud computing and infrastructure management.

TEKSystems has more than 1,000 employees worldwide and operates in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Popular FAQs About Staffing Agencies in Greenville

You’ve seen them in the classifieds and want to know more about staffing agencies. If you’re moving to Greenville, South Carolina, or are already there, there are a lot of questions you might have about how these Staffing Agencies in Greenville South Carolina work, and the types of businesses they operate. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a staffing agency?

A staffing agency is a business that helps job seekers find work opportunities with employers. They help both candidates and clients by providing connections between the two so that they can work together successfully.

What’s the difference between a staffing agency and an employment agency?

Employment agencies usually refer to organizations that recruit employees for specific companies; these types of organizations tend not to help their clients find positions in general but instead assist them in finding jobs with specific employers (like Walmart).

 Staffing agencies on the other hand tend not only to provide jobs but also to help candidates improve their skills so they can qualify for positions within different industries or companies throughout all types of industries (including retail).

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, we’ve helped you get a feel for what it’s like to work with staffing agencies in Greenville. If there are any other questions you have about working with one of these companies, feel free to reach out to any of the staffing agencies in Greenville we have listed.

Also, if you have any questions for us, please leave a comment. We would love to help guide you through the process.

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